Lizabeth Scott and Raymond Burr in Pitfall
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“No I didn’t put the seat down, why?” Click.

Last week’s winner was OregunianC96. Enter the best caption for this photo by Sunday at midnight and you’ll win a hat courtesy of Colt Ammunition.

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  1. Zelda had always heard that the way to a mans heart was thru his stomach. She decided to see if going thru the top of his head worked any better.

  2. Dan… we need to have a talk about this new really terrible layout on TTAG…

    Jokes aside… this design really is freaking terrible. I couldn’t give less of a rats ass about the hat, this new sight design just sucks.

    • Time and money spent on a redesign that has nothing to do with function, and the comment section still doesn’t work right.
      Efficient management of resources? Nope.

      • it streamlines with ttak. both sites work the same for me as before. every so often things get refeshed. autoweek started out as a paper tabloid.

        i’m glad the new header no longer screams “guns” in large block letters.

    • That woman, in that dress, could carry it in her hand just like that all night and nobody would notice.

      Not the men at least.

      The women would comment that it clashed with her shoes.

  3. Calm down, you’re getting upset over nothing! Is it that time of the month? Is it our anniversary? Your birthday?! Have you been talking to your mom again?

  4. ALL jokes aside… is it just me or is that lady missing a finger? >,,>

    Ehh, probably just the photo…

  5. Tonight we’re going to watch that rom-com I’ve been wanting to see, and you better not stick me with the check at dinner again!

  6. Three seconds later, Robert T. Ironside was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of the TV series. Tragic, but a better outcome than if she’d actually hit what she was aiming for.

  7. “If you want control, you don’t need that gun — your frontal battery is convincing enough.”

  8. The best concealment for a firearm: Hold the gun in your hand while wearing a very sexy dress. Unfortunately, this concealment method only works on men.

  9. Listen if you’re here to kill me you’re seriously gonna need a bigger gun than that, no seriously…

  10. “I’m going to ask you one last time – Do you think my sister is more attractive than me?”

  11. As she gazed down on his bald spot she decided …….they’ve grown old enough and will die together.

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