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Underneath this morning’s Quote of the Day, TTAG commentator Derek pointed out that logic and reason are not enough to counter the gun control advocates’ plans to ban certain types of firearms and ammunition magazines. Pro-gun control folk achieve their ends through an appeal to emotion. The White House knows this. Hence their decision to release this photo yesterday, ID’ed as “the moment the President learned about Sandy Hook” (a.k.a., the “worst day of my presidency” or “this isn’t what Bush did when he learned about 9/11”). Hmm. Unless the CIC leans against that plush sofa as a matter of course, this would be the moment AFTER he learned about Sandy Hook. Also interesting: it’s an extremely passive pose. Again, where’s the anger? On the other hand, it’s probably a good thing Obama leaves the “resolved and resolute” meme to gun rights advocates. I only wish it wasn’t Wayne doing the R&R. Know what I mean? Two rather pointed comments under the pic post at . . .

“Of course there were no pictures released of Barry receiving news during the 9 hour firefight during which Navy Seals pleaded for support in Benghazi up until they were killed…since those pictures would show ‘The One’ sleeping in preparation for his Nevada fund raising trip the next day. The Democrats never let a tragedy go to waste…if it can further their progressive agenda.”

“Haters all of you. You’re just upset that he’s more intelligent and better educated than ya’ll.”

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  1. You know I’m not a fan of barry or his cronies. No doubt about that. But in all fairness the moment I heard about Sandy Hook was a shock that took the steam right out of me. The anger came later. Small point to make, I know.

    • Not a small point at all. At whom was he supposed to be angry in that moment? Would unbridled fury have brought any of the kids back to life?

      • At whom?

        How about all those disingenuous grabbers who cynically did nothing to keep guys like Lanza as far away from guns as possible but, instead, waited like vultures for the next mass killing. That’s whom….

        • The gun grabbers should have grabbed Lanza’s guns, but didn’t, so they could later grab other people’s guns?

        • Not exactly. In all her time in office, DiFi, like every other grabber has only gone after measures to restrict guns for all people after one of these tragedies. In between the tragedies, they sit and wait for the next one rather than formulate other ways to prevent the nutjobs from killing people.
          When someone wants something (in this case to reduce killings of innocents, as we’re told) they will do anything and everything to do that -trying different angles and approaches – and not just one thing.

    • the moment I heard about Sandy Hook was a shock that took the steam right out of me.

      Sorry, but unless you personally know people there (or that have relatives there), I don’t get why people are so overly emotional and get all upset over something that has nothing to do with them.

      • That’s because, as far as I can tell, you don’t have kids.

        Having kids of your own to raise and protect doesn’t just alter female brain chemistry — it does a job on male parents, too. My emotional reactions to situations like this, where my brain has been rewired by evolution to say “it is now your job to sacrifice your life, if necessary, to further your species” is absolutely going to be sympathetic to the parents.

        Capture this moment and review it 20 years from now. Unless you turn into a Unabomber-style hermit in the intervening years, the older you will understand exactly the point I’m making.

        • Hermitism is looking more appealing all the time, actually. The mail-bombing part I can do without, but if this society is going to strip us of all our rights, then living alone in a cabin somewhere seems like the better choice.

        • I must admit, as a 50+ male who’s never had kids that while I certainly was saddened in the abstract upon hearing about Sandy Hook, I didn’t feel any strong emotion.

        • To Alpha Geek: Actually, evolution has nothing to do with the survival of any species. It has to do with the survival of the individual, most often at the expense of members of the same species. Evolutionary theorist Richard Dawkins takes it further, arguing that the unit of evolution is the gene.

      • Since when is it mandated that we have a personal relationship with people in this type of circumstance to feel shocked and saddened? It’s called being human.

      • Totenglocke, you write, “I don’t get why people are so overly emotional and get all upset over something that has nothing to do with them.” I’m going to suggest that they do so for the same reason that the radio announcer who found himself reporting on the Hindenberg disaster as it occurred, sobbed out, “Oh, the humanity!,” though the catastrophe could be said to have nothing to do with him. I hope you’re not one of those people whose mirror neuron system is so impaired, as Adam Lanza’s appears to have been, that you cannot put yourself into the role of another person and feel at least a faint echo of what you perceive that person to be feeling.

      • Jesus Tote, not everything that passes through your brain needs to find a keyboard. Shut up and have a couple of kids and then get back to us.

    • Well to be honest when I first heard about it I wanted to turn home and get my kids out of school. I just wanted to hug them and hold them close. I wanted to make sure they were safe, and I felt very sad, and dazed. I was angry. Angry at the sub human piece of garbage that did this. Not at anyone else.
      We can debate mental health, mental disorder drugs, and gun control to no end, but that won’t bring those kids back. It won’t undo the one thing I could never imagine seeing anyone do.
      I have seen some pretty bad things in my life, but I can only imagine… Rather I don’t ever want to imagine or experience something like that.

  2. To me, that’s the image of a President feeling sorrow at the tragedy, and trying to process it just like the rest of us.

    I’m sure everyone here will read into it what they want to see.

    Should he have been curled up in a ball on the floor? Shouting in anger at the messenger? Smirking like a chimp at the political opportunity?

  3. I haven’t followed the controversy surrounding the Benghazi attack, but wouldn’t somebody lower down the command chain have been able to authorize additional support for the embassy during that fire fight?

    • Yes..
      The fact is it came from the top down to belay help.
      One of the Marines lased a target with a visible laser. No Navy Seal in their right mind does that unless there is an asset overhead which can fire on the target. The fact is what ever was overhead didn’t fire on target and that Seal died. The re-leaved the head of the Mediterranean fleet commander and sent him home to early retirement. Shortly after, we had a fleecing of generals. This whole thing stinks to high heaven. Just like F&F.

  4. Obama receiving news of a crisis and, rather than immediately cracking his knuckles and getting to work like a real leader, he falters in stance and bows his head. How perfect.

    I love how they happened to have a photographer there the second the news was given. Right. You can practically see the director behind the camera saying, “That was good, Mr. President, but let’s try it again and try to look sadder this time.”

    • +1000 Anyone with kids knows you never have a camera there for the best and worst of it unless they do it twice so that leaves the question… Was this staged? Me thinks so and why is it needed that we need to chronical the man’s emotions? Do we need to prove he has them?

      • Hell yes, it was staged. This administration is widely known for their certain “poses”, just for the effect.

  5. Am I the only one who caught it when He said: “I responded not as a President, but as a Parent.”

    That should be a No-No, that should prove he’s not a capable President. He gave himself to the people (pffft) He gave up his right to act as he would have before.

  6. That scum bags cries (Photo caption: He isnt crying in grief: he is really happy he now gets to try to ban guns that day) about one tragedy but in 2011 a US Army CH-47 is shot down over 20 SEALs and crew killed he never bats a eye for our men who die protecting us. Obama is a scum bag and slim of this nation and is embarrassment to it.

    • That really boils my blood. Navy Seals are true patriots, and I respect them greatly. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have on my side if things went south overseas.

      • If President Obama was photographed shedding a tear every time a group of Operators died in action, he’d be criticized for not doing the same for every serviceman who died.

        If he cried on-camera for every dead serviceman, he’d be accused of either being (a) a weak girly-man or (b) trying to compete John “the tears must flow” Boehner.

        In all seriousness, POTUS, arguably the most powerful and busiest man on the planet, flew to Dover to pay his respects to the SEALs as they made their final journey home:

        Lance: [FLAME DELETED] <– I preemptively deleted my opinions on Lance's judgment and ancestry so RF didn't have to.

    • obama is a psychopathic, narcissistic charlatan.

      lance, you hit the nail on the head.

      I doubt obama sheds much water over children killed by his drones…

  7. 1) Where’s the picture of when he learned about what happened at our Consulate in Benghazi and where’s the picture of when he learned about the fact that the doctor who served us OBL on platter was being detained and tortured?

    2) There just HAPPENED to be a cameraman wondering by when this happened?

    3) I was and still am a LITTLE upset that the NRA waited so long to respond, granted they needed for the emotional knee-jerk reaction to blow over, but within 24-hours I was emailing my state and federal reps and donating money to the NRA-ILA.

  8. I have a question. Does the White House have a photographer next to the president every time a crisis occurs? If so, how can we get that guy a taperecorder?

  9. We actually do have a photo of the President at the moment he learns of the Benghazi attack. And a photo during the binLaden raid. And now a photo at the moment he learns of the Sandy Hook massacre. We suddenly seem to have an awful lot of these “moment of” photos. Are we to believe there’s a photojournalist that follows him around 24/7 taking pictures whenever some news suddenly reaches the President?

    Or are these more likely staged attempts at pandering to people’s emotions from a political party with a history of demagoguing their way into power?

    • See comment above. The official WH photographers, who are on the job all day, every day except when they’re excluded from meetings.

  10. So, here is a question. When did you call in the photographer? Is the WH photographer sitting there all the time, or did he get called in so he could “capture the moment” I find it laughable that this was not a set piece.

    Seriously, who does that, Mr President here is some bad news and its ok if the photographer is here to listen in on a national matter.

    Hey, you with the camera, sit right there I am about to have a moment.

    We can all mourn what happened but who has a camera ready for this photo op? Please, the fact that it was release now is just more propoganda to support the gun grab because they are appealing to emotions once again and his base eats it up.

    Its like someone said in another post, its like rabid baseball fans whose team is a joke but are blinded by everything. I am not buying it.

    • “Is the WH photographer sitting there all the time” Basically, yes. See AlphaGeek’s post above.

  11. And there just happened to be a camera there taking pictures when Obama was learning new information for the first time?

    Or did they re-stage this for the camera?

  12. As for the last line of the post, I think most of us could’ve gotten into Harvard, except we didn’t know anyone named”Muffy” or “Biff”.

  13. Better educated huh? It’s a good thing that home-schooled Abraham Lincoln never made it to office. Oh, wait……… Well at least his lack of education made him a horrible President. Oh, wait……..

    A bunch of expensive book learning doesn’t mean jack unless you’re president of an ivy league college.

  14. Photographer—“Mr President please lean against that couch with your arms folded, head down… close your eyes aaaaaannnnnnndd GOT IT!”

  15. Gee, from some of the anti-POTUS posts on this site, it almost sounds as if were President Obama to raise a person from the dead, the complaints would immediately begin pouring in that he had desecrated a corpse. Enough already.

      • Seems to me as if the ones doing the whining are the knee-jerk anti-Obama folks, SCS, among whose number you seem to fall. In case you hadn’t noticed, not every pro-2d amendment person is blindly, frothing-at-the-mouth anti-Obama. Attack those of Obama’s policies with which you believe you have reason to disagree, fine, but the blanket condemnation of the man, no matter what he does or says, begins to wear thin with this devoted supporter of gun-ownership — including so-called assault weapons –, and concealed carry, for those who by reasonable standards have provided no grounds for these rights to be denied them. Just sayin’.

        • Keep drinking the Kool-aide. Name one thing POS has done to benefit the country. Auto bail-out doesn’t count that was initiated by Bush. Obamacare??? Benghazi?? Drink up, my man, drink up.

        • I’m sure Stalin had a couple good points in his reign, smattered amidst the millions assaulted and killed…doesn’t mean the guy deserves any less ire.

          Obama has proven to be nothing less than a disaster for this country, and an utter travesty of all things libertarian. Some of the precedents he’s set have ensured that this country will NEVER recover to a time when freedom was the norm. Period.

          Oh, and an Obama supporter using the word “reasonable”…that’s a dangerous mix. I wonder what kinds of “reasonable standards” you mean.

    • For poster Silver, please research Colin Ferguson (the LIRR mass shooter, 1993) and his history and tell me whether or not you agree that he should have had access to firearms. I think whatever standard(s) would have kept firearms out of this man’s hands, and those of Adam Lanza, and Jared Loughner, and James Eagan Holmes, and Seung-hui Cho, would have been reasonable, as far as I’m concerned, though I realize that once one starts saying that some people should be able to own firearms and others shouldn’t, problems immediately begin to arise.

      And, by you, Silver, Obame = Stalin? Is that a fact?

      • A few days back there was a brief debate over the question of Silver being an actual person, or an AI spawned by the Internet, optimized for dispassionate contempt of humanity. You might have missed it.

        The results of the discussion were inconclusive. I continue to subscribe to the AI theory.

        • Thanks, AlphaGeek. I must have missed the discussion, which I’m sure I would have found interesting.

  16. Despite my harsh feelings against Obama, I wont speculate to the authenticity of this photo because its just that, speculation. I want nothing more to see this man out of office, early if possible and maybe facing charges for Fast and Furious and Benghazi but thats wishful thinking.

    Still, not knowing the man Im mot going to call him a monster and say that what happened in Sandy Hook didnt hurt him. He has kids, I dont so I wouldnt know what that loss could feel like. That day hurt me too. In my career I have watched children suffer and cant imagine what it is like from a parents perspective. Obama may be an @&&#013 but that dosnt mean he isnt human. Maybe being a politician means he isnt human but thats up for debate.

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