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As we noted in the digest Tuesday, Tennessee senior Brenna Spencer created a kerfuffle on Twitter over the weekend when she posted her senior photo. Eschewing the typical Sears Portrait Studio-style headshot, Ms. Spencer chose to go with environmental portraiture, prominently featuring a couple of things that are important to her.

The image, simultaneously capturing a pro-Trump message and a visible firearm, caused little heads to explode across the Twittersphere. And as Twitchy notes, Ms. Spencer provided inspiration for other women to let their gun-owner flag fly.

Could this be a trend?

Some women were moved to post a snap of their most recent range target to show their support for Spencer.

If you support Ms. Spencer and her unapologetic, out there defense of her right to keep and bear arms, send a photo of yourself with your carry gun (or just a range target) to [email protected] and we’ll post them here.

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    • The only empowered female that the left wants to see is one with her boots on the neck of a conservative.

      • Like everything else on the left, this imagery is a contrived fantasy. Conservatives are known to be armed and don’t like having their throats stepped on…. That being said, the only reason “The Left” has a voice at all, is due to the willinness of the strong (armed conservatives who believe in the ideas of the Constitution) to humor them. If this “fight” degenerates in to a might-makes-right contest, they will melt like snow.

      • The Left’s idea of an “empowered” female is a 500lb blob with purple hair scooting around college shrieking about Trump and whatever the oppression of the week is.

  1. Holy shit, someone actually carries the Kimber Micro Bel Aire!
    I guess it’s crow enchiladas on the dinner menu for me.

  2. Some of the remarks on their respective stalkerbook pages wreak of patronizing mansplaining. I guess as long as you’re mansplaining to a poor misguided off the (D) plantation female it’s okay because you’re just out evangelising for your god government working to bring those heathen souls back into the flock.

    It’s annoying enough as a white male to come out as a gun owner. I can only imagine what a horror it is for a non-male, non-white, non-hetero person to do it. Especially if they live in a blue heavy area. Ironic that they would be more readily welcomed in some rural backwater than in any of the great cosmopolitan urban bastions of tolerance and equality.

  3. Don’t go all gansta though, just shoving it in yer pants.
    Use a holster like a civilized person.. Brenna says she is wearing a belly band in that photo.

  4. She didn’t cause anything. Some idiot media outlet created the Twitter kerfuffle.

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