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What’s Wrong With This Picture: BOO! Edition

I love Oleg Volk’s work. Why else would I keep channeling TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia to his site? But our man really needs someone with a bit of tactical knowledge to advise him on the composition of his photos. Previously on It Makes A Good Photo So Quit Your Bitching, we’ve had a young lady attempting to clear/defend her house with a KSG bullpup shotgun with so many doo-dads the weapon was crying out for a cup-holder (decaffeinate this you Russian bastards). And now this tactical faux pas. Well, at least she’s got eye protection. And a hat. Now, come on feel the noise!


  1. avatar Jamie says:

    I assume you’re bitching about her finger on the trigger, that’s exactly where I put my finger when I’m ready to fire my weapon. It’s a picture, so instead of going all PC on it why don’t you just imagine she’s getting ready to drop the hammer on a scumbag and enjoy it.
    If you weren’t referring to the position of her finger forget I said anything.

  2. avatar IndyEric says:

    Absence of hearing protection? Or would the can at the end of barrel help? Too many doo-dads? I see a scope and suppressor. Is it the fact the weapon is between the railing posts? Help us out here…what exactly is wrong with the picture?

  3. avatar David says:

    I hate to nitpick, but that does not look like their shotgun. It has a box magazine that can be picked out just under her face. Looks like one of their 7.62×51 rifles to me.

    1. avatar Ryan Finn says:

      You’re right David. That’s the RFB bull pup rifle in .308.

      RF was talking about a post last week where a pic with the Kel Tec KSG shotgun was featured.

      1. avatar David says:

        I should have read more carefully, my bad.

  4. avatar Robert Farago says:

    What would happen if you yelled BOO! at her from behind and she was startled?

    1. avatar Ken says:

      She would tell you to stop acting the fool, she’s trying to kill something?

    2. avatar VA Pete says:

      Maybe there’s a railing on the other side of the steps. Wouldn’t want to nick one of the bars.

  5. avatar Bob H says:

    I see a pic of a good looking woman ready to fire. She is shooting through the railing so that she has some cover for the lower 2/3 of her body from the concrete steps. My only objection to the pic is the overabundance of clothing…

  6. avatar Hunter S. says:

    Obviously she’d donkey-kick you without removing her eyes from her target. Duh…

  7. avatar Magoo says:

    She’s got her barrel stuck through the railing, which is a bad idea from several angles.

  8. avatar Oleg Volk says:

    Muzzle through the railing ensures that she won’t hit it by accident and suffer from a ricochet. Other photos in the series show kneeling firing position for better cover. As for the KSG photo, it had a red dot and a light/laser on it. Very over-equipped, right?

    1. avatar 2Wheels says:

      That’s what I was about to say. 90% of peoples AR15s have more “doo dads” than a light and an optic, that KSG wasn’t overkill with two simple accessories.

      A lot of people like lights on their home defense guns, and unless I’m wrong the KSG does not have fixed iron sights, right? So why not throw a red dot on it?

      1. avatar Robert Farago says:

        If you go back and read the post (please) you’ll see my main complaint: she was using a shotgun in an HD SD. The doo-dads were icing on the poison cake. Or something like that.

        1. avatar 2Wheels says:

          I did, if only to double check the picture.

          But then you said on this post “so many doo-dads the weapon was crying out for a cup-holder”.

          If it had a bayonet, bi-pod, and backup iron sights, then maybe we could talk about adding a cup-holder.

        2. avatar Robert Farago says:

          Fair enough.

  9. avatar Andy says:

    Does anybody have a small paper bag for RF to breathe into?

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      I’m. Fine. You. Go. Ahead. Without me.

  10. avatar Jason says:

    No hearing protection, crowding a barricade, and no spare mags. I love Oleg’s photography, but his staging often fails “tell me a story” analysis. The only story this fits is, “So a firearm manufacturer hired a photographer and a model…” If we’re not even going to pretend like it’s a realistic depiction of the product in use, do like the a certain Eastern European gun company and just put the model in a little black dress and a sports car.

  11. avatar Magoo says:

    Oleg Volk says: “Muzzle through the railing ensures that she won’t hit it by accident and suffer from a ricochet.”

    1. With the barrel inserted through the railing, she is prevented from turning toward an attacker or attackers approaching from any angle except for the very narrow range directly in front of her, as dictated by the rails.

    2. If this porch or stoop is like 99 percent of those in the USA, there is a second, identical iron railing a few feet in front of her — greatly obstructing her field of fire, while greatly increasing the opportunity for ricochets. Basically, she has to hope that the target conveniently lines himself up parallel with the openings in the railings.

    Really, she wants to be shooting over or under this railing.

    Please don’t take my observations as criticisms of your photographs per se. I’m approaching them in, I believe, the same spirit as RF: simply as an opportunity to discuss techniques, tactics, and safety. I assume these were set up as lifestyle or modeling photos and never intended as textbook illustrations and it would be unfair to critique them as though they were.

    1. avatar MALTHUS says:

      From your observation, I see you are capable of clear thinking on occassion. It would be genuinely nice to see you put this skill to use more often. :^)

      Getting wrapped up in your sling this way can also leave you vulnerable to getting stuck to the gun you wedged into that narrow opening. Better to pull the loose strap up out of the way with your support hand so you can drop the primary arm if necessary and go to your pistol.

    2. avatar ImanAzol says:

      Really, shooting over the railing would be a bad idea, since she’d be more exposed.

      As to what’s behind her, perhaps she has backup. Perhaps there’s more hard cover behind her. Perhaps there’s only one hostile.

      Yes, yes, I know, always plan for the worst. That’s why I keep a mousetrap on the dash of my car. Don’t you?

      As to no hearing protection:

      1: Can

      2: The enemy rarely tells you when they’re going to appear.

      This would also apply to “no spare mags.”

      I know: Maybe he could make every photo a team of three in armor, helmets, glasses, ears, with camo fitting the environment, a sandbag barricade, covering all directions and with radios for backup. THAT would be realistic.

  12. avatar Don says:

    She’s not my girlfriend?

  13. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    A hot chick with a cool gun, what more could you ask for ? Maybe two or three hot chicks with lots of guns, but that’s just wishful thinking.

  14. avatar jsbrodhead says:

    Scope is on backwards?

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