Wilson Combat Announces New Replacement Sights for Colt 2020 Python and Anaconda Revolvers

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From Wilson Combat . . .

Wilson Combat has developed a fix for what we consider the weakest link in the new 2020 Python and Anaconda models-the factory sights.

Our new click adjustable rear sights mated with our new snag free front blades will give you a bigger, bolder sight picture that is easily click adjustable on the range.


This rugged, fully-adjustable replacement rear sight of hardened chromoly steel has an improved sight picture, reliable adjustments and a superior fit in your revolver’s frame.

This 100% USA made heavy duty sight can make a great gun even better and allows for easy adjustment in the field. These sights have generous elevation and windage adjustment and are easy to install.

The rear blade with your choice of square notch (target) or U-notch (tactical) has radiused edges and is partially serrated to reduce glare and is a perfect match for our taller front sight blade. This sight is also compatible with the factory front sight.

    • Material: Chromoly Steel, black oxide finish
    • Blade Type: Partially serrated U-Notch & Square Notch
    • Rear sight notch: .125” width Square Notch / .150″ width U-Notch, .099” depth
    • Dovetail: 2020 New Colt Python and Anaconda only
    • Elevation Adjustments: Yes
    • Windage Adjustments: Yes
    • 100% USA Made

Snag Free 2020 Colt Python/Anaconda Front Sight

These high quality 2020 Python/Anaconda snag free front replacement sights are the same height as current factory sights and have been enhanced for improved sight picture and a perfect match with the Wilson Adjustable rear sight.

These sights are available in a fiber optic or gold bead insert that helps draw your eye to the front sight for rapid acquisition in varying lighting conditions.

These sights are only compatible with new 2020 Colt Python/Anaconda revolvers.

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  1. Only comparable with. the 2020 models. That’s a buzz killer. My Python I older than that. That gold insert looked interesting for a minute.

  2. The front sight does look nicer but not more functional, and the rear sight looks the same except for the Wilson branding. The Python was always and is a target pistol with adjustable sights… I’m not seeing the improvement here but maybe somebody can fill me in.

    • Original Pythons has Eliason rear sights. A little more solid built and finished that those on the current Python.

      On the front sight – I prefer a Call Gold Bead. Flush with flat face. Not protruding.

    • I like the sights that came with my Python but my gun shoots high, and neither of the sights from Wilson will fix that; I need a taller front sight.

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