“Not everyone feels the need for fifteen shot capacity of the KSG [bullpup shotgun],” cheaperthandirt.com (CDT) opines. “Some people however want shorter length for the tight confines of police cruisers and other vehicles. Enter the super-shorties from Keltec.” We’re talking 10-shots from a 10-inch barrel; a diminutive destructive device whose longer barreled bud is already easy to short-stroke. “Unlike post-1986rn submachine guns, these are available with only a $200 tax stamp.” Of course, when CTD says “are available” they know that those are not the first words that spring to mind when you’re talking about Kel-Tec in general or the KSG in particular. “The main complaint at this time is the backlog of orders — Keltec makes a little over a thousand KSGs every month and new orders are coming in faster than that.” So the short money says the short KSG will be a long time coming. Still, it’s the thought that counts.


        • While Indiana is pretty gun friendly, it doesn’t allow Short Barreled Shotguns. You can have machineguns, suppressors, and short barreled rifles. Just no short barreled shotguns.

          I have no idea why (probably some legacy law from prohibition era when bank robbers were terrorizing the countryside, if I had to guess).

  1. Of course! For the guy with an 18″-barrel 12-gauge who says to himself, “Ya know, the noise and blast just aren’t obnoxious enough.”

    • Don’t forget the smell. The KSG puts a huge bouquet of gunpowder up your nose. [My KSG review was dumped during the WP upgrade fiasco. SM’s restoring it this weekend.]

      • Right? And who needs accuracy when you can have a plastic 1913 rail that breaks under even moderate use?

        • @matt: Why have a rail if it isn’t meant to be used for the things folks usually use a rail for?

          @Duray: I suspect the spread from a 10″ barrel would make hitting your target with more than one or two pellets a dicey proposition at much farther than bad breath range.

        • As far as I’m aware, barrel length doesn’t appreciably correlate with shot spread, assuming comparable choking. Is there reason to believe it does? The shot cup is headed in the same direction, whether 10″ down the pipe or 30. I think one reason people have assumed this for so long is because, before factory-made short barreled shotguns were common, shortening a shotgun meant lopping off the choke/barrel of a sporting gun, which would immediately open your patterns.

        • I am guessing you guys have not really shot this gun or seen it in person because I keep seeing it has 10″ barrel, this gun does not have a 10″ barrel if it did it would be illegal in almost every state it has a 18.5″ barrel hence why its legal in I believe every state

        • Robert, the original KSG has a barrel of 18.5″. This article is about 2 newer, shorter variants with barrels of less than 18.5″. And no, a short-barreled shotgun isn’t “illegal in almost every state,” it just has to be registered differently, with some extra red tape and an ATF fee. Isn’t all of what I’ve said pretty obvious from reading the actual article above?

  2. Sorry I won’t buy another Keltec product in my life time learned my lesson with my p-11 9mm i bought 2 yrs ago I love how the slide pin just falls out when you rapid fire…hold on Mr. bad guy i have to put my gun back together…could you please wait??

    • If it makes you feel better, my $1,000 FNP45 Tactical has the trigger pin come out ever time I go to the range. At least KT will acknowledge the issue and fix it, FN refuses to do so, those assholes even claim that they dont keep service records of what they do when you send them your gun.

      • Make such a stink with them (over and over) until they figure out that you won’t go away. I have had decent service from FN, sounds like they may “know” that a problem exists but don’t have a fix yet. Just rattle their cage so often they can’t refuse to work with you. Squeaky wheel thing….

        When you drop a G for a product the mfr had better back it!

  3. Kel Tec is great at thinking stuff up. They could really use some help with what comes next. I’m not a K-T hater at all. I’d just love to see them clean up their act and start operating like a real company. I think the benefits that we, the gun-buying public would enjoy from that would be amazing.

  4. Is that 1,000 KSGs a month a typo? There arent even 3,000 RFBs and they’ve been out for years, current production averages at 1,000 per year. I cant believe prices havent significantly fallen on the KSGs yet, if they are putting out 1k/month.

  5. I had a chance to shoot the KSG with Robert and it was a lot of fun and a much better shotgun than I expected it to be. I’ve never been a fan of Kel-Tec but they do come up with some pretty cool ideas. I wish KT would spend a little more time on producing some top quality firearms, because there are plenty of buyers who have no problem paying top dollar for a great product.

  6. For those who complain that Kel-Tec has good ideas but not-so-good follow through, just give Ruger about 5 years to ape the design.

    Of course, it’s not a pistol, so it might not hurt to prod R&D and the CEO a bit.

  7. I have a hard time believing the 1,000 KSG’s a month figure. If that is true then there should be at least 3 to 4 thousand of them in circulation, seems high. I’ve never seen one and neither has anyone I’ve ever met. My local gun stores just laugh when I ask about ordering one. It’s been 4 years since the RFB was released, how many of those have you seen lined up on gun store shelves? I own two SUB-2000’s, the only two that I’ve ever seen in stores, and they’ve been around for over a decade. I’ve never seen a single SU-16, only pictures.

    Kel-Tec only produces their popular handguns in any volume. Finding any of their rifles/shotgun is a matter of luck or a thick wallet and a gunbroker account.

  8. +1000 on the line… “it’s the thought that counts”. KT seems to have achieved what I thought un-achievable – making vaporware from hardware. But like the RFB, I would buy it in an instant, if I could. IF. *sigh*

  9. I always thohugt the standard Glock sights were okay until I had them changed. I realized immediately that I was hitting more accurately with 3-dot Meprolight night sights than before. I’ve since had Meprolight night sights installed on all my Glocks. I prefer 3-dot sights and I like night sights. All my autoloaders have either standard 3-dot sights or 3-dot night sights. Three-dots fit my vision better than any others I’ve tried. The dot-the-I sights work pretty good for me too. Standard black sights are impossible for my aged eyes. Paint on the front sights of revolvers help a little.While some people say they prefer standard sights over night sights because they need to use a flashlight in darkness to identify the target and using night sights would not be of any use. Well, I don’t agree. In total darkness, you certainly have to use a flashlight to identify the target but night sights really come into their own at those times when the light is low but not non-existent. The soft glow of tritium under these circumstances is much easier for me to align quickly than non-tritium sights.

  10. I was at KT talking to Chad today. They are currently shipping 400-500 KSG’s a month now. There still in very high demand. I also was handling one of the KSG Patrol units with the 16″ barrel and am going to order one next week. You will never find any of these in stock because they only build them as they need them. These days it is easier to buy a NFA weapon, at a reasonable price, than it is to slum around trying to find an AR-15…

  11. Any updates on the plastic parts problems?
    I would likely grab a KSG if they fix that and the prices return more to normal. But “normal pricing” is a thing of the past. We are in a new era. Ammo, tactical weapons and anything other than items approved by “Shotgun” Biden are all going to cost us more. A lot More.

  12. The article doesn’t mention a 10-round, 10″ barrel variant, but 13.8″ barrel, 10-round variant. That’ll be 5 rounds per magazine tube with a switch you can quickly flip to feed from the other tube, for those of you unfamiliar with the KSG. I want one of these KSG SBS’s to put that new quick-detach Red Jacket KSG suppressor on! I’ve always considered shotguns too loud for indoor defensive use. Just my opinion for my own use. Short barreled bullpup shotgun with suppressor? Now we’re talking home defense! I just hope it’s one of the reliable KSGs. Buying a Kel-Tec weapon is a gamble!

  13. Hi, I own one and love it. Not just for the 14+1 shells but for the 24+1 if you use the 1 1/2″ aguila short shell. (shorties for the shortie)

  14. Personally, I’d rather they come up with a cheaper, single magazine version at the normal barrel length.

    • Like I stated before it’s one of the most awesome shooting and looking guns on the market. And as far as number of round like I said 24 + 1 if you use the Aguila 1 1/2″ shell or slug……

  15. i have a standard ksg, its a real fire breathing dragon with 2.75 in slugs!this is a good gun. if you dont own it , your not qualified to say jack good or bad, cause you dont make touchdown from your couch , you do it on the field in the game. so far 85 shells fire , 0 misfires , 0 problems with the gun. however i want to say as a real owner , you should buy a billet lower picatinny rail for the gun , and stay far away from plastic vertical foregrips, mine broke clean off. use a billet vertical grip and threadlock with medium loctite and your in the game.G od bless america, safety first, remember people only shoot themselves with a unloaded gun. finding out the hard way there is no such thing as a unloaded gun the hard way.

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