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Las Vegas Mandalay Bay hotel after shooting (courtesy

We’re gleaning new facts from the new official Clark County Sheriff’s timeline for the Las Vegas shooting. At 9:59 pm local time, spree killer Stephen Paddock shoots Mandalay Bay security officer Jesus Campos. At 10:15, two police officers arrived on the 31st floor, one floor below the killer’s hotel room. At 10:17, after the shooting had stopped . . .

those two police officers arrived on the 32nd floor. At 10:18 pm, Campos told police he was shot and gave them the location of the gunman’s room.

Despite having one of their employees shot by the killer directly outside his room, Mandalay Bay security failed to identify the killer’s room to the police for 19 minutes, until after the shooter stopped.

As the two police officers arrived at the wrong floor at 10:15 — two minutes before the shooting stopped — it’s entirely possible they could have done something to distract or stop Paddock if they’d been directed straight to the killer’s room.

That said, we don’t know Campos’ condition immediately after the shooting. Was he in shock? Was he treating a serious leg wound? We don’t know his location after he was shot, who (if anyone) attended to his wound, if he had a working radio, and what he may have reported on the radio if he did.

Not to mention the fog of war.

Communication is often the first thing to go wrong during a violent attack. But it’s still shocking that 19 minutes elapsed before Mandalay Bay security communicated the life-or-death room info to police on the scene.

There are lessons to be learned from the response to this attack, just as there were after the Pulse night club slaughter. But if the cops and authorities treat the Vegas shooting like the Orlando massacre, mistakes made will be quietly swept under the carpet. Benefitting no one but the officers and politicians involved.


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  1. A man’s GOPRO appears to record the first shots at 10:04pm and at 10:05pm is when rapid fire causes the crowd to run instead of walk. So the timeline doesn’t seem correct. It also ignores the shots fired into the hotel at 10:09pm, there is no explanation given for those shots.

      • Here’s my theory on what happened with that.

        I am an LEO and firearms instructor for PD so I have some experience in the law enforcement arena. A lot of people, regardless of profession, get stuck in the mindset of how to respond to situations. “If event A occurs, take action B. If event C occurs, take action D” etc. Once the word “hostage” came out in Orlando the officer’s mindset transitioned immediately from active shooter scenario to hostage, which involves a more measured response.

        Does this excuse their inaction? No, I certainly am not trying to make excuses. Merely pointing to a pitfall in training that others should strive to avoid.

        Case in point the school system in my county changed their active shooter protocol from a lockdown to more of a run fight hide sort of thing. When the presentation was over, the teachers asked dozens of questions. “If he is within 100 feet of my room, do we lock the door? If he is walking away, do we run away?” etc. etc. They were so conditioned to having by the numbers response to a situation that they couldn’t wrap their minds around having split second decision making being the key to the new strategy.

        • Sounds more like conditioning than training. It’s like when police are conditioned to fire when they hear the word “gun.”

        • A.L.I.C.E.


          Once the murderers location is learned it is time to counter with everything you’ve got. Waiting will just produce more victims.

        • Short answer: Don’t ask the cops or any other “authorities” what to do. Do what is needed at the time. If you live you can apologize for ignoring the non-combatants’ advice.

    • C’mon Joe, you know you can’t talk about *that*.

      It’s not the “official” narrative. And even though we’re a bunch of people commenting on a site that routinely disparages the government when it comes to gun laws – well – if you presume to discount that very same government’s official narrative then you become a “conspiracy theorist” or you wear a “tin foil hat”.

      No, no. Just swallow the blue pill…you didn’t see what you think you saw and you didn’t hear what you think you heard. Let Uncle tell you the *true* version of events.

      • No, I really don’t like conspiracy theories (although I think discernment requires as much info as possible, and nothing should be off-the-table until then).

        I’m just saying, listen to the video. It’s got some really weird and disconnected sounds of fire, some sounds like it comes from a whole building away, and some sound like they are coming from close enough to be under the car-port.

        It’s just weird, is all I’m saying.

        • Previous link was wrong. This appears to be it.

          YES, THERE ARE ECHOES. There’s also sounds of gun-fire much closer than 32 stories up (on the other side of the drive-up portico of the hotel). Not feeding anything that ain’t eating, and hopefully only the truth.

        • Business rules in Vegas. That is a fact. Anything – anything that would destroy the image of Vegas is NOT going to be revealed. That’s not to say that the authorities are not telling the truth. The authorities will tell you what they need to tell you. No more, no less. See that guy standing behind the sheriff? He’s with the federal government. He makes sure that the sheriff stays the course.

    • From the very first morning I heard this over my coffee and ever since it sounded like at least two guns. I know, echoes, sonics, on and on, and I hate conspiracy theories, all I’m saying is, from the very first time I heard/saw it up until today, it sounds like multiple guns going off. There are people here who know a helluva lot more about this stuff than me, but it sounds like multiple guns going off. Period.

    • They should release the camera footage of the security guard and cops arriving. They released the (practically irrelevant) body cams from the cops at the festival grounds (to praise their officers).

    • The deception is in the words of those not actually seeking a motive because the FBI already full-well knows the motive because this guy was deep in the security state.

      Who gambles all their life and becomes a millionaire? Nobody who doesn’t have an exceptionally easy way to have mucho dough and doesn’t think a second about risking the kids college money.

      What idiot carries dozens of weapons of a wide variety of calibers and fire capabilities into a hotel room to shoot nobodies and then kill himself. Nobody who’s not showing off contraband rifles to a prospective customer.

      Who buys houses and doesn’t live in them?

      Who has an accounting license and perhaps a degree but never works for anyone as such?

      It’s a made up identity and a made up story in its entirety. And, I think the so-called intelligence services (translation, professional liars) are in this up to their necks. Heck, the FBI guy who seems glued to the left side of either the Sheriff or the Asst. Sheriff during press conferences seems much more intent on looking at the speakers than the audience. Looks like intimidation of a minder to me.

      This whole thing stinks. And, five hundred people got the flush or nearly got the flush for this stinking stunt.

      I could go on and on and on.

  2. I noticed this when I did a timeline on a real-time recording of LVPD’s dispatch repeater.

    One LEO got to the 32nd floor, and it was five minutes after he got there that the LEO radios to dispatch he & the security guard made contact. This was 19 minutes into the recording after the first dispatch report of “shots fired” by a LEO on the concert scene.

    The entire recording doesn’t exactly cover the LEO’s in Las Vegas with glory – especially their SWAT team. Matter of fact, by the time I was done listening to it and making a timeline of significant events, all I could think was “This was another Columbine, only in the open air.”

    • It’s another weird point (of many weird ‘facts’). Piecing the timeline together MIGHT be assumed to generate some needed adjustments to ‘true-up’. How in the living heck, though, do you get the timeline so messed up that you have to flip it 180 ?

      It’s just incompetence or obfuscation. Neither are good, neither are tolerable.

  3. I think everyone here is forgetting that Vegas PD is owned by the casino and hotel moguls that run that city. The timeline and story is going to continue to change until it makes the keystone Vegas cops look like Elliot Ness.

    • It seems they might be trying to push blame onto the security officer or at least attention. People are complaining about the response time from the cops. Now the cops are like, “Hey, the security guy sat around for 19 minutes eating a sandwich after he was shot. What a dick, am I right?”

    • I think everyone here is forgetting that Vegas PD is owned by the casino and hotel moguls that run that city. The timeline and story is going to continue to change until it makes the keystone Vegas cops look like Elliot Ness.

      Yes. Absolutely true. It is a FACT that BIG business aka casino’s are in control here. They even subsidize property tax in many communities. Money buys everything here except ocean front property. I don’t think people understand that any knock on Vegas is a knock on the casinos. The casinos will not allow that to happen.

  4. Pathetic is a gross understatement. Did he. actually HAVE a reallive machine gun?!? ‘Splain it to me Leo’s…

  5. Ugh. At this point, I want there to be a inside job / false flag / deep state style conspiracy because the truth that our private and public authorities are utter failures is worse. Terrorists, foreign and domestic, know now with certainty that America is wide open for business for any nut who wants to be famous.

    • Unfortunate, but probably true. No live event-soft target will be safe from here to the foreseeable future.

      Consider yourselves fore-warned.

      • Gun grabbers are searching for new gun control nonsense which would have done nothing to stop this event. When are they going to advocate the outlawing of *any* mass gathering outdoors (sports events, campaign events, concerts, whatever) when that *WOULD* have prevented the entire tragedy? Don’t they claim that would be justified if it saved just one life?

  6. “But it’s still shocking that 19 minutes elapsed before Mandalay Bay security communicated the life-or-death room info to police on the scene.”

    Really? It is shocking to me that local PD found their way to his room in 12 minutes with zero help from the hotel. Sounds like a damn fine job.

    • I’d put the thing another way: There’s an unarmed security guy with a hole in his leg near a door with 200 bullet holes. A maintenance worker comes upon him within a minute or two. What happens next, in terms of communication, makes no sense.

      I assume what happened is that the Mandalay Bay wanted to be cut out of the response, play a minimal role. That led them to not feed fast accurate updates as they learned more from the in-house security cameras, etc.

      It seems to me they reduced (in their minds) the liability risk, yet were a part of the slow PD response to the correct floor and door. Pathetic.

  7. I looked at quite a bit of information about the shooting, and I am 100% convinced there were at least 2 shooters. The first evidence is multiple phone videos where you can hear shots being fired and there are no muzzle flashes coming from the area on the Mandalay where the room is. Second is the cab driver video where you hear shots occurring a good distance away, and then very loud gunfire, presumably coming from the 32nd floor. Third are two reports from victims that people were shot in such a way that the fire could only have come from behind the stage.

    BTW, what is directly behind the stage? A construction area with two huge towers. I also saw what appeared to be a very good amateur analysis of the audio. The guy know his stuff about guns, and calculated the delays between bullet impact and gunfire sound. One delay was consistent with the distance to the Mandalay, but the other was approximately 275 yds. Echoes my azz!

    I don’t know why they are lying about the tragedy, and we may never find out. They are flushing information down the memory hole as fast as they can. This is like 1984 happening in real life – you just state what reality is via the media and the world changes to fit the new reality.

  8. Cops: we fucked up, can we pin this on you? Since you were injured people wouldnt blame you as much.

    Guard: yea but…

    Cops: $$$$$$$€¥€¥€$$$€$

    Guard: mkay…

  9. The whole report could be a sham by hours. Remember, most people are listening to recordings from that night. But if you listened live, you might say everything happened even later than police say. See this link that suggests police were staging much later. It doesn’t make sense unless there were multiple shooters.

  10. Dont know why police or whoever has to lie when the truth will come out in the end, then what do they have to say about that? There are witnesses who know what they heard and saw, why cover up that? Wouldnt it be worse to find out the truth and not be trusted by the police anymore? Just tell the truth


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