You’re walking down the street and hear your phone ring. You’ve been expecting a call and don’t want to miss it, so you reach under your coat, grab the butt of your iPhone revolver and quickly raise it to your ear. Just in time to hear the cop across the street yell, “DROP IT!” while pointing his Glock at the center of your too-cute-by-half mass. I’m sure there are places where a gadget like an iPhone gun would be a funny conversation starter, but I’ve never been there.


  1. For a while phone makers were making cell phones as small as possible. Now there’s all these companies making products to make them freakin’ huge! I don’t get it.

  2. I don’t think you have anything to worry about from the cop with the glock, because he’ll most likely miss you and hit some innocent bystander.

  3. The weight of the attached phone may throw off your aiming balance a couple degrees causing you to miss the mallard duck suddenly flying over the vegan PETA rally that your teenage daughter dragged you to attend with her.

  4. If you are stupid enough to actually use this product, the police will be doing society a huge favor by removing your genetic stock from the gene pool.


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