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Yesterday an employee of the Molson Coors brewery in Milwaukee used two handguns to murder five people before committing suicide. It’s been widely reported that one of the two pistols was equipped with a suppressor.

This from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The shooter was armed with two handguns, one with a silencer, according to a police source. Silencers or suppressors are legal in 42 states, including Wisconsin. They must be registered with the federal government under the National Firearms Act. According to the latest report from the ATF, more than 29,333 are registered in the state.

Crime involving the devices is relatively rare, according to an often-cited study that said about 150 cases involving silencers were prosecuted in federal court from 1995 to 2004.

You may remember that the shooter in Virginia Beach also used a suppressor. That resulted in a move to outlaw silencers in Virginia. A bill that would have done just that (along with outlawing “assault weapon” sales) was killed for the current legislative session and won’t be considered again until next year.

A federal suppressor ban bill that would have outlawed possession was also introduced, but it went nowhere.

The choice of the Milwaukee murderer to use one suppressed pistol and one without was an odd one. Obviously any perceived advantage of suppression goes away when firing the un-suppressed firearm.

So will another high profile shooting that involved a “silencer” result in more calls and a bigger push to outlaw these common sense safety devices?

Count on it. The fact that a suppressor was used in Milwaukee provides just the hook civilian disarmament types need to gain some traction again and push for a new ban.

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Remember that in the aftermath of the Virginia Beach shooting, President Trump was in Britain and told Piers Morgan that he intended to “seriously look at” outlawing suppressor sales.

More recently . . .

This being an election year, after Milwaukee, look for more members of the congressional civilian disarmament caucus to join ol’ Uncle Joe in calling for banning civilian suppressor sales and submit a new bill to do just that.

Trump has shown that he’s susceptible to these appeals for “common sense” gun control in the aftermath of a tragedy. Following the Las Vegas shooting, he apparently made the calculation that in order to DO SOMETHING, outlawing bump fire stocks would win him points with his political opponents and the media.

It didn’t. It never does. All that resulted from reclassifying bump stocks as machine guns was to anger an important part of his base; millions of law-abiding gun owners, many of whom didn’t even own a bump stock. They saw it as a step down a dangerous, slippery slope.

Will Trump fall for the same thing again, this time a mere eight months from an election?

Stay tuned.


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  1. Cheetoh’s base have no principles when it comes to the 2nd amendment. NFA items are not on their radar because they’re relatively unpopular. If something is very popular, like a handgun or AR-15, it’s more difficult to ban without angering Bubba who is half paying attention and has Limbaugh as background noise at work. I doubt they’ll ban suppressors but the hearing protection act is double plus dead now. Forever. If he does ban them by Fatwah it won’t affect the election.

    • Sounds like you support the leftist version of ‘flyover’ country. More of you bernie bro’s outing yourselves as the election draws near. Desperation, I suspect.

        • Says the kid that supports white supremacy and a one world government to stop the Muslims and the communists from setting up a one world government where they are the supreme ones.

        • Another clueless poster, you and that gender confused Kriss guy would get along great. Just stay out of the womens bathroom.

        • Do you realize how fundamentally idiotic that statement you just made is? A libertarian is *literally* the exact polar opposite of a communist…

          Put the Kool-Aid down for a sec and switch to water.

        • You are functionally retarded yourself if you think Libertarians are anything remotely close to communists.

      • The fact that you’re frothing at the mouth in a knee-jerk defensive reaction to anyone who dare criticize Trump illustrates the group-think of people who identify with one camp or party instead of the issue at hand.

        I don’t trust Trump as far as I can throw him, having a self-declared (R) next to his name doesn’t make him our liberating messiah and a bulwark of our Constitutionally protected rights.

    • NFA items are most certainly on our radar, even if we don’t happen to own a suppressor, bump stock, or full auto. Why, you ask? Because the ATF likes to re-classify items on a whim, and many of us now have AR “pistols” that are practically identical to SBRs with the exception of the shoulder “brace”. All it would take is for one false flag involving an AR pistol (one assembled from an 80% receiver, at that) to cause an ATF Director to get a bug up his keister and start re-classifying them as NFA items, effectively making retroactive criminals out of anyone who doesn’t comply.

      Slippery slope, indeed.

      • There was already a mass shooting like that. It happened within 24 hours of the El Paso shooting. It was in Dayton, Ohio. There is video of the shooting and the killing of the shooter.

      • The ATF is a dangerous closet commissariat that should be either disassembled and disbanded (and preferably shamed in the process), or made _massively_ more transparent, accountable, and restricted in their jurisdiction.

        I question that we need separate, “special” federal cops just for booze, smokes, and T3h eB1L GuNs.

    • This kind of twaddle from gun-control poseurs is all to typical of what goes on after a shooting. Gun controllers actually love mass shooting because they’re learned that in the moral-panic that often results they can demand, of often succeed at getting, “commonsense gun controls” that they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to attain. They’re particularly bloody-minded about this because, essentially, they’re rather coldly waiting around for the next casualty count so they can use the resulting panic to further their anti-2nd Amendment goals. They’ll never stop at this, not as long as they can scare politicians into “doing something” by making largely symbolic gestures like banning “silencers”. Why do they do this? Because it works. And why does it work? Because most politicians are cynical coward vote-whores who will do anything to stay in office.

    • They are unpopular because they are expensive.

      They are expensive because they are tightly regulated.

      Deregulate and they will be popular.

      A suppressor, under regulation costs on average $600+$200, or about $800 pre-tax/ffl fees, etc. T&M to produce a suppressor is far less than that, street prices should be $100. At that price, they would be popular — very popular. Everyone would have one, and they could enjoy their sport and training w/o the added expense and headache of hearing protection and hearing loss.

      I’ll tell you what is unpopular: unnecessary bureaucratic regulation. Unfortunately, that’s the basis of the liberal party line, and not going away any time soon.

      • I think everybody should be able to have whatever they want gun-related, but I wouldn’t want a silencer/suppressor if they were less expensive and easily available. At least the one and only I’ve seen; friend of mine brought one out to my home range and put it on his .308 and a .223. He was quite enamored of it. When he put it on, the shot was still loud as hell, just higher pitched and annoying, really. That’s with earpro, not a huge difference in volume to my ears. Anybody within earshot was probably “WTF?” Nothing close to the James Bond shit I grew up seeing in movies.
        Obviously, that’s my one and only experience, but a) it looked goofy as hell b) it didn’t significantly reduce the noise and c.) both guns shot differently. As I said, I’m for anybody owning whatever they want, this is just not something I’d personally want, even if it was multitudes better performance-wise than what I experienced. I understand he paid quite a lot of money for it. Waste, IMO, could’ve bought another gun. Guns go bang, I grew up in duck blinds and Lynyrd Skynyrd gave me tinnitus, not shooting.

    • ‘ Cheetoh’s“

      Comedy golad and very original, Stateisevil. You seem way too smart to be a professional comedian. man, you r funny. my sides hurt! lolol! u da best!

  2. Did we ever find out if the first shooting was a mag lite with some freeze plugs in it or a real commercial setup? Same with this shooting. Just kind of curious

    • I saw something about Virginia trying to do an investigation into the crime, but so far they say they don’t have the money to do one. This was predicted. They claim the investigation that was done found no motivation for the crime.

      Under Trump’s FBI and ATF shootings like Virginia Beach and Mandalay Bay get covered up from view of the public.

        • You are living in the past. It’s been years since Trump took over. He hired many new people. It’s now his FBI, DOJ and ATF.

          Are you going ton continue to blame the half black man for all the problems?

        • “You are living in the past. It’s been years since Trump took over. He hired many new people. It’s now his FBI, DOJ and ATF.”

          When was the Las Vegas shooting? Who’s living in the past? There are still plenty of #Resistance folks trying to implement Their agenda.

          “Are you going ton continue to blame the half black man for all the problems?”

          Where did I blame the half white man?

        • Obama is the half black, half white, man I was referring to.

          Do you think the FBI is or was full of Obama’s people? Do you think the FBI is 2020 can’t release the info because they are still under Obama’s control?

          I don’t understand why Republicans believe Obama’s mama (and the family that raised him) being white makes him 100% black. I guess that would be because of white supremacy theory? Yet a lot of white people say they are Native American because they have 2-4% in their DNA test (they also have a few percent African).

        • “I don’t understand why Republicans believe Obama’s mama (and the family that raised him) being white makes him 100% black.”

          It’s so simple, even you should be able to understand it –

          The Black community considers Obama to be Black, one of their own.

          Provide links showing Blacks referring to the 44th President as White.

          I’m waiting, moron… 🙂

        • Under the Jim Crow ‘one drop rule’, even one drop of black ancestry means the individual is considered black by law.

          Barack Obama’s grandfather fought with Pat and in Europe and his grandmother was a Rosie the riveter at a B 29 plant in Topeka.

          And remember when Donald Trump claimed he sent an investigative team to Hawaii to get to the bottom of Obama‘s birth certificate?
          Nobody ever heard back from them, I guess they’re marooned on Gilligans Island… Or Trump was just bullshitting everybody, no way, huh?

          And a persons character is more important than their color.

          “SEATTLE — Federal prosecutors have charged five people tied to a neo-Nazi group with engaging in a campaign to intimidate and harass journalists and others, including a member of President Trump’s cabinet, a university and a church.

          The charges, announced on Wednesday in Virginia and Washington State, are part of a broader recent crackdown by federal law enforcement on violent white supremacists in the United States. Authorities said the individuals were associated with the Atomwaffen Division, a small but violent paramilitary neo-Nazi group.

          In the Virginia case, prosecutors accused John Cameron Denton, 26, whom they described as a former Atomwaffen leader, of harassment through a tactic known as “swatting” — calling the police and falsely describing an imminent threat at a specific location, causing the authorities to respond in force.

          In one instance, prosecutors said, Mr. Denton targeted an investigative journalist at ProPublica because he was angry that the news organization had named him in its reporting on Atomwaffen. In other cases in 2018 and 2019, Mr. Denton and others placed swatting calls that targeted Old Dominion University and Alfred Street Baptist Church, prosecutors said.”

        • “……And remember when Donald Trump claimed he sent an investigative team to Hawaii to get to the bottom of Obama‘s birth certificate?……”

          Only Rosie O’Donnell.

  3. Hopefully the media will be too focused on trying to bring down this administration via the Kung Flu hysteria for this to build to much momentum.

  4. Let’s face it. Trump at best is a fair weather friend to the 2a community. I’m probably still going to vote for him but only because all the dems are 100x worse

    • I’ve never liked Trump. But I like the judges he’s appointing, a damn site better than the ones hillary would have appointed.

        • I have something of a love/hate attitude towards the Buckley Standard. On the one hand, it does make sense especially if the number of candidates is limited and public support is lopsided. But on the other hand, I hate that it often results in at least some diminution of conservative principles and policy. Whenever the pendulum swings back to the right, it seems to stop a bit to the left of where it stopped at the prior swing to the right. Whenever it swings to the left, all the clowns, plus their offspring, come crawling out of the woodwork and push it a bit farther than where it stopped last time for them.

        • Do you find yourself yearning for true conservatives like the Bush family? Someone like W. who wouldn’t be caught dead at the March for Life. Too bad we can’t get another nice, mannerly, Christian warmonger back in office.

        • Hey, trying to eat lunch here…..but fair point, W may have been more RINO than Trump is. Maybe back up another level and call the trend more of a generational one.

        • I yearn for the days of Ronald Reagan, you know he signed a pro abortion bill into law.

          And he raised taxes as well, many times.

          And who isn’t a fan of his illegal shipment of hundreds of millions of dollars of arms to the fundamental ists Muslims in Iran, what could be better, right?

          Yeah there was a true conservative Republican!

        • Reagan also got the country started with no-fault divorce, and he signed the Milford Act after the Black Panthers acted a little too scary.

    • You prefer this guy?

      In 2004, President George W. Bush said, “I did think we ought to extend the assault weapons ban, and was told the fact that the bill was never going to move, because Republicans and Democrats were against the assault weapon ban, people of both parties. I believe law-abiding citizens ought to be able to own a gun. I believe in background checks at gun shows or anywhere to make sure that guns don’t get in the hands of people that shouldn’t have them.”

  5. It isn’t fun to get laid off from work or fired, yet no job is so important that losing it should inspire a rage filled murderous rampage resulting in your death by cop or suicide or imprisonment. So you lost your job? Deal with it, complain to your friends or family a little, blow off some steam, grieve or cry, then get back on your feet and go get a better job. No one owes you a job, be an adult. Maybe it isn’t fair you lost it, or maybe you weren’t exactly the model employee, learn from your mistakes and start over.

    For some reason it seems people today expect everything to be handed to them, and if life doesn’t work out as they demand, they will make everyone pay and take as many people out as they can. You have to really hate yourself and those around you to respond that way. It’s just not worth it to throw lives away “fighting the system” or getting revenge.

    • Rumors say people were being racist towards him then he got fired. He came back after they kicked him out and killed those people.

      You should watch documentaries on the U.S. postal office to see how politicians (Reagan being one of them) ruined the culture between employer and employee.

      Americans used to love working for a company and they respected their boss. They would work at that company until they retired. They were taken care of by the company. Americans can’t imagine such a thing now.

      • You don’t like the company you work for? Find another one. It’s called free choice. Americans used to believe in this too.

        Almost sounds like you were validating the gunmen’s behavior instead of ultimately laying the responsibility on the murderer. Americans uses to believe in personal responsibility too.

      • That was over 50 years ago…. when there were still a few companies with MORALS. That story starts…. ” Half a centuery ago….. in a Galaxy far far away….”. Today it’s a Fairy Tail… Get over it.

    • Did you know the cops Dorner called out as being racist and corrupt went to prison for corruption? After they did interviews for documentaries saying Dorner was a crazy man making stuff up.

      Odd. It’s as if Dorner, a former military man, was actually an oath keeper labeled a terrorist for standing up to corrupt government. He tried to go through the official methods to clean up the police department until they fired him for being a “bad” cop. Then he wrote pages on the situation and sent it out. Finally, he took up the gun and went on a hunt. He literally fought the government until they set the building on fire.

      Republicans continue to label Dorner a black terrorist even after the cops he called out are sitting in a prison cell. All because he dared stand up to the Democrat’s corrupt government via exercising his 1st and 2nd Amendments, motivated by his oath and justice. I see Republicans and cops with Punisher tattoos — I guess a black man like Dorner can’t become the Punisher, he can only be a terrorist or a crazy person.

      • Dorner murdered the daughter of one of those corrupt police officials because she was home instead of her father. Idolize him all you want. It just goes to point to your out of whack moral compass.

        • What did the United States do to all the “Indians”? Did they just kill the bad ones?

          What are Republicans saying about the boogaloo? Have they ever commented on how a treasonous politician’s family may be targeted? Has any Republican shown up at a politician’s house to prove the point that his family and himself are at risk if they go against the people?

          Did you know he targeted the family of his lawyer because he felt his lawyer wasn’t helping him win against the corrupt government and the daughter’s partner was a cop?

          The man wasn’t Jesus. He was a military man looking to go after the enemy. Which is why civil war is a stupid ass idea for Republicans to preach. You don’t know who someone is going to consider the enemy.

        • You need to get with the Republican program, try and keep up.

          Remember when Donald Trump said we need to go after the terrorists’ families? The President of the United States has established the ROE, as he has publicly stated.

          You should be cheering for the black Serpico, after all he was taking out corrupt cops.

          But that won’t happen because he was black, and we all know any black person with a gun is a thug, right?

        • So chief and miner. It’s ok to kill the innocent because it has happened in the past?

          Good to know that you’re typical socialists.

        • @jwm

          I said the civil war that Republicans are preaching to happen, so they can cleanse the U.S. of Democrats, is wrong/stupid because innocent people will die. Their family will die. Civil war is stupid. Fighting your own people is stupid.

          Obama killed the son of a wanted man. Republicans defended the killing of that “terrorist.” Republicans still defend the killing of innocent people as long as it goes after the people they do not like. Look at the bombing of Iran’s general and 9 innocent people. Why kill all those unrelated people to hurt Iran?

          As I explained, Dorner killed the partner [a cop] of the daughter of his lawyer (that he felt wasn’t helping him defeat the corrupt Californian cops/government). The daughter was in the car with the cop, she was also shot dead.

          War will get your family killed. It’s reality. If you don’t like that fact, don’t start a war.

      • As for the ‘oath keeper’ bit. Do you really want to give Private snuffy smith the right to decide what is and isn’t constitutional? Military juntas are not the way to govern.

        • Oh, the irony!

          You and many others preach on this very forum day after day how each individual LEO or soldier must honor their constitutional oath as they see fit. You beg sheriffs and LEOs to ignore the direct orders of their state governors and ‘uphold their oath’, all on their own recognizance.

          Unless it’s a black LEO, then, well, he’s just a terrorist, a thug with a gun.

        • You obviously have never read any of my comments.

          The real irony is that you, the socialist, supports the margeret sanger plan of racial genocide. A very successful genocide at that. No wonder you constantly bring up race. You got a klan hood in your closet?

    • This. People are not going to be worrying about non-issues when there’s a pandemic sweeping the world. It’s not good, but it puts things in perspective.

  6. I’m sure the gun grabbers will latch on to the use of a suppressor to advance their never-ending attempt to chip away at the freedoms of the citizenry. They will latch on to virtually any perceived ‘enhancement’ to the lethality of a firearm to do so. Whether or not they will be successful, I don’t know. As with everything else they do, there will be a lot of disinformation, ignorance and hyperbole on display. They have successfully convinced about half the population that an AR-15 is so extra-deadly that it will explode a deer so, given the quality of that audience, I’m sure they can convince a large number of fools that suppressors turn a normal pistol into a virtual artillery piece. I will admit that there are times that I think the hyperbole and ignorance will win the contest for the hearts and minds of the uninformed but, sometimes an event like this will cause some to actually look into the issue enough to become informed. The honest among them may just end up on our side.

    I have a friend who, prior to about 3 years ago, had never owned a gun, wasn’t part of the ‘gun culture’ and had only fired one as a teen at summer camp – doubtless a worn and abused single shot .22. When the hearing protection act was looking like it had a chance, he was surprised to learn that suppressors were so heavily regulated. He, being an honest and reasonable human, observed that it was stupid to regulate a piece of obvious safety equipment that has no impact on the lethality of firearm and, in fact, makes one less concealable. He started looking into suppressors just out of curiosity and, in his searching, discovered the abomination that is the NFA of ’34 and began to understand that many of us on the freedom side of the gun debate are not crazed lunatics but, rather, people who are tired of arbitrary and capricious laws dictating what we can and cannot own and what role government has in dictating those aspects of our lives. In the end, my friend became so annoyed at the prospect that the government could regulate his ownership of a tube that he ended up buying and learning to handle his first gun, then his second, then third …

    • Who are you trying to kid?

      Obviously silencers offer an immense tactical advantage, that’s why the military uses them.

      And in this office environment, a silencer will keep your next victim from being alerted.

      No one thinks a silencer will turn a pistol into an incredible artillery piece, but only a fool would ignore the tactical advantage a silencer provides, especially in built up areas.

      • And you have clearly watched action movies to pretend to know how suppressors work. Hint, they are not silent.

      • Know what else presents an “immense tactical advantage”? Being the only person in the building with a gun. Now, which do you suppose was the main factor in the Milwaukee case? Oh, and by the way, the “tactical advantage” silencers provide for the military is that, by preventing deafness, they enhance the ability of people to *communicate* during operations involving gunfire. How does the tactical advantage of being able to communicate with others in your unit during a firefight translate to a lone shooter with a group of unarmed victims? Your notion that it prevents others from hearing the shots and thereby makes the shooter more dangerous is nonsensical claptrap and nothing but you parroting what you’ve heard other fools say.

      • A supressor will moderate a gun shot from THE LOUDEST THING YOU’VE HEARD IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE to very, very loud. Hollywood has lied to you.

      • You obviously know NOTHING about suppressors…. or HOW NOISY they really are. By comparison, if I wanted to be stealthy I’d use a crossbow. especially a slower say 270fps model as the “thunk” would be easier to cover with a sneeze or cough. Gunshot with a suppressor still sounds like a gunshot moderately dampened to where you might think it was a little farther away. It’s still an abnormal noise almost anywhere except a heavy machinery space, trucking, forklifts, heavy conveyor belts, etc. Unless you are DEAF you’ll hear it. If you’re armed your response would probably be automatic…. otherwise?? RUN! HIDE! Make it a space big enough to put your head between your knees, so you can kiss your pass goodbye!

  7. Why would he appease the progressives *spit* and turn his back on his base? There is zero upside to a suppressor ban.

    • Because Trump fans will vote for him anyway. They will never vote for a Republican running as a Democrat. They would rather vote for a Democrat running as a Republican. Therefore, Trump can shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue yet not lose votes from his fans.

      Republicans have no where to go. They will get gun control. For instance, Virginia Republicans are planning to water down bills for them to pass so they can retain their seats and claim victory against the Democrats. VCDL is starting to lean towards the NRA’s strategy of “compromise” and Republicans have relaxed after postponing 1 out of the 8 bills.

      There will be gun control with help from the Republicans. There is no stopping it. Gun control will eventually pass. Gun confiscation without due process has been normalized under Trump; arbitrary redefining of parts and weapons has been normalized too. All because the Republicans have no principles, are cowards, very selfish and clearly dumb.

      When Republicans do what Democrats want the country has unofficially become a one party nation. Especially when Republicans believe small voluntary governance is out of control anarchy/chaos where bad people control everything via guns/violence.

    • Banning bumpstocks didn’t either but hey if Trump “feels” like something might get him ahead he will. Yes all you clueless gun owners on this website, Trump will change the law as he sees fit and throw your ass in jail. How exactly is he better than the Democrats?

      • Blasphemy, how Dare you say anything negative about Our commander in chief. Your one of them aren’t you. That’s all fine and dandy, just don’t expect to find any firearms in Your jail cell. Ha ha loser

  8. Silencer’s(the correct term)ain’t legal in ILLinois and likely will never be now. The corona depression is coming and “may” derail Donnies’s 2nd term. STOCK UP. And quit buying all that Chinese chit!

    • Only if Trump is stupid enough to allow the election to go forward. Since he doesn’t have an opponent that can legitimately hold public office, there’s no point in having an election this year. If the DNC candidate is an avowed traitor, they have no place to complain

      • You should be strung up. There is nothing more traitorous than trying to install a dictator in this country.

      • “Only if Trump is stupid enough to allow the election to go forward.“

        Oh yes, by all means, I’m sure you are completely in favor of suspending elections and instituting martial law so the undesirables can be rounded up into the camps or summarily executed.

        Ivan, you have outdone yourself this time.

        Why don’t you just go ahead and wipe your ass with the constitution, I’m sure you would enjoy it and you daddy Putin would laugh with glee.

        Friends, there you have it, and for Public display.

        • What makes him any different than you? You’ve openly supported the ongoing genocide ala abortion in this country and you have in just this thread supported murdering the innocent because its happened in the past.

          Socialism is soaked in blood and you are enjoying it.

    • It might be good that something like this happened so people will realize how vulnerable we are from outsourcing manufacturing. Bring it back, not just for jobs, but for strategic reasons. When the SHTF, you can’t depend on anyone but yourself.

    • How are we going to post on the internet without Chinese made products?

      The economy of the U.S. would not go down if it weren’t tied to China. The Asians can destroy the American economy if they choose to. If China doesn’t mind returning to a full on communist nation to do so, which they still have the structure and law to enforce that.

      • “The Asians can destroy the American economy if they choose to.”

        Can I some of what you’re smoking please? We don’t need China. That’s a lie propagated by the greedy “free trade” executives that have become super wealthy by exporting American jobs to unregulated sweat shops in Asia. Then they virtue signal here about workers rights and environmental regulations, and people like you eat it up.

        • While sitting in your room point to all the things that were produced or designed by Asians. Then point to all the things that were produced, not designed, produced in a U.S. factory.

          It’s well known that the U.S. is a service economy not a manufacturing economy. Some of the biggest factories in America are not even American owned and are only there because of laws… Hence Trump’s attempts to “fix” the economy via dumbass tariffs.

        • I said we exported American jobs to Asia. I didn’t say we produce everything here. I’m saying we should produce more here, and we easily could. I don’t care about cheap Chinese junk, overpriced clothes, or the latest iphone. It would be worth paying a little more for American products. Pushing us to be reliant on the emerging ambitious world super power that is China is strategically stupid. Like I said, the dims want to export jobs to countries that have little to no regs, then preach to us about worker rights and enviro regs. It’s pure hypocrisy.

        • The democratic party have become shills for the rich corporate elite that benefit from exporting American jobs.

        • You should check out the NPR story just aired, china provides 90% of the feedstock chemicals to the pharmaceutical industry.

          Any of you old farts take prescription drugs for health issues?

        • “china provides 90% of the feedstock chemicals to the pharmaceutical industry.”

          Are you cool with that? Doesn’t that seem like a bad idea?

        • Can I some of what you’re smoking please? We don’t need China.

          97 percent of all antibiotics in the United States come from China.
          The Food and Drug Administration estimates that at least 80 percent of the active ingredients found in ALL of America’s medicines come from abroad – primarily China.
          China is the world’s largest producer of rare earth metals and accounts for about 70% of global production.
          Nearly all of the LED lights that the US imports come from China,
          China is the second largest US supplier of athletic shoes.
          China is the US’s only supplier of consumer fireworks.
          China owns Smithfield Foods, the largest pork producer in the world, two grain elevators to feed their stock and 141,000 acres in Missouri to support Smithfield.
          Car parts, battery powered tools (drills, drivers, saws etc.),
          Figure it out, we’ve been exporting our jobs to China for years to take advantage of their cheap labor and slowly but surely we have become more and more dependent economically on a country that basically wants to own us…
          We don’t NEED China? Why do you think the Market lost over 10% of it’s value this week? Concerns over supply chain disruption from the largest supplier of raw materials and finished products necessary in day to day life in the U.S. have caused unrest among investors and set of huge selloffs controlled mostly by computers built with Chinese parts and rare earth minerals…

        • Whatever China does, it is because we allow it. Their population is closing in on 5X ours, yet our GDP eclipses theirs, most likely will for 20-30 more years.

  9. Lets Outlaw the Democrat party from politics, hang them for sedition, and or treason if warranted by a secret court! best way I know would be not too vote for a Democrat ever

    • If it becomes legal to remove one party it will be legal for us Whites to remove both. The older conservatives are the ones who chose wealth over Liberty. A cop asking about a permit is exactly who the Founders intended force to be used upon, and conservatives have made it to where a cop can murder us Citizens because we are armed. The greatest tragedy of nam, was the generations afterwards were indoctrinated to belive that saying yes to a corrupt government was honorable, when in fact it takes honor to say no to corruption. Those previous generations had no problem sacricing Liberty for false government security. Gun free zones are because of violent minority communities the Whites fled from. The assault weapons ban and nics are also products of the boomers.

        • 2 racists hoping for the deaths of their parents and grandparents. In for a penny and chief censor. What a pair of bernie bro”s.

        • ” Maybe COVID19 was meant to take out all the boomers? ”

          Actually, the boomers are probably in a better survival position than everyone else. They’ve got one big advantage: Medicare.

          I’m seeing some projections that 50% of the population could get hit. If that happens, or even if it’s just 25%, medical facilities will be pushed to the limit. Since Wall Street would never pass up an opportunity to profit from a disaster, and the boomers are pretty much covered with at least some insurance, likely they’ll be given preference when it comes to rationing scarce medical resources. The uninsured or under-insured will be given second-class, or no, service. Such is the logic of a for-profit healthcare system.

          The real shit happens when it’s all over. Huge portions of the population are already on the edge financially. Between consumer debt and student debt there are millions who can’t even raise $400 for an unexpected event. If the corona virus ends up being as widespread as the predictions, a lot of people — younger, primarily — are going to be pushed over the edge into bankruptcy, or, like in the sub-prime mortgage meltdown, they’ll just say screw it and walk away from the debt. Either way, the financial, social and political ramifications could be enormous.

          Or the whole thing could just fizzle out and we all go back to life as we’ve always known it. Time will tell.

    • Why is it that you are so goddamn scared that your side isn’t going to win an election?

      I don’t like any of the dem candidates but I’d take them over your totalitarianism any day.

    • Secret courts?

      Honestly, you Russian assets are beyond hilarious. I realize that the fascist tactics you are suggesting are commonplace in your home country, but here in America you will be met with much resistance if you try to implement Stalin’s control measures.

      No kidding, the Russians have infiltrated the American gun community. It’s not just the NRA, apparently this place is infested with them!

      • Look at you go. Post under an unknown name a comment that sets you up to answer. And you use the favorite tactics of the socialist, secret courts and no due process, to try to besmirch the law abiding gun owners of America.

        bloomberg or putin paying you? Or both?

        • I regret that no one is paying me to post here or anywhere for that matter.

          And I’ve never posted under this form under any other handle but the one you see here.

          Except no substitutes! Remember, only the real thing can bring satisfaction, just ask your wife. Thank you very much.

    • Wholly gee willikers TD, I never thought of it that way! As in, what the fuck is your point? That was a partial thought at best, a drive by deposit of nothing.

      • His point is that for all the bloviating on this page Donald freakin’ Trump has instituted more gun control than Obama. Get the point yet?

    • Because no incident with those devices occurred at that time. If one did there would have been a presidential order.

    • Obama was much too busy loading up pallets of cash to fund terrorists, and getting with Holder to run crates of guns to the Mex drug cartels to be bothered with gun laws.
      He had next level “destroy the US” sh!t he was working.

  10. “Crime involving the devices is relatively rare, according to an often-cited study that said about 150 cases involving silencers were prosecuted in federal court from 1995 to 2004.”

    I’ve seen this quoted in multiple places, yet none link to this study, and I can’t find it. I’d be more than willing to bet that the vast majority if these crimes were simply for having an unregistered one, or having one during the commission of another crime, not actually using one.

    • They almost certainly also include when the FBI\ATF sells someone a silencer in an undercover investigation and then arrests them (example: Samy Mohamed Hamzeh)

    • Anyone know for sure if the silencer used in the Virginia shooting was a legally purchased one?

      Will anyone reliably report whether the silencer used in this Milwaukee shooting was a registered silencer?

      Unless they were both registered, what will an additional law do?

  11. Fortunately, I don’t think we are going to see any legislation on suppressors. The COVID-19 mess and the market correction it caused is grabbing all the attention, and with the Democrats in Congress trying to keep their heads down and survive the Bernpocalypse they will duck it until long after it’s stale.

  12. Thing is, I absolutely, positively DO NOT trust the media in the slightest. I’m not saying this is some kind false flag event, but I want to see actual, irrefutable proof that a suppressor was actually used in this attack, instead of tweets from a bunch of people with an agenda to push.
    For all I know, there was no suppressor used, but the media took inaccurate first reports and ran with them in an attempt to wave a bloody shirt and drum up outrage over NFA items.

      • Smart people use two handguns over one rifle. You can only shoot 1 person at a time with 1 rifle. Two handguns are easily concealable (even with a suppressor attached) and allows for shooting in different directions at the same time. Extended mags can give you more ammo than the standard mag of a rifle and more reliability than a drum for a rifle. There is no requirement for a rifle when targets are unarmored and confined in a room.

        The man was a black American, 51 years old, long time employee, who was fired. Rumor for his motivation was people being racist and his firing. Very similar to the Virginia Beach shooting, almost the exact same scenario.

        The Virginia Beach shooting was done by a former military man after he resigned from his government job. There was claims of misconduct and behavior that lead him to attack the government he worked for.

        This Milwaukee shooting looks to be a copycat…

        • Thanks for the info but I can’t tell if that first paragraph is some sort of parody looking for a reaction.

        • It’s obvious that chief censor knows next to nothing about guns. Except what he’s seen in a hollywood action movie.

        • ” allows for shooting in different directions at the same time ”

          Works OK if you’re just spraying lead all over the place, but I find it really hard to focus on two sights at the same time.

          Makes for some pretty spectacular movie footage, though.

        • @UpInArms

          When your targets are cowering together in a room you don’t need sights. Watch the Christchurch shooting footage. Two groups, stuck in two different corners, in one room.

          By the way, to shoot well you don’t focus on your sights, you focus on the target. It’s much harder to hit a moving target if you are attempting to line up the sights while the target is blurry, hence why red dots took over. In low light it’s very hard to see the sights. If you want precision use your sights, if you got the time to do so.

          Focus on your target, draw, bring the gun up to your dominate eye, use your peripheral vision to adjust sight alignment, fire.

          People whom hard focus on their handgun sights have a hard time using red dots on handguns, but are fine using them on rifles. Why? I already explained. People that continue to shoot as they were taught many years ago end up searching for the dot.

          You will hear many cops say during a shooting they don’t remember ever using their sights. It takes too long to line stuff up and the target isn’t a piece of cardboard stuck in place.

          Grab your handgun, hang a ball on a string, push the ball, attempt to follow the ball while lining up the sights. Let’s see how good/fast you are at tracking moving targets while focusing on your sights.

          Afterwards, pretend your dominate eye is firing out a laser. Lock on to the ball with that “laser.” Bring the gun up to that “laser beam” and move it as necessary. You might have to move your head and/or body because your eyes can only move so far.

          As long as I can see my target, I can do a pretty good job at hitting it without using the sights. At least when it’s up close, like in a room. It’s like throwing a punch or a ball.

      • Even if he just used the suppressed gun it’s not like people aren’t going to call the police. Some dude is shooting people. Okay, so it’s 120db instead of 140. Not gonna make a difference.

  13. Rahm Emanuel” You Never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that. It’s an opportunity to do things. You think you could not do before.” This mantra is/has been in the political playbook for as long as there have been politicians. Emanuel was just the first one to openly admit it. It was around this time that Liberal Democrats openly began showing who they truly were. They had become emboldened by the election of BHO an Alinsky believer. And the movement was strong within them. The Alinskyits of the radical left felt that Now was the time to move forward with what they had learned from Saul Alinsky’s teachings i.e.( Rules for Radicals). This also about the same time the propaganda wing of the Radical Left began to openly show their True faces.(Main Stream Media). Everything you are now seeing from the Liberal Socialist Democrats is a direct reflection of the teachings of Alinsky. We are witnessing the culmination of decades of indoctrination in Our Education System. Culminating in an All Out Assault on Democracy and Freedom in OUR Nation. From the “Old Guard” Bernie Sanders and Saul Alinsky. To the new acolytes “The Squad” AOC, Llhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib. Make No mistake what We are seeing is a War. A battle for the very Soul of a Nation. The outcome of which is not guaranteed for either side. What is decided in the coming months. Will not only define the Forthcoming direction of OUR nation. It will Write the History of OUR Nation. In War the victor gets to not only write the history. It gets to rewrite the History. Much of which the Left is already doing. The greatest question many may have to answer in the coming months/years. Is not Who will You vote for but, what are You willing to Die For. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Actually, this is ancient Chinese wisdom.

      The Chinese character for crisis is made up of two characters, danger plus opportunity.

      It’s not some dark Machiavellian manipulation, it’s just a practical acceptance that when the situation becomes chaotic, we have an opportunity to develop a new system that can mitigate the faults of the previous system.

      Those ancient Chinese folks were pretty clever, I’ve always understood that the character for trouble was a house symbol with two women in it.

  14. They should ban them!

    No question that all the criminals will stop using them once they’re illegal.

    That is how crime works afterall.

    (If I have to actually say *sarc, for this, then you need to see a psychologist.)

  15. Let’s find out the brand of shoes worn by the murderer, and ban them too. You can’t go too far in trying to inconvenience criminals.

  16. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you must, but a few years back when the big push for the Hearing Protection Act was all the rage, and we were all extolling the angelic virtues of the people who were following the “legal” process of obtaining NFA items, and showing history where the only people who had broken the law with NFA items were law enforcement personnel who were considered exempt from the rules in the first place, I told my brain-trust buddies that we would see a rise of nutjob shooters using suppressors that would shut down efforts to deregulate them.

    And here we are.

    • No need to invoke a conspiracy. The Republican-led legislature didn’t feel sufficiently motivated to pass it, and the Republican President didn’t use any of his awesome deal-making skills to make it happen.

      Why exert themselves actually supporting gun rights when they know voters will keep reelecting them for merely being nowhere near as bad as whatever Democrat they’re running against?

  17. Most people as well as most politicians, believe the TV version that a silencer makes only a whisper of a sound. The reality is much different.

    In reality, most civilian-accessible firearms emit sounds ranging from 140-175 decibels. Silencers only marginally suppress a gun blast, bringing the levels down to around 120-150dB. Most of the time, the sound is still very obviously identifiable as a gun shot.

    What can be compared to the decibel level?
    “ 110 dB car horn
    110 -120 dB rock concert
    112 dB CD player on high
    117 dB football game (stadium)
    130 dB jackhammer, power drill
    140 dB airplane taking off
    150 dB firecracker
    157 dB balloon pop
    162 dB fireworks (at 3 feet)
    163 dB rifle
    166 dB handgun
    170 dB shotgun”

    Which means firing a gun with a suppressor is the same as being at a rock concert or being next to a jackhammer.

    • Don’t leave out the environment in which a gun’s report is measured, instead of simply measuring the report from the muzzle. A shotgun fired within an indoor hallway will be perceived as much louder (with possible hearing damage), while the same gun fired in an outdoor field with snow on the ground will be perceived as quieter, and more tolerable. Acoustics play a large part.

      For example, when I spot a raccoon in my yard (those things are terribly destructive) and need to dispatch it with a .22LR, I always make certain to position myself within a certain area of my grassy yard, away from the side of the house. If I take the shot from my porch, the report makes a loud pop that makes my ears ring and might alert the neighbors. But if I take the shot from the yard, it’s much quieter.

  18. Has it been established that the suppressor used in Virginia was a legally registered one? Will we find out if the suppressor used in the Milwaukee shooting was a legal one?

    Who am I kidding. The politicians won’t care whether they were illegal or legal suppressors.

  19. Any recommendations on a can that can work for .17 through 9mm? Without breaking the bank?

  20. As I have set on this blog many times, all workarounds of the NFA are doomed.
    Binary triggers, A.R. and AK pistols are all going to go the way the bump stock.
    Looks like silencers may be on that list as well.
    It was a very bad precedent that President Trump set when he banned bump stocks by executive Fiat.
    Eventually there will be a Democratic president in the future, he/she will do the same thing to all of the other NFA workarounds.

    • Prior to DOJ/BATFE regulation (ban) of bump stocks in March 2019, 14 states and several cities and towns had already passed laws banning them… The ban was NOT done by executive FIAT or FATWAH or even an Executive Order….. It was done by regulation set by the DOJ.. You can continue with your “Orange man bad” crap, but you will need to find another lane, Trump has NOT signed any Executive orders concerning guns EXCEPT the ones that RESCINDED Obamas anti-gun Executive Orders.
      Feb. 21, 2018: During the listening session with Parkland teachers and students Trump suggested arming teachers with guns.
      March 12, 2018: Trump called for all states to adopt Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs), also known as “red-flag laws” which allow law enforcement, with “APPROVAL FROM A COURT”, to remove firearms from individuals who are a demonstrated threat to themselves or others and temporarily to prevent individuals from purchasing new firearms.
      On March 23, 2018, the Department of Justice announced a plan to change the regulatory status of bump stocks. The proposed change would reclassify bump stocks as “machineguns” and effectively ban the devices in the United States under existing federal law. A notice of proposed rulemaking was issued by the ATF on March 29, 2018, and opened for public comments. Slightly more than 119,000 comments were submitted in support of the proposed rule, while slightly more than 66,000 comments expressed opposition to it. On December 18, 2018, the final regulation to ban bump stocks was issued by the Department of Justice and published in the Federal Register on December 26. The final rule states that “bump-stock-type devices” are covered by the Gun Control Act, as amended, which with limited exceptions, makes it unlawful for any person to transfer or possess a machine-gun unless it was lawfully possessed prior to 1986. Since the bump-stock-type devices covered by this final rule were not in existence prior to 1986, they would be prohibited when the rule becomes effective. The ban went into effect on March 26, 2019, by which time owners of bump stocks were required to destroy them or surrender them to ATF, punishable by 10 years imprisonment and $250,000 fine.
      Dec. 18, 2018: President Donald Trump’s federal commission on school safety released a report suggesting that schools consider arming themselves
      Feb. 26, 2019: Two days before the House passed sweeping gun legislation that would require universal background checks for most gun purchases or transfers, Trump threatened a presidential veto on the legislation if it passed Congress.

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