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By Jake Hofer via

The winter has been long and frigid. These folks in Canada have made it an opportunity to get creative. Watch these folks shoot some clay pigeons with a hockey stick, then a shotgun, and have some major fun. They did a really good job of putting this film together. The drone truly gives it another cinematic level of coolness. This a creative and smart idea to pass away the winter blues and stride into spring. If you’re in an area that still has snow, give it a try. Practice makes perfect!

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  1. Not to minimize the young lady’s skills, but when the trajectory of the bird and timing of the launch are that predictable, it’s really not too hard to hit them.

    Winter time is reloading time for me. I’ll shoot when I can load a magazine without freezing my fingers.

  2. Some day I really should give up on this never-ending struggle, but I will say it one more time: that’s not skeet, it’s trap. Skeet was invented in the 1920’s as a more difficult shotgun game, since trap was too easy.

    In trap, the clays are flying pretty much straight away from the shooter. In skeet, the clays fly toward, away, and across the line of fire.

    Only shotgun weenies care, but still. For me, this is almost more irritating than clip vs. magazine or bullet vs. cartridge.

  3. 2 Canadians were ice fishing. They were down to the last beer and started fighting over it. In the fight, the can was crushed down until it formed a small cylinder. The guys were hitting each other and the can with their fishing rods. A bystander looked at them and since his lips were numb from the cold, he said “what the puck?

    Hockey was invented.

  4. I’m a Canadian who has lived in the United States for almost 30 years. In the last week I’ve heard of snow in Colorado and Montana. None in Canada and it’s September 1st. Toronto would be lucky to have 1 foot of permanent snow in the winter months, of which there are about 3 good months for it. Whereas our neighbours to the south in Buffalo seems to thrive with 4 feet of it. In Boston, I had to shovel so much, I almost died. In Chicago, it was below 0oF for one month straight. The air in my tires always leaked out. Aviation fuel at O’Hare International Airport almost froze. The states bordering Canada get the same cold weather as Canada. There’s no wall there. Halifax is not known for it’s snow alone. St. John, Newfoundland isn’t either. Yes, Canada is further north, but all this talk about, “Ohhhhhh… Canada…. really cold” is a bunch of horse feathers. If you don’t want the cold that lasts about 3-4 months…. go somewhere in Canada where is isn’t that bad. But for god sake’s, don’t make it out to be COLD COOOOOOLD 9 months of the year.

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