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As you may be aware, gunophile and pro-2A sites such as this one are the bêtes noires of those who despise Americans’ firearms freedom. There’s no shortage of keyboard commandos out there who wish disease, death and destruction on those of us who promote the right to keep and bear arms. Rather than simply hitting the delete button, though, our friends at have accumulated some of their hate mail and present it here for your listening pleasure and amusement. As you might expect, a good portion of it is NSFW, even with some strategic censoring. We don’t know about you, but evidence like this that sites like Concealed Nation and TTAG are provoking this much panty twisting on the other side gives us a warm fuzzy. And only makes us want to keep on keeping on. Enjoy.

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  1. In every group, there are a majority of people who need their fix of Two Minute’s Hate. Go on any gun forum and you’ll see anti-left wing stuff. Some people are genuinely nice people, but not most. It’s life, YMMV.

    Only difference is, we have facts and logic on our side. They have money, emotion, and fear mongering.

    • Hey, I’m extremely opposed to every left wing policy I can think of. Off the top of my head, I’m opposed to gun control, totalitarianism, epic taxes, big government, ridiculously high gas prices, etc. However, I don’t write letters to anti-gunners telling them to kill themselves, questioning their penis size, accusing them abnormal sexual practices, etc.

      • There are some on the pro-gun side who do. They are not the majority, they don’t even qualify as a small minority, but they are there. One of the “great” things about the internet is that it has made the world flat; you can get a say whoever you are, and regardless of whether the ideas being expressed are worth the oxygen used to express them. That said, in my experience I’ve seen far more vitriol from the anti’s side than ours. I suspect that has something to do with their position largely being based upon fear and emotion rather than facts and logic.

    • Left-wing ideology exists in direct contravention of American First Principles and is a persistent, viable threat to our individual liberty, therefore its proponents deserve no respect whatsoever.

    • The lefties don’t have the market cornered on this, there is plenty of hate to go around. Just check out the comments section on the blaze and huffington post. If you ever want to lose faith in humanity give them a read. Why can’t we all just get along?

      • Freakin Peanut

        Your argument is phony. First, you must consider Huuington Post a conservative site (LOL) if you can conflate it with the Blaze. Second, the post is about the vile ranting of anti-2A folks. I think you tried to hijack the conversation with the ‘pro-gunners do it too’ whining.

        • Lets try this again, maybe if you take your time reading you will be able to comprehend what I was saying…
          You say:
          Your argument is phony. First, you must consider Huuington Post a conservative site (LOL) if you can conflate it with the Blaze.
          I say: I was giving examples of the opposite extremes. One being far left the other far right. In no reality is the Huffington Post conservative.
          You say: Second, the post is about the vile ranting of anti-2A folks. I think you tried to hijack the conversation with the ‘pro-gunners do it too’ whining….
          I say: No one is hijacking any posts, just stating a fact the loudest and most vile exist on both sides, no whining here just stating a fact.

      • I’ve no published analysis to offer, but I’ll wager on empirical data alone the majority of folks you’ll find on FetLife are quite fervent supporters of the 2A. And (multiple) gun owners…

        People of the “unusual” are very often people of the “protect myself from those who would do me harm for being ‘weird'”. Whether that be science, the arts, or adult activities.

        • I’ve known a few, many are pro 2A, but fairly left leaning on other topics. Some are straight up critical theorists.

  2. OHHH no. Don’t even PRETEND, for one blasted second, that people here are the polite, kind folk you think they are. I see almost as much bile and vitriol from the pro-gun side as the antis. How many times here has someone said something along the lines of “X oughta have a gun pointed at them” or “X oughta be strung up by their naughty bits”? I see it in the comment threads of any article discussing any anti-gun politician. There’s just as much mud being slung from us as them, so don’t for one bloody SECOND try to claim otherwise.

      • ^ This!

        If ever in doubt one need only to on any given day open up the CSGV and NRA facebook pages, and compare not only the commenters but also the content that the pages themselves post.

    • Ttag is very tame and polite compared to most anti gunner places of gather. Now over on the “files” we might get a little off the cuff. I will say with every bit of certainty that pro gun people know that they can’t wish harm or threaten normal people. We in general are too smart for that. Now wishing a certain anti American politician or two might find the short end of a rope… Well that’s just being honest.

    • I’ll agree that from time to time people around here can be every bit as negative and hateful. The HUGE difference though is that we take them to task for it on our side MUCH more often than on the anti-gun sites.

      • If you really think that the pro gun people are always so reasonable,cultured,and polite in their comments,then you have never read the progressive cynic site. But it is not just on this subject. As far as social media is concerned it does not matter where you stand politically,the dialogue is full of vile language,nasty comments,innuendo,filthy comments from people about other contributors they do not even know.

        It could not be more uncivilized. I can’t engage with anyone on hardly any site in intelligent exchange without people getting nasty. Shows just how divided we are in this country,and how barbaric our discourse has become.

  3. If you ask me, they are the ones to be afraid. Just let a group open a season on them and I bet they run away and hide. Ya know just like when their loved ones are attacked by criminals. No gut wonders!

    • Do not underestimate people with radical dreams of an utopian, totalitarian society. Sure, they will want others to do the dirty work, but with their crazy loyalty to their leaders, they can easily be whipped up in a frenzy of atrocities. History is pot marked examples of this.

  4. Liberalism: The religion, er, I mean, ideology of hate, er, I mean, peace and love. Yeah, that’s it; that’s the ticket, they says.

    The dude in the video who says, “God, these people vote!” gets it. But hopefully, they’ll be too high to go to the polls in ’16.

  5. Just on the off-chance that anyone’s missed it and/or was born long after I was, this is nothing new from the neo-Marxist Left in North Murka. The hate, vitriol, and bitter rage they exhibit is, according to my own theory, the remaining vestiges of my Calvinist/Puritan ancestors and their apoplectic fits whenever they thought someone else might be having a good time and a good life without their bloody interference and control. It’s been over 400 years but there they are again.

    Besides guns, they show a lot of hate for not only those of us who actively dissent from their nonsense on that front, but also for all the other “hot-button” issues like abortion, immigration, and our totally hosed publik skool system, but for anyone who even expresses the slightest misgivings. If you’re not on their wagon, you’re Anathema, writ large, and I have no doubts whatsoever that if they had the whip hand, most of us would be in camps or dead.

    • I think you went off the tracks somewhere on your trip from preColonial Calvinism to Progressive libtard.

      Or are you just wanting bash religion?

  6. This – for me – clearly proves one thing that still hasn’t surfaced as widely: much of the antis’ hate comes from their unspoken fears. They fear themselves though, nothing else. It’s their own “unknown” self that they fear, because they don’t know themselves and won’t admit to this. The pro-gunners only bring this partially out and the antis react to this; their violent reaction proves exactly this whole point. They are violent, likely more violent than pro-gun folks yet they point their fingers at others in a desperate attempt at denying their own nature (and fears). To me, it’s evident from their reaction. There’s no other rational explanation and I have seen this happen for similar reasons in another nation, for decades.

    • Denial is a pretty crazy thing. It can literally and figuratively change the way you see the world.

      Something I recently explained to my wife about her falling out with a “friend” she had in college is when you do something to take responsibility for yourself those that refuse to do the same see you as an enemy because you’re pointing out their flaws and showing them if they chose to they could overcome their own obstacles as well. That clashes with the mental state of denial her “friend” is in that states “everyone is equal but different things happen to different people”. With that worldview rich people just had an easy life and poor people just had bad things happen to them. In reality everyone gets pretty much the same amount of crap in their life and their response to that crap defines their life. For someone living in denial seeing real-world examples of this is an attack on their psyche and they will go through extremely elaborate means to keep their psyche intact, even up to creating an entire fantasy world.

  7. @Jim R — Ooooh yes. Even though we are, generally speaking, the kind and polite folks that you apparently like to PRETEND that we’re not. You don’t see nearly as much vitriol and bile from us as you do the anti’s, and don’t even bother trying to argue this ’cause you, me, and the fence post all know you’re so full of shit your eyes are brown and your breath could knock a buzzard off a gut wagon, Scooter. It’s not even remotely close and that’s a FACT. For every single instance you could possibly cite that kind of hate coming from “us”, and that’s assuming it’s not just a disgruntled anti posing as one of “us”, one simple Google search or even just a brief skim over any anti-gun social media channel will net you hundreds of times more of it. It’ll be far more gruesome, too.

    Don’t you try to claim otherwise even for one EXPLETIVE DELETED second, either.

  8. Most lefties are unreasonable people, there is no arguing with unreasonable people.. on the bright side they have so far kicked rocks for the most part in the gun debate. We have some unreasonable folks on our side as well I have noticed, just not as many

  9. Ok, here’s the deal. You own a gun. They don’t. Or by their very ethos can’t. You have taken the responsibility of security upon yourself and are secure in that fact. Again, they aren’t. You’re a threat to the philosophy they believe in and there are very few ways they have in order to express that fusteration.

    First, they must have somebody else take your guns. Empowering somebody else with guns to take your guns is hypocritical at its very core, but seen as a necessary evil. The ends justify the means and if a few eggs need to be broken, /shrug. You need to burn the village idiot to save him or something something.

    Next, you need to feel bad about yourself. This is usually where the bogus statistics and outright lies come from. You’re an evil, evil person and this is why. But the real nastiness comes out when social intervention or public shaming don’t work. Their impotency manifests itself violently in their true beliefs. Gun owners need to die in a fire. They need to be strug up by the government. Firearms owners need to be disappeared.

    Nevermind the fact that this behavior is just as- if not more -reprehensible than what they’re rallying against. Nevermind that the entity that they happily empower to do their dirty work to keep their own hands clean would just as likely turn upon them as it would their opposition. In their mind, your disappearance will create a new eden with one less problem in the world and they hate the fact that it cannot be made to happen now, now, now. they are, in effect, spoiled children who are above the law.

    If they can’t do anything about it, can’t get others to do it for them or can’t shame you into doing it, they get nasty. Magnifying this personality flaw is the fact that they are being led by the nose by political organizations suggesting that disarmament is the proper state of affairs and you personally are denying them this idyllic world. Even worse, they can’t enforce their will upon you directly because you’re armed and secure in person and philosophy.

    Result: Gun owners need to die in a fire.

    • “…evil can and does arise from an apparently good root, the desire to benefit the world and others – speedily and according to the benefactor’s own plans…” – J.R.R. Tolkien

      That childish “now now now!” is a recurring theme among evil people.

    • The idea that the “other” must convert or be killed can be traced back to the start of human kind. It’s basic tribalism that states anyone in your midst that is not of the tribe will bring fiery damnation upon everyone. It’s a survival mechanism from the earliest of instincts which makes any claim of intellectual superiority by the antis laughable. Basic tribalism also established your tribe, and by extension you, are the best at everything, so claiming superiority is only natural for them.

      Every time I see any argument based on the moral or intellectual superiority of antis I laugh to myself because they’re really just operating on tribal groupthink and instincts, literally as far from moral or intellectual superiority as you can be. At some level we all do this, but some slip far back in time far to quickly.

    • “Next, you need to feel bad about yourself. This is usually where the bogus statistics and outright lies come from.”

      Not just bad, but literally raw self-hatred.

      Then comes the really mentally ill part…

      They feel great about their self-hatred. So great that it would likely compete with an orgasm.

      In their desire to keep feeling the hate-orgasmic-hate cycle becomes a self-correcting feedback loop.

      How sick is that? That is a leftist for you…

  10. “Name calling, slander, and hyperbole are a sure sign that the other person has lost the argument and has nothing else to say. We see this all of the time.”

    “I believe that being despised by the despicable is as good as being admired by the admirable.”

  11. Gun grabbers are vile because they don’t believe in God and the Bible. They think they aren’t accountable to God. Boy are they wrong. Its the same thing with all these school shootings, when you take God out of schools and out of the public square you get people who have no hope and no morals, people who don’t believe in hell and who think they can just kill themselves after killing other people to get away from punishment. Boy are they wrong too.

    Gun grabbers have no faith in God, their faith is in the govt , the state. They are statists at heart, and since they don’t believe in God, they don’t believe in inalienable God given rights. They believe in man, and they believe man must make everything better by disarming everyone except the police and military.

    • I don’t believe in god (or the devil or souls or astrology or orbital teapots), and that’s one reason I own and carry a gun. Prayer and faith won’t do anything if I’m getting mugged, will it? And yes, you can be moral without a god, as humans have an innate sense of empathy. It’s a trait gained through evolution that is beneficial to the survival of all humans and other social animals. Just need to listen to it.

      At any rate… as for the video: I think it’s hilarious they throw around the terms “ammosexual” and “gun fetishist” when they’re the ones sexualizing guns as phallic symbols.

      • Exactly what I was thinking. Then they read the one that said “I was going to dress as a CCW person for Halloween, but I couldn’t fit 7 d**ks in my mouth”. And I thought what, you tried and only managed six? Idiots.

      • An evolved, innate sense if empathy? That was good! Made me spit my soda. Morality with no fixed nirak compass? Not really, but you keep thinking it so.
        I guess that empathy is what makes us one if the few murderous species, huh?

    • There are a number of (apparently) religious people who are grabbers; just search this site for pastors, reverends, rabbis, etc., who push for gun control.

      I’ve also unfortunately known a number of very religious people who were simply vile when you got to know them. I’ve no idea how they internally reconciled their faith in a loving God with their utter contempt for e.g. blacks, women, Irish, etc. But somehow they did.

      So, sorry, no, I don’t buy the hypothesis that a lack of religion is what causes all our ills, any more than I buy the argument that the right religion makes a perfect society.

      Some people, for whatever reason, are simply ugly inside. No matter what they believe in. Or don’t.

      • Being a Christian I can tell you I have met many people in churches that are not Christian (outside of attending a church for a couple hours every week) and some non-religious people that live out the Christian message more than regular churchgoers. This goes for religious leadership as well. People are people, there will always be some that choose a particular path just because it can get them in the limelight, but I’ll say most “religious” people go to church or temple because their parents made them and not because it has any bearing on their life. Most can’t even explain their religion to another person. A select few are highly educated on the topic and misuse that education to further personal goals under the guise of righteousness.

        So I would say it is a lack of religion, or a religious message that everyone can embrace. It’s just that even people in churches and temples aren’t really embracing that message, despite it being presented to them regularly. I don’t think anyone would argue with the overall Christian message, it’s just that church administrations (people) mishandle the message and people because people are not infallible.

        Even if we could just keep the Ten Commandments we’d be doing far better, but that opens up the entire argument over whether we should be responsible for ourselves, which the antis vehemently reject. Sheep can’t survive without the herd.

        • Yep, attending a church doesn’t automatically make you a Christian, like attending a Museum doesn’t automatically make you a historian.

      • Many of these pastors, ministers, priests and rabbis who advocate gun control also deify government as some demi-god, never mind the fact that the Bible says in the Old Testament to choose who you will serve and in the New Testament that says you cannot serve two masters.

  12. Sounds almost identical to the ignorance based statements coming from the people pushing mandatory vaccinations on the public.

  13. Gotta love the complete logic failure of the Progressives.

    “You don’t need a gun to protect yourself.”

    “You disagree with us. Therefore, we wish death upon you and your children. Somebody should kill all of you.”

    “You people who disagree with us are paranoid and ignorant. Why would any rational person in the 21st Century think they needed a gun to protect themselves?”

    If ignorance is bliss, then Progressives must be sublimely happy.

  14. It’s natures way of preserving the human race from wholesale annihilation.. The REAL violent ones, thankfully have no use for guns.

  15. Most of them are skinny feminazi supporters who still live in their moms basements. You’d know if they existed in real life because they’d be dumb enough to run their yaps in public until someone assisted them with shutting it.

  16. “What the hell is a pussy gun? ”
    * looks down at the cat on her lap
    “Oh yeah. “

  17. To me, even more annoying than the vitriol is their attitude that somehow they possess superior intellect and education. I’ll put my academic background up against theirs any day. f they were so sophisticated, they wouldn’t have to resort to name-calling. They would possess facts instead of emotional outbursts. But, they don’t.

    • I know a couple of people personally who think of their education as a sign of superiority. It’s typical of leftists, and in particular politicians on the left. The president himself has never worked a real job in his life and yet look at where he is.

      Most work in jobs(or they blog without a source of income) where they produce little of real economic value that improves peoples lives. If anything the policies they push for destroys value, and yet their poli sci degree from Columbia(or wherever) makes then know more than anybody else about everything and if you don’t agree then it’s just your lack of “education” that hides you from the truth.

      In essence, the guy working the drive through at mcdonalds is far more valuable to the general population than any of these “enlightened individuals.”

      • Thomas Sowell has said that the main benefit of having s Harvard degree is never having to be impressed by Harvard degrees.

        I take that as license for myself to not be impressed by them.

  18. It gives you a “warm and fuzzy” that the the very people we most need to persuade are angry and hate us?

    Or does this feeling stem from the fact that our brother and sister Americans have been so greatly misled by antigun propaganda?

  19. The anti’s run off a fearful mental image because they don’t understand the “enemy.” They wont listen or learn the truth about the 2A and law abiding citizens. In effect, they torture themselves with their own fantasy.

  20. Great video. Am going to bookmark to save as a link for the trolls and haters at some of the Progtard comment forums, where it gets ugly fast. Media Matters, WAPO, NYT. Not that it will matter to most, but may shame one or two, into “walking in the other man’s moccassins for a mile” before judging.

  21. It appears that most of the letters they read come from absolute morons. Too bad there is not an IQ test for voting as most of the people that wrote these letters would fail. Most of the comments that were read are what you might hear in a grade school or lower middle school environment. Reveals the mentality of many gun haters. No logic, just juvenile hate and four letter words. Come on, if you are going to argue against something at least use some logic and leave out the profanity. Otherwise all you are doing is showing how ignorant you really are.

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