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I swear I wouldn’t have run this video save the interspersion of zombie movies. What’s missing here: a clip from Live and Let Die. According to the hive mind at wikipedia, “Writer Louise Welsh observed that ‘Live and Let Die [the novel] taps into the paranoia that some sectors of white society were feeling’ as the civil rights movements challenged prejudice and inequality.” Wait. Does that mean zombie hunters are subconsciously racist? INSERT UNDEAD CIVIL RIGHTS JOKE HERE.

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  1. Of course zombie hunters are racist. After all, zombies are people, too. Or were. So let’s be fair to zombies. For example, after six months or a year of not eating people, we should restore their gun rights.

    • Ok so really this is a 14th amendment issue then, or is it, I mean how you define a zombie, or a person for that matter?
      I know I kinda look like a zombie before coffee and a cigarette in the morning!

  2. This zombie crap has had me throwing up in my mouth a little bit since before the SHOT Show. Make it stop, make it stop!

  3. Am I the only one who had other ideas – than shooting the mostly-obscured zombie barely onscreen, that is – about 1:01 to 1:03?

    Anyway, I’m one of the folks looking forward to the zombocalypse and I still find this stuff beyond stupid. Anybody who actually buys this thing needs to be among the first to go during Z-Day.

  4. “Once and for all, I’d like to put to rest the myth that Zombies are deceased New Age Progressive Secularist Libtards, all dressed up with nowhere else to go…
    but I can’t.”

    “Since it’s impolite to go about checking Libtards for a pulse, I’m uncertain as to whether or not I’ve ever actually come into personal contact with an authentic Zombie.
    I have however, heard enough recorded speeches, watched enough television and read enough written opinions to have strong suspicions about who some of their closest living relatives are.”

    “Contrary to popular belief, there’s no truth in the rumors that the only good Zombie is a dead one, or that all Zombies are merely just wandering around aimlessly when they’re not eating people. Some, having been thoroughly convinced of its existence in their former life, are unknowingly engaged in attempting to find any street that’s still flooded with ASSAULT WEAPONS.”

  5. Zombies have rights TOO! I am sooooooooooo tired of people dissing these poor souls. My ex-wife was/is a zombie. I admit she still walks like a normal person, but make no mistake she is a zombie! Right now I am in the process of getting a conference together, it is titled; Zombies, they’er just not for horror films. I know many zombies that lead useful lives right here in Las Vegas.

    These undead are lawyers, politicians, and govt. workers. Many have taken positions as teachers, and community leaders. You may not believe this, but I have it on good authority, that many of those that currently serve in DC (and that doesn’t stand for Dell Comics) are zombies.

    We find them in many aspects of life. Just go to your local DMV sometime. You will find that at least 99.9999999 of those that work there are zombies. They need at least one live person to supervise. In watching the film I became very interested in the zombie box, with it’s tongue in groove rubber seal. I am a little disappointed that it didn’t mention a price.

    So lets give the zombie it’s just due’s. Stinky Pinky Reid NV. Senator is working very hard on legislation to make us accept zombies for what they are. Zombies are not like vampires! No they have been maligned for far to long. As a realtor here in the Las Vegas area, I deal with zombies much of the time. They want to invest in homes in order to make money. They come from areas such as China, the Phillipines, and even Europe.

    The V.A. here hires many zombies and have attained positions of some importance, within that system. They answer the phones, with a snide attitude just like a real person can do it. The last time I was in the V.A. They showed a great deal of concern over a vet that was in some distress. I just didn’t care for them ripping off his arm, and then gnawing on it in the lobby.

  6. Lets call it like it is, they are not “Zombies” or “Undead”, those are hurtful epithets that set the Living-Impaired rights movement back to the barbaric days of Romero!

  7. I can’t stand all of these companies taking advantage of this zombie rot just to make a cheap buck. I would never do that. I just do this: [url][/url] to help the innocent population prepare to survive the event.

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