What I'm Carrying Now SIG P320
Courtesy Mitchell S.
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What I'm Carrying Now SIG P320
Courtesy Mitchell S.

[This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

Mitchell S. writes . . .

I carry a SIG SAUER P320 Nitron carry in a Versacarry Commander holster. Along with a Kershaw Brawler knife, a Streamlight ProTac 2L flashlight, a Swiss Army knife and a custom fixed blade knife made for me by David Hall custom knives.


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  1. Mag carried on the holster side
    Knife with not enough handle to grip

    That’s three strikes

      • Same with me! Never know when a flame might come in handy…got one in each of my winter coats. Along with a flashlight, gloves and some sort of folding knife.

        • Oh, and also a Ruger .327 magnum LCR OWB with a green Crimson Trace set of grips most of the time. If I’m expecting serious social intercourse, I have a similar holster to the OP for my KAHR P45 and a spare magazine. Less clothing? A Ruger LCP with .380 Hydra-shoks and a pocket clip work out just fine for my front jeans pocket.

      • Same here. Having a reliable source of combustion can be as useful as having a good knife. I always like to have at least one Bic lighter with me.

        • That’s what the teeny ones are for! Gotta admit, I thought I was the only one carried a lighter anymore.

      • butane zippo, plasma zippo (both are retrofits), and those little stainless capsules that seal with an o- ring to hold the naptha in. very cheap and burn after years of storage.

    • Why a smoker? I have carried a lighter for decades. Never smoked. They do have other uses.

    • Full of ASSumptions you are.

      Odd I carry as lighter and do not smoke and that knife just may be easier to deploy then you think.
      I bet you do not carry a fixed blade do you?

      • The only assumption made was being a smoker. The holster setup is terrible and the knife holster is too.

        • You sir are an amateur and you show it. For the mag, if you are used to it and know what you are doing, it will not matter. For the knife, if you have never carried one like that in a horizontal setup then you are completely talking out your a$$.
          Doesn’t feel good does it? Quit trying to bring everyone down. At least he is carrying and on our side…

        • Sus fisherman- It works for them, stfu TUDD. Offering advice is one thing, you’re just being a moron. Go run some drills while your girl/boyfriend bangs the neighbors.
          Everybody is different in their setups but we all have the Right to carry whatever we want.

    • Three knives seems like a lot to me. I generally only have one, but then again I tend towards minimalism with my five shot revolver and no reload.

      I will probably step up my carry rig if things start getting more spicy in my area. They aren’t yet.

      • During my normal day to day I carry 1 knife. A Kershaw. When I go to the boonies I usually carry 2. A fixed blade and a folder.

        I suspect I’m like most gun guys. I have a bunch of different type and brands of knives.

  2. Solid carry, but not a fan of holster a spare mag pouch as one unit. You have to switch weapon to weak hand to access spare mag. Do mag change ass backwards. Then switch back again. Too much opportunity for Murphy to stick his nose in. At first glance I thought the fixed blade was a Behring in a Warlander sheath. Fr most of the grip is in the sheath. That’s what the paracord pigtail is for. To assist with the draw. Works surprisingly well. Anyway, plenty of grip there.

  3. Good to see more duty sized guns being carried. Maybe more people will be encouraged to carry something larger than a mouse gun.

    • Pretty sure size is irrelevant unless you are taking measurements on ballistics, and even then, tons of variables. But yea, if you are going to OWB, carry something with a decent grip size.

      • It’s not all about ballistics. Capacity and ease of use \ aiming are issues to consider.

        • Agreed. I do agree it’s nice to see as well. Just that when it boils down to it, I’d take some very tiny guns over some bigger ones and vice versa, based on quality and the things you mentioned. Didn’t mean to sound argumentative there if that’s how it came across.

    • I cannot conceal anything bigger than my Sig P938 or any gun similar in size. Anything with a longer grip will print way too much unless I practice appendix carry or in the back, which I do not like at all. I carry IWB at the 6 o’clock position, spare mag opposite side. The climate in my state requires light clothing most of the year. I am not obese, I am not shaped like a q tip either, but even a G19 will print to the point it’s no longer concealed.

      • Am I confused? I understand 6 o’clock as the center of your back. 3 o’clock right hip, and so on.

      • TTAG used to feature a “pocket dump” as Dan called it from Everydaycarry dot com. For the first few months about every third one had “Dude Stick” chap stick in it. It was weird.

  4. I’m hoping the writer will comment. I’ve seen that setup for appendix carry but that looks like OWB to me…

  5. My only question is on the holster.

    Such a setup works for appendix carry but that holster would seem to be an IWB which I suppose could be done but seems odd to me.

    If it’s not appendix or a shallow cross-draw it seems awkward to get to the spare mag. But then he has the spare mag which many people say is superfluous in the first place, so from that point of view he’s still ahead of the game even if the mag isn’t a “fast mag”.

    • It’s not any of the above, it’s a right hand draw OWB, and while you can OWB to the front(appendix), that defeats the purpose of CC…no access to spare mag, you can train, train, and train, and you’d still be behind the eight ball for a mag change…

      • The IWB was a typo, was supposed to be OWB.

        He could just rock it that way, appendix, and then wear an untucked shirt over it. It would be the OWB version of many appendix rigs.

        My overall point is that regardless of how he chooses to actually use the rig, he’s ahead of a lot of people even if he doesn’t have a fast mag.

      • If that’s right side OWB, we are looking at the side which should be against his body, and I am not seeing that, looks a lot more like the outside. Perhaps left side OWB?

  6. I stopped carrying a lighter when I quit smoking but I keep several in various places. The P320 is on my list. But I’ll have a P365 first.

  7. Hmmmm…lot of dissing on the holster.

    Not my cup o tea but he does have a spare even if kts not ideally assesable.

    And the “Carry” version holds 17 round – no?

    He has almost as much in the 320 mag as i have with reloads and my 43.

    He may not be an operator but he does have game with this setup.

    That 320 grip would look like a backbone poking on me if I carried it OWB.

  8. +1 to all the negative comments about spare mags on the holster.

    Reloads aside, it just adds more weight to your strong side. Two spare mags on the weak side (preferably extended capacity mags) helps offset the weight and balance it better.

    Someday, your lower back will thank you for properly distributing your load.

  9. Used to not like holsters with built on carrier for magazine. Matured.
    good holster set up and lots easier to strap on and go than a mag carrier and holster. . If you carry a gun you should carry a knife. Very good sense here. A knife is excellent retention, never jams or runs out of bullets. If you carry a knife at all carry a good one. SIG is reliable, good reserve of ammunition. Swiss Army knife handles a lot of mundane chores, a must have for anyone working for a living. Good kit

    • I could not agree more. I’ve been carrying a knife most of my life. In recent years it’s been a Buck110 folder.

      At various points in my career, It seems more like I’m wearing a bat-belt so having more than one spare mag is still in question. But having two spare mags makes a lot of sense right now.

      • For thos carring a lot of EDC stuff, a bat-belt alternative are the spare-mag pockets (each located high and at the 4:00 and 8:00 positions) on most discreet Tactical pants (I.e. 5.11 Defender or Vertx Delta 2.0). For these side pockets, on the right side, I store my wallet, clipped multitool, and pen, the left has the flashlight and maybe a 2nd spare mag. A t-shirt or untucked dress shirt hides the clipped items. The only thing I have attached to my belt is a LLOD appendix holster.

  10. Come on dude, if you tell us your knife is a “custom” then show us some pictures. Do the Maker some justice, call out the design, and the steel. Giddyup friend.

  11. The holster setup is terrible. And I agree with other comments about the fixed blade holster too. The whole point of carrying a fixed blade is easy access to the grip and not having to unfold it. You couldn’t get two fingers wrapped around that thing in that setup. But that appendix style OWB rig is cringe as fuck. Some serious FUDD shit going on here.

    • Sus Fish-are you Acosta? Cus you’re really stoopid and insulting. Fudds don’t carry, but if they did, hooray. I’m sure you’re a tacticool ninja but stfu.

  12. I wonder what is use is for the fixed blade knife, especially since he already carries not one but two other knives.

    I would bet dollars to donuts that anyone who stabs someone with such a ‘custom knife’ ends up losing not only the knife but a ton of money to a lawyer and maybe their liberty as well. I can hear the prosecutor’s opening remarks now.

    • Which is why I carry a pitchfork, nobody hates them except the dead royalists from the French Revolution era.

      • “Why do you carry a knife?” “Well… a pitchfork doesn’t fit on my belt.”

  13. I’m afraid that I have to do “alot of dissing” on that guy’s gear and all of you: I’m a retired Army officer and Iraq vet, and I didn’t carry that much bullshit on me in the sandbox?

    Seriously, just how paranoid are you idiots. I usually carry a decent assisted opening knife… because they’re useful for lota of everyday stuff. And I keep a Sig in a carry holster in my car’s glove compartment and maybe occasionally wear it when the vibe feels necessary.

    But you clowns want to go around armed to the teeth 24×7. Is there a zombie apocalypse happening that I missed?

    Or do you all have really tiny dicks?

    • Yep. Proof he’s a retired army officer. Couldn’t go one whole paragraph without talking about mens dick’s.

      • Here, have a corn dog Sane Person.

        LOL, but seriously, that’s a side of the street shared by more than a few.

    • ” I didn’t carry that much bullshit on me in the sandbox?”

      No you would have carried more.

      “Is there a zombie apocalypse happening that I missed?”

      Not zombies but close enough.

      ” do you all have really tiny dicks?”

      I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have no issues in that department.

    • Your most idiotic remark…
      “occasionally wear it when the vibe feels necessary.” Guess you must be a super special psychic to know exactly when and where the sh*+ will hit the air circulation device.

    • Well, not 24×7 to be sure. It’s just not all that practical in the shower.

      Once having experienced a vehicle stolen from a parking lot and then finding it 3 weeks later in a field on bricks demolished, one might not be so inclined to keep a firearm in the glove box. Besides, it serves no purpose if it’s not on me while in an active shooter situation. Two major sticky points where Walmart is concerned.

      Hardly paranoid, just a simple recognition that there is evil in the world.

      Hardly armed to the teeth, but armed none the less. Although it is sometimes a human inclination to shoot ones’ mouth off.

      • A cop for 23 yrs, instructor for many more.

        If I only armed myself when I felt a vibe it would not be a pistol it would be the Benelli M4 or Springfield M1a. Being situationally armed is a good way to insure you are helpless if you need a gun. Carrying at all times without fail is the only way to carry, period. Anything else is pretty dumb. The bad guys do not usually carry all the time, with a very few exceptions. The gun up just before they rob rape murder stick up or burglarize, you name it. Some are strong arm robbers some are just punks. All depends. Don’t arm myself for the punks and dopers that are scared off easily. I am armed for the worst case scenario. As for armed in the sand box— pretty certain anyone that was really there carried a fifty pound pack a rifle and plenty of ammunition and at least one serious knife. Some carried a pistol, not all. Unless you were the DM for the squad.

      • Anyone who refers to their one deployment as “the sandbox” is exactly that. Especially one who think being an officer means anything more than being a private who was actually in combat.

        This MFer said he only carries on his person when the vibe feels good… nuff said.

    • Sir,

      When the vibe feels correct? What the actual fuck are you on about? It does no good in your glove compartment when you are away from your vehicle. Everyone who went to the movie theater to see batman was probably having a pretty good night, right up until they weren’t.

      Also, being an officer, not something you should brag about.

      A Senior NCO

      • Be nice. Only way they’d let me go to pilot training was if I was an officer first. And there were a LOT of enlisted swine who were very happy to celebrate my making that deal when I was delivering BF bombs and napalm on their enemies in VN.

  14. Durka Durka Durka A Fixed blade knife for stabbin’ Durka Doooo……. Durka Durka Durka a fixed blade knife never runs outa ammo Durka Doooo.

  15. visit hall’s site- the pricing is realistic for custom. i think many here would want that sharpfinger, but the high hollow grinds on them drop points appeals to mes.

  16. As handy as a folding knife is a fixed blade is better. Test my statement by driving both a fixed blade and a folder trough three quarter inch plywood. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve stabbed a guy with a switchblade and it broke at the handle.

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