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Voluptuous is a loaded word. In this case, deployed by The New York Daily News in their story Female gun fanatics on the rise: More women, like ‘three gun’ champ Tasha Hanish, buying guns, it sounds an awful lot like GFILTF. [Hint: think MILF with guns.] Which is a bit peculiar, seeing as the writer in question is a woman of a certain age. Still, we’ve seen this editorial tone before: women with guns are odd, but righteous, but worrying, but sexy! And here it is, again, still, from the [uncredited] floor of the NRA ConFab. “Tasha Hanish, with a semiautomatic on her belt and a rifle in her hands, looks as if she leapt out of a video game onto the NRA gun show floor. If FNH USA thought the athletic brunette would be good fishbait to lure male gunbuyers away from the Remington and Smith & Wesson booths, they were right: men were rapt as she showed off the features of FNH guns. She knows what she’s talking about. [Ed: Whoa!] ”I’m 30, and I’ve been shooting for 17 years,’ Hanish told the Daily News. ‘My dad took us out hunting in Oregon. He taught me.'” Tsk tsk. You just HAD to trace it back to a guy, eh? OK, ready for the anti-gun shading?

Kelly Underwood, a voluptuous blond who got into target shooting with her boyfriend, a lifelong hunter who works in law enforcement, said, “I actually hit the target. I was pretty proud of myself.” But her reason to learn shooting is also one of self-defense: “I have a stalker,” she explained.

Note to newshounds: keep that babe’s number on speed dial! Meanwhile . . .

American gun manufacturers, like Utah’s Cobra company, have tried to “target” the female market with colorful small guns that shoot as few as two bullets. “We have pink, purple, fuschia,” said Kimberley Wallace at the Cobra booth. “They’re Derringers, just like the ones from the 1800s that ladies tucked in their garter belts.”

Target in quotes. Cute!

But their most popular model with female customers is The Shadow, a pink .38 Special that weighs only 15 ounces. ‘It weighs about as much as a cell phone, and it fits in your purse,’ Wallace explained. ‘It has five shots, and if you’re scared, you just pull this out and shoot, shoot, shoot.'”

Ah shoot. How long is the media going to do this story like this? Pick a side. Or, better yet, don’t.

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    • I dunno…target manufacturers had to begin offering silhouette targets in Blue on White and Green on White – because blacks complained that Black silhouettes on white paper were racist in nature and encouraging bigots to go shoot black people.

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