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The caption above – “You sneeze, people die?” – is misleading. The Indian helmet shotgun above is activated by a pressure switch. So as long as you keep your finger off the “trigger” while sneezing, no one’s gonna get hurt. Saying that, the lack of muzzle discipline in the video’s final frames is deeply worrying. And I wonder what a chiropractor would make of this gizmo.

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  1. Didn’t Boba Fett have something like this? I guess I like it, in sci fi theory, but I’m not too eager to have shot shells blasting off an inch from my ear in real life.

    • I always thought that thing on the side of Boba Fett’s helmet was a radio antenna or something. Maybe it’s the Star Wars version of a GoPro, and he uploaded all his adventures to YouTube. Either way, it didn’t keep him from getting eaten by Jabba’s big space coochie.

  2. Can’t view the video – says I have to sign in. Tried it with Firefox, Chrome, IE, & Safari, all from my PC. Is anyone else having this issue? I’ll try from the iPad next & report back.

    • Ahhh hahaha ha ha haaaaaa…cough…cough. Clearly, I did not read earlier comments. Yeah, private video is a no-go on the iPad, too, obviously.

      I’ll drop by later, after my nap. Maybe that will help…

  3. “Indian electrical engineering lecturer and former school dropout Shyam Chaurasia presented his latest invention…”

    Stay in school, kids.

  4. A short barrel SxS shotgun would work better and be safer.

    I would not want to shoot high brass load’s out of that thing, let alone low brass.

  5. Hey-ya’ got it to work. I guess if you’re in a cave hunting “Man-bear-pig” it might work! Legal in the sub-continent?

  6. Seriously, what would the purpose be for this disaster? Range time for double amputees?
    Does anyone know why these guys built this ?


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