GLOCK 23 what i'm carrying now
Courtesy Raul D.
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[This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

Raul D. writes . . .

I’m carrying a GLOCK 22 with a Lone Wolf G35 barrel (5.3″). I chose this arrangement instead of a G35 for several reasons:

– the shorter sight radius is faster.
– there are few if any shoulder holsters for G35.
– this holster has an open muzzle and can accommodate a G35, but the
front sight would snag. as it is the barrel pokes out.
– using Underwood ammo I have to install an aftermarket barrel anyway.
– G22’s cost less.

This size pistol isn’t ideal for CCW, it’s a sidearm. As such, if I want to try to conceal it, I must use a shoulder holster. The pile of nylon you see here is actually two shoulder holsters.

After the velcro on the first one became worn, I bought another and put the mag pouches together, turning a double into a quad. with the spare mag I carry in the watch pocket of my jeans, there are six magazines for a total of 90+1 rounds.

The old holster w/o straps is used for transporting the gun around the house.

The ammo is Underwood 155 grain XTP. Coming out of that 5.3″ barrel, it was chronographed at 1354 ft/s for a KE of 631 and a PF of 210. That is at the low end of 10mm power.

The knife is a Benchmade Emerson CQC-7 combat folder.


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  1. Odd choice in ammo. Just overall odd. I OWB my g22. Not a fan off shoulder holsters due to crossbody draws and I just think they’re outdated and floppy.

    • I think the first holster I had was some sort of shoulder holster and that was back in the mid 70s, 1978 or so. I was carrying a S&W 59 I think as I don’t think it was a 39 but that was a LONG time ago. Anyway, I was leaning over and it fell out of the holster onto a cement floor landing on the hammer and pointed right at my face. I remember watching it hit and I was looking right down barrel.
      I threw away that holster and never carried in shoulder holster again.

      • I don’t like shoulder holsters because I’ve never been comfortable in one. Same with ankle holsters.

  2. A very odd EDC. And very odd reasoning. I like Glocks, but shoulder holsters should be left to Dirty Harry and Sonny Crockett. I believe in spare ammo, but damn! Don’t fall in the creek. Like the knife. Bought one of the first ones Benchmade built. Need a light.

    • Haha.
      We have similar lives/jobs/tastes. I’ve got that knife too.
      I gotta get over your way and maybe go on a gator hunt.

      • Tom, anytime. May I suggest a combo. Off shore for grouper and red snapper in the morning followed by a fat nap. Gator hunt that night. That followed by rib eyes and adult beverages with conversation about firearms, quality knives and a thorough cursing of liberal scum.

        • Sounds like a great time! Got room for a third?

          (For reference I am not a seafood person and I love — LOVE — red snapper.)

        • Grouper is best, highest class of fish. Especially the throats.

          I miss Julia Mae’s when working in the bend.

        • Sign me in. I’ll bring some lube guys, because we all know how it’s going to end after a few “adult beverages.”

        • Specialist38,

          I might have to agree with you that grouper is the best fish to eat. I had some kind of hearty grouper soup for breakfast at a hotel on Eleuthera Island (Bahamas) and it was delicious — which is saying a lot considering that it was breakfast!

        • Specialist38, you know Julia Mae’s closed years ago. The dirt under it was just too valuable. Randy and I always liked to launch in Carabelle, run across the bay and fish the back side of St. George and Dog islands for trout and red fish. Pompano when they were in town. This always followed by a meal at Julia Mae’s. I never even had to look at a menu. Grouper chowder, stuffed flounder w/cheese grits and hush puppies. Oh! An ice cold beer as big as me. Thank you very much.

      • Tom, you may appreciate this. We’re supposed to have a little weather in the wee hours of the morning. After it blows out I’m going to the farm to pick some fresh yellow squash and zucchini for Mom. She may be 91 but she can still cook a little. The chicken and dumplings were fine tonight. Even my liberal sister couldn’t spoil that.

        • Sounds like a fantastic time. I’ve seen some big groupers while scuba diving. Bigger than I wanted to spear!
          I think it would be pretty neat to meet folks from here. I’d like to pop on down to Cali and go quail hunting with JWM.
          Well have to see how fast things return to a more normal life, but I’m game for that double protein gathering. Along with whoever else comes along

        • Tom, never saw a grouper too big to shoot. Except a Jew fish. And they’re illegal to take in Florida. I do have a funny story about two friends diving on the Empire Mica and an amberjack. Anyway, I would like to shoot birds with you and jwm. However, I will never travel to the west coast with a firearm. Washington to the Baja. Spent time in California doing desert training. Beautiful. Loved it. Every time. I’ll never travel west of the Eastern slope.

        • You guys can have the shark filled ocean and the gators. They got teeth. I’ll stick with shooting defenseless birdies.

          I don’t know how all this is going to effect our near term seasons. But I have had a lot of good luck flushing coveys on public land here. I’m looking forward to trying my new Benelli this year. Dove, then quail.

        • What gauge? A 12 and #6 is what I used. Seems the 8’s and 7 ‘s leave more lead shot in the bird.

        • Possum, I agree. #6 shot is the lightest you’ll see in my inventory.
          I’ve never had shot left in any of my birds. Feather pieces on the other hand… sometimes.

        • We can’t use lead shot in CA. I use steel. For waterfowl and crow I use bb to #4. Rabbit and squirrel it’s mostly #4. Dove and quail it’s 6&7. Steel works better out of a more open choke. The tightest I go is modified.

          For crow I like my H&R single shot. Full camo and deaks and you still don’t know at what range the shot will come. With the break action I can switch shot sizes and shell lengths quickly. I thought to buy a stack barrel with my newest shotgun purchase for the 2 different shell options but I decided I liked the Benelli better.

    • I typically carry IWB\OWB but I find that shoulder holsters have good uses. Outdoors activities and seated situation being the biggest (driving, etc). But mine is a Miami Classic for a revolver that ties down to the belt (doesn’t flop around at all) and is fit to the gun.

  3. Has Benchmade cleaned up their act? I really like their knives but was more than annoyed when they cut up a bunch of guns for the communist Portland police.

    • Joseph, I can’t answer that. I bought my Bechmade Emerson CQB years before that unfortunate incident. Haven’t bought a Benchmade since.

    • Don’t know. I’m guessing the coos say,”Will you make these gunms non serviceable? ” and bench made say”How much $?”. in the end it’s all about money, that’s why 99.999℅ of everything We own is made in a communist country. MAGA buy American, ,, If this cellphone goes tits up and I can’t fing one stamped Made In America, tuff shit, no more cell phone. Wright letters I guess, support the USPS it’s all good

    • I think that whole incident was blown out of proportion. Those guns were going to be destroyed regardless. They were just a local business that had the machine shop to do it. It only ever looked like typical chamber of commerce type stuff to me. I love benchmade knives.

      • During the kerfuffle about it, it came out they had also donated a sizable portion of money to democrat candidates. That right there is what set me off on them. The cutting up guns thing really wasn’t that big of a deal. But if I know a company donates money to Democrats then I do my best not to send money their way.

  4. I despise Glock. They do the absolute minimum to leverage the import/export advantage of an American-based facility. Even the machine tools and raw materials are imported from Austria. Not half good enough to claim they make their guns in the USA when they do all they possibly can to avoid spending money here.

    Benchmade got in hot water for destroying guns as a favor to the police. They issued a non-apology-apology and said they’d never do that ever again.

    Then it came out Benchmade’s political contributions were benefitting the anti-gun political side of the fence.

    From ProPublica records on political donations and lobbying, here’s what they list for Benchmade Knives:
    2020, $ 85 Dem, $ 0 Rep
    2018, $ 7,900 Dem, $ 0 Rep
    2016, $14,700 Dem, $ 0 Rep
    2014, $ 6,700 Dem, $ 0 Rep
    2012, $ 0 Dem, $ 500 Rep
    2010, $ 3,900 Dem, $3,000 Rep

    Is Benchmade Anti-Gun? Destroying Firearms and Supporting Democrats
    by Ryan Cleckner February 20, 2019

  5. If you can’t find a quality leather shoulder holster try the Euro company Falco.

    I haven’t bought anything from them in probably five years because I don’t have any need but the stuff I did buy from them, like a roto-tilt shoulder holster for my 941 Jericho, was all flawless. Takes like six weeks to get their stuff since it requires time to make to your gun and whatever extra specifications you provide but they did a damn fine job at a surprisingly reasonable price.

    That roto-tilt carries the gun vertically until you want it then drops the gun to a 45° angle for draw. Great for long drives where you want easy access to a full sized pistol and to also keep in on your person the entire time.

  6. .22 wouldn’t be my first choice in a defensive weapon, but if that’s all the recoil you can handle it’s a hell of a lot better than nothing.

  7. Gov. William J Le Petomane

    Your comment is wrong. Its a model 22 in 40S&W, not a a 22lr.

    • Sometimes I find it amazing how you can pick an internet pen name that’s literally French for ‘fart maniac’ and people still take what you say seriously.

      I should probably go back to Navin R. Johnson.

  8. My girlfiend likes Gocks. She wanted me to try a friend of hers. I just didn’t like the way it felt in my hand.So NO on that. .

  9. 90 1 rounds? Are you expecting an invasion or a gunfight against the mob? Maybe you should carry something that is full auto.

    • Fer Christ sake Bob, you’ve only got one arm and need three gunms. “Well if I get killed it won’t be for lack of shooting back.”

  10. I understand that G22s are cheap. Saw a gen 4 turn-in with 3 mags for 275 a couple of weeks ago.

    But then you stuck a 35 pipe in it ($$$$$$??) and limited yourself in holsters.

    Bianchi, Galco, and Desantis all make quality shoulder rigs for the G22. Vertical or horizontal.

    Carry what you want but I’d ditch the barrel and the airsoft holster for something substantial.

    And why did you “have to” swap barrels. The XTP is a jacketed bullet. Just curious.

  11. I have a G22 (retired police issue) for the nightstand. It works just fine. Occasionally use it IWB concealed, but it’s big. I get it – the Glock Gen 4 may not fit your hand, but it fits mine. I am FOR whatever you use to maximize grains-of-lead-on-target per second. Stop the threat.

    Recently got the KKM 40-9 conversion barrel. Loads of fun. Recently took The Postcard Challenge* at 30 yards and scored 8/10.

    * A 3×5 postcard is similar in size to a silhouette “A” head area. White Settlement, TX is on my mind.

  12. I am not surprised by an absolutely assinine setup such as this from someone who shoots .40 S&W.

    • You’re just salty because .40s are cheap as hell right now because everyone switched fads over to 9mm

      I’m sitting pretty with .45 colt, it’s coming back sooner or later!

    • Bitch please… from 9mm to .45, you really gonna make a situation about it? I carry a .40, and it’s nothing like this tools. Are you one of those 1911 FUDDs?

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