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Bumblebee Desert Eagle .5AE (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Longtime readers may remember our formerly regular feature “Which Gun Would You Grab?” Unfortunately, the gentleman who produced the series for us went on to better (i.e. paying) things. A recent visit to Houston’s Collectors Firearms inspired me to reinstate WGWYG, starting with a brace of Desert Eagles in divergent attire. I reckon the gun above is reminiscent of the Transformers transformer known as Bumblebee. Whatever could we do with it? As Captain America proclaimed, until we can close that portal, our priority’s containment! Here’s Cap’s gat. . .

Captain American Desert Eagle (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

I know: I forgot to do the “set-up.” I didn’t give you a situation in which you had to choose one of the other of these .50AE firearms. Well, I can’t think of one. Can you? Meanwhile – and that could be a very long while – grab one! Ah . . . but which?

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    • I’m an ally, and would wear one. Preferably the Bumblebee (Cap’s gun looks too much like a toy).

      I’d really rather wear my own, which nobody would mistake for a costume prop; if you’re going to freak out the prog-natives, might as well do it right. But then again, if some dweeb freaks out and some anti-2A cop goes all “you can beat the rap but not the ride,” I’d rather have them confiscate that gaudy showpiece than my trusty 9mm polymer workhorse.

  1. I’d take the Captain America version, makes me nostalgic for the Nintendo game “Duck Hunt”. (yes, I know the Nintendo pistol was two tone not three color, but there is a similarity there)

  2. The yellow one, of course.

    That red, white, and blue one is culturally insensitive to anyone who has ever been oppressed by American Imperialism and its international terroristic policies….


  3. Holy @#$%. Do beat up, poorly cerakoted Deagles really sell for $2400? Do any Deagles really sell for $2500? Who in their right mind would buy a Deagle for $2500? I’d assume these are on the low end, because the only person who would pay a premium for these is the color blind, cognitively challenged 5 year old who decided to play with Dad’s gun stuff while he was gone.

  4. A shooting buddy of mine once saw a gold-plated Desert Eagle on a table at a gun show. He picked it up and said, “I wonder if it comes with a purple suit.”

    • My LGS has a gold one on display. Some dude ordered it and put down a deposit. Gun arrived while he was still short of cash, but he apparently paid it several visits to fondle it and take selfies. When he came in with the cash, he failed the background check. I think the price tag is $1900.00.

  5. I thought the point of the WGWYG game is 2 choose between 2 different firearms. Between these 2 I would go for red, white, & blue just because the hornet looking one appears to have a crack in the grip.

  6. If you were going to a Halloween barbecue and were wearing the costume that your brother in law that hates you and your wife insisted you wear then one of these could be your barbecue gun. Frankly I would be embarrassed to admit that I owned either of these ugly monstrosities. If someone gave me one of those, I would trade it faster than the New Jersey State Police would pull over a car with an NRA sticker!

    Tough to believe anyone would pay $2500 for a gun that ugly. In fact, I would go so far as to say both of those put the U in ugly.

  7. Well, since the only reason I’d grab either is to blow my own brains out, I’m going with the Star Spangled Eyesore.

  8. $2500 for a spray-painted Deagle with a cracked grip panel? Damn, I’m definitely in the wrong business. Are all the guns in that shop wildly overpriced, or is it just a “bad taste tax” for anyone who would buy one of these eyesores?

    In answer to the question, if I was forced to choose, I’d close my eyes and pick one, then use it to shoot the other one to pieces. That way, there’d only be one of these abortions left in the world.

  9. I think anyone looking down the barrel of a 50 cal Desert Eagle will only see the “LIGHT”. I do like the 50 cal. No double standards put the DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

  10. Do you think that you could open carry that red, white, and blue number anywhere you wanted? It looks so ridiculous that even Shannon would likely think it a toy. Of course most red-blooded Americans would carry it slung low, cowboy-style, and then carry the Bumble Bee in a Kydex ankle holster. Add a .50 AE filled bandolier, and you are ready for any occasion. I think I’ll buy both.

    • No need for anything other than simply open carrying it. Folks would take one look, and just the smell of crazy coming off it would motivate them to stay as far away as possible.

  11. The captain america paint scheme is clownish. They’d have to discount it $500 for me so I could get it repainted.

  12. Well I wanted to pick #2 because patriotism, but it’s ugly.

    Bumblebee doesn’t offend my aesthetic sense nearly as much. Though it’s still not how I’d paint it. :p

  13. The first thing I’d grab is a rattle can of flat black paint. Seriously, can you imagine using one of these on an intruder? The responding officers would ask for your firearm and when you present one of these they’re going to say “No really, where’s the gun you shot them with?” As they laugh in your face. If I saw these at a show or shop I would ask “Where does the bubble solution go?” Then leave and never come back.

  14. Life is too short to carry an ugly gun. I’ll stick with my pretty gun, EAA Compact 9mm Witness Pavona for Women in Sapphire Blue w/embedded silver sparkles. For the same
    price I could have 4 Pavonas and a thousand rounds of 9mm ammo

  15. Honestly, those look like guns that crooked cop Rich Wyant in Denver would Krylon and then mark up 200%. I’m going neither.

  16. Well, if I HAVE to pick one, I will take the yellow and black. My Dad, Grandpa and Grandma all retired from Caterpillar. I am pretty sure .50 AE will do some earthmoving as well.

  17. there are some things a man just won’t(or shouldn’t) do
    owning either of them is one of those things*

    *disclaimer, if it is post alien/zombie/dinosaur invasion and you find one all bets are off

  18. Neither. Only a dumbass would own a gun like this. Guns are not toys and shouldnt be made to look them. Seriously grow the fuck up or go back to cap guns.

  19. Well given those choices I’d rather have the Dewalt Eagle. Although neither paint job is especially appealing nor is .50 AE in general. I like Desert Eagles fine. Even had one of the old .41 Magnum models. Was my prized possession for a long while.

    That said though if I really wanted another Desert Eagle to dress up like this I’d rather take a note from the movie ‘The Boondock Sainds’ and get a two toned DE with a custom little hammer and cycle on the nose of it. Loved that move! ^,,^

  20. I would hands-down pick the bumblebee!!

    I would then take it out shooting. While listening to a Stryper cassette. On my Walkman. And drinking a glass of Country Time.

  21. I would grab the Bumblebee – the ONLY gun that should ever be described as Captain America’s gun is the 1911 he is depicted as carrying during WW2 – anything else is a fraud!

  22. If I were to get one free of charge I wouldn’t worry about the colour.
    After all a can of Nitromors is just £8.99….

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