Why I’m Selling My “Baby Glock” Glock 26


  1. avatar Robert Farago says:

    Please explain your reasoning. Enquiring minds want to know!

  2. avatar allen says:

    I’m a little confused Mr. Farago, didn’t you research and find that the grip was small before you purchased this handgun? By the way you can get a grip extension for bigger hands, that way you poor little fingers don’t get pinched, lol. Really, it makes sense that you don’t want your hand to hurt, because in a life and death situation, you want everything super smooth. Therefore, you should have researched a just a little more, and realized you don’t have to buy a 15 round magazine, only a nice little grip extension, for literally $25 bucks.
    You mentioned you’d purchase a “bigger gun” instead of the baby glock, well doesn’t that sort of negate the whole reasoning behind purchasing a smaller gun? I.e. baby glocks are for concealment, or a backup gun. I think maybe you should have purchased a Glock 19, since it really doesn’t seem like you bought the 26 to conceal, but keep around the home. This video should be titled Hasty Generalization of the G26, not-Why I’m selling my baby glock: boo! Come on sir, we all expect a little more on an online gun review from the TRUTH about guns. Thank you sir!

  3. avatar K says:

    Come on man are you that stupid . 12 round glock mags or magpul . Oh ya buying the right mag extension would help too ! Ranting needlessly about selling my baby glock just goes to show you , you can’t fix stupid

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