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Boy did THIS guy show up with the wrong gun. I haven’t seen that much tap n’ rack since the last time I ordered a pitcher of draft beer at Hooters. I’m no gun guru; I just play one on the Internet. But I’ve been taught that if an attacker gets within bad breath distance before your weapon’s ready, use hand skills to create distance first, then get your gun. There’s a reason why the expression “shooting from the hip” means missing. That said, Wayne says he’s seen U.S. Air Marshalls hit a three-inch group firing from the hip at 10 yards. Bottom line: a man’s gotta know his limitations and plan accordingly, realizing that no plan survives contact with the enemy. Now where have I head that before?

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  1. For how to deal with multiple threats I like to turn on my copy of Collateral and watch the scene where Tom Cruise’s character dispatches a couple of hooligans with his USP45…

    Well, that IS a movie and not real life but how often do situations occur when you have drawn your weapon and the attack has continued? Especially when the attackers are not armed? I know that a deuce of muggers may be more ardent than a mugger singleton but surely at some point the risk has exceeded the supposed benefit and their opportunism will become somewhat… jaded.

  2. The instructor here, who goes by the handle SouthNarc, is probably *the* modern expert on close-quarters fighting with guns and knives. He teaches in the northeast pretty regularly, and his classes have a reputation for being realistic, extremely physical, and *punishing*. Not really a shooting class, but a fighting class with full-contact (and protective gear). AARs are available at all the usual places.

    The gun is probably jamming so much because it’s been used to run the simunition-style ammo all day, and has become fouled.

  3. Seems to me if the gun isn’t firing and the guy is on top of you, smack him in the side of the head with the pistol. Hard. Might even clear the jam. You cannot get weapon tunnel vision in life or death situations.

      • As a follow up: If you smack the guy and stagger him, hit him again and again, and again, until he drops.

        We’re not talking Marquess of Queensbury rules in these situations. We’re talking living to enjoy another day above ground.

  4. Did the guy have his pistol in condition 2 to begin with? If so, that was his first mistake. If he’d had a revolver, it would have all been over in 2 seconds. And finally, he had numerous opportunities to groin strike these guys and put them down. I’m not impressed with the training he’s getting.

  5. Jim B says: “I’m not impressed with the training he’s getting.”

    Me neither. I’m sort of appalled.

  6. Are they using a gun or a spring airsoft pistol? I had an airsoft pistol that you had to do that with.

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