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TTAG’s warned concealed carry license holders many times: don’t draw your weapon based on incomplete information. If you happen upon a violent encounter mid-incident, you don’t know who’s who, who’s doing what to whom, and why. So we can’t fully judge the cop (security guard?) in this skater boy take-down; the video starts after the grapplers engage. I reckon Grandpa Blue Shirt didn’t pull his gun; it looks to me like it fell out of his holster during the tussle. But there is no reason I can see why the silver-haired gent needed to point his gun at the perp after the fact (:29).

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  1. That’s kid a punk and they should have smacked him upside the head with his skateboard, and then did the same to the loud mouth with the video camera.

    • What did that kid do other than (exercise possibly a duty to) retreat from an armed individual who wasnt clearly identified and was attacking him? Assuming that old man is cop or a security guard, why does he even still have a job? Two men couldnt take down 1 scrawny kid? I wish I could get away with being that incompetent at my job. Doesn’t seem like he resisted when the uniformed LEO who showed up. Since the old man threatened them with a gun after the uniformed LEO showed up, when they clearly did not pose a threat would suggest that he initiated the confrontation in an aggressive and threatening manner.

      • He didn’t know the gray-haired plainclothes had a hidden badge and immediately respect the authoritah and bow down like a good little serf? Apparently you lose the rights of free assembly and free speech if someone with a badge doesn’t like the way you look while guys like Joe cheer for more police brutality…

  2. I’m sure that the old Nazi, oops, I mean the highly professional armed mall security officer, was just following orders.

  3. Skateboarding is not a crime. Especially not one to get shot over. Even accidentally.

    Can’t wait to find out what happened to start this.

    • Maybe he should have been doing his skateboarding concealed so that the cops wouldn’t hassle him….


  4. Looks to me to be an issue of poor gun control, first losing the piece, and subsequently using it to point at the perp like an outstretched finger. Didn’t something similar happen in the SanFran subway with disastrous results?

  5. The security moron points his gun at the skateboarder as he gestures while talking to the cop… before he holsters it. Yikes.

  6. That guy has gotta be retired law enforcement (and or know someone in the department) otherwise I’m pretty sure he would be cuffed up at the end of the vid instead of the ever so threatening skateboarder

  7. The myth that every single skater is a jerk like bam margera is totally false, most of the ones I know usually don’t try to fight security. These kids are the next generation of potential firearms owners. So for Joe to assume anything from a 30 second video is complete irresponsible. Don’t be like the guy at my church school who kicked me out of church school when I disagreed with the fact that all teenagers are evil

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