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Like many police chiefs with large pensions to protect, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn is a bit of a Chicken Little. According to a, Ed reckons his officers have never had it so bad. “We have a new generation of offenders who are less socialized and have access to high-quality, high-capacity firearms that they are not reluctant to use.” Less generally speaking, let’s look at those tricky little things called facts. Checking in at, it seems Wisconsin’s violent crime stats have plateaued since they topped 10,000 incidents per year in 1986. Murders have dropped a bit recently to 144 p.a.—the lowest it’s been since 1988. Not bad for a state with 5.6 million residents, some of which are social misfits with great guns. Anyway . . .

Ed’s back from a junket to D.C. where he was told to get his officers to wear the body armor that Uncle Sam paid for, thank you very much. To celebrate his return, Ed went a little nuts in the quote generation department.

Right now in Wisconsin we’ve got the worst of all worlds. We’ve got open carry. And I’ve seen people literally mugged for their guns. And we have a misdemeanor offense for being caught with a concealed weapon illegally. That’s just dumb. Right now our bad guys are carrying guns with impunity. Until they are as afraid of getting locked up as they are of running into someone with a gun we’re going to keep losing young men to the streets.

Aside from that unsubstantiated remark about Open Carry muggings, whose responsibility is it to change the “normative thought processes of our felon class” [from video above] anyway? Unless Ed’s officers are being knee-capped in the courts, there’s only one person to blame for that particular state of affairs.

Oh, and since Open Carry seems to be such a problem for the safety of law-abiding citizens of Wisconsin, why doesn’t Ed support concealed carry? Then again, this is the same Ed Flynn who admitted to having an affair with reporter Jessica McBride. So he’s no stranger to saying one thing to one person and another to another.

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  1. He contradicted himself as well… In one sentence he said that bad guys are mugging open carriers for their guns, but then says that bad guys are scared of running into someone with a gun……… ???

  2. The solution to these problems is clearly the immediate establishment of federally funded midnight basketball leagues. Until midnight basketball is available to everyone, no one will be safe.

  3. After fast Eddie’s finished getting those basketball leagues set up, maybe he can explain how someone mugs someone else for their gun. Does the mugger approach the gun carrier with a knife? Wouldn’t that be kinda like bringing a knife to a gunfight?

    Or are the muggers already carrying guns, thus pulling a gun on a gun carrier? Wouldn’t that tend to result in a kinetic response? I don’t have access to the city’s crime stats, but exactly how many of these mugging-initiated gunfights have broken out in the beer- and cheese-stained streets of Milwaukee (which, in case you hadn’t heard, is Algonquin for “the good land”)?

  4. If he, as a police officer, has “seen people literally mugged for their guns,” why has he not intervened and stopped the mugging?

    [Yes, I’m deliberately misunderstanding him.]

      • He believes, in his case, open carry made him a target and he will no longer do it.

        He said his case proves gun owners should have the right to carry concealed weapons.

        How does openly carrying a gun make you a target for a mugging. I, of course, believe he should have the right to carry concealed, but how would concealing the gun make you any less a target?

    • No name, no details, speculation as to the motive for the alleged robbery, snopes would call this bullshit.

      Assuming this moke actually exists and this event actually occurred, he clearly forgot that the first line of defense is situational awareness.

  5. Most people who open carry would have no problem blowing away any scumbag who screws with them. Only a moron would attempt to rob someone openly carrying a gun.

  6. Re-reading the article, the guy says he has been victimized before. The perpetrator probably picked up on the fact that he was easy prey. They don’t fear the gun, they fear the person who is confident and willing to use it if pressed. Reference the Grayson/Stein Body Language studies from around 1981.

    On the other hand, today at the QT, I was OCing in line behind another guy OCing. He was evidently very confident in the retention capabilities of his Blackhawk SERPA.

  7. I think we might concede that one guy was mugged for his gun. I think we can also guess that 500 people were mugged for their money and had no gun with which to defend themselves. And based on the video, I think we can also state with absolute certainty that Officer Krupke — oops, Ed Flynn — has the IQ of a sea turtle, which is kinda high for a Milwaukee politician.

  8. The above incident Sebastian cited is the only substantiated incident that I am aware of. On the forum we found that this guy habitually walked through a very bad part of town every day. Many questioned his situational awareness, but maybe there was nothing he could have done. Every year armed security guards and cops are successfully targeted for their guns and other toys, would chief Flynn recommend his officers give up their weapons and/or carry concealed?

  9. All I heard from his talking is he plans lots meetings about helping out poor underprivledge African-American community members, which comes off as racist. Why do you have to divide people into groups, and help some groups more than others? Is it because it makes you feel less guilty?

    A simple solution, which he somewhat stated, allow the community to carry guns openly or concealed without any license. It won’t hurt his statistics because if you’re caught with a controlled or illegal substance, or being a convicted felon, it’s already illegal. Having ordinary law-abiding citizens being able to carry any day they so choose would put the fear of God into the criminals on the street and makes the criminal think twice and ask the question, “Do I really want to rob this person?” Any good police officer knows this.

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