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Oldmocop80 writes . . .

When off-duty, I keep my EDC to a comfortable minimum. Gear is comprised of a SIG P365 9mm in an amazingly comfy Alien Gear IWB holster, with a 12-round mag and a 10-round spare.

The loads are SIG Sauer V-Crown 9mm JHPs. The Kershaw Ken Onion Blur with a tanto blade has served me well for years, both on- and off-duty.

Remarkably, my old 5.11 ATAC 100 lumen taclight has gotten more use than my clip knife. A small Victorinox Swiss Army knife, with it’s indispensable toothpick, adorns one set of keys while my primary set holds an ASP Pepper Spray kubaton for those “less-than-lethal” encounters.

I’ll also carry a Leatherman Wingman on work days. My money and credit cards are in a clip separate from my badge/ID wallet. I don’t need cash flying out if I need to quickly display my credentials. And finally, there’s the ubiquitous cell phone in a protective case.

Some find this hard to understand, but I’m most comfortable and relaxed when I’m prepared for serious encounters by carrying a reliable firearm.

This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

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    • No…I carry a 26…the 3 p365 I have fired have all had burning powder come out between the slide and frame….

    • I dont has a 365 either……☹

      Have to make so with G48 or 43….and maybe and LCR and an LCP.

      Dang it!

    • If I had a Glock in about the same size and caliber I probably wouldn’t have bought the Sig… but the choice between them was easy. Would have been even easier now that the price has dropped below where it was when I bought one a couple years ago.

    • I had the same reaction. Green tinted photos always make me think of the Matrix movies. All of the scenes that took place in the “matrix” were given a slight green tint, either via a filter on the lens or during the editing process.

      • The green tent always reminds me of the film from Vietnam on the news every night in the ‘60s.

        Would get five or 10 minutes of short, sharp fire fights in a green tinted hell as the announcer would intone the body count each night.

        Now that the government has drawn the veil of secrecy across our military activities, everyone is so much more comfortable with the killing across the world.

    • Agreed. A few folks might say it’s too much stuff. But if it’s only one item per pocket and some items have pockets clips, the loadout will be organized and easy to access.

  1. Has anyone’s “what I’m carrying now: quarantine edition” changed in the last few days to “what I’m carrying right now: riot edition”? My quarantine setup was a j frame s&w 640 pocket holster as that was easy and comfy working from home, swap to a p2000 for venturing out for food.

    But with riots in the city, curfews, etc, I decided my trusty USP 9 with 18rd mags in an owb holster is the new at home carry, with some ready packed spare mags and AR close at hand as well. I think the math has changed for mag capacity needs.

    • I have been carrying the G48 OWB (opposed to G43 or LCR) as I’ve been around the house and short jaunts.

      With some unrest around my podunk town….I will probably continue to carry it.

    • Yes, I definitely changed my carry with the potential for ending up in the middle of a riot while on the road. I added my Walther PPQ M2 9mm with Seismic 185 grain +M rounds and “demoted” my Sig P365 to an ankle holster (which is easy to access when you’re in the driver’s seat). Not looking for trouble, hope I don’t have to use them, but am prepared just in case.

  2. Nice enough kit.

    That credit card/ money wallet made me think of a cassette tape.

    Thought we going old school …. for real.

    • i thought so too. they were once so ubiquitous my brain didn’t even question it.
      nor the oddly shaped condom in the wallet.

      • Yeah. My first thought as well on the comdom.

        Then I read it was a badge/credentials wallets.

        Funny how our brain is trained.

    • Things being as they are, I’ve recently been carrying my 92FS in place of my EDC P365.

  3. “Remarkably, my old 5.11 ATAC 100 lumen taclight has gotten more use than my clip knife”
    Same here. My handheld flashlight is one of my most used and valued EDC tools. I can carry it anywhere, I.e. airport when I go TDY, on bases, schools. At a minimum, i suggest one that is bright enough to at least temporarily blind a potential bad guy, and if you flashed a good guy, sorry bro, my bad. Whatever you do, never work in poor lighted conditions.

    • i always have the downtrodden standing around me with torches.

      “hootie and the blowfish?”
      “yeah, it’s cheaper than blank tape.”

  4. I’m so depressed to hear of all the little folk who have to have a miniature gun to be able to carry daily. I’m 68 years old. I’ve been carrying a full size Steel framed semi auto since the mid 1970s when off duty. First a Hi Power (9mm), Colt Combat Commander (.45acp), SR 1911 (.45acp), Sig 1911 (.45acp), Sig P 220 (10mm). In warm weather, southeast Texas coast, I carry inside the waist band, in a holster, with the butt to the right, for a right hand draw. I used to use a Bianchi suede clip holster, but have recently started using a N8 Tactical. With a good belt to hold my pants as well as the pistol up, and an oversized shirt with the tails out most folk have no idea that I am carrying. BTW I’m not really a big guy, a little heavy at 205 on a 6′ frame. Grow some and quit worrying about being “Tommy Tactical”.

    • Back in my day we concealed a browning .50, and we humped 10 miles in the snow while we did it! /sarcasm Really, though, does it matter what we carry if we carry?

      • You kinda miss my point. The current fad is that everyone must carry a black small gun with lots of bullets, in a plastic quick draw holster, preferably pointing at his junk. The stories are generally accompanied by a picture, at least a head shot, of the dude with a 1000 yard stare and if not bearded, with at least several days growth on his face. Also generally with a ball cap, in some camouflage pattern. The commenters will respond to what ever that the weapon would be perfect it only it was one of the “IDEALLY PERFECT GLOCKS”. It is getting to the point that it is comical.

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