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$10 for‘sĀ gun-shaped 8GB USB direct from China. Only the actual cost could be much higher. [h/t to Ira Wilsker for the link]

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  1. Send your kid to school with it in his backpack and pull it out at computer time.

    It’s not technically a weapon or gun.

    • Yes, it is not a gun, but look at the “Zero Tolerance Policies” many schools have. ..

      A six year old uses his thumb and index finger and goes “bang” …

      The little boy who had a 3″ tall green plastic army man, and this toy soldier had a RIFLE! … suspension

  2. OMG OMG!!! this is all part of the eeevil gun culture, trying to indoctrinate innocent young skulls full of mush and make them think that guns don’t kill computers!!

  3. i think it’s a great ideal…take this to work with no guns allowed sticker on the ft door….what the hell they going to do now?

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