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Enter the best caption for this photo by Sunday at midnight and you’ll win an OSS Technologies BANNAR Bravo 1 flash hiding muzzle brake for 7.62 rifles. This item was purchased new and used during testing in Jeremy’s Muzzle Device Shootout.

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  1. “You get one chance, where were you last night, and don’t tell me that old hammock in the yard I put that away last week”


    “Make fun of my hat one more time!”

    • Yes it is, but I have to wonder whether that ill-fitting gun rig is hers. Notice how the buckle is hidden under the holster?

      • I think that may be done on purpose. I know that back then Cross draw was considered the fastest way to draw from the holster by many people. With it positioned there, You could in theory speed up your draw slightly by not having to reach as far. Now for real world purposes it is a very poor position because if you are sitting, the pistol grip is against your stomach making it very difficult if not impossible to draw. Annie Oakley of course was not a gunfighter who’s life could depend on being able to quickly draw her pistol at any time, she was a showman who entertained the masses, and as such she would probably set her gear up in a way to give a more impressive performance. No different then competitors setting up their gear today in such a way that the can preform better on the competition field (like lightening triggers to under 3 pounds) even if such set ups are not very practical for real world use.

        That’s all guess work of course as I don’t know the story behind that picture.

  2. i got you right in my sights, Kitchen. Force me to make one more sandwich and i’ll blow your oven out!

  3. This season on “The Voice”…Pharell’s little sister “Oaklee”! Watch out Blake Shelton!!

  4. Cowboy shooter Big Hat Betty demonstrates the braced position for the long range stage at End of Trail, which requires one to hit a large steel target at 7 yards.

  5. Ok, one more:

    “So, the dress does, huh…in that case, does this gun barrel make my butt look fat, too?”

  6. Acutely aware of her beau Farago’s disdain for off-body carry for women, Rhonda came up with Forearm Carry.

    He did not have the courage to let her know it was less than flattering.

  7. “I don’t know whether I fired five shots or six shots…so you have to ask yourself…do you fell lucky punk…do you…feel lucky???…I’m just kidding..have a good day at work honey!”

  8. “When I found out he was married I told that John Bobbit that he could go home and explain this whole mess to Lorena, or he could stay here…”

  9. Here we have a tactical demonstration of the first use of front sight aiming.


    Tactical operator, operating in tactical wild west operations!

  10. Another few…

    Dirk’s wife ” Who is this Shannon, and why are you saying her name in your sleep?”


    God created man, Sam Colt made them equal, Woman mastered the Colt!

    Safe act huh, we only needed 5 back in my day, we just made each one count!

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