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There is no need to justify your “need” to own a modern sporting rifle (a.k.a., “assault rifle”). Whether or not you need it, the Constitution of the United States protects your right to keep and bear it. Even so, there’s nothing wrong with countering anti-gun agitprop by pointing out that some Americans do in fact “need” a 30-round, accurate, reliable, easy-shooting AR-15—rather than a Joe Biden-approved double-barreled shotgun–to defend hearth and home. While mainstream media pundits can’t see beyond the Hudson or Potomac rivers, there are millions of Americans living in places where distances are great, the police are distant and the lethal threats can be both numerically large (i.e. several attackers) and extremely well-equipped. Can you say “spillover violence”? reports on the situation in Texas . . .

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Mexican drug cartels pose “the most significant organized crime threat to the state.” That’s according to the Texas Public Safety Threat Overview 2013, which was released today following its presentation at the 2013 Texas Emergency Management Conference in San Antonio earlier this week . . .

The 76-page report, which can be read HERE, identifies myriad “threats” to the state — everything from prison gangs [ED: who’ve been busy assassinating public officials] to “criminal aliens” to child traffickers to terrorists (among them would-be Fountain Place bomber Hosam “Sam” Smadi) to drug traffickers bring “cheese” into schools around Northwest Dallas. As the DPS notes in its release this afternoon, its threat assessment was culled from info provided by myriad local and federal law enforcement agencies.

But, says the report, the cartels are No. 1 on the threat list. “Six of the eight cartels currently have command and control networks operating in the state, moving drugs and people into the United States, and transporting cash, weapons and stolen vehicles back to Mexico,” says today’s release.

Texas DPS Director Steven McCraw adds this in a prepared statement: “The impact of cartel crime is painfully obvious when we look to our neighbors in Mexico, with some 60,000 deaths since 2006 and continued cases of brutal torture. It is a top DPS priority to severely obstruct the range and power of Mexican drug organizations to affect the public safety of Texas citizens.”

According to the report, the Zetas and La Familia are the cartels most active in North Texas.

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  1. But of course- (according to those who would disarm us all) that’s what we have the DHS and Police for. So-move along nothing to see here……

      • Dude-your comment cracked me up, now I gotta mop up the coffee-“Fine Job”-My @$$…………

        ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

      • Lolz, they must be since Obama said the border was secure when he was in El Paso.

        What never gets reported is the fact that plenty of Americans are dying in this conflict, from border patrol agents to ranchers getting knifed in the back for their truck. And what about all the robberies and murders on lake falcon?

  2. Now if DHS distributed some of the 1.6B rounds to the upstanding citizens on the Texas border with instructions to “Secure” the “Homeland”, we’d have a lot less trouble with Mexican gangs. Don’t mess with Texas!

  3. “Every American who wishes to protect his farm from the ravages of quadrupeds and his country from those of biped invaders [should be] a gun man.” Thomas Jefferson, 1822

  4. I’d like having some of their Personal Defense Weapons, aka select fire M4’s along with a few thousand of those 1.6 billion rounds.

  5. I got into this discussion with a highish ranking member of the ACLU’s RI chapter a couple months ago. She asked my why anyone would NEED an AR15 with a 30 round mag. Skipping right over point one (no “need” required), I decided to engage her question and pointed out that there are many places overrun with wild populations of things like hogs and coyotes that pose a real danger to people, pets and livestock. She barely let me finish the sentence before she attempted to dismiss it by saying that was a very specific example and hardly applied to everyone (meaning her and the people she knew). I told he that she was the one who asked for a single example of that combo’s utility and that I had provided one, she wasn’t allowed to just dismiss it out of hand as though I had waffled on the answer. I also pointed out to her that while she may not be able to see my property or understand my lifestyle from her Providence condo, I was, none the less, there.

    • > I got into this discussion with a highish ranking member
      > of the ACLU’s RI chapter a couple months ago. She asked
      > my why anyone would NEED an AR15 with a 30 round
      > mag. Skipping right over point one (no “need” required),,

      Why do people like that believe that domestic law enforcement agencies NEED an AR-15?

      Margie Carranza (47) and Emma Hernandez (71) posed no threat to anyone. Yet the LAPD recklessly fired over 100 rounds at them in a suburban neighborhood.

      If “weapons of war don’t belong on American streets”, then for God’s sake take them away from the police. Or does the Donkeyrat brain believe that “weapons of war belong on American streets when wielded by government employees waging war against American citizens”?

    • If you are going to try to engage with women, esp liberal women, on the topic it might be handy to first understand Female Solipsism.

      “Solipsism is defined according to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary as ‘a theory holding that the self can know nothing but its own modifications and that the self is the only existent thing’ or ‘extreme egocentrism.’ The female of the species is a master at absorbing herself in her own thoughts and neuroses and projecting them onto men.”

      “American female solipsism is so pervasive and commonplace that no one notices it anymore; it’s like air.”

      Liberals = left leaning. Feminists = left leaning. All feminists subscribe wholeheartedly to solipsism. Some liberal men, esp “white knights” are feminists in disguise.

      Personally I am very sure that feminism is more to blame for our current predicament than liberalism although both are bad and both have influence. The big thing though about Sandy Hook is how it jettisoned the manifestation of female solipsism out of the park: the tragedy belongs to ALL women, their hearts bleed for the children, etc. etc. The white knights, in their zeal to gain favor with the women simply jump on the bandwagon.

      • My mom is a left-leaning liberal, by definition a woman and was raised Jewish.

        She also packs and defends the rights of others to do so, in northern California, no less.

        Generalizations are the tactic of the other side; let’s not take up their tactics, shall we?

        • If your mother is truly left leaning then she is an outlier. For whatever reason. I can assure you that the generalization applies, in general.

          I am merely trying to send the notice out as to what to expect from ~most~ women when you engage them on the topic. I think you will find if you engage 20 random women on Sandy Hook/gun control who are left leaning you will find I am accurate in my generalization.

          Do you want to know the enemy or not? I’d say more information is better. You may certainly Take it or leave it. I know what I know and I find it very, very helpful. As obviously I am a woman and tend to engage with other women. Knowing what I know it’s a lot easier to get my point across. I have even converted a few.

        • I agree with Russ. My girlfriend, who, like me, is going to a smal private university in California, is also strongly pro-gun. You would think that this generalization would apply very well to California girls in college, but you would have to think again.

          Lets not generalize. No votes are being won with that attitude.

        • And I agree with Mina. My sister in law in a classic case in point. She served in the military, but she is a true far left radical feminist. All women like her are just as Mina described. Of course there are women who are not remotely like that, my wife, aunts, cousins, friends wives and female friends. The good women simply cannot understand the radicals any better than we can, but the “feelings” type women are out there in great number.

        • Oh cmon. There is overwhelming data from both sides that clearly support the GENERALIZATION that a self declared “feminist identified as a Democrat” is going to be in the gun-grabber camp. WTH do you want to spend energy debating that?

        • Not debating that they will be gun-grabbers but knowing how to deal with them.

          Communicating facts and data with women who are strictly dealing from the “feelings” and “it’s all about me, me, me” perspective is a little different than just going head to head like you would with another man or a with a woman who bases her ideas and philosophies on logic.

          First you have to get past her immediate offense that you are talking about her and directing your displeasure about gun grabbing at her. Then you can start really communicating. It takes work and frankly you have to know what you’re dealing with in order to do it.

          The opposite is also true. If you don’t realize what you are dealing with and you don’t address (get past) her offense then you will never get her into a receptive mode to hear your side. There’s a lot of them in this fight. My opinion is that is good to know what you’re dealing with and how to deal with it. Ignore it at your peril. Is all I’m saying.

    • Outliers they may be – feminists they are clearly not.

      Here’s a case in point; Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton from NYS in support of the NY SAFE Act :

      In her diatribe, she goes on and on about her feelings, the feelings of the parents of the Sandy Hook Children, etc etc. No facts, no data. Just feelings. This is female solipsism at work.

      Her conclusion at the end of the article? “The data are clear — strong gun laws save lives” – Yet nowhere, no how, no way did she present any data or facts anywhere in the 7+ paragraphs she wrote in defense of the SAFE Act. It is 100% about her feelings and justifying why ~she~ supported it based on those feelings and how personal they were to her.

      Look where this has gotten the citizens of New York State!!

      This is how the enemy thinks. This is how the enemy works. Embrace the knowledge that this is true more often than not and use it to fight or get all up in arms about my generalization and lose. Your choice. Not mine.

    • If you want to gauge the intelligence of the anti-gun nut you’re talking to, ask them what the “AR” in AR-15 stands for. If they respond, “Assault Rifle” then
      they are uninterested in knowing, or dealing with the truth about guns. I’ve had that very response from several liberal gun-grabber types.

  6. They’re not “illegal drug cartels”.

    They’re “undocumented pharmaceitical distributors”.

  7. it’s really sad, since the inception of this country, that the central government fails to succeed at one of its most basic duties. kind of makes you wonder why we keep them around.

  8. So I read through this post a few times and I can’t see what any of this has to do with the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    • Seriously? You have never heard the phrase; “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”? Google it.

      • Seriously. I wasn’t alive in 1897 (nor for most of the following century) and didn’t catch the obscure reference to an editorial reply to an 8-year old’s letter about Santa Claus.

  9. These recent assassinations, I am quite sure, are by Mexican drug cartels. Means, motive, opportunity – none are hard to come by.

  10. As a student of ancient history, the situation on our Southern Border both terrifies and saddens me.

    If you think that history is over and done, you’re in for a rude awakening. You know that part in the history books where the barbarian hoards break into the rich and civilized city, and then proceed to kill all the men, rape the attractive women, and sell the rest into slavery, while burning down the architectural buildings along with all the books?

    We’re fast approaching that part, and no one seems to give a damn.

    Give things another 75-100 years, and we’ll see large groups like MS-13, or the Zetas tearing apart cities like Houston, or Austin, TX, or Santa Fe, NM, or Tucson, AZ. Having a group of drug cartel members drive into your suburban neighborhood, kick in your door, and put a bullet in your head after they make you watch them rape your wife and daughter(s) will spoil your evening of watching “American Idol” or your afternoon of watching The Super Bowl.

    In that upcoming timeframe, the interstate highway system will almost certainly become too dangerous to travel, much like the system of roads that the Ancient Romans built become riddled with bandits towards the end of the 300s into the mid-400s A.D., as the legions become ineffective at keeping order.

    It has happened before, and it will happen again. If I were king, I’d legalize all drugs immediately, as that would significantly cut down on the violence, and it might buy us an extra 50-75 years or so.

  11. Just show Youtube of women failing to shoot shotguns with double barrel Bidens voiceover of how effective they are. Then show a video of women shooting an AR and how the gun dont even move. Libs like it when women are raped, evidently.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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