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To ask the questions is to answer them.

Frankly, I don’t believe most mainstream Democrats who own guns have given them up. However, publicly, I do think many have bought into the “common sense gun laws” fraud. But, again, why is a supposedly civil-liberties-supporting liberal party endorsing the abridging of an important civil right? A right enumerated in the Bill of Rights as valid as the right to free speech and religion.

Why are gun rights no longer seen as also a liberal issue except for a very few sane liberals? For example, the Liberal Gun Club understands the importance of the Second Amendment. Shouldn’t self-defense and firearms be viewed like travel and cars? You can defend yourself without a gun, but other means are not nearly as effective, especially against an armed assailant. Just as you can travel without a motor vehicle, but it’s normally much more efficient than walking.

Don’t people on the left want the right to effectively protect themselves and their loved ones? I understand the left’s obsession with wrangling votes by giving away free stuff. But where in this agenda does gun control fit with a truly liberal agenda? They’re not giving you anything; they’re only taking something away—your rights.

If the left truly cared about people, wouldn’t they want folks, often minorities who live in dangerous neighborhoods, to have the means to protect themselves? Many post-Civil War Democrats worked hard to keep black Americans unarmed. Have Democrats returned to their racist roots, abandoned their commitment to civil rights for all? It seems the true liberal Democrats are gone—or have been silenced by the neo-leftist bullies. The anti-gun, anti-free speech leftist radicals have taken over the Democratic Party. So, why is gun control instead of gun rights a leftist issue? Power. And what does power give them? Control.

– Steve Pomper in Why Have Civil Liberties-Loving Liberals Become Anti-Gun and Anti-Free Speech?

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  1. The liberal movement was co-opted ages ago by the left (communists) and guns were deemed “bad” because they represent the common person’s only way to resist government excess. Its all about control.

    • The only thing I would add to Ragnarredbeard’s post is the Marxist left in order to impose their will has to remove arms from the hands of “We The People”.

      • Why?

        Weak minds, unable to think for themselves, coupled with group think.

        Even their own “leaders” call them (useful) idiots.

        Watch any protester interview;

        Trump is bad!

        Why do you say that? Can you give any examples..?


        • We are a Republic 1st but they do not want or don’t know the importance of an individual Right. The SCOTUS already determined it is a self-responsibility to protect oneself, not law enforcement from harm’s way. The lawmakers who worship evil, try to moot the Bill of Rights as far as saying on CNN’s Chris Cuomo saying Man makes laws, not God. Ignoring the Preamble We The People and the Federalist papers and penned letters and their biographies of our Founding Fathers wisdom. The KKK Slaovrat party are a hidden breed from hell who deny their past and The Party of a True Racist Andrew Jackson the father of the Indian removal act now want us to Pay retrobution to the slave they created and gave Share cropping land to Negro Slave owners on U.S Soil for the owner to rule.for them over the blacks in America.

    • You are correct. I was a JFK Classic Liberal. The difference between Progressive and Liberal is Progressives are Marxist. Many confuse the terms.

      The Democrat Party may well be called the Communist Party of America. They call it Socialism. Lennon said the end goal of socialism is communism. The Republican party has it’s share of Socialist.

      • Thanks key pad. Lenin not Lennon. Maybe the key pad knew best, John Lennon (Beatles) was a Marxist.

        • Ten years ago JFK would have been a Republican…

          …Today JFK would be a Conservative Republican…

        • Interesting quotes from one of his sons last month, on his latter-day politics. He was, as reported, a tad disillusioned with the progressives. Yoko was reached for comment:

          “Oooooogeh, Ah, Ah, Ah Ah, Uk, mmmmmmmmmDghoreh, Aye, Aye, Aye.”

    • More like the Progressive movement –associated with European revolutionary Socialism/Communism since it’s earliest days– co-opted the term ‘liberal’ in order to court American poor/working class/immigrant demographics that already had it better under our system than anywhere else on Earth, including France. This would be the late 1800s. Before that you had early rumblings of populism among the industrial labor class, but nothing like a rejection the core American philosophy that arose with the big progressive labor unions. Sounds familiar? It’s because we’re in a similar scenario today, as the left transitions back from the slow, plodding socialism it was forced to pursue after FDR’s overreach, to the rapid revolutionary approach since they feel they have slipped the bonds of our republican system.

      • I think we may have a similar reading list. Did you ever get to how Russian communists courted the talented tenth in the late 19th through the 20th centuries?

      • EXACTLY. The American left, our so-called liberals, are the direct heirs of the progressive movement that flourished in the late 19th and early 20th century — a movement that had far more in common with communists and Nazis than it ever did with the liberal ideas of America’s founders.

        Today’s liberal left hasn’t “evolved to oppose gun rights in America.” It hasn’t evolved at all, as that has always been part of the progressive project.

        And “liberal left” is an oxymoron. The left is NOT liberal and never has been. Any liberal credit it gets is the product of decades of aggressive propaganda. It is a regressive cult that clings to a previous century’s attempts at repression and central control.

      • Yep. Well said, and thank you. Having once closely identified with the hard left, it’s been interesting to watch how they’ve so successfully moved what passes as a “political center” leftward. Now everyday Democrats are happily embracing centralized social and economic planning as a “new normal”.

        • Hell, Republicans basically have central planning as a centerpiece of their platform, now. “Limited government” is nothing but a memory from here on out.

        • We are basically a 2 party dictatorship, there really isn’t much difference between the democrats and republicans.

    • My take on this, sirs/madames, is that the Democrats know that communism is an
      unpopular and unpleasant name or title for them. So they think they can disguise it
      with their “socialist ” behavior that they’re displaying in California and New York. However, their agenda of complete power, control, and dependency on them as a government is no more than that…. Communism. A bit paranoid or conspiracy theorist if
      you will but non the less. Those are my thoughts/opinions of these crazy assed liberals.
      Thanks for listening. God Bless America.

    • Norman Thomas, the six-time Socialist Party candidate for U.S. President, stated way back in 1944, “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened…. I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

      • From

        “we contacted the New York Public Library, which has a collection of Thomas’ writings that fills the equivalent of 193 boxes.

        Thomas G. Lannon, assistant director for manuscripts, archives and rare books wrote to say that among the transcripts from radio broadcasts and stump speeches from 1944, the quote in the Facebook meme “cannot be found. In fact, there are many speeches in which Norman Thomas suggests people should vote Socialist up until election day, Nov 7, 1944. Many if not all of his speeches before the November election in 1944 were opposed to the two party system. The idea that Norman Thomas would have said the Democratic Party had adopted the Socialist Party platform runs counter to all the text of speeches that still exist from those Thomas delivered in 1944.”

        Until someone — anyone — can offer evidence that the quote came from Thomas, we rate this post False.”

    • As to how best to combat all of this anti-gun sentiment by the left;

      I think we should use their own words against them and force them to acknowledge the truth, with that being that anti-gun laws are in fact RACIST as the truth about gun control laws is that they were started as a way to keep the black man and other minorities subservient and unable to defend themselves. And today this still continues as the people that are most in need of having the means to defend themselves are either denied this right or are persuaded to abandon this most basic right by being tricked into the false sense of security in adopting the notion that the world is a safer place when there are no guns… Forgetting of course that without the gun we can only have the “Law of the Jungle” where the strongest among us are then free to prey upon the weakest. Because the gun is so deadly and can be so easily deployed and put into action by young and old alike, the gun is the great equalizer against a greater opposing force making it possible for a 95 lbs elderly woman to successfully defend herself against a 250 lbs attacker breaking into her home and so there can be no doubt that guns are the single most important factor that makes it possible for us to live in a civilized society with laws and rules of behavior. Because without guns, there would be no way to quickly put an end to bad behavior thereby making our laws and rules of acceptable social behavior unenforceable.

      • This would work with reasonable people. The Left are not reasonable. Truth and Logic are not tools in their bag, only deception and bias.

  2. Progressive Stalinist Democrats seek a totalitarian state. They seek to FORCE their will on us. It has infected both parties.

    Registration, Confiscation, Genocide the history of the Twentieth Century.

    Gun control is people CONTROL.

  3. Simple, their viewpoint is the best. All must bow to their extreme collective ideology. They can’t have independent thought.

  4. It’s been said many times before: “gun control” isn’t really about guns. That’s more apparent today than it has been before, perhaps, with Censorship Valley tech firms shutting down conservative voices.

  5. No longer “left”, full blown gone communist.
    The one word answer is CONTROL. No guns = control of the masses.
    For reference see; Hong Kong, Venezuela, et al.

        • How often do you get the whole ‘all the racist Democrats become Republicans in the 80’s’ line of crap?

        • to JWM

          To Power Brain

          If you had listened to Trumps 4th of July speech (and maybe you did). He spoke of going to Mars. What he did not tell you was why. Trump wants fellow zealot’s like yourself to sign up to be the first colonization of Mars by “all White people” because you will be the last White colony in the Universe because of creeping Multiculturalism where only brown skin is preferred and you will be the last colony of Christians because back on earth there now will be a new blend of all major religions called Chrisilamhindbuddhism. Sign up all your friends now and prepare to leave soon as the dystopia in the U.S. is soon to be a reality.

        • vlad tetanus. Seems I live in your fevered brain. I was not even commenting on this post and up you popped salivating about me. You low intellect types are like that.

          And once again you prove your racism. Wanting to exile whites to mars and preferring brown skinned folks.

        • to KenWarped

          I am fine with Multiculturalsim and the blending of the major religions, Christislamhindbuddahism so Trump would not want me to be on the flight to Mars but i am sure he would make plenty of room for you. Always room for another jack booted Storm Trooper.

        • to KenWarped

          I am fine with Multiculturalsim and the blending of the major religions, Christislamhindbuddahism, but I want to add, I will always worship Satan because he makes all these revolutions possible. You can’t have them without him. He is the one who corrupts slowly the weaker minds.

        • And vladdy finally admits to having a weak mind. Truly an Independence Day season miracle.

        • Vlad , wow you really set me straight, I’ll run down to the police station as soon as I get off the laptop and turn in all my guns…. NOT.
          Speaking of straight, most wanna be modern vampires are often batting for both teams. You might want to consider being a Hindu as they have a third sex called Hijra. Seems right up your alley.
          And as far as Jackbooted Storm Troopers, perhaps a פי הטבעת like yourself gets wet for them.

        • Vlad, did you spend you July 4th self-pleasuring at the thought of herding gun owners into the cattle trucks or is it now the thought of herding them into the showers for delousing?

  6. Gun control is simple…. It has nothing to do with the guns and everything to do with the control.

  7. From my experience living and working with them in the land of the Ivy’s and Ivory’s more often than not they just don’t think any of their proposed anti-gun measures will affect them. They’re special after all. They and their friends. Bans don’t apply to them. Any bans, restrictions or limitations will only apply to those “other” people. You know the ones. Those too stupid to be trusted or too angry and stand in the way of utopia.

    There is a metric shit-ton of sheltered hubris on the left.

    • Ain’t just Ivory and ivy I see plenty with government and unions. ‘Socialism fails because true socialism has never been tried. Our (insert inane brand name here) socialism will work if only those selfish rural retards would trust those more educated.’ Typically coming from a (insert sjw topic) studies major whose previous work experience involved coffee or sandwiches.

  8. They don’t teach cursive writing anymore. No need to read the founding fathers documents. They say what we say they mean.

    They rewrite history, pull down statues, remove names from buildings,…….

      • ISIS for this decade but yeah I remember what they did with the Budda statues.

    • Meh. It’s not hard at all to read cursive.

      I was an absolute failure at *writing* cursive when it was taught in grade school and never bothered to try reading it either (too busy with books to waste time on those read-and-repeat worksheets), much to my teachers’ chagrin.

      I can’t even write my own name in cursive, so my signature is more like an abstract symbol.

      And yet here I sit with an advanced degree in English literature under my belt, having read Chaucer in manuscript form and learned to read and write ancient Greek well enough to help a philosophy professor translate Plato.

      Cursive ain’t a problem.

      The problem is that the school system acts like this country’s founding documents don’t even exist…and what little it does teach students about this nation is backwards, poisonous, and wrong. A massive disinformation campaign is what it amounts to.

      • The problem isn’t teaching cursive itself. That’s just a symptom. The same could be said of the way that some states delay algebra until 10th grade now.

        Neither, in and of itself, “is the problem”. The problem is that they’re symptoms and simultaneously excuses for a failing system. Rather than admit that the school system is fucked and at this point is basically just a propaganda mill the “powers that be” make excuses for the obvious failures.

        Parents generally don’t realize that the school system is as screwed up as it is and even when they do they don’t generally know why. This makes it easy for teachers/unions/administrators/politicians to make excuses that “the kids can’t handle it”.

        Really? Human genetics have decayed so much in just the past few decades that what kids could generally handle in grade school and middle school is now totally beyond any of them until they’re teens in high school? If I’m in a charitable mood I say “That explanation strains credulity”.

        You can see the same basic formula working in how “educators” ignore all the known science and literally thousands of years of experience in how we run schools in terms of physical education, nutrition and Rx drugs, but that’s another topic.

        The real answer is this: You’re right. The schools are just propaganda mills at this point but that kind of propaganda only works if they students lack an education to the point that they can’t see the bullshit for what it is. In order to achieve that the kids are kept at, shall we say, a lower educational level. That is, everything is dumbed down to the point that ignorant, compliant drones are produced. Compliant with whatever is “taught” to them. Guns are bad, personal responsibility is racist, open borders are a good idea, basic arithmetic doesn’t apply when federal budgets are involved, feelings matter more than anything else, words are violence etc.

        Now, I’m not going to write a book about this here but the ripple effects of this idiocy are considered desirable. Educated people in the sciences, math etc don’t tend to be hardcore Leftist. They may hold some liberal views, and there are some Lefties to be sure, but statistically they tend to deal in reality. The real perversion of higher education occurs in the squishier areas where opinions matter more.

        By denying kids a decent education yet allowing the system to pass them into college you end up with a fuckton of kids in university who cannot pass science courses without serious remedial work. They gravitate towards softer education which, in and of itself is not bad, except that this is where real propaganda can start to get its claws into young adults and really cement itself due to the time in their brain development in which this instruction occurs.

        It’s also self-serving for the people that do it. There just are not that many real world uses for a degree in Afro-Caribbean Literature or Women’s Studies. So people who get those degrees tend to get a higher degree than just a B.A. and then… teach the same subject. This develops whole new departments within the university system which are just waiting for the next crop of kids with no math background. Rinse and repeat until you’ve created a large population of people who all think the same way. The universities have a financial interest in this process because they cannot control the level of students that high schools produce but they need to maintain or grow a population of university students. This created a perfect situation for Lefties to build themselves an ever larger home within the University system. One that has no particular checks on it from reality and which grows a voting base for their ideology.

        • Man, what kind of 3rd world crap hole state do you live in?

          My kids we’re learning algebra concepts in EARLY GRADE SCHOOL. They were doing full-on basic algebra before they got to middle School. They still learn cursive. They extensively studied WW2 (my oldest was fascinated by it and I was AMAZED at how much he knew about it). I am continually impressed with not only the amount of stuff they are learning, but also the quality of it, and they all go to public school (county school). My kids are WAY more advanced then I was at the same grade level.

          Just because SOME schools are turning out morons doesn’t mean that is the state of ALL schools. It pays to do your due diligence as a parent and research schools before settling down somewhere and raising a family. When it came time to move we SPECIFICALLY chose a place in this school district and we have never regretted that decision.

        • Strych9,

          Like Vic Rattlehead, I also live in a very good school district.

          If anything my school district has gone too far: they are trying to teach pre-Algebra (and even Algebra to some students) in 6th grade. My oldest child’s brain was not ready for the abstract concepts of pre-Algebra in the 6th grade and failed miserably. Regardless, the school system wanted my child to take Algebra in 7th grade because they want all children to take Algebra in 7th grade. I refused and insisted that my child repeat pre-Algebra in 7th grade, against the protests of the school. Fortunately, the school relented and my child repeated pre-Algebra in 7th grade with great success, thanks to another year for brain development.

          For reference my oldest child then went on to take Algebra in 8th grade, Geometry in 9th grade, Algebra II in 10th grade, Trigonometry in 11th grade, and one semester of Calculus in 12th grade — all with very good grades/results.

          And my oldest child also had a reasonably complete exposure to World History as well as U.S. History. Of course some content was lacking. We expected that and handled it accordingly.

    • As to why cursive writing is no longer taught: we older people have problems with arthritis.

  9. The left has always appealed to overcrowded broke-dicks in the city. Urban political machines have always worked to disarm this demographic in order to better control them & wield their electoral power. The rich Utopian set in the same areas who lead the movement truly have no need for arms, with all the layers of protection they’ve erected for themselves against their down trodden ‘comrades.’ That’s all it is.

    • It’s not just in the cities. A good share of the marxist trash that the euros extradited to the US in the 1800s are farmer and they resettled in the upper Midwest. Similar to their native climate in Scandehovia. The promptly recreated their prog BS as Granges, and Farm/Labor party, Their spawn, of more than a century later, is STILL electing progtard trash to Congress.

  10. The problem with the Liberal gun club is they are a “club”. Not a activist group. What Legislation have they backed (guns for public housing residence???) or what Liberal lawmaker have they found that will introduce laws that restore gun civil rights???

    California, Washington State, Oregon, Chicago, etc, etc. Where is the Liberal Gun Club waving the flag for gun civil rights at the legislative level in these areas and others???

    Many folks don’t like the NRA. Ok, then what will the Liberal Gun Club do as a replacement???

    I think the NRA has a spotty record for supporting gun civil rights. But they have produced results.

    Or the Second Amendment Foundation

    Do the Liberal gun owners have a plan to advance gun civil rights? As a former california resident I don’t believe they have even thought about it.

    • As far as I’m aware, the Liberal Gun Club was all-in on Washington state’s recent slide into gun-control insanity. They’re worse than useless.

      • This is just one example from the Liberal gun Club interview. I could be nice and call them Fudds. Or I could call them traitors to the Bill of Rights.

        “What about the idea of making people pass training safety tests to show they know what they’re doing with the weapon that they’re buying?”

        “I would say that in the membership of the Liberal Gun Club, there is significant support for that idea. However, one of the concerns about it is that it doesn’t become an expense that would exclude people from gun ownership. However, there is something to be said for mandatory training and mandatory safety.”

        • Stossel Tries to Get a Gun Permit. He spent $430 and didn’t get his permit. I will assume Liberal Gun owners have no trouble with this expense for poor people getting their civil rights fulfilled.

  11. Do I even need to add my comment to all the other ones here?
    They can only truly oppress the population when you have taken away their guns!

  12. Anyone asking the question in the headline still doesn’t get it. The left’s behavior isn’t just about gun rights. Their goal is to eradicate EVERY aspect of Americana. Anything which instills pride in your history or heritage. Anything seen as uniquely American. Basically anything which makes you happy.

    This is a strategy learned from Lenin. Happy, proud people cannot be easily controlled. Bitter people with empty, meaningless lives can.

    • “This is a strategy learned from Lenin. Happy, proud people cannot be easily controlled. Bitter people with empty, meaningless lives can.”

      Correct,example BLM,Antifa.

      • On the other side happy people don’t ask enough questions about what they are told or have the level of diligence to scrutinize those who seek power.

      • The problem with bitter unhappy people is they are like a reactor with the control rods pulled close to the critical stage. Just a bit more and you loose control. Then you gotta kill a bunch or make them disappear which acts like lowering the rods.
        Guns would muck things up for them.

  13. “…So, why is gun control instead of gun rights a leftist issue? Power. And what does power give them? Control…”

    Yes, but along with that is the abject fear some have. They hide the fear and cloak it in terms of public safety or society is too evolved for guns or some other cliché. They fear having to be responsible for themselves, to think for themselves, to understand reality as it is, not what they wish it to be.

    If I had a dime for every time I heard the “I should not have to think about being safe, that’s what the police are for.”

    • Change that to pennies and I could retire quite comfortably up here, at the dime rate I would be in forbs.

  14. I suspect that a majority of progressives oppose gun rights simply because they have come to associate them with “conservatives” and “the right”. It is also an anti-masculine movement and weapons and self defense are seen as masculine. I am aware of no studies that back this up though.

    • The sociology and women’s studies classes I had to take 15 odd years ago spelled out most of what you said with a negative masculine association. They didn’t have the toxic masculinity buzzword ready to go then but the idea was already being pushed.

    • It is interesting also that so many anti self defense people project fear and ridicule it as a motive for pro self defense people while being terrified of weapons themselves.

  15. Most people in the comments accurately explained why the leaders in the left support gun control. It’s simply to gain control. But for the 25 year old leftie who is repulsed by gun ownership, their endgame is not for politicians to have total control. We need to figure out how to win the culture war to make gun ownership an acceptable mainstream norm. In some circles it is, but on the large scene it’s becoming a taboo.

    • Start a ‘redneck repellent’ add campaign for the meet cannon? Support American manufacturing, increase gunowner pool/expand demographic, and popularize low cost/income firearm ownership to prevent some NFA nonsense cost barrier repeat like with machine guns.

  16. The so-called left has never been pro-gun except when it benefits them PEASANT…lock & load.

  17. There are many reasons and sides to the gun control team, all with the same goal. There are those who blame the presence , availability and possession of guns for criminal acts and accidents. This group imagines guns disappearing and solving the problems.
    There is the wing that plans to rule us like serfs. They can’t put us in VZ mode as long as we are armed. We’ll turn on them and each other I’d the lights go out. It’s a lot easier to confiscate wealth from unarmed people.
    Then there are the middle of road types who are ok with them and their own kind tooling up but not Those People. Racists, elites, limousine liberals, powerful people behind walls. They all see reasons certain groups and individuals should be disarmed for their safety.
    The government obviously doesn’t want non employees armed. Why would they support that?
    There are lots of factions who see disarming their opposition as a good thing because it’s going to get messy and loud at some point.

    What all groups have in common is they dont want to lose and be at the tender mercies of the mob.

  18. The left is globalist. They care more about Global policy than America. Why do you think they care more about illegals than US citizens? Why do you think they hate Trump put trying to put America first? It has morphed walked into a hatred of America and its principles and the liking of foreign interference in our workings. Most of the world is anti-gun so they would be too. However somewhat recently the left went insane so they are now openly anti-gun and anti-free speech. They support censorship and feel that we should give up everything for foreigners. In fact they hate those concepts so much they literally want to complete extermination of anyone that supports those things. So the left literally hates freedom of speech and Gun ownership so much that they literally want the complete and total extermination of every single person in the country that believes in those two concepts. Because in the sense they know those two things can stop the complete takeover of the world by leftist globalists.

    So basically summary is the left hates guns because the rest of the world hates guns and they know it’s an impediment to their desire for power. Why do you think they react with such orgasmic glee when talking about door-to-door confiscation a mass extermination of hundreds of millions of people that own guns or disagree with them? I remember after Sandyhook getting into an argument with leftist that said the government should exterminate every person that owns a gun. When I pointed out that was over 100 million people he said that was a good thing. A leftist openly said that the government should exterminate one third the population. Because they disagree on a certain aspect. That’s the kind of mindset we’re dealing with.

  19. “The white liberal differs from the white conservative only in one way: the liberal is more deceitful than the conservative. The liberal is more hypocritical than the conservative. Both want power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the Negro’s friend and benefactor; and by winning the friendship, allegiance, and support of the Negro, the white liberal is able to use the Negro as a pawn or tool in this political “football game” that is constantly raging between the white liberals and white conservatives.” – Malcolm X

    • Thank you have posting this. It is something I discovered back in the 1997. A black conservative was playing the malcolm x speech’s on the air. It was a black christian radio station near Ft Bragg NC. He was a great admirer of Malcolm. I purchased tapes of his speeches. I’ve listened to them for years now.

      Liberals, gun owners or not, have caused a great deal of trouble in the black community. They have NEVER BEEN a friend of the Second Amendment. And they have NEVER SUPPORTED gun civil rights for black people.

      Gov Reagan signed the Mulford Act into (1966?) law. He is dead and gone. The current elected Liberal leadership publicly endorsed the Mulford Act. And refused to repeal the law. As far as I’m concerned Liberals are as racist as the dead gov. reagan.

      Liberals own the racist Mulford Act.

  20. Unfortunately it’s a symptom of our screwed up political system. Everything eventually gets painted to one side or the other. And then if you don’t abide by the party affiliation on every issue you find that you’re always voting against some- or many- of your own interests.

  21. Here a question, why has the right evolved into the left? Today’s right has much more in common on the 20-30 year ago lefts than the 20-30 year ago right. And dupes still think the parties aren’t controlled by the same interests.

  22. I dont believe they have “bought” into anything. To say so is to imply they blindly stumbled into the ideology and are, at their core, just plain dumb.

    Its an easy belief to attribute to your opponent, because it does require much thought, or to face the realization that they are self serving power mongers willing to use any talking point to their advantage. Our enemy has the same data as you do and dont pretend you somehow came from superior genetic stock. To believe the gun agiprop is just dumb is just as dumb. Perhaps within the lower strata of the party that is the case, but for actual leftist policy makers? Nobody just stumbles into gun control.

    The elite left’s only core belief is that of power, by any means. There is truly little else they believe in and everything is a tool toward that end. Religion? Nope. LGBTQBBQ? Uh-uh. Black rights? Nah. Guns? lol. They hold no true beliefs other than to use them as talking points, only to be discarded when political winds change. If they can use LGBTQ issues to create moral outrage, they will. If they can use guns as an emotional blugeon while conveniently glossing over historic trends and facts, its fine.

    I dont believe in the leadership of the Lefy having bought into anything. I believe in evil, greed and power.

  23. I think you got the question wrong.

    The left opposes AMERICA.

    Stick with me, I’m not insane. The left opposes anything and everything to do with traditional America. That’s why they voted for “hope and change” — Obama promised repeatedly to “change America”.

    If you watched the Trump “Salute To America” yesterday — it painted it in the most crystal clear terms. Trump gave a speech celebrating all that America is, was, has been, can be, has done, has accomplished, and what it can be together. And the left hated every word of it. I thought it was going to be a ridiculous Trump Rally kind of thing, but in actuality it was pretty damn good. It reminded me of what it felt like to be an American, pre-Clinton.

    MSNBC wouldn’t even air it. When I flipped over to CNN to see their reaction, I was floored. They thought it was unforgivable and a travesty.

    It has never been so clear. The left trashes Betsy Ross’s flag on the same day that Trump celebrated America, what he thinks America should be.

    The two views are irreconcilable. Civil war is now inevitable. Sad, but inevitable.

  24. Sure, the Left wants to control us — but it’s for our own good.

    ““Of all the tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under the omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    C.S. Lewis

  25. The Left doesn’t support free speech or religion. They push “speech codes” or “hate speech” to limit opposing views. They want freedom from religion and don’t want to hear about your beliefs or morals. They want to do whatever they want without consequences. They want government to insulate them from the results of their choices, be it birth control and abortion to allow carefree sex, or government subsidies for food, housing, healthcare, and drugs so they don’t have to earn what they need. The latest is free college because their classes in SJW indoctrination, ethnic/gender studies, or self-indulgent subjects don’t qualify for a job doing anything other than teaching those subjects.
    For those that get a practical degree or teaching position, everyone else becomes an incompetent “they.” I went to a university globally known for its liberalism and know them personally. They will admit these beliefs if you have an “intelligent” conversation with them. We need social programs so “they” won’t revolt. We need free abortions so “they” won’t overpopulate, which leads to more poverty and crime. We need gun control so “they” can’t commit crimes or strike out unthinkingly. We can’t have school choice because “they” will pick schools based on sports programs or religion instead of what academically best suits their children. Much of it seems to be projection of what they think they’d do if their circumstances were different, or “dog whistles” for their prejudice and racism. The recent trend of “privilege” seems to be a reflection of them knowing that they aren’t contributing usefully to society and are lucky to have what they managed to get away with. Obama’s “bitter clingers” comment resonates with them, and they can’t conceive that a person could carry a gun daily for decades without brandishing it because of traffic congestion or poor service. Religion is a set of rules and restrictions instead of a source of joy and contentment.

  26. The Democrat party has returned to its roots as an authoritarian, racialist party.

    No authoritarian movement wants its intended victims to be able to resist its own use of armed force.

  27. Revel covers this in his book Last Exit to Utopia and in English Friedman gives a good explanation from an economics point of view.

    I would break it down this way:

    All Leftist ideology seeks equality of outcome, which requires, effectively, infinite bureaucracy and power to enforce. Every time we move to “create” equality we find more inequalities that require more government agency to correct. So, for example, if we enforce rigid equality between men and women then what about homosexuals? So we enforce equality for homosexuals and then what of bisexuals? When that equality is enforced, what of pansexual? Transgenders? Transspecies? Foxkin vs. Dragonkin? The list goes on forever. It requires infinitely large “equality” agencies with infinite reasources because eventually we get down to the “inequalities” at a personal level and effectively need a special set of rules for each individual.

    This creates an infinite set of rules which, really, cannot be obeyed. Therefore people will not obey them and will “create” inequality by breaking the rules. This cannot be tolerated because enforced “equality” is the ultimate “good”. Therefore, in the interest of equality the state must have infinite power.

    That dovetails with the Left’s, essentially, Mercantilist view of power and money. They think that the pie is only so large so if you have some power you have it at the expense of others, including the State. Therefore your power, whatever it might be, must be reduced so that the state has enough power to enforce equality, but since the State requires infinite power for such enforcement you must have zero.

    Most of the Left doesn’t see this, but logically it’s the road they walk based on the ideas they espouse. They, mostly, haven’t thought through where that road leads. They just think that equality = good so more equality is always better regardless of cost.

    • And ironically enough, if in fact everything becomes absolutely equal, then you are unable to differentiate one thing from another, one state of being from another, one moment from another, and existence ceases. Simply put leftists want to end existence itself. One step at a time.

  28. Comment……
    “Thanks key pad. Lenin not Lennon. Maybe the key pad knew best, John Lennon (Beatles) was a Marxist.”

    You were absolutely right about John Lennon! But if he believed in Marxism, then why did he choose to live in the USA instead of England??? Because of the restrictions on it’s citizens, the cost of living and the excessive taxation.
    My neighbor and his wife are from Liverpool, UK. They can tell you first hand about the “English Government” and besides that, he also cherishes the right as American Citizen, he can legally own and carry a firearm for self defense. They also strongly believe in the Southern Border! (They and their children came here LEGALLY!)

  29. Democrats are evil, anti-Christ, unamerican devils who hate the republic. This is why they oppose us being armed. They want us to have no defense as they murder unborn children and destroy everything Godly. GOD judge them by their wicked works.

  30. Living in western Washington I have spoken with many lefty gun owners. They believe gun bans are needed because of all the “right wing nuts”. At the same time, they say they would not turn in their guns because they are not the problem and need to keep their guns to protect themselves and their families from the “right wing nuts”.

    How many commies like Senator Feinstein have said the same thing while working to take your guns?

  31. This is not a left-right issue at all. That’s just a smoke screen to keep the voters divided.

    The Democrat Party might have been the party of the working people at one time, but that bird died a while ago. Certainly since the Clinton administration, the Democrats have been solidly on the Wall Street payroll, and they’ve been getting deeper into it year by year. The ultimate betrayal was Obama when he told us all about “too big to fail” and then spent the next 8 years licking the skid marks out of Tim Geitner’s underwear.

    We are, I’m sorry to say, in the death throes of a decaying empire, and when the final collapse comes (from any one or combination of causes), the whole global structure will go with it. The financial system is not sustainable. Corporate agriculture is not sustainable. Petroleum energy is not sustainable. And the fractures from race and identity politics, as so adroitly played by the Democrats, have made our social and political structures unsustainable. The outlook for the future is not very bright.

    The 1% – the Power Elite – knows this. From their privileged positions in industry and gubmint and the access it gives them to better information, they probably know this better than the hoi poloi does. And when policy-making gets down ultimately to who lives and who dies, the Power Bosses are going to make sure they live, or at least have the best chance at it.

    The Democrats, then, being the total tools of the Power Elite (don’t believe it? Take a look at how many of the current candidates are openly sucking up to Wall Street. Like, all of them.) have been given the job of disarming the citizenry. When the shit hits the fan and all those barbarian deplorables are pounding at the gates, the Power Elite wants to make sure that all the guns are on their side of the walls.

    So all of this left-right conflict talk is just nonsense. When the whole house of cards comes down (sooner rather than later, it seems) there are going to be just as many useful idiots from left shut out as there will be patriots from the right. It’s not about left-right at all— it’s all about rich-not rich, privileged-not privileged, insider-outsider.

    • The world won’t collapse, China will happily fill that power vacuum. They’ve been playing the long game, buying up important sites in both the 3rd and 1st world and slowly developing the infrastructure over decades. Their greatest strength, which no other country can begin to match, is the patience that comes with ~5,000 years of relatively uninterrupted civilization, dating all the way back to Antiquities. Each Chinese person sees themselves as part of a lineage that goes both backwards and forwards in time for thousands of years.

      To your other points, you are 100% correct. “It’s not about left-right at all— it’s all about rich-not rich, privileged-not privileged, insider-outsider.” They throw gas on the flames in the form of anti-abortion laws and social justice and “religious freedom” and trans bathrooms, keeping us fighting amongst ourselves. If anyone here is dumb enough to believe that any unfathomably rich and powerful political party with consolidated power won’t take your guns away the second it’s to their benefit, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

      • “If anyone here is dumb enough to believe that any unfathomably rich and powerful political party with consolidated power won’t take your guns away the second it’s to their benefit, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.”

        I would argue, not in our lifetimes. You’re referring to a sweeping change of events and a total mind shift of an entire population – America. Yes, China is playing the long game but the problem with the “long” game is that it can continue for generations and with each passing generation questions will be asked and revolutions will occur. You’re also forgetting the rogue states and their impact on a “dominant” party. Illicit drugs are banned the world over but I can walk down any street in any country and still buy them. The future is not yet written.

  32. Aside from the more sinister government/people control aspect, which has already been covered; I think a core part, innocent yet equally foolish and dangerous reason is Liberals adopted the peace and love ideal of pacifism but they took it to the nth degree. Pacifism as an ideal is fine to an extent; never be the one to throw the first blow, war should always be the last resort etc. But what they’ve done is take the “ideal” and turned it into an ideology that borders on childish naivete, ignoring the way the world is for how they want it to be. Using an old timey science fiction analogy they want to be like the Eloi in H.G. Wells’ Time Machine but forget about the Morlocks or willfully ignore their existence.

  33. It’s pretty simple. The left believes in utter and complete state supremacy over the individual, and firearms are an obstacle that must be removed.

    Armed people don’t go to the gulags and reeducation camps voluntarily.

  34. “Why Has the Left Evolved to Oppose Gun Rights in America?”

    They just got around to it, on theiir to do list?

    They finally think they can win on this one?

    You say po-tay-toe, I say poe-tah-tow?

  35. Having read all of the previous comments, let me add my predictions for our future, if the progressive/liberals win the 2020 election:
    1) Within 10 years, the USA will be a socialist country, teetering on becoming a communist nation;
    2) Out economy will be in free-fall, and our national debt will have sky rocketed. The 1st and 2nd amendments will have been abolished, and the others diminished;
    3) the Second Civil War will follow shortly, with an uncertain outcome.

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