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Well it appears that since we’re safely past the election, Queen Nancy has finally deigned to allow another stimulus bill to move through the House of Representatives. According to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Americans could start seeing credits to their bank accounts and checks in their mail boxes for the princely sum of $600 per person as soon as next week.

“The good news is this is a very, very fast way of getting money into the economy. Let me emphasize: People are going to see this money at the beginning of next week,” Mnuchin told CNBC host Jim Cramer.

“So it’s very fast, it’s money that gets recirculated in the economy,” he added. “People go out and spend this money, and that helps small business and that helps getting more people back to work.”

While gun control groups were only too happy to shamelessly snag PPP stimulus money to boost their anti-civil rights agenda, many of the checks sent to actual productive citizens as part of the first stimulus bill back in July were used to buy guns (among other things).

We’re guessing a lot of the upcoming payments will be spent on something ballistic, too. Maybe you’ll snag that pistol you’ve had your eye on. Or a long gun. Lots of you will probably want to buy ammunition. The only problem, of course, is finding ammo to buy.

Or — here’s a crazy idea — you could do your best to piss off the ATF and pick up a pistol stabilizing brace. Or maybe…something else entirely.

AR-15 80% lower
Dan Z. for TTAG

We’re just spitballing here. What’s on your shopping list?

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    • I think the question should actually be, “what are the lying politicians buying with OUR money?” The answer: they’re buying US. They closed our businesses, lied to us, cheated us, took our hard-earned wealth, and now they expect us to smile and support them while they bribe us with our own money. They’re normalizing the idea that the government can and should be responsible for people’s income. Meanwhile, most of this so-called “relief” bill is just a vast cash transfer to foreign governments and special interests.

      But yeah, go ahead and buy some fun gun stuff. Pay rent, buy food. Be grateful for this “gift” from your benevolent masters. Of course, if they hadn’t confiscated your income in the first place, you could have done all of that anyway, and more besides. But they assume you’re too simple to know any better. Given how 2020 went, and what 2021 looks like, they’re probably right.

      • “Given how 2020 went, and what 2021 looks like, they’re probably right.”

        2020 was entertaining. 2021 should be a full “Laugh-In” production.

      • Every dollar they RETURN to me is a dollar they are NOT pissing away on some bullshit Social program or using to pay off BLM… I didn’t agree with OR want the first one but it showed up in the checking account any way… This time Hell yes I’ll take it and as many more like it as they want to send because the Creepy One and Kammaltoe are just going to use it to try to take away my God given (Constitutionally protected) rights to defend my self, my home and my family in the way with the means that I see fit… Every dollar they give back is one they don’t have to screw me…

        • True enough, and I’ll take back my pittance for the same reasons you take yours. But that doesn’t make it right.

        • Exactly. Do I agree with it on a fundamental level? No. I think they are trying to get everyone used to and expecting the state to provide for them indefinitely. However, I have a few friends that refused to touch theirs because of principles…. We are going to be fighting for our rights very soon. It seems illogical to refuse money for armaments in that context. Plus, the irony of buying a new unregistered ar-15 with no serial number and 30 rd mags with a stimulus “from biden” makes me happy. Were all just ‘biden our time.

      • For one to receive $1 from the government, others have to send maybe $5 to the government….think confiscation….er, taxation. The government has no money except the Little Peeps’ money. Politicians see the Little Peeps money as theirs to skim, scam, squander, and with which to buy votes……..or today, corrupted voting machines. It matters not who votes, only who counts the votes….or whose voting machines count the votes.

        • others have to send maybe $5 to the government….

          Not any more, now they just make it up with a bunch of ones and zeros OR borrow it from people who want to destroy us….

          • It’s a shell game. Sure, they just add a zero here or move the decimal point over a digit, but they do that across the board. So, yeah, they give you a little gift but now you owe them a multiple % more than before the “Gift”.

    • Yeah I’m planning to take it out in all paper bills.. then proceed to wipe my ass with them.

      Because that’s all American currency is about to be worth.

      • “Because that’s all American currency is about to be worth.”

        Hey, if that’s what you really think, I’ll give you $50 for your $600 and you can buy some toilet paper that won’t scratch your a-hole like C notes would…

    • 7% is going into the tax payers pockets. Were is the other 93% going. If everyone knew, really educated on the waste and corruption that Nancy amd Mich are pushing through. It wont stop but i hope they all burn in hell.

      • If everyone knew, really educated on the waste and corruption that Nancy amd Mich are pushing through.

        So tell us O’ ENLIGHTENED ONE, what’s it like to be burdened with the knowledge of the deep dark secrets that our supposed government leaders have hidden from us poor, ignorant, gun and God clinging, deplorable, unwashed dregs of society…. I don’t know how YOU can manage bear the weight for ALL of us lesser, uninformed, blissfully ignorant Americans while we waste our time preparing and helping others to prepare (instead of sitting around whining about shit we can’t change) for the world of shit that WE know is about to come down on us all……..
        Unless you are talking to the “pissed off” whiners that “make too much money” who are complaining about my bullshit $600.00 “tax rebate” (after we paid over 5 grand in taxes last year) instead of bitching about the hundreds of billions of dollars going to bail out failed Democrat run cities like L.A., S.F, Chiraq, Detroit, Minneapolis, NYC and others who are going broke because they lost their tax base when they destroyed the businesses that supported them by needlessly (some say with intentional malice) shutting down everything THEY considered non-essential (which meant THEY either didn’t NEED them or THEY had a financial interest involved) in that case “Never Mind”

    • Yeah, me too. Always put any “windfall” of unexpected cash to paying off debt. I put the last one to my car loan, close to paying that one off now.

    • Pay off outstanding debt as much as you can. Prep for come what may. Now I don’t care about anyone’s personal hang-ups over Walmart, but for about $100 you can pick up 60lbs white rice, 56lbs pinto beans, 50lbs all purpose flour, and 30lbs mac elbows. Almost 200lbs of long (year+) term shelf stable victuals for an affordable price.
      Pick it up now before every one is. And no I, am not talking Mylar bagged, vacuum sealed, oxy absorbers, 20 year storage. The av US household has just 3 weeks of food on hand, most cities & towns 3 days with out power. $100 worth is a small price to pay for some security. Work it in to your meal plans and replace as needed.

      • Most people don’t even think about stuff like rice and dried beans.. I keep 100 lbs of each and I can hunt/fish and grow everything else I need… Mountain spring fed well that dates back centuries, cook over open fire, heat with wood.. who needs electricity… area NOT user friendly to strangers.. good neighbors, plenty of guns and ammo with the ability to use them to KEEP my stuff… I am not concerned, shut it down tomorrow, wait for the big city liberals to die/kill each other off (won’t take that long) then turn it back on, much better world….

      • What he says. Walmart is a good place to stock up as are Costco and Sam’s Club. If it is wasteful to buy the large sizes, you can always stock up at the dollar store – they have single and 2 entre’ size cans of whatever – potatoes, beans, chili, soup. I bought a couple of flats of soup, mix and match, great prices. Soups make a great start to a meal, gravies and stews. These keep way past their “buy by” marking, are great to have for guests to stretch a meal or just to have on hand if you are not feeling well and want something easy.
        The store used to be a “long term” larder. Now people depend on the market for their “store”.
        Make your own “store”, this helps you get by the hard times as well as the SHTF times. $50 to $200 of items that have a long shelf life will make life sooooo much easier.

        • Pick up a couple of large plastic self sealing tubs, toss in a couple of dehumidifiers keep rice and beans in original packaging add extra layer of saran wrap stuff will keep for years..

      • Excellent advice for anyone who hasn’t already taken it. I preach to everyone that THESE are the days of easy calories. No telling what the future might bring, but 2000 calories a day you don’t have to grow or try to hunt with half the people trying to do the same and the other half trying to steal from everyone else will improve your options and chances of survival.

        Today is the day. If you’re thinking, “I wish I had bought toilet paper, I wish I had bought n95 masks, I wish I had bought cases of ammo….”

        Well, don’t be the hungry one thinking, “I wish I had something to eat.”

        And he isn’t wrong about how far $100 will go with bulk foods. Keep it for a few years and then donate and replace it for the rest of your life and you’re still ahead of the MRE game.

        Right now I’m working on getting my apocalypse bourbon by the case supply in order. I’m going to enjoy sitting on my porch with a drink and watching smoke from the world burning.

      • Word of advice on rice and beans:

        If you aren’t an expert on cooking it, do yourself a favor and pick up a basic rice cooker. Rice and water go in, in the proper proportions, add in any seasonings, push a single button. Fifteen or twenty minutes later, rice is ready, and it will never, ever burn.

        For beans, pressure cookers are in the same vein, in that they take a lot of the hassle out of cooking dried beans and the basic models are cheap. Beans and water go in, put the cooker on full heat until it starts releasing steam. Back off the heat until the steam valve releases gentle puffs. From there, most varieties of beans take around 30 minutes to cook. No presoaking required. After cooking is done, put the pressure cooker under cold running water. That will bring the pressure down, and allow you to open it. Add seasoning and any other flavoring (bacon or whatever) at this time and your beans are done. This is how cultures that have beans every single day of the week do it without spending hours and hours cooking them.

        Altogether, a good rice cooker and a good pressure cooker will set you back less than $100 and will last you the rest of your life. I’m still using the ones I got in my college days, and they’re still going strong more than twenty years later. If you’re investing in rice and beans, it’s worthwhile getting tools to make using them easier.

        • and they’re still going strong more than twenty years later.

          That explains the lack of a pressure relief valve… Presoaking is much safer and highly recommended for anyone who does not know at they are doing… Rice is much simpler, two cups water one cup rice bring to boil cover and cook for twenty minutes.. I like to use homemade chicken stock in place of water… my little rice cooker holds three cups water and 1 1/2 cups rice, perfect every time…

        • Loved my rice cooker for about 6 months…then it just quit working. Didn’t save the receipt and had to pay for a replacement…that worked great for about 3 weeks before it quit working too. I make my rice in a pressure cooker now. It’s a bit more work (have to keep track of time) but I don’t have to worry about electronics burning out (and will work on an open fire/grill if necessary). A word of advice on pressure cookers, once you decide the size you will need, buy the next size up or you will eventually wish you had.

        • Rice cookers all take electric, not a great crutch when the lights go out. It’s why I keep from buying one. And yea I cook a half cup every day on the stove. And yes 2 or 3 times a week I boil over a small amount.
          Now the ‘pressure canner’ not cooker is something I highly recommend. I but meats on sale like pork butts & turkey 99¢ per lb. Or chicken thigh quarters for 25¢ to 49¢ a pound in 10lb bags frozen. Caned up the meats will last longer than you will if stowed properly. The jars pay for them selves after one use, compared to buying canned meats per pound. I recommend the 16 qt Presto, it’s about $75 on Amazon. I have the above amounts of rice & beans in my family’s meal plans. So we know how to cook the things we have, and they are never kept too long, they are used as we go, and replacements are bought as needed. For an idea, a 22lb pork butt cans up in 12 qt jars. 10lbs of chicken about 6 or 7 qt jars. Trick is buy the meat on sale or when you harvest, freeze if you need to free up enough jars to can it up.
          I also can Asian carp & feral hogs, and poke salat in the Spring, the real survival foods.

      • Well Mike, I agree with you, however my sympathy meter is on empty for those who never had the forethought to plan ahead. People just going along through their life and never considering that there may be tough times in the future. F’em. Just imagine middle of winter and the grid goes down due to sabotage or just fail to maintain. Imagine no electrical power in major northern cities for up to two months. . Within a week they will be trying to eat your dog. I’ll be fine, but imagine the ignorant and ill prepped, I used to care about people, but not so much anymore.

        The worst are the religious, always wanting something for free in the name of god. If they really believed in something they would take care of themselves.

        I think the bottom will fall out of the stock market under Biden’s watch, he won’t be in there long before he has a stroke , other medical condition or is declared incompetent by his own party. When Kamel toe Harris is made potus things will really go to hell. Just my opinion. .

  1. “This is number one Bullsh1t” -Khabib Nurmagomedov

    In case you haven’t noticed, every financial crisis ends up being a massive wealth transfer TO THE RICH. The checks are nothing but a distraction. There should only be verified unemployment payments and verified rent and utility help for small, non-asset rich businesses. Congress is fking useless, and there is no such thing as a fiscal conservative. They say that BS to get elected, just like they talk a big game about the 2A.

    If you aren’t spending that check on food, rent, or utilities, then you don’t need it.

    • “In case you haven’t noticed, every financial crisis ends up being a massive wealth transfer TO THE RICH.”

      Balderdash and Tommyrot. The Colonel and I live in an expensive grotto, gated community with 24/7 roving armed security (and private firefighting service). There are 16 families here, all with expensive habits, yet none of us are getting stimulus checks. We have to watch the post carrier drive by here, enroute to Bogside, wondering how the serfs and vassals will waste their government largess.

      • I’m paying off the lease on my camp and stashing some preps there. No sense keeping all my eggs in one basket.

        • “I’m paying off the lease on my camp and stashing some preps there. No sense keeping all my eggs in one basket.”

          Good Move, that.

      • “Sam I Am”,

        You sound like the “very wealthy”, not “the rich”. The well connected billionaires have made a fortune from covid.

        The working wealthy have taken a hit, as has much of the middle class.

        • “The working wealthy have taken a hit, as has much of the middle class.”

          Well, the Colonel and I never worked; we trained as officers. However, when we were employees we were not even in the same Zip Code with “wealthy”.

          Or now.

        • I’m not “the rich, the wealthy, or the poor”. I’m just middle class, but debt free, with good cash reserves in the bank, well stocked pantry, a good supply of guns and ammo, and a big garden where I grow fruit and vegetables. More resilient than most. Life is good.

        • No COVID checks, no bonus, took a hit, but with well and spring water, an acre of solar panels, and a shed full of batteries, fruit tree orchards with apples, peaches, pears, plums, persimmons, blueberries, major garden with everything good, all canned up for days, 100k ++ rounds of ammo, chickens (layers and roasters), two stocked ponds full of bass and bluegill, deer and turkey tripping over each other, 1,000+ lbs of propane, tanks of diesel and non-ethanol, pallets of everything Sam’s has to offer, iOS bunting stoves with unlimited fuel, German Shepherds and only one way in, the RidgeRunner compound will be fine.

        • Ridge runner,
          Dang! I thought I was sitting pretty good prep and homestead wise. You are way ahead of me. Well done!

        • Art, the challenge is to keep it rotated and good to go, but I’m pretty solid way back in the woods. Could do better in some areas, like livestock, when I retire in a couple years I plan to expand the menu to include beef and pork and ditch the horses. Need a bigger smokehouse, the one I have now is full with venison, turkeys and hams. I’d hate to think my country ham got cut off.

    • “If you aren’t spending that check on food, rent, or utilities, then you don’t need it.”

      I tend to agree with that.

      I don’t pretend to understand nation-wide econ, but ‘we’re going to give you a handful of change so you can spend it to save small business’ seems kinda wacky. I don’t need a bag full of tacos from a drive-thru. My favorite local pub, for which the local owners (super nice folks) worked really had to build up a thriving business from scratch…is now dead. Killed by this total fraud hoax virus. (F your differing opinions)

      Meanwhile the stimulus will give dumptruck loads of taxpayer money to huge corporations.

      Zuckerberg and Bezos have both increased $50,000,000,000+ in PERSONAL WEALTH since the lockdowns.

      F all of this, and whomever goes along with it.

      Instead of handing out insulting amounts of money (not that some don’t really need anything they can get), OPEN THE GD COUNTRY ALREADY. That will help business. This is such utter BS.

      You feel at risk? Stay home. I’m an adult. I make my own decisions.

      “Don’t tread on me” can mean a lot of things.

      • Both Florida and Georgia are open for business.
        Economy here in Florida is doing well, the snow birds and Canadians are all here and going to the beach and to stores and restaurants.
        Our I C U is not filled with corona virus cases.
        Christmas shopping is in full swing.
        Thank the Lord for Republican Governors!

    • Hilarious. People should feel lucky they’re getting anything. In case you haven’t figured life out yet, when the chips are down you’re on you’re own. Maybe this whole situation will make people realize that they need to keep their shit together in case of emergencies. Hopefully the days of buying more vehicle or house than you need, on credit, are over. Or the fruitless spending on gadgets, streaming services, and other garbage.

      “It can’t happen here,” they say. Well, the last ten months just proved it can. And whining about the rich doesn’t solve your immediate problems. Sure, Congress is useless and serves the rich. All the more reason to be more conservative in your choices.

    • Dude,

      “If you’re not spending on food, rent, utilities you don’t need it.”

      Well said, and why I didn’t accept the July payment and won’t accept this one. I never believed in government handouts and I won’t prostitute myself by taking one now.

        • Render unto Ceaser and all that. I don’t agree with everything my government spends my money on, but I do like driving on interstate highways, occasionally looking up and seeing the odd Blackhawk or C-130. Ft. Rucker and Eglin AFB are not far away. Brings back memories.

          • but I do like driving on interstate highways,
            Then you should thank all the truckers (not the government) that average about $3000.00 a year in highway use taxes that are supposed to keep those roads in good condition but somehow always mysteriously gets diverted to the project du jour or some obscure social program or Am Track subsidies while bridges crumble and Interstates go to hell… That doesn’t include all the money the DOT collects at their “revenue sharing” stations aka weigh stations strategically positioned around the country…

        • $3600 for me & the wife and we’re still down $1400 on last years taxes… Gotta get a new accountant… For ALL you RICH guys that “make too much” our COMBINED adjusted gross was just under the $150,000 limit for couples my $3106 monthly disability is not taxed, not earned income, not counted… Party on… I do..

      • “I won’t prostitute myself by taking it” I agree with your premise on a fundamental level. The point where we diverge is: I feel like I’ve already been prostituted without my consent and don’t see much point in refusing the money. I’ve already been fucked. Furthermore, I truly believe shit is soon to hit the fan on some level and turning down money for ammo such, when they already have passed the legislation…it’s going to happen. My refusing it just means it’s going to go to some other social program crap. Kinda like all those hardcore anti gun anti trumpers who were avidly opposed to…damn…can’t recall the name, but it had to do with ppp or pacs….it essentially dealt with how the government views political action crap and political activist and how they are allowed to make money use money, breaks from gov, etc. They opposed it passionately. When it passed despite their opposition, they took advantage of it and used the funding to fuel their anti gun anti trump activities. I am against the stimulus. I think it’s a direct attempt to further dependence upon the state, turning out a people who are weak willed yes men. I think it’s a negative just about all the way around, period. I now rich people….but most of the people I know in my area of plaza midwood, charlotte nc are below middle class to say the least. I smoke alot of bud, and as a result, I have alot of connections with low income good folk in my area. All got the stimulus. NONE “needed it”. NONE used it in any kind of essential way. These are the EXACT people who were targeted as being the most in need. And really, they are, but that doesn’t mean they used it for what the need. My main weed lady who lives in my shitty complex bought an akc registered yorkie with this stimulus. My friend cj took his girl to Vegas for 2 days. My brother in law……quaddarius…no I’m not joking…yes he was the forth child and the first borns name was darius, was telling me last week how he used his stimulus to “get put on” which apparently means he used his stimulus as a down payment on a very large amount of bud to begin selling. Well, it wasn’t just that, he bought him, my sister, and their twins new…..some kinda stupidly expensive sneakers. I don’t remember what kind but VERY colorful…yesterday he called to borrow $115 toward their car payment…..”what about all that weed?” I’m selling it….I’m selling it….I just ain’t got it like that yet chief, come on you know I gotcha.” Point I guess: I agree with you. But with they way things are, where it looks like we are headed, and finally, the moneys is going out regardless…the damage to american ideals will be done. Not taking at this point, it has no bearing on anything other than your own perception of yourself. But it’s $1400 worth of stupidly priced ammo you didn’t have etc. Forgive my ramblings, fundamentally, I agree with you fully. I’m just not strong enough to stick to my principles when I know someone’s gonna get it regardless at this ooi t and…..damn ammo is stupid right now. Lol

    • Dude, you sound like one who advocates only “need based” assistance from the Fed govt. Very bad idea, the govt is not supposed to or able to pick and choose winners and losers, but they are willing and able to reward friends and punish enemies, which WE DO NOT WANT! Any free stuff must be delivered to every American without regard to wealth or income. Otherwise it will take no time at all before everyone who works will support anyone who does not, quickly leading to “no one works”, end of game. Need based anything means that those who pay for it do not get to benefit from it.

      • Have you seen who’s getting more than $600 from this garbage bill? It ain’t exactly Even Steven. I think the entire thing should go in the trash, but I feel sorry for the workers and small business entrepreneurs who have been crushed by the government’s handling of the Chinese Virus. And if it’s so even, then why aren’t they sending me a check?

  2. Does Mr. Mnuchin really believe it when he says “that helps small business”? In order to help small business they would have to be open which in many, many cases they are not allowed to be, still being in lock down at the order of some tyrannical politician. This will only help the big box retailers. Small business will again be left with little to nothing.

    • “In order to help small business they would have to be open…”

      Not entirely. Closed businesses still have expenses…unless they filed bankruptcy, or simply walked away from their obligations. Admittedly, $600 isn’t much. Government should establish an income program where everyone can do whatever they like, and set their own income. With a Gazillion dollars in un-repayable national debt, what would it hurt? We are way beyond where the US currency should be wastepaper in the world.

      • But if everyone could live like they were rich, how would Pelosi and company know they were better than the rest of us ?

        • “But if everyone could live like they were rich, how would Pelosi and company know they were better than the rest of us ?”

          Monopoly on all the guns?

        • How would they know they were better than the rest of us?

          By making rules for us that don’t apply to them.

  3. So now that the feeding system is in place, how many stimulation check will we be getting from the government in 2021? Will they be semi-annual or quarterly? Just need to know so I can plan when to quit my job and stop saving for my future like the rube I feel like – I really should stop paying my mortgage at some point and see if the government can pay for that too!
    I really feel for those people receiving $3500/month in unemployment/SNAP must be difficult having all day to yourself wondering how to spend your time and money.

    • “Lottery tickets. Lot’s of lottery tickets.”

      First sensible plan I have seen. It is settled science that no one has ever won a state lottery without holding a ticket !!

  4. Going out to eat to support the restaurants that have stayed open locally defying the demoncrat tyrant governor telling them they must close.

    • Returning to eating out, taking 7 to Saltgrass on Christmas day, tipping 50%. Planned to tip 50% after first stimulus, but haven’t gotten to eat out!

    • Good choice 🙂 Bought one this past August for BUG. Didn’t like the factory sights or trigger tho, so put XS BigDot sights and a flat trigger on it and did a little polishing while I had it apart for the trigger swap. Also the ditched the crappy holster that came with it and bought some decent leather. So you might want to figure on another $200 for that, plus ammo if you can find it. Mine shoots very well with Corbon 125gr +P JHP, Sig 365, and Hornady 135grn Critical Duty ( my regulars for carry in other 9mm’s). Range ammo I don’t care about and the pistol will shoot basically anything you feed it.

    • It sounds like you can use it. Electricity, property tax, and heating oil are pretty high priorities.

  5. “What Will You Buy With Your $600 Stimulus Check?”

    The government is for our money,paying Americans to arm up ! If they would issue ammunition from We The Peoples ammo supply.
    They could work it similar to the food issuances, go to your local national guard armory for supply.

  6. replace a chunk of the $1200 I just laid out for an iPhone 12 Pro Max for my wife’s Christmas present ( she still uses an iPhone 6 Max w/a bad camera, the shame) Thanks Mitch & Nancy….

    • You know you can get a Kyocera milspec phone for a third of the price with more or less equivalent performance and you can make phone calls with its And it will survive the Apocalypse too!

      • Don’t care, when the “apocalypse” comes there won’t be a cell signal anyway… I have communication devices that range at 7 miles that will be sufficient… Cost is not an issue, I want it I buy it done…

  7. If they give me $600 I’m getting a mansion and a yacht and I’m gonna buy my own ranch. I’ll also build an orphanage for kids nobody wanted.

    • “If they give me $600 I’m getting a mansion and a yacht and I’m gonna buy my own ranch. I’ll also build an orphanage for kids nobody wanted.”

      Finally, someone with their heart in the right place.

        • “If they give me $600 I’m getting a mansion and a yacht and I’m gonna buy my own ranch. I’ll also build an orphanage for kids nobody wanted.”

          Good on ya’, mate !

  8. …actually wish the gov had asked me if I wanted the money, this time and the first. I would have told them no thank you.

  9. gee what should i buy for $600…

    $200 worth of .223/5.56


    $600 worth of 7.62×39

    im goin with the 7.62×39…

  10. My needs are modest. I have an ample supply of garden-variety 9mm range ammo, but no defensive rounds. Not sure how I got in to this fix, but I did (all it takes is a moment’s inattention, I guess). So I’m gonna take my $600 and go buy as many rounds of Speer Gold Dot as I can find.

  11. Happy Election Day, Happy Veterans Day, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New year, and Happy Martin Luther King Day. After that if a DNC member is standing on the step with their lying hand raised, than happy New Civil War Day. The money will not matter. My 6mm ARC ammo has gone from $19.49 a box to $37.99 in just three months. If you don’t already have it don’t bother. There is no way our POTUS will let that happen. Things will crank up soon. He may wait for 6 Jan 21, but if that doesn’t come thru then, insurrection act SHTF for sure. There is no way this Constitutional Republic will allow the keys of the kingdom to be handed over to Communists. Valentines Day will be likened to one in Chicago either way. This legislation is irrelevant. If you get any of this money in time, enjoy it while you can.

  12. Just bought a Toros Copolla T-4 !2 Ga. (clone of the Bennelli M4) a moment ago. The $600 pays for 2/3rds of it.

  13. Not a damn thing because I make too much money to receive the check even though I was unemployed from 10/19-04/20.

    I guess to those of you that will get the check, you are welcome. I will probably end up paying off your college debt even though I had to pay of my degree myself.

  14. Pay down debt faster.

    We are alternating months between the principle on the house, and the car payment.
    Once the car payment is done (eta APR2021) then those monies will roll into monthly payments against the principle on the house.

    Faster paying off debt, the less interest you pay, the less the banks make off you.

    • Being able to get 2%-2 1/2% loans for your mortgage is a great deal. Why pay off those loans, when you can put the money to better use(even if you have it in the bank at 1/2%, you still get to right off the mortgage interest). This way, assuming you have a mortgage you can afford on Social Security, you have some buffer money for your kids(before you die) or for some bugout land and a cabin or cheap singlewide mobile home to put on top of a bunker for you and yours.
      Buy it with your kids on the title(or trust) and maybe, if they aren’t paying a mortgage, they can get the write off also. Check it out with an accountant first, but…..

      • Exactly. Mortgage rates are so low there’s no reason to obsess over the debt. They’ll loan it to you at ~ 3% and you could throw a few darts at the Wall Street Journal and make >10% as long as the fed is printing money like they are now. Much more if you’re paying attention.

        Or, if you’re really worried about teotwayki, you should be using every penny of credit you have available to stock up. I’ve never seen a debt collector for Citibank on an end or the world movie.

        • I’ve never seen a debt collector for Citibank on an end or the world movie

          Sure you have, they’re usually the rotting corpse with the little tree growing through it’s body or they are Zombie number three….

        • Based off my stock picks, movements in and out of the markets, my 401k did 23.5% this year.

      • I have 150+acres.
        Two wells, one spring fed.
        A brook that flows year round.
        Game of various kinds.
        Pay off the house free and clear, I can retire at 55.
        All my retirement planning is under the assumption SS will NOT be there by they time I am eligible or in any significant capacity to pay for anything other than the cell phone bill.
        I already have a decent stockpile of things and am expanding my gardens and livestock.

  15. Never got the 1st one, unlikely to get this one. Do not earn over the limit to receive, just never sent even after making contact.

  16. Mines going to bills too….. PAWN SHOP BILLS
    …. MY USP .45 AND MY 92FS ARE IN THERE!!!!

    I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be losing them when I go fishing though….. so…… NOT TODAY MR.ATF MAN…. NOT TODAY!

  17. I earned too much for the first one. Probably won’t get the second one either.

    I live debt free. No worries.

  18. Not much…
    Right off the top is the sales tax you’ll pay on $600.00 and that’s around a minus 60 to 70 dollars.
    If the ratbassturds are going to give checks it should have been 1200.00 off the top for those who need to pay off pawn shop loans and other borrowed money. After the 1200.00 was sent the overpaid stalling congressional azzhats could divide the rest amongst themselves for their political pork. Instead the azzhats got what they wanted and threw the scraps to people.
    If you are going to allocate money to people don’t be the kind of jerk who squeezes the weenie out of the hotdog.

  19. I’m planning on picking up a Creality 3D printer. I’ve got a few… projects… I’d like to put together.

  20. Considering I’m lucky that I still have a job and have not really suffered any financial repercussions from Covid-19 I’m good with the same amount I got in the last stimulus, which was nothing. There are a lot of people who need that money, not that $600 dollars really buys much these days with prices the way they are.

    Personally I don’t need or want any stimulus from the Federal Government, I’ve got 21 trillion (give or take a few billion) reasons that I’m happy I’m not likely to get anything.

    If they really want to give me something they can count it as taxes paid for 2020 or maybe let me slap the snot out of a few politicians (that’s worth more then $600 to me)

  21. I love it when they give me my hard earned dollars that have been stolen from me back in the form of a “stimulus” check. I will most likely use it to shelve the various parts needed to build out the four 80% lowers I managed to scoop up so I can keep on keepin’ on during the four year Biden reign of terror that’s quickly approaching.

  22. Probably a small gas generator and a new battery to add to the solar panel bank.
    Good on guns, good on ammo, 90 days of food and meds on hand.

  23. Remember none of this money actually exists and the day will come when the Piper will have to be payed. Some of Us will be long gone and forgotten by then…(Hopefully). The rest will suffer the consequences. Nothing good will come from all this as was the case in the Great Depression when the Money turned out to not be there. The difference this time will be the populace will not have the knowledge and skills that kept many alive back then. So for me and mine we will be continue to stock up for the “Fall”. It’s not gonna be a fun ride. Be Safe Out There Maintain OP SEC and as always Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • That’s right. Let’s keep spending, screw the next generation(s) the Chinese will feed their slaves enough so they can work.

      What happened to the tea party? Will they come back with Harris as president? Will they conveniently forget how much Trump spent and Mitch McConnell (the grim reaper of socialism) spent? Did Bernie drop out of the race because there wasn’t even a point in enacting socialism after the amount the government has already spent?

      • “Let’s keep spending, screw the next generation(s)”

        Why not? The entire physical assets of the US is not $24+ trillion dollars. We can sell the entire country and still not pay the debt. Financial conditions have exceed any means of solution, except one…repudiate the entire debt and tell China to “Hit the road, Jack. And don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.”

        • It’s called Modern Monetary Theory and it should scare the Hell out of everyone. The problem is its already to Late.

          • “It’s called Modern Monetary Theory and it should scare the Hell out of everyone. The problem is its already to Late.”

            To use a phrase from the DotBomb collapse: “This time it’s different.”

        • Roughly 150 million people qualify to get the $600. That works out to about $90 Billion or less than 10% of the relief money going to us “little people”. They’re giving you a dime so you don’t
          notice they’re stealing a dollar.

  24. Just more money stolen from me. Of course because me and my wife work our asses off we get nothing. Just like we get nothing in deductions for college tuition or basically anything else. Welcome to the new definition of wealthy…

    • Yeah, I have a 67 year old uncle. He is gay, an ex teacher and super….stupidly…. illogically liberal. He’s all for cancel culture, drumming people out of society because they are trump supporters because trump supporters hate anyone who thinks different than them…. He’s all for the talks of white privilege. Hetero privilege. I keep trying to explain to him that he is next. That the people he wants to go join at in te street hate him. He is a “rich privileged white man of the generation that did the oppressing.” I keep trying to explain to him that beneath the feel good language, there is barely concealed hate for people like him. He doesn’t seem to understand that when they talk about the wealthy and white privilege….they mean HIM. He is thinking they mean the 1% and only the 1%. He doesn’t seem to understand that if these people had thier entire way, he would be crushed for his oppression. He won’t get it till they drag his ass out in the street. I keep trying to talk him into going to one of these blm protest he is so fond of. He doesn’t get out much….and I feel if he could see the vitriol, the absolute hate, if he could get shoved down and ranted out about his white privilege and his oppressing them by simply existing. Told that he is cultural approprating. Told that he is wealthy and doesn’t know anything about struggle. I wish I could get him to see he is hyper passionate about a movement that is calling for his head. I love him, but he will deserve it when he gets his due. “Wait a minute, I thought we were attacking and tearing down the wealthy and powerful oppressors guys…..why are you tying ME up?” “…..we are attacking and tearing down the powerful and wealthy oppressors.” “But….I thought….” “You thought wrong, shut your privileged mouth.”

  25. When you do the math… Divide $900B by the total US population (328.2 million) you get a little over $2700 for every single person. Anybody else see a problem here? This is a scam, we’re being duped IMHO.

    • Even tho I have to take off my shoes and unzip my pants to count to 21, I seen something was fishy with those numbers too

    • Well Skyman, you do realize there are administrative fees and costs to distribute that money. For you to receive the $600.00 they will charge you $2100.00 to “give” you that money. Notice they use the word “Give” you something back that is already yours. Kind of like a gun buy back program, for guns they never owned.
      Just remember you will have to pay taxes on that $600.00, so actually you are giving yourself back only about $520.00. If you spend that money and make purchases, you will be paying taxes on what you bought. They win every time. Just a little brightness in your day, these are the same people that want to be in charge of your healthcare.

      • Just remember you will have to pay taxes on that $600.00,

        No you won’t be paying taxes on the supposed stimulus payments, it’s treated like insurance payouts or disability payments.. It’s considered unearned income…

        • So is my retirement pay. Really pisses me off, I participated in 3 wars and gave 22 years of my life for that retirement, calling it “unearned” as if it were Nasty Pelosi’s salary or something, is just insulting.

          • calling it “unearned” as if it were Nasty Pelosi’s salary or something, is just insulting.

            I’m not fond of the term either but relax, it’s just a tax term to differentiate between taxable and non-taxable income.. SS and retirement payments are taxed as earned income. SS and VA disability as UNearned income are not taxed… If they went after my 100% VA disability for taxes I would probably have to sell off half my toys as it would nearly double our annual tax liability while only increasing “earned income” by about 28%….

              • Been drawing SS for 8 years, gets taxed on the joint return right along with all the rest, IF I filed separately the personal deductions would reduce my tax considerably but I would still pay something… Anything over $12,000, until the Creepy One rescinds the Trump tax and it goes back to $6000, SS Disability does not get taxed…

    • Divide $900B by the total US population (328.2 million)

      When you use the actual recipients (eligible taxpayers) the numbers get way whacked…

  26. I assume by $600 you mean the tens of thousands of dollars in extra income tax I’ll have to pay to repay this boondoggle. The government wouldn’t need to print up trillions of dollars in fiat currency to bail out people in financial crisis, if it hadn’t put them in that crisis by shutting down their sources of income.

    The only good side about this for me is that the inflation that this will inevitably cause will get my mortgage balance under two years of salary and make my stock values continue to climb. But that inflation is going to really suck for most people in the middle class.

  27. Like the previous one I will get nothing and anybody who still is collecting there normal paycheck should not get any money either.

    • How about only the ones that are still collecting a paycheck are the ones that actually get it? I don’t care for me, but at the very least the healthcare workers ACTUALLY working on the floor this whole time deserve something. There are some very decent CNAs and LPNs at rehab/nursing homes that have been busting their butts since March and before when they could have been kicking back and getting $600 a week like the part time minimum wage earners.

        • No they are not getting a lot of overtime, in fact a lot of hospital services were cut back and nurses were laid off because people were afraid to go to their Doctor and many cancelled elective surgeries… My wife is an RN with over 30 working in cancer oncology at the same hospital and her longevity and the number of ongoing treatments at her center is all that kept her working… I guess the upside (if it is an upside) is that she was near the top of the vaccine list which she got the first injection last Thursday…

        • I can understand your sentiments, I believe I am worth exactly what I am paid. If I am not a good value for my customers, they use someone else. If I believe I am worth more than they offer, I am free to find different customers or go to a different industry.

          As far as the CNAs and LPNs I know if personally, they aren’t getting much of any additional overtime. From the whining I hear from my nurse girlfriend, the job has gotten substantially more difficult this year.

          I’m just commenting if someone deserves any money, it’s the ones still working. Not the freeloaders still sitting on their butts all year with all the seasonal employment options at the very least. I’m pretty confident coffee shop baristas can become UPS driver helpers with no training and no more motivation than taking away their $600 a week, limiting food stamps, and ending the moratorium on evictions.

        • If you read my original post I said it should be limited to people hurt economically. I suspect a lot of hospital staff has been called back as patient load has increased.

          • I suspect a lot of hospital staff has been called back as patient load has increased.

            In most areas that may be true with the exception of NY, NJ, MI, CA et al (see a pattern there?) who are now facing another round of shut downs (AND are the “REAL” beneficiaries of this abortion)… Being called back to work does not make up for the months of “lost” income nor will a couple of dollars from this “stimulus” package make up for the Creepy Joe and Kammaltoe tax hikes and the reinstitution of “EVERY” regulation Trump did away with by Executive Order… Dimbulb has already stated that he intends to “erase every EO that CLOWN did” Hell maybe he’ll rescind the infamous “But Muh bumpstock” rule that should make 5 or 6 people happy… Anyway, find another horse to whip, I know, how about the $300.00 a week unemployment bonus that will paid out for the next 6 months… OR the billions in bailouts being given to already heavily subsidized MTA and Am Track… There is SO much wrong with this thing that $600.00 per “qualifying taxpayer” is just drop in the 55 gal drum…. Hint: Going after the hard working, mostly underpaid and unappreciated health care workers is not the best way to win friends and influence people…. (if you care)

  28. Heck, here I was planning to buy $600 worth of yuan since the dollars the government creates are digital. Can’t even wipe my butt with digital money when the value craters.

  29. Lee hand press, dies, bullets, powder, primers, .45 Colt brass, etc. And a bug out bag to store it all in.

  30. Mine, if I get one, will mostly go to paying down the last of my debt. I might earmark some of it for decent pump shotgun (the one firearm missing from my “must have” list) or I might top off a few of my prepping supplies. But yeah, being debt-free is my #1 goal.

  31. To someone who’s small business went under due to COVID restrictions, a $600 check is a slap in the face.

  32. Maybe I could spend $200 for a tax stamp and change my .300 pistol to a SBR and the ATF can just suck it!
    It’s just trying to figure out what to do, form 1…

  33. Spend it on coming to DC for the week of 04-06 January 2021. It is not about Trump, it is about the fall of the Republic, its all hands time.

    • Y’all have fun, I answered a similar call 20-odd years ago and was nearly alone in DC, nobody else did anything but bitch. An expensive and humiliating lesson I will not repeat.

  34. First it was Trump fighting Pelosi and Bidens $2000, we got $1200 now its $600. I figure when China loaned the U.S. the first 1.3 trillion then America pretty much said fuck your Wuhan flu we ain’t buying china, China said nope on the next loan. So Our government is coughing up $600 of fake money.,,,, What I’m going to do with the stimulus, Well a brand new big screen, made in china, a whole bunch of new clothes ( made in china), some quality boots( made in china) a couple of quality kitxhen knives( made in china) and if any is left over donate it to the Chinese Wounded Warriors program. I dont much care for America and with a little help from Our new president We can Make China Great Again. ,,,,I just love it when a plan comes together.

  35. As someone who makes too much to get this stimulus (and to have received the one before), F you. F you very much.

  36. So, if the old lady and I get another $1200 combination after the initial $2400 we didn’t need I’m betting we’ll just put it towards paying our 2020 income taxes to IA and the Fed. Shouldn’t be as much as previous years since there’s been little money made playing gigs and with the orchestra since early March. I miss the residual income for toys but I’m already way ahead in that department so I guess the “stimulus” checks will help pay the tax bill. It isn’t like that money is tax-free…

  37. If the government wants to keep funding my boog kit, then so be it. When the inflation gets so high that $600 only buys milk, they are going to wish they never did it.

    Hey ATF, I’m building a 3rd SBR now, and you can shove that registration up your ass.

    Come and take em.

  38. Since I didn’t make jack excrement this year because the gubbermint put me out of business, I will be paying some of my property taxes with the pittance…..

  39. Probably greenhouse plastic, seeds, lumber, screws, pots and trays, and some dog fencing. Not all of that, but probably something from that list.

  40. Since this so called quarantine where we feel like prisoners in our own I been listening to a lot of the Bee-Gee’s song’s and what a awesome band they were back in the day, 2 of their songs, (Alone) and (Staying Alive), is a perfect title for this past year of 2020, that kinda got me thinking what 2 songs will be a good title for 2021, I still think Staying Alive will be one the other is really looking like it might be a very well known song by one of the greatest singers of all time called (Still Doing Time) by the great Mr George Jones so for 2020 it’s Alone and Staying Alive and for 2021 it’s Staying Alive and Still Doing Time, that’s just my thoughts of how to describe this past year and 2021, oh yeah with the $600 the government took months costing millions for them to decide how much and if they could come together on a agreement for the american people, so while they gathering on the hill making millions they finally decided to give the people $600, with that $600 I think I’ll buy one of them Thar P80s, now for a more sincere thought I wish all of you a very blessed and Merry Christmas 🎄🎅🎄

  41. Well it won’t be ammo or a firearm . . . there isn’t anything out there I want . . .maybe I’ll take trip across the country to visit my relatives. It’d be just enough money for roundtrip gas money, and a couple meals along the way.

  42. Yall happy with $600 LMAO
    Theres enough for 14K per household and they sold yall on $600 so they can have their special interest

    • People are easily distracted. All Congress knows how to do is spend money and make burdensome laws. If we’re really in a crisis and some workers can be told to stay at home because they aren’t essential, as in they don’t work at Amazon or Best Buy, then why didn’t we stop all nonessential spending?

    • $135 million to Burma
      $85.5 million to Cambodia
      $1.4 billion for “Asia Reassurance Initiative Act”
      $130 million to Nepal
      $700 million to Sudan
      $250 million in Palestinian aid
      $25 million for “gender programs” in Pakistan.

      And WTF is the “Asia Reassurance Initiative Act”.. Cash to “assure” Chinas cooperation again in the Liberals next big national election win?

      • Israel got 38 billion from the US this year. With a population of 9 million thats around $4200.00 EACH for every citizen of Israel.

        Pays to be oppressed.

      • Don’t forget, *another* $25 million for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. That’s twice this year, WTF is that anyway, and WTF does it have to do with COVID or my taxes either one?

        • KICKBACKS!! Nancy and Chuck are working on their retirement funds….. 5597 pages worth of that shit…

      • Ahh, I see, you did get it. Was hard to understand your last rant and I thought it was a bit odd for your usual stance. I apologize.

  43. I stocked up on ammo in 2019 when availability was good and prices low. I have all the guns I need but of course there is always something I want but only when there is a bargain. My wife retired from her job 4 years ago and started doing grocery delivery for something to do and extra money and that has turned into really lucrative job this year. My job has had me working from home since March so the gas savings from 60 mile daily commute has been nice, so we have been blessed through all of this. Finances are in good shape but we do sneak in under the wire to qualify for getting back some of the money they have taken from us. I think I will use it to pay for the trip to DC Jan 6th, stopping and supporting as many small business as I can along the way.

  44. Use the 600.00 to pay increased property taxes, to fund bonuses to union teachers and build new schools that are empty because of a mild flu virus.

    See how it works?

  45. With $600? Nothing. But with a bit of my next paycheck added a Librem5 Linux powered smartphone from Purism. I will get more use out of that than yet another pistol, another AR build, or roughly 1/3 of the amount of ammo that much money used to buy this time last year.

    • After seeing the heft of this turd and the amount of money being sent to foreign countries compared to the American people and businesses I hope Trump says take this lump of shit and put it right the hell back up in the orifice that they pulled it out of…