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Austin from South Carolina writes:

– I’m carrying a SIG P365 with HTP Hollow points in an Alien Gear appendix holster.
– A CYTAC Double stack double magazine holster.
– One mag fully loaded with HTP an second mag with CCI shotshell for snakes.
– 1 TAC-Force knife
– A leather Viperade EDC tool holster with a Tactical Pen and tactical flashlight.
Smith & Wesson tactical knife
– Leather Marshal LEO wallet
G-Shock watch, keys & sunglasses


This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

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  1. Hm. A lot of P365 in edc lately. Got a g48 instead some time ago. Not having buyers remorse, just wondering if I missed out on something…

    Also, can those 9mm shotshells actually take out snakes? Been debating on whether or not to get them.

    • At very close range. They won’t cycle the action. If you’re close enough for them to be really effective you’re probably just as well armed with a stick. I carry a walking stick on my rambles and a pistol. The stick comes in handy every trip.

      I killed a couple of snakes in the day with .38 shotshells. Mostly I used a hoe.

    • @Lance: I was initially intrigued with the Sig P365 when first hit market, then VERY disappointed with the problems with early production models with all the failure to go into battery, and firing pin failures. Also the P320 fiasco soured me on Sig, but after a year they seems to get the P365 act together and I purchased one. Zero issues with it after around 1,500 rounds and not one FTF, FTE, or battery issue. Firing pin drag minimal but it does happen. Mags are 2x the price of Glock mags, I have no regrets. It goes in my pocket in Vedder Pocket Locker holster, and goes with me everywhere. I wouldn’t trade it for a G48, but if I had a G48, I wouldn’t trade it for a P365. It’s a matter of what works for you. They are both good guns.

    • I had a G43 and got a G48 when they came out.

      Love the G48 for its grip and slimness.

      Interest in the P365 due to size, but easier to shoot the 43 for me.

      Then came the XL….I handled a few and really liked the overall package.

      Decided to stay with the 48 as the XL grip is too short to drop a mag. And Glock 48 mags are 20 bucks and tough as nails.

      Also the Shield 48 mag holds 15 rounds….not 20 bucks…..I’m still testing it.

      The only way i would prefer a shotshell in handgun for snakes would be if I were shooting onto a hard surface. Otherwise i want a chunk of lead to anchor them down.

      Shotshells in a 410 shotgun are pretty effective….even on a 5 foot diamondback.

      • If you got a 48 just stick with it and get some Shield Arms mags. No reason to swap to the p365. However, I also want an XL, but I want the Romeo Zero version. Would be the first optics I have ever used on an EDC and for the price and reviews on it, pretty hard to beat. I still have a g43… and TBH, I don’t feel confident with anything past 10 feet lol. Especially reloading. My hand has permanent marks from the magazine catching my palm.

        • I LOVE the 48. What Glock shoulda made in the 80s.

          The shield mag is nice but does change the feel and carry of the pistol.

          I’ve been carrying in Desantis thumbreak mini slide which rides high.

          Also want to be sure of the reliability. Kinda hinky loading the last couple of rounds.

          But it’s still new.

          OEM mags are great and reasonably priced . I dont feel undergunned with 2 10 rounders.

          And i have the 43 for more discreet carry.

    • Both solid guns. Get you some Shield Arms mags. 15 rounds and steel. Hard to beat.

      The p365 is just a game changer… so it makes sense for a lot of people who are coming from a g43. Like me.

  2. Gotta go with jwm there. Sticks for snakes. Ammo for the twice legged kind. Good EDC though.

  3. I carry my 365 in a Stealthgear Ventcore. I wonder how the Aliengear stuff compares. It seems surprisingly inexpensive.

    • They cloak tuck seems decent, but IMHO, their other stuff is junk. It’s pretty bulky because of all the modularity. I bought one for my g43 when I first got it and returned it the next day. Just not a fan of anything other than their cloak tuck, which IMHO, whips even crossbreeds ass. Just get you some custom kydex, like Harrys Holsters, and be done.

  4. Solid carry. Not a fan of Alien Gear unless it’s a cloak tuck though. Either way, pretty good company just trying to make universal stuff, can’t knock em for that.

  5. I don’t see the point of IWB holsters with OWB accessories. They don’t say 100% “this guy is carrying a gun” (except the magazines), but at least 90%. Is there a reason to do it?

  6. I’m curious how easily it is to grab those mags from the pouch in an emergency. Not a lot of the mag to grab on to and pull out.

    • Eh – I just slide an old M9 mag snap button pouch on my belt. Unobtrusive, cheap, thin, light, and hasn’t failed in 7 years. I probably owe myself a fresh $6 one from the surplus store.

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