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They shoot each other. Again. Still. “The Baltimore police commissioner has suspended some training academy staff members after a campus police trainee (not pictured above) was accidentally shot in the head by an instructor,” reports. “Anthony Guglielmi, a police spokesman, said the Tuesday shooting occurred during a training exercise in Baltimore County. All training academy operations have been suspended. Mr. Guglielmi said the investigation was focusing on how the instructor came to discharge live ammunition, though one theory is that he picked up the wrong gun . . .

The spokesman said police officials were also trying to figure out who authorized the training session because the location of the shooting was not one of the normal sites used by the department. The victim, who was training for the campus police at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, was in critical condition.”

As a Certified Simunitions Trainer (who’s worked with police) I can say without hesitation that there is nothing better for armed self-defense training. Nothing.

I can also say that when it comes to firearms safety, cops are their own worst enemy. Sometimes you can’t tell them anything. And we all pay the price.

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  1. Maybe they should get an NRA certified trainer. I’ve never worked with one where even the possibility of this could happen. But then what does an organization that has been training the proper and safe use of firearms for 142 years know.

  2. Yeah, be carefull out there occisfer. I guess I can understand what the bradys mean now, they’re what you call “professionals”, Randy

    • Seconded. At the very least charge the instructor with
      criminal negligence. Considering how many safety
      rules the instructor obviously violated, I would
      consider charging them with attempted manslaughter.

    • While I agree with you (that it was negligence), guess who is going to pick up the tab for this?

      That’s right. The taxpayers.

    • Can we do the same regarding the police officers that shot the living snot out of the two pickup trucks that did NOT have any connection to Dorner in the Los Angeles area?

  3. I actually have the scoop on this one. One of my buddies just graduated from the Baltimore Police Academy and according to him, the officer who shot the trainee placed the simunition pistol in his pocket without removing his actual pistol from his holster. Then when it came time for training, he mistakenly drew his duty pistol and shot the trainee in the head. Sheer stupidity.

    • So you’re telling me this “instructor” thinks he’s immune to muscle memory? what a jackass! Well, I suppose it was a good lesson, lets hope the other guys survives to apply it.

    • Call me naïve, but that’s stunning. Put it together with Dyspeptic’s note and it just makes me furious. And that shooter probably spends half his duty hours vetting carry permit applications.

  4. So do simunitions and training rounds now count as a danger to officers under the NY Safe Act and whatever nonsense Jersey is proposing?

  5. I always thought that using the office of sheriff to build a militia would be an excellent way to get prepared. You know how many arms makers just need to see a letter head and . . . viola – military grade harware of everykind? Not to mention free harware (and money) you confiscate off trollups. Plus, some people could only fight for freedom if uniforms are involved. Hey, if they need a ball cap w/ a star on it to fight I say lets give it to them.

    If on the cops have guns then you become one to get free.

  6. Not an accident – pre-meditated murder. This cop had probably refused to go along with some sort of confiscation that we are not yet aware is coming. He was taken out for training and an accident happened. “accident.”

    Screw your tinfoil hats on tight kids, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!!

    • A simmilar thought quickly passed through my mind but more along the lines of a steamy affair. I quickly filed that thought deep in the back where there is a lot of empty space.

  7. When we go through our Active Shooter training we’re searched twice as we enter the building, including an instructor that uses a handheld metal detector. If we leave for any reason we have to do it all over again when we come back in. Nevermind the fact that no weapons are allowed in.

    The instructor’s stupidity may cost a life and should, at the very least, cost him his job.

    • Same for me on being searched twice, there is a designated training area with only one point of entry/exit where the search happens. One or more armed officers posted on the outside of the training area so we don’t complain about being unarmed.

  8. My condolences to the family. They (those who protect and serve) are not perfect neither am I. But, before I handle any thing I check it. Because I am NOT perfect. When using sims all other types are kept apart and unloaded.

  9. Many cops are hired not because they are the best man for the job but simply they are liberal hence more cops shoot there own foot off than regular gun owners do.

    • I would say you are 1/2 correct – that is most men hired for the police are guys that get off on looking in the mirror, ordering people around and can pass a background check and a psych test.

      I believe that, like teachers, most of them are in it for the wrong reasons. And unfortunately for us and our children in public schools – the majority of losers wreck it for the few that are there for the right reasons.

  10. Karma? Wasn’t the a$$hat chief of police from Baltimore backing Fineswine at the congressional hearing in DC?

  11. Some of the folks here at TTAG, and other internet gun sites, like to criticize those of us who fall into the “FUD” category but I gotta say…

    Those of us who aren’t High Speed Low Drag tend to, at least, know how to ID a target.


  12. Some “professional” did not follow the safety rules, and said “professionals” are the only ones that should be armed?

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