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Woehrle: Gun Violence Is Coming So Let’s Ban the Guns

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I was stuck in traffic on Tilden Street near Connecticut Avenue NW on April 22 at 3:23 p.m. when I heard the gunfire, three rounds of three shots each in short succession. A semiautomatic nearby.

With traffic in front of me and behind, I was locked in, unable to move. I thought about ducking for cover, but then how would I drive? I was in a state of shock and couldn’t think of how to get out. Traffic eventually cleared, and I got home, hugged my husband and tried to shake off the incident. …

Ownership and use of military-style assault weapons have no purpose in our communities. Until we ban high-capacity magazines and weaponry that allow for rapid-fire shooting, we all need to prepare ourselves to respond to the unthinkable. Gun violence is coming. So get ready.

– Lori A. Woehrle in Get Ready. Gun Violence Is Coming.

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  1. Where were the police to stop it?

    Statistically almost certainly a handgun, not a rifle.

    Also not sure what high capacity mag holds 3 shots.

    • I would respectfully suggest a rational course of action for her would be to return fire… 🙂

    • “…three rounds of three shots…”

      I admitted attended public school as a youth decades ago, but my math results in nine rounds total. That would appear to eliminate the possibility of a revolver, or standard 1911, or most smaller single stacks. Likely a G19 or somesuch, which would mean there could have been a few more rounds waiting to be popped off.

      When I took an advanced course a few weeks ago, the times set for emergency and tactical reloads were crazy fast (1.2 seconds, if I recall correctly). It took a couple of days’ worth of practice, but by the time we reached the skills test on Day 4, I was able to beat the buzzer every time. I imagine even the most thuggish the Thugs-N-Drugs could easily reload his gat with a fresh 10-round mag within just a few seconds and pop off another three rounds. Ms. Woerhle has no clue what she’s talking about. She could advocate for 5-rd mags, and people would just keep reloading as fast as she could keep her eyes on them…

      • And, why on Earth does she think the criminal element will obey new firearms laws when they don’t obey the ones we already have.

        • Exactly. Prohibitions do not work for anything . Banning alcohol didn’t work and how’s that war on drugs working out, not so much . . . It’s an old saying, but still true, “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” . No y’all ain’t gettin’ mine

        • Gun control laws aren’t meant to decrease crime or homicide. These laws are passed to control people not guns.

      • Actually, except for Officer-type models, all 1911’s can carry 9 rounds: 8 in magazine + 1 up the pipe. Yes, 8-round magazines are entirely reliable, at least my Kimber mags are. I have yet to have a stoppage due to a failure-to-feed. My EDC is a Dan Wesson .45acp Guardian. I use the Kimber 8-round KimPro Tac-Mag. I really like that I can setup my mags as flat, low bumper or high bumper floor plates. I carry the flat floorplate in my 1911 for concealibility and my spares have the large bumpers to insure positive seating if as, I’m sure I will assuredly be, jervous and nerky, when mag changes are for real. Please, no cracking wise about a zillion-round wonder nine magazine.

        • Yes, you’re right, now that I think of it. I was thinking of the mag only, but +1 in the pipe makes for 9 total.

          So much for muh publik skool maff…

        • Don’t forget about the 1911 pattern pistols in 9mm. My Wilson Combat magazine holds 10 nine millimeter rounds + 1 in the pipe.

  2. ‘…three shots each in short succession. A semiautomatic nearby.’

    Or a revolver. Whichever.

  3. The unarmed cowering writer has much more to worry about that the criminal misuse of firearms. Add everything a criminal can do to an unarmed victim and she’s standing in line for all of it. It’s stupid people like her who run around telling others what they “need” for self defense, etc. Another incompetent busy body fool who can take her ignorance of self defense and can go pound sand.

    • The “writer” is Lori A. Woehrle, she’s a leftist wgo does socialist propaganda work in media.

  4. Gov,

    Immediately had the same thought

    Begin sarc

    …3 bangs…must have been an automatic or semi- automatic with a high capacity magazine. I can tell because I do not own a gun, have never fired a gun, and despise the NRA.

    By the way, of course those 3 bangs were from a gun. Nothing else makes a noise like that. I know because I do not own a gun, have never fired a gun, and avoid people who do so.

    By maintaining my information-free existence, I get to define my world anyway I choose.

    End sarc

  5. Wow. Where to start with this bit of fluffy nonsense. Exactly what point – beyond “guns yucky” – is the author trying to make? That the aesthetics of a firearm has some bearing on her perceived feelings of safety? Those three quick shots could’ve just as easily come from a good ol’ lever-action saddle gun or grandma’s .38 Special revolver as from a scary black rifle made of aluminum and plastic. If we drop back and take a look a the basis of the author’s unease perhaps dealing with the actual human being pulling the trigger would be more productive (or the author’s choice of environment – which, if she’s truly concerned with her safety, begs the question of why live where you feel it’s dangerous?) rather than with the shape and color of an inanimate object.

    This is a fairly definitive example of “magical thinking” which, coming from a person who most probably takes great pride in “following the science” on a raft of other topics, is a bit of a childish, emotional embarrassment.

    • ‘Follow the science’ is the mantra of the willfully ignorant.

    • “Exactly what point – beyond “guns yucky” – is the author trying to make?”

      The article never clearly states it, but what she was trying to say is – “A gigantic 2A rights Supreme Court case will be announced any day now, and the streets will soon be running with rivers of blood.”

      The Leftist Scum ™ are gearing up with talking points for the announcement.

      The thing is, pesky facts are about to spoil their day. Notice how loudly she screeches about how how sky-high ‘gun violence’ is?

      The very (Al Gore inspired) ‘Inconvenient Truth’ is, it’s one-half as bad as it was in the early 1990s, BEFORE carry permits were common.

      Once this decision is announced, we need to beat that drum as loudly as possible.

      How is it possible that today, with over 100 million more guns ‘on the street’ compared to 30 years ago, is ‘gun violence’ one-half as bad as it was in 1990?

      Is it possible that “More guns, less crime” is a provable fact, thanks to Department of Justice hard data to back it up?

      I truly despise Leftist Scum ™ and their ilk shitting up a good country… 🙁

      • Prndll, she really didn’t know if it was even a gun or not.
        It is possible that what she hear was a nail gun or an impact wrench.

  6. What a self-centered moron!

    With absolutely no clue as to who it was, where it was, are what gun it was…she just ‘assumes’ an awful lot of things about the circumstances. Not only is she completely oblivious to the concept of ‘self defense’, she also seems to have no concern at all as to any form of reality. It might never have occurred to her but she might have been hearing someone firing back at a criminal taking that criminal down and saving lives. But she instantly thinks it’s an ‘assault weapon of war’ with an extra capacity of death to be so completely feared that ONLY government can save the day.

    This is a pathetic response by an American and is the very thing that feeds the criminal.

    • After taking a few minutes considering my own response to this individual, it seems to me that I’ve made some assumptions myself. I don’t know if this person actually is an American. I also don’t know for sure that this person is a woman.

      I do know that this kind of thinking is what keeps cities like New York, L.A., and Chicago in such turmoil with the tight grip that gangs, corrupt politicians, thugs, mobsters, drug addicts, and random idiots with guns all holding the general population in fear.

      It is precisely people like Lori A. Woehrle that truly NEED educating the most. But she is a product of generations of this kind of apathy that ultimately is responsible for crime in these places being what it is. People like this tend to vote Democrat and are perfectly willing to submit themselves to the whims of others. Wether those others be spouses, cops, politicians, or criminals.

      • “I also don’t know for sure that this person is a woman.”

        According to the article :

        “I was in a state of shock and couldn’t think of how to get out. Traffic eventually cleared, and I got home, hugged my husband and tried to shake off the incident.”

        Apparently, “I am woman, hear me roar” for her is a sad joke. What a shame.

        (In TTAG, numerous women demonstrate their steely resolve, like miss Deborah… 🙂 )

  7. Ok lady. The sad truth is it was already illegal to have those specific guns & ammo in D.C. which by the way is totally unconstitutional. The crime was committed by the person. Yes it was in a nice neighborhood but I’m sure you don’t venture into South East or Anicostia after dark either so you’re naive about the violence in our nation’s Capitol. As a former D.C. resident from 1974-1992 their gun laws make even California’s laws seem “reasonable”.

  8. If I have learned anything from all these neighborhood community apps it’s one thing; anything loud will be posted by a liberal moron as a gun shot. Despite being in a very safe Texas neighborhood, you tip over a 2×4 in your garage and it’s all “OMG hide the kids I heard gunshots outside! Is anyone killed? I’m calling the police!” You would think we live in Somalia as they post every single day if not two or three time. Unfortunately these idiots get to vote and reproduce.

  9. In Chicago this year to date, 74.1% of gun victims and assailants are Black. 17.8% are Hispanic. 6.1% are White/other. How about we ban the right things?

    Stats compiled by heyjackass.

  10. I actually have a nine shot .22 caliber as well as a seven shot revolver.

    Back in the good old days of black powder, cap and ball revolvers, it wasn’t unheard of for someone to have multiple cylinders for their revolver that could be changed out rapidly. It was comparable to changing a fresh magazine.

    I have also designed a six cylinder revolver with six chambers per cylinder.

      • I designed a five shot revolver with the barrel pointed backwards at the operator, negating the need for pesky reloads

    • It is interesting to consider all the angst over 30 round magazines when it is nothing for someone to carry a fully loaded 10 round pistol and also carry two extra 10 round magazines. But I’m sure someone has mentioned that before.

  11. How many people are gunned down like that? How many people die from guns after accounting for suicides, police interactions, and accidents? Now take that number and compare it with 100,000 overdose deaths, 65% of which are from illicitly manufactured fentanyl. Where should we focus our resources? Maybe we should see if there’s a common denominator with the gun violence and focus our resources there as well.

    Lori would make a terrible risk management analyst.

    She also mentions that needing arms to protect against tyranny is absurd because taking up arms against the government would be illegal.

  12. You can ban all your want, the problem you’re gonna run into is compliance something that you will never get from me or millions of American gun owners.

  13. Click the link, it’s a “letters to the editor” page of the April 27 WaPo, and there are some interesting discussions in the comments section. Closed now, but an interesting read.

  14. lets give all gun haters a plane ticket to the country of their choosing and revoke their citizenship…

  15. “Gun violence” and “assault weapon” are made up terms intended to scare people is all. Guns aren’t violent and how a weapon looks doesn’t define its use or lethality.

  16. Violence is coming. Violence started by the federal government against the people of the United States. Either directly or indirectly.

  17. I believe this is 100% bullshit. She was apparently near a bunch of embassies and some schools. If there were any shots, which I don’t believe at all it’s more likely armed security or police were shooting.

  18. Yep.
    How about car violence?
    Once again ” I was stuck in traffic ” . You see had they not been in a car they wouldn’t have been there. In almost every instance of a crime a vehicle is involved with it. The only logical solution that I see is to ban motorized vehicles.

    • From a possums point of view that makes sense. Your point of view being oncoming headlights and tires.

  19. “Gun violence is coming. So get ready.”

    If this is true, why should I disarm if violence is coming?

    Guess I need more ammo?

  20. Obviously she has never been to one of the old west shooting events.

  21. When I lived in Chicago, Minneapolis, Austin, Dallas, and assorted smaller cities and would hear a series of short bursts of popping sounds, I didn’t assume gunfire but looked around for whoever was using an air nailer.
    Secondly, just from what I could gather from the story, this was not in the lower income parts of DC but in the area of upper income or diplomatic residences. Had there been actual gunfire the area would have been swarming with police and security officers in minutes. It must suck to live in fear of what might happen, or be aware that you are totally dependent on others for your welfare and safety. As was supposedly said by a Quaker many years ago. “Trust in the Lord, but keep your powder dry.”

  22. So Brainiac is sitting there in traffic, stuck in an automobile just like the ones that kill 32,000 and injure 2million Americans each year (source: CDC https://www.cdc.gov/vitalsigns/motor-vehicle-safety/index.html). The smog from all those idling cars plays havoc on the environment. And yet hearing a couple shots (probably druggies exterminating each other) is somehow a greater problem?

    Maybe she should buy a revolver (not an icky semi-auto) and walk to work?

  23. She needs her own gun, that’s the solution to this.
    Nobody is going to protect her but herself.

  24. Just how stupid can a person get? People killed people for THOUSANDS of years without guns. You going to ban everything that can be used to kill someone? Rocks, clubs, hammers, plastic bags, peoples hands, cars, pens, pencils, poison? You can use ANYTHING to kill someone. Try prosecuting then executing murderers. Guaranteed that they will never murder someone again. It might make some think better of attempting to kill someone.

  25. Sad commentary on the intellect of elected officials! Officially inept to oversee what just the general public needs are!

  26. I confess. The sound that woman heard was my pneumatic nail gun. I was roofing a nearby house, and she just heard 3 shingles being nailed, with 3 nails each. Hope she doesn’t get roofs banned. Seriously, from just the details given, who knows if she heard a gun at all, or an engine backfire, or other noise. Or police at a firing range.
    “ The wicked flee when no one pursues,
    But the righteous are bold as a lion.”-Proverbs 28:1

  27. Woehrle sounds like she’s a paranoid schizophrenic which includes but isn’t limited to; delusions, extremely disordered thinking and behavior that impairs daily functioning which can be disabling. She could pose a threat to society and should seek help to get her symptoms under control before serious complications develop. It’s people like this who should be kept away from all firearms and knives.

    • I almost forgot the most important item. Anti-gun organizations also want to get rid of law enforcement as well. And yet, they’re the first ones to ask for help from cops. Let that sink in for a minute.

  28. The usual cry of ignorance. BAN GUNS. How about BAN CRIMINALS. Makes more sense, though exactly how the goal, Banning Criminals would operate remains to be explained, since actually punishing criminals seems an insurmountable obstacle, something beyond the ability or capability or willingness of society.

  29. Yeah, criminals respond so well to banning guns; about as well as they do obeying laws.

  30. Most stupid comment I ever read about gun violence. First off, it’s not coming back. It’s here and it’s been here. Secondly, if we have gun violence why would you get rid of your guns or ban them? How would you protect yourself at that point? A better idea would be buying more of them.
    Where did you come up with this insane b.s.?

  31. I wouldn’t even assume its a firearm. She’s in a car, on a highway, in a densely populated area, and hears a noise that could have been distorted by distance, echoing, and so forth. Could have been construction noise, someone revving a Harley, or the bubblegum popping inside her head.

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