From the fertile mind of Alex Wooley Graphic Design of the UK – no, really – comes the toy all the cool kids will be playing with this fall on the rainy streets of London. Right up until they’re taken down by British special forces, that is. This unique, funnel shaped umbrella harnesses the flow of rainwater down into its handle, a water pistol. The user can fire at will, maintaining a constant flow of water as long as rain continues to fall!

Make the jump for a shot of the wacky hijinks.



  1. In England? The place where you get jailed for defending yourself with the old blunderbuss against mortally armed intruders? A toy gun has got to be prevented.

    It’s a cute toy, but probably irrelevant. I’m not sure who plays with squirt guns in the rain. Isn’t that usually done on hot, sunny days?


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