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Presented for your consideration…possibly the world’s most dangerous bag. In case you can’t read the fine print, the bag was a promotional piece at a bookstore in Belgium, given out to promote Belgium’s most famous crime writer. (And not, it’s not Hercule Poirot. He’s a crime-solving detective, and a fictional one at that. But thanks for playing.) I can just imagine the looks you’d get if they tried this in, oh, say NYC or California. (Of course, in Texas, everybody’d want one.) So – brilliant promotional item, or accident waiting for a place to happen: your thoughts?

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  1. I carry concealed for a reason. I don’t want any attention. I want to be Guy Incognito. I want the only thing easily discerned about me to be is that I am paying attention to my surroundings.

  2. Terribly Awesome!! But yeah, bad Idea in a place where people actually have rights and liberty.

    • One of the problems with having a blog is it’s bloody difficult to know who’s posted what, when it comes to images. There’s no good way to search for a specific image to see if we’ve run it before.

      But in a way, it’s kinda gratifying that you noticed.

  3. I’d be more concerned about the dipshit that can’t distinguish a print on a shopping bag from a real firearm (and who also happens to be armed and ready to shoot). I agree with you guys on a lot of these features, but honestly, between this and the recent tacky-BMW feature – I’m starting to wonder how much time you guys spend looking for things to express your indignation over.

    And I guess while I’m at it, I’ll touch on this one too: PLEASE no more FPSRussia Posts! I find some of his stuff entertaining (including his fake accent), some of it juvinile, and none of it suitable for kids who don’t know better. But for a group of people who seem to be so libertatian-leaning you sure as hell do come off like a bunch of old ladies when it comes to what ‘ol FPS puts in his latest feature. He’s had plenty of fair warnings, his eyes and ears are his business. The FPSRussia channel is obviously a money-making entertainment product. Where’s all the indignation over all the gun play in your average action movie? I’m sure most feature films have a much wider influence than our favorite faux-Russian.

    • FPSRussia isn’t my beat. I did mention him in my post about hearing, but that’s because he’s kinda the poster child for avoidable hearing damage.

      • Understood, Brad. My “FPS rant” wasn’t directed specifically at you (should I repost it in Farago or Zimmerman’s next thread?). The point on avoidable hearing damage is certainly taken, I just don’t think we need to *hear* (rimshot) about it every time FPS posts to youtube.

    • So you’d run around and humming “hanging on my hip” tune? 🙂

      Back to thread: I don’t get all that fuss about “ow, that looking dangerous, let’s kill it!” What, next time some “concerned citizen” will assume my baguettes for clubs or “rifels” and call cops, who first shoot and thinks second? Pfeh.
      Geez, I wonder how could one carry his “legitimately purchased” chainsaw from shop to home without being killed.

    • You kid, but when I was in school, it was not at all unusual to see kid’s trucks with rifles or shotguns in a gun rack, hanging by the rear window of the cab. Try that today, and the student will be arrested and jailed for terroristic threats against the school.

  4. I like Cujo’s idea … the bag would be great im truck and my son’s truck too. Maybe this is a stay at home business for some inventive person to start up? If it is a quality bag, I will buy some.

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