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 Professsor Christopher Swindell (courtesy

“I am not a New York gun control liberal,” Christopher Swindell assures readers at “I support a shotgun for home defense, a handgun for limited conceal/carry, and an assortment of hunting rifles to balance West Virginia’s exploding deer population (as evidenced by hourly collisions with cars). So, I am hardly out of the mainstream.” Lets hope not. The low-rated Marshall University of Charleston (WV) J-school professor’s Op Ed Gun Safety debate is B.S. calls for military action against the NRA for daring to suggest that Americans should tool-up to defend their Constitutionally protected liberty against government tyranny. No really . . .

The NRA advocates armed rebellion against the duly elected government of the United States of America. That’s treason, and it’s worthy of the firing squad. The B.S. needs a serious gut check. We are not a tin pot banana republic where machine gun toting rebel groups storm the palace and depose the dictator.

We put the president in the White House. To support the new NRA president’s agenda of arming the populace for confrontation with the government is bloody treason. And many invite it gladly as if the African-American president we voted for is somehow infringing on their Constitutional rights.

Normally, I am a peaceable man, but in this case, I am willing to answer the call to defend the country. From them.

To turn the song lyric they so love to quote back on them, “We’ll put a boot in your —, it’s the American way.”

Except it won’t be a boot. It’ll be an M1A Abrams tank, supported by an F22 Raptor squadron with Hellfire missiles. Try treason on for size. See how that suits. And their assault arsenal and RPGs won’t do them any good.

Obviously, the website’s comments section is closed, lest someone call out Mr. Swindell about his insinuation that gun owners are racists. Forestalling insurrectionists and/or patriots who wish to disabuse Mr. Swindell of the notion that armed Americans who support the NRA’s agenda should be lined-up and shot.

You can do so here. Or use this opportunity to correct the prof about the missiles carried by F22s, and the likelihood of F22 pilots bombing their fellow Americans. And the availability of RPGs at your local gun store. Like that.

Meanwhile, I was dining with Frank Williams last night. I asked our Editor “What will happen if the feds classify the NRA as a terrorist group?” “They already have,” Frank replied. “Just not officially.”

Now there’s a scary thought.

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    • I read Swindell’s insane rant, it is scary, but the comments are GREAT! There are 1300+ and very smart and informational, and very scathing to Swindell. Actually I have to admit I learned quite a bit from reading the comments. Thanks!

    • So for defending yourself in your home? This prof. only says you can have Joe Bidens gun of choice which is a shotgun? He supports defeating the purpose of concealed carry by limiting when the concealed weapon can be carried? And he supports hunting rifles to overthrow those that were here first, the animal population of who according to biblical law is supposed to have dominion over us humans who unjustly took over.

  1. Meanwhile, I was dining with TTAG Editor Frank Williams last night and said “What will happen if the feds classify the NRA as a terrorist group?” “They already have,” Frank replied. “Just not officially.” Where does he get that info from? If it is a reliable source, okay. If not, he is just making it up. Anyone can say that.

    • I assumed he was speaking practically and metaphorically. You know, they’re acting as if the NRA’s a terrorist group.

    • It is strictly my opinion, based on the way the MSM and liberal politicians vilify the NRA (and gun owners in general), trying to get the public to have the same opinion of them they have of the KKK, paramilitary militia groups and other groups that the government sees as “enemies domestic.”

      • Yes. It is a very disturbing trend to consider that so few can sway so many through this vilification, unjustly of course, when they themselves commit illegal & agregous acts of un paralled unconsitutionality… yet all the while playing the flute of discourse & tyranny, to which the constituion was written, so that “We the People” may be able to stand against.

      • DHS along with liberal whacko groups like SPLC have been labeling gun owners as terrorist since 2009. DHS even has a training video on this. You could have posted a DHS manual that shows anyone with a gun that believes in the 2A is considered a domestic terrorist and he still wouldn’t believe it.

  2. Private ownership of guns is a deterrent to government tyranny. Nobody wants to be forced to resort to armed resistance to tyranny. The maintenance of an armed population is the best way to make sure it never comes to that.

  3. It’s not treason if they trample on a right and expect us to take it laying down. That being said I need a lot more provocation than anything we’ve seen lately before I do anything crazy.

    • Well…..

      ….when you get the ‘knock-on-the-door’ administered by a steel-plated rifle butt, I hope you didn’t follow through with your threat to stop packing .45 because you didn’t like what I had to say on another thread here.

  4. He really does need to look into the composition of the US Armed Forces someday…. All of it, not just the Active Duty forces…..

  5. It’s funny when I read the Raptor part I started to think about what an idiot he is. The Raptor is for air superiority, not ground attacks. Then I saw you called him out on it and made my day.

    Notice this guy wants to bring the government guns to bear on the NRA, but he will be sitting behind his desk (or under it) because he could never get his hands dirty by backing up his words with actions.

    This guy is a high capacity moron.

    • damn – beat me to it. F22’s are for air-to-air and frankly, have never been involved in any real combat. They can carry hellfires, but those are again air to air missiles. Now, if he said an Apache gunship or an A10 Warthog, maybe he would have been treated seriously. . . . . . and I work for a defense contractor if he is reading this and wants to issue a challenge on the “facts”

        • Word. The Hellfire has been hitting ground targets from a variety of airborne platforms for years.

        • Yep. Beat me (and others) to it. You would think someone who REALLY works for a defense contractor would know…..

      • Dirk, re: Hellfire missiles on the F-22, you might be right, except for the fact that you’re completely wrong. The Hellfire is an anti-armor, anti-vehicle missile that is also used for precision attacks against buildings where larger weapons might cause too much collateral damage. It is used only on slow movers like helicopters and UCAVs, not on fast movers like the Raptor. It’s the missile of choice for all the precision attacks against terrorist leaders by UCAVs. The British did develop a new version called the Brimstone that is used by fast movers, but it turned out to be so different that it became a completely new missile. Dirk needs to Diggler a little deeper for his facts.

        • Well, to be perfectly fair, if the US Army wants to call in my marker, I would appreciate it if they would do so with a Hellfire missile. I think I’m due that respect.
          As I’ve said before, though, if they’re taking extermination requests, I want to meet my maker via AC-130 Spooky howitzer fire. I want my last words to be “Oh holy shit, that’s so fu-“

        • Actually, Joel, appreciate your comments, which when typing on a blackberry, post a little quicker before you can correct. Yes, sidewinder vs hellfire. I was trying to point out an SDB dropped from a fighter or even a gunship, but hit the publish button too quickly. However, if you wanna debate bona fides on weapons, esp those particular ones, I welcome it since I am confident you are no where near st charles, missouri.

    • This guy is clearly out there – on his own island. And he’s an educator? Good lord!

      And not to venture too far off topic, but the first thing that struck me when I saw his pic was that he’s the spittin immage of a human pig. How…fitting.

    • The sought of beauracrat that was filling in the forms while others were loading the cattletrucks.

  6. What professor numbnuts doesn’t seem to understand is that a lot of ex-military are in the NRA and while the government will use technology that citizens don’t have, the ” war ” would most likely be fought using hit and run tactics. Would the government be able to use tanks and war planes and avoid mass casualties among innocents?
    That being said, that would be a worst case scenario because most people who believe in the 2nd amendment are peaceable and want to be left alone while most people who support disarmament are the ones talking war. AND when, exactly, did the fact that the president is African – American come into play? !

    • Would our “tin pot banana republic” black president use the same restrictive ROE in the US he has demanded in Afganistan?

    • That the president is “African-American” is never out of play for the left. It is not possible for folks who are unrelentingly racist not to see every issue in terms of race.

  7. See how easy it is for a paragraph about F22s and hellfire missiles to be interpreted as a call for military action against citizens? Frederick Douglass must have been one of those NRA terrorists because be called for liberty to be defended by the soap box, ballot box, jury box, and cartridge box (in that order).

    Now, I am wholeheartedly in favor of (limited) background checks, nobody wants felons with guns. If we are going to have a federal law, then it should ensure that background checks are the *only* thing that citizens need to do before buying a gun in all 50 states. Gun control zealots wont accept that, because they don’t want to stop with background checks, and this would invalidate many blue state laws.

    • You believe that people should have to get permission from the government in order to exercise a God-given right? Lame.

      Also, there are many, many felons who should be able to have guns: all the victimless criminals who became felons as a result of the War on Drugs, etc.

      • No, I did not say “get permission”. If you are convicted of a violent crime or are adjudicated as an imminent danger to yourself or others, rights are suspended (and ideally for violent crimes, locked up unless such is no longer the case). As for drug crimes, we are trending towards decriminalizing it, which i favor.

        The largest category of active records by far in NICS is “unlawful illegal alien” (51%). Do you favor gun rights for these people? I do, which is in part why i support immigration reform as well.

        Also, I think you are missing my point: gun control advocates would never actually accept my proposal, thereby proving that background checks are not enough for them.

        • If you are still a threat to society, maybe the question should be whether you should still be in jail. If you are reformed, then you should have full restoration of rights.

    • +1

      I support expanded background checks on on firearm purchases right after we have expanded background checks on voting.

  8. I think this guy needs a better brand of tin foil, the signals are still getting through the brand he’s using.

    And did I just up and miss where the NRA declared war on the US government, or does this guy just have enough strawmen to supply a farm for a year?

    • Nah man, the aluminum foil allows you to better pick up the signals so that you can hear the voices better, thus knowing what the enemy’s next move is. If you want to block them, then get some lead foil. Gotta think smart bro.

  9. Of course, he emphasizes “African-American”; to these “intellectuals”, (What an abomination to call these people the “intellectual elite”). anyone who disagrees with this administration is because they’re racist.

    How far the philosophers and real intellectuals have fallen; once a discipline that freed the mind from tyranny and oppression of the hereditary monarchies and the church that supported it; to now be the torch bearing worshipers of the totalitarian state and the state mandated religion of “humanism” and “social justice”.

    • +1
      Sadly, the tradition of education via robust and energetic discourse has fallen by the wayside, in favor of cloning the statements of the “teacher”. Students aren’t taught to think anymore, they’re taught to regurgitate the BS they’re given and will be failed by that selfsame “teacher” for researching and developing their own opinion.

      • Very true; the problem was that the philosophers and intellectuals of the past were fighting the control of the monarchies and the church; they needed people to no longer look to these entities for guidance.

        Now that the church and god has been removed from everyday life; these same intellectuals and the state are trying to consolidate power and control over the people; now in the name of the state and for the “Greater Good” (determined, of course by the same intellectuals and state entities), these people need compliant, ignorant and unarmed sheep; easier to control. So now the emphasis is on control, not independent and educated thought.

        Just like the monarchies and the church in the past.

        As things change, the more they stay the same.

  10. First thing that sprang to my mind was, “come at me, bro.” But this lily-livered pantywaist wouldn’t have the stones to say this in an open discussion. He relies on a classroom and closed forum…a real coward.

    Conversely, I think the true traitors are those who use the media, academia, et. al. in attempts to subvert further the republic they claim to support. If LaPierre called for their detainment, imagine the schlitstorm that would follow.

  11. Wow that’s petty putting in the “low-rated” link. All those criticisms are from June 2013 (all three days of it) or May 31, 2023, the same time he put out those comments, meaning it’s just so fucking idiots lashing out. His last rating is from January where he had an above average rating. Why don’t you guys go to journalism school. I’d expect more from gun blog and the gun community.

    • Mitch, your point is well taken. We may disagree with Christopher Swindell, but of the 13 ratings posted on the RateMyProfessor site, only 2 of them are negative. 1 is average, and the remaining 10 are all positive, even though some of the raters express their dislike of his overtly proselytizing for the liberal viewpoint (whatever that is), a couple of the positive raters going so far as to call him a “communist,” not, however, something that they admired. So let’s give the man his due: 2 low ratings vs. 1 average rating and 10 high ratings, some of the highs from students who do not appreciate his liberalism/communism, do do not justify calling him “low-rated.”

    • Mitch, I live in the area and my niece is a current student at MU. Numerous people I’ve talked to, locally, say this guys a nut. Also, doesn’t teach, just espouses his left beliefs.

  12. Yet another reason there’s a fundamental disconnect between people like Swindell and the conservative majority of gun owners. We don’t want to take anything away from anyone (except the criminals, but that’s another discussion) , but they constantly try to take stuff away from us… and yet another reason why I would VERY carefully pick the college I would send my child to.
    But it does make me laugh when I run across signs like this:
    Conservatives, conspiring to take over the government. Then make it leave everyone alone…

    • One piece if advice: don’t send your child to college, send them to a trade school. If I knew then what I know now, I would have become a plumber or an electrician, instead of the desk jockey I became.

  13. I’d never heard of this guy until five minutes ago when I opened up TTAG. I notice, however, that all of his poor quality ratings and most of his worst feedback on “Rate My Professor” have been entered in just the last several days, since his anti-NRA remarks were published.

    I couldn’t find much on google about him, not even his c.v.; but I did come across his contact information. If it’s posted on the University’s website with public access, does that mean it’s available for public use in contacting the professor to ask follow up questions on topics within his professional expertise? I don’t know, so I’m just asking.

    • Yes, I came here to say this. It’s not really fair to call him low rated. All his ratings previous to 6/1 were high.

  14. Professor Swindell’s contact information is easily found on the Marshall U website; both email and phone number. Just go to their directory and search. Be nice now.

  15. That right there may be the second-best reason I’ve ever seen to keep and bear arms:

    1) Deterrent to government tyranny.
    2) Self-defense against raging liberal psychopaths (e.g. Prof Swindell).
    3) Self-defense against murderers, rapists, and home invaders.

  16. I wonder if he is up for tenure review and this is his way of becoming a hot new celebrity writer who can parlay his new fame into a threat of tenure or a walk to next highest bidder?

    Perhaps a call to the schools’ board is in order??

  17. Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, The Hound, Polliver, The Mountain, Christopher Swindell

    • Heheh. Someday, Arya will be happy. Of course, there will be a trail of bodies behind her.

      Or she’ll be dead. It is GoT afterall.

  18. Anyone who asserts the Federal Government has the Right to Attack citizens is committing Treason themselves.

  19. I like to think of the threat of armed resistance against tyranny like the nuclear standoff of the 70/80s: knowing your opposition has the capability to retaliate is a good way to prevent either of you from doing anything stupid.

  20. Dirk, re: Hellfire missiles on the F-22, you might be right, except for the fact that you’re completely wrong. The Hellfire is an anti-armor, anti-vehicle missile that is also used for precision attacks against buildings where larger weapons might cause too much collateral damage. It is used only on slow movers like helicopters and UCAVs, not on fast movers like the Raptor. It’s the missile of choice for all the precision attacks against terrorist leaders by UCAVs. The British did develop a new version called the Brimstone that is used by fast movers, but it turned out to be so different that it became a completely new missile. Dirk needs to Diggler a little deeper for his facts.

  21. Seems to me that this guy’s looking for a fight more than anybody.

    War on the NRA. Psh.

    He going to demand that somebody take military action against that little boy who was given a lifetime NRA membership?

    What a douche canoe.

  22. I’ve never met Dr. Swindell. However, as an academic, I know him well. He is a product of his insular environment, where extremism is encouraged as normal and proper. Ignore him as you would the frantic yapping of a chihuahua smearing spittle on the inside of a living room window. Teach your children to do the same.

    The progressives have come to power every 40 years or so, but I really think America is starting to wake up. Let them rant, for their days are numbered. Their fall will come at the ballot box and in the courts. I don’t think there will be an armed revolt, unless they start one themselves.

    • I think your assessment is accurate and well founded in history; however I fear for the day the pendulum swings too far and there is no recovery because of incremental diminution of constitutional protections.

      Incrementalism appears to be the prevailing progressive strategy – on everything – until they think they have the momentum to grab it all. That’s when the progressives’ true colors are exposed.

      • Yes, I agree with you. I’ve been concerned that this cycle would be the last until just recently (the IRS abuse may well be the wake-up call many people need). The trick, this time, is to keep pushing. If we can’t bring the education system back to center (or at least come up with viable counters) I fear we still lose in the long run.

        On the other hand, one might argue that we didn’t really have an organized right in this country until 1958 with the John Birch Society, and grass roots movements like the Tea Party might really start to gain ground. They really need to take at least some lessons from the left regarding community organizing techniques (as much as they can without losing their soul; some Alinsky tactics are just too despicable for moral people to seriously contemplate).

  23. The progressives and the intellects are always concerned about what other countries think of us the USA. What would they think of the USA if its own “volunteer” military attacked its own citizens? The whole freedom, peace and democracy would go out the door. I also find it hilarious that the “tolerant” left is always wanting the police force or military to attack other groups.

    I laugh on two accounts, first they are happy for someone else to do the dirty work while they type nasty grams in a closet not allowing ANY descent or difference of opinion and second. They have bogus arguments and a podium but are not willing to take on the issues themselves. They are perfectly willing to let someone else do their dirty work and happily shutdown and difference of opinion BUT they are the OPEN and TOLERENT. LOL!

    • I wouldn’t know for 100% as I’m only 25, but weren’t these same liberals crying out against any form of government action 50 years ago?

      People like Swindell seem all too ready to call in the government, when his type was protesting the Vietnam war.

      Did I miss something? Why the sudden change of heart?

      • Did I miss something? Why the sudden change of heart?

        Because of who is in the White House. As soon as he is gone (I will celebrate for a week straight) they will no longer praise the government like they do now.

        • Absent an overpoweringly charismatic Republican or Independent candidate, the liberal press will likely be the primary factor in determining the next occupant of the White House.

  24. And the beauty of it is, once those nasty NRA members are out of the way, the real crackdown can begin.
    Tea Party members, Climate Deniers, that greedy 1%, all of them into the camps.

  25. He’s is from Huntington, WV not Charleston. Don’t lay this turd on our doorstep.

  26. “We are not a tin pot banana republic where machine gun toting rebel groups storm the palace and depose the dictator.”

    I’m sure that’s what Great Britain thought right before the Revolutionary War, although I’m sure it was phrased slightly differently.

  27. Article 3, Section 3: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”
    Notice the “them”, as in the States?

    I wrote this guy and got the nicest response back. I’m being optomistic it is from him and not some secretary. Here’s what “he” wrote:
    And you would be right and I wrong.
    When great people like you took offense, I kinda had to reexamine my tune.
    When someone said Mexico bans guns, I had to change my position.

    I think you’re defending freedom, not threatening it.
    Would you accept the apology of a recent convert?

    Beinga glass always full guy, I’m gonna hope it’s from him…

  29. Lovely.

    While I have heard (largely drunken and stupidious) calls for armed rebellion, that’s hardly the party line at NRA.

    If anything, they’re too timid in their suggestions and assessments.

    This guy’s nuts even by the standards of his peer group.

  30. The force of Lautenberg is strong in Prof. Swindle. What’s really startling is that people are paying money to be “taught” by that tool.

  31. What really bothers me? You can become a college professor without understanding the difference between “treason” and “sedition.”

  32. Further proof of the old axiom re: academia: “Those who can’t do, teach,” but in his case, let’s extend this to, “Those who WON’T do, teach.”

    And in his case, the additional axiom most likely applies: “Those who can’t/WON’T do, teach teachers.”

    And to quote Sonny and Cher: “And the beat goes on…”

  33. I read the piece when the comment section was still up. Believe me, they let him have it. He had to take back some of what he said.

  34. It’s obvious the good professor in an earlier time ( 200 years or so ago ) would have been called a Torie and well hated before and after the revolution for the rest of his life. Once a traitor always a traitor.

  35. And (again) we see what type of PPL reach for the term Knuckle Dragger to describe people they disagree with. The act is commonly known as de-humanizing and demonizing which, historically, has a way of justifying said group’s demise.
    This professor, if he was not entrenched in his Leftist cubby hole, would normaly be referred to a Mental Health Professional for a profiling session.

  36. He is out of the (current) mainstream. The Cultural War has become a Political War. The big question is when does it go to being a Civil War?

  37. “Normally, I am a peaceable man, but in this case, I am willing to answer the call to defend the country. From them.”

    Translation: probably never had the balls to face ACTUAL foreign enemies in combat but is more than willing to kill American citizens.

    After a comment like that, he would do well to completely disregard his own civilian disarmament ideals and tool up. An intellectual (I use the term loosely) publicly encouraging the government to conduct military operations against a civil rights organization? Here’s to hoping he’s not a martyr for his cause by the end of the week.

    Oh and, by the way Mr.Swindel, by the looks of things the only “call” you’ve been answering is your craving for papa john’s. If you’re truly interested in being a facist and murdering civilians for having the audacity to speak out against their government then you should hit the gym for once in your life.

  38. “And many invite it gladly as if the African-American president we voted for is somehow infringing on their Constitutional rights.”

    And… there’s the racism card. This is the argument tactic of an educated man? Sigh.

  39. If the NRA was a Muslim.Org he would have kept his mouth shut out of respect for Barrack Hussien Obama

  40. TO: All
    RE: Swindell

    If he’s a ‘professor of journalism’, he comes across as being a graduate of the Goebbels School of Journalism. And a very ignorant and/or evil one at that. But I repeat myself.


    [The advertisement is the most truthful part of a newspaper. — Thomas Jefferson]

  41. Here was my comment that was posted on Charleston Gazettes article and Swindell’s response to me;

    S Michael DeHart · Top Commenter · Investigator, Training Officer, Lt. & Firefighter at West Side Volunteer Fire and Rescue (Kanawha Co. Station 22)
    The Editorial Board of the Charleston Gazette should ashamed of themselves in approving and allowing this nut jobs rant and call for US Military action against law abiding and Constitutional protected citizens of the United States. He claims to be pro-gun, but raves like a left WING liberal. In reality the Editorial Board and Swindell should be investigated by the FBI and WV State Police for inciting violence against American citizens.
    If he is TRULY a gun owner and/or Concealed Weapons Permit holder, the permit should be revoked immediately by the Putnam County Sheriffs Department and any and all weapon confiscated by the BATF&E. He is obviously unbalance and unfit to own ANY weapons. If he is willing to publicly incite unprovoked violence, then it is hard to tell what else he might physically do with his guns. The Charleston Gazette would then be liable for any damage or deaths caused by this so called “journalist”.
    Reply · 451 · Like · Unfollow Post · Friday at 4:39pm

    Christopher Swindell · University of Kentucky
    Michael, as I don’t know you, I won’t stoop to your BS. But, here it is. I advocate peaceful means of solving differences. And your threat is so far out of line you need investigating. How dare you threaten me? From me to you here’s a road map to the Hell we all want people like you to go to.
    Reply · 8 · Like · Friday at 6:10pm

    Also, here is the Comments posting address;

    • The comments on Swindell’s piece are overwhelmingly negative, which I find comforting. Most Americans still have their heads screwed on straight. I hope.

      So, you call for him to be (peacefully) investigated for violent tendencies, whereas he calls for you to be killed, and he accuses you of threatening him. Classic leftist tripe. You get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, point at your opponent and scream “cookie thief” as loudly as you can.

  42. HOW in the world is it “TREASON” for wanting to KEEP YOUR AMERICAN “RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS” ????
    It is TREASON for a so-called “President” to COVER UP THE BENGHAZI ACTION !!!
    BUT I have to remember that “STUPID PEOPLE ARE BREEDING” !!! AND too many of them are “PROFESSORS” !!!!


  43. How nice to see a professor deciding what guns we should have and what they should be used for. He looks like he just farted in his pants in front of a group of ladies.

  44. I was reading the comments last night, and I have to say it is probably the most epic beat down I have ever seen on the internet.
    If this guy keep his job, it will be a miracle. I find it utterly amazing that someone who allegedly has a PhD in journalism could send something like that to a newspaper. Guess it reflects the kind of education one can expect from Marshall U.

  45. I think his comments reveal a lot. HE found it necessary to call our president “African-American”. Why do so many libs find this label so useful? And why such hateful violent rhetoric ? I’ve yet to hear the NRA use such vile language. Is it possible this professor is far worse than ANY NRA member?

  46. Just looked at his Facetube page and his most recent comment

    “Very important change of tune. When someone shared Mexico bans guns, I realized I was wrong. NRA members (I still disagree with leadership) are DEFENDING freedom. Not threatening it. Would you accept a recent convert’s apology?”

    I have a sneaking suspicion he is being sarcastic but not %100 on that

    regardless this article was indeed penned by an a$$clown

    love that part in the comments where he is corrected about the F-22 and hellfires and then says sorry I’m wrong only predator drones carry them…i think he hurt the feelings of the AH-6, AH-64, AH-1, UH-1Y, MH-60L DAP, OH-58, KC-130J Harvest HAWK(yes a C130) and more aircraft, he better watch himself, military aircraft can be spiteful machines

  47. “Low-rated”? REALLY, Robert? The guy’s disgusting, but his ratings are actually quite good… and highest from the students that think he’s a communist. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but calling him “low-rated” is a rank distortion!

  48. I am looking forward to meeting Mr. Swindell on the field of battle. I wonder if he will arm himself with an assault rifle?

  49. when the President lies, the Attny general lies, The ambasador to the UN lies, the Secretary of State lies and so forth,
    these individuals have broken their oath to the People and the Constitution.

    This is Treason also. Should they be impeached?

    If they do not submit to the lawful process, don’t we become another Banana Republic?

    I am willing to put up with this BS for the elected terms of office.

    The day that they refuse to leave the office on Inaugural Day, then all bets are off.

    And the prospects of a revolution against modern arms and troops? Ask the Syrian Army how that is going for them.

  50. What an ass! Firing squad! How about hand to hand combat punk boy! If i dont win. My 11 year old will blow your brains out with his 9mm. NRA fights for your rights you worthless piece of crap.

  51. TO: All
    RE: Heh

    I have heard that this character recanted his outrageous remarks on Facebook.

    However, until I see it in an article in the Charlotte Gazette, I’m not taking it as honest.

    And….to date….there has been no such article published in the Charlotte Gazette.


    [The Truth will out… this point….Swindell is a swindler….]

  52. TO: All

    Not the Charlotte Gazette, but rather the Charleston Gazette.

    Too much time at Bragg where Charlotte was nore important that Charleston.


    [There’s too much blood in my caffiene system…..]

    • Chuck, you will never see a retraction by Gazette. They print anti-gun crap all the time in editorial pages. They love and eat up the crap like Swindell is spewing. I live between Charleston and Huntington and have already talked to several people who know this jack leg personally and say his article expresses his true views. I also know of numerous alumni that have notified MU prez. of no more donations til Swindell is gone, but don’t look
      for that to happen either. MU is a left leaning State funded institution. So, don’t hold your breath.

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