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Next Post reports on the aftermath of the slaying that left two officers dead, after a white supremacist and his son opened fire with an AK-47 during a traffic stop. The killing claimed the life of West Memphis police chief Bob Paudert’s son Brandon. “When the chief learned that the suspects were cornered in the Walmart parking lot about 90 minutes after the shooting, he grabbed his weapon and headed out of his house. He wanted to be the one to shoot them, he said . . . The chief said his son, a sergeant over the criminal interdiction unit, took cover Thursday behind his vehicle as teenager Joseph Kane opened fire with an AK-47. He said bullets pierced the engine and the car and shattered glass. Brandon was riddled with bullets before being shot in the back of the head.” Despite the tragedy, or because of it, Paudert remains in charge of the department. He’s made some changes . . .

“Paudert told them that as of Tuesday, he wanted officers carrying shotguns on traffic stops. He wanted one officer to approach while a second officer stood back with a shotgun ready to fire if the situation turns dangerous.

“Brandon and Bill had no chance against an AK-47,” Paudert said. “They were completely outgunned. We are dealing with people who rant and rave about killing. They want government officials dead. We had a 16-year-old better armed than the police.”

Yes, well, one wonders how practical—or tactical—that approach will prove. And it’s worth noting that the vast majority of cop killers do NOT use AK-47 modern sporting rifles [sic].

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