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Reader Steve Sacco has had some extra time on his hands lately:

While my real work is running in the background and I’m waiting for it to complete, I thought I’d play with Google Trends. Google Trends is a tool which allows you to see search activity over time for certain words and/or phrases. This is the first time I’ve used it. So, let’s ask The Google how much interest there is in “gun control.” According to the antis, this is a burning question being asked by everyone. According to Google, with the exception of a couple of spikes in 2013, I see a distinct downward trend in interest . . .

If I were a politician, I’d run away at flank speed on this topic, which seems to be of interest to few:



Then, I tossed in one of my all-time pet peeve words/phrases: “commonsense”.   That word annoys me to no end in the same way “homeland” does, but that’s a different story. Anyway, once again, I would imagine that if the people are worried sick about finding “commonsense” solutions, they’d be searching around to see what others are saying about it. 

Not surprisingly, and perhaps it’s no exaggeration to say that this is “commonsense”, the only people who seemed interested in “commonsense” are those who live in places like Washington, San Francisco and Boston. When we flip over to “gun control”, even those hotbeds of Mommy State-ism seem otherwise occupied:





[ SOURCE ],+gun+control&cmpt=q

Anyway, there’s doubtless more fun to be had with this, but I thought I’d pass it along.

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  1. Funny thing is, the spikes are probably more from people like me who are trying to see what the antis are trying to lie about next

  2. Yes, but the mainstream media keeps stirring the pot giving those unfortunate folks that watch the mainstream media, a false and manipulated impression that gun control interest is alive and well, and gun crimes are off the charts. Gun control is tired like an over-played song on the radio. Yes people have short memories, the pain subsides and people move on. As much as the antis hate it and Bloomberg would like to change it, (he will fail) the gun control pendulum has swung the other way and there is NOTHING anyone, even with money coming out their sweat pores can do about it.

  3. This falls under the “tell me something I don’t know” category. It’s nice to have a concise graphic based on some real, hard data, though. This instead of the fevered dreams, mind-bending delusions, pathological lies, toxic vitriol, and psychological projection of the gun control advocates in the civilian disarmament industrial complex.

  4. Disproving the “silent majority” myth and proving the “loud minority” theory all at once, great job!

  5. That must be a conspiracy by those evil Capitalist Dogs. They are only interested in turning a profit without caring about the blood on their hands caused by all those NRA types searching for more efficient ways to kill innocent poor people who only want a fair share of the wealth!

    /sarc to off

  6. Not be a debby downer, however, those “trends” can be fudged by persistent searchers. Also there is a ballot measure here in Washington state to try and put, well, a New York style “background check” system in place. Funny thing is, everyone who buys a pistol here is sent through a background check. CCW holders just get it done on the spot instead of waiting.

    • Dirk, she’ll never be as good in person as in your imagination.

      Now, c’mon, man! Where’s the link to the pic of her in that two-piece bathing suit?

      • it is a one piece. it is not that flattering (think mom jeans) and well, I don’t know how to upload from my harddrive without well, linking from my harddrive.

  7. Hey, I’m all for common sense gun control.

    I just don’t think taking guns from law abiding citizens makes common sense. Just like the responsible body armor law that’s being proposed isn’t responsible at all.

    Owellianism at it’s finest!

  8. Homeland? I thought it was just me. I’ve always hated the term. It’s just so “eastern bloc”.

    • Yup, exactly. It’s also awfully close to “Motherland.” Makes one wonder just who’s writing the script for the defense of the US.

  9. I find ‘common sense gun control’ a topic of great interest. As in, since gun control makes no sense whatsoever, repeal of existing gun control laws is a matter of common sense.

  10. “gun sense” is in a similar plummet, but if you want a real laugh, you should look at what the term “NFA Trust” is doing, hehe.

  11. Looks like the progs dropped the ball there. They pushed a spike and then,,,,, a new season of AGT distracted them. Or perhaps it was Girls! They do seem to get all hot and bothered by watching chubby skanks on cable.

  12. I as a gun owner and AR owner am definitely a fan of common sense gun control. Who isn’t a fan of something that stems from common sense?

    Common sense dictates that magazine capacity legislation, so-called “assault weapons” bans, veritable bans on she’s, silencers, full autos, etc are worthless and don’t accomplish the aim that is ascribed to them to convince groups of easily cowed ignorant voters that it will reduce criminals with guns.

    By its very nature, common sense is at odds with the grand majority of a politicians idea of gun control.

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