Weekend Photo Caption Contest – Win a Colt Ammunition Hat

Lizabeth Scott and Raymond Burr in Pitfall
“No I didn’t put the seat down, why?” Click.

Last week’s winner was OregunianC96. Enter the best caption for this photo by Sunday at midnight and you’ll win a hat courtesy of Colt Ammunition.


  1. avatar mike oregon says:

    “No I didn’t put the seat down, why?” Click.

    1. avatar Shotgun Sam says:

      Nice rack. Um, I mean, ah, did you remember to rack your pistol?

    2. avatar tmm says:

      “I’m only going to say this one more time…this is the only PP I want to touch!”

  2. avatar Mr.Savage says:

    I’m pregnant, it’s yours, and you WILL stick around RIGHT?!?!

  3. avatar jwm says:

    Zelda had always heard that the way to a mans heart was thru his stomach. She decided to see if going thru the top of his head worked any better.

  4. avatar Larry Jones says:

    I know you’re holding a gun in your hand, but I can’t seem to get my eyes to look there!

  5. avatar ATFAgentBob says:

    Bond Jane Bond.

    Uhh isn’t that James?

    Not anymore it isn’t.

  6. avatar Noishkel says:

    Dan… we need to have a talk about this new really terrible layout on TTAG…

    Jokes aside… this design really is freaking terrible. I couldn’t give less of a rats ass about the hat, this new sight design just sucks.

    1. avatar Big Bill says:

      Time and money spent on a redesign that has nothing to do with function, and the comment section still doesn’t work right.
      Efficient management of resources? Nope.

      1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

        it streamlines with ttak. both sites work the same for me as before. every so often things get refeshed. autoweek started out as a paper tabloid.

        i’m glad the new header no longer screams “guns” in large block letters.

  7. avatar Alan Esworthy says:

    “What did you just say about trigger discipline?”

  8. avatar Mike reagan says:

    Are thosebullets in your bra or are you just happy to see me

  9. avatar Jeff says:

    “The gun’s down there!”

  10. avatar Bersa Bob says:

    Now where do you expect to conceal in such a tight dress

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      That woman, in that dress, could carry it in her hand just like that all night and nobody would notice.

      Not the men at least.

      The women would comment that it clashed with her shoes.

    2. avatar Southern Cross says:

      “Should I ask where you hid that?”

  11. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    About that part you promised me in that movie, Mr. Weinstein!

  12. avatar Jeff says:

    “I wouldn’t advise groping me again Harvey!”

  13. avatar Paul53 says:

    Calm down, you’re getting upset over nothing! Is it that time of the month? Is it our anniversary? Your birthday?! Have you been talking to your mom again?

  14. avatar Robbie Nell says:

    So i’m engaged to a Momma’s boy Huh? we will just see about that !

  15. avatar Bill Brasski says:

    “Frank, you left your dirty skivvies on the bathroom floor…for the last time!”

  16. avatar Noishkel says:

    ALL jokes aside… is it just me or is that lady missing a finger? >,,>

    Ehh, probably just the photo…

    1. avatar anonymoose says:

      No, they’re all there.

  17. avatar Roymond says:

    “So that’s what my art teacher meant by having two focuses to look at.”

  18. avatar Gregolas says:

    “Now it looks like Tokyo has no first line of defense.”

  19. avatar anonymoose says:

    Tonight we’re going to watch that rom-com I’ve been wanting to see, and you better not stick me with the check at dinner again!

  20. avatar doesky2 says:

    She came packing an additional 6 bullets over the usual two.

  21. avatar Klaus says:

    If only I wasn’t in a wheelchair.

    1. avatar Allen says:

      “If only I weren’t gay!”

  22. avatar Mike Fulscher says:

    Dear, I’m more afraid of what that dress can do than your gun.

  23. avatar Mike Fulscher says:

    I knew you were guilty. I promised to get you off, but I didn’t say at trial.

  24. avatar Ironhead says:

    How does my sister know about tour third testicle????

  25. avatar pieslapper says:

    “Pffft! That’s a toy! Here, I’ll show you a real gun!”

  26. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

    Oh umm, Yes Dear!

  27. avatar johnny go lightly says:

    I was going to tell you that I’m gay, honest.

  28. avatar ManOwar says:

    Sorry lady. You got me confused with somebody else. My name is Horatio.

  29. avatar Defens says:

    Three seconds later, Robert T. Ironside was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of the TV series. Tragic, but a better outcome than if she’d actually hit what she was aiming for.

  30. avatar Roymond says:

    “If you want control, you don’t need that gun — your frontal battery is convincing enough.”

  31. avatar dcstark13 says:

    “Excuse me, but you’re sitting in MY spot . . . “

  32. avatar JDH says:

    What do you mean you’re in love with Rock Hudson?

  33. avatar rt66paul says:

    Why, Della, you have gone blond! I want to meet your hairdresser…

  34. avatar LHW says:

    It’s time for bed dear. NOW.

  35. avatar GunTotinDem says:

    Nice 38’s

  36. avatar MarkF says:

    Shush… Do NOT harass a woman with a gun.

  37. ” really, that gun, I thought you prefer a pair of 38s”

  38. avatar Larry Goldfinger says:

    Go ahead. Tell me one more time to keep my booger picker off the trigger.

  39. avatar UnPC Aussie says:

    Let’s see how much damage a shot from my 3″ barrel does to you…

  40. avatar Sam Wright says:

    Honey West and her 38’s. Double D’s that is.

  41. avatar Chip in Florida says:

    I mean.. No! That dress doesn’t make your ass look big… honest!

  42. avatar Tom Witzig says:

    Is that a double stack?

  43. avatar David T. says:

    Always come prepared to a private meeting with a Hollywood producer.

  44. avatar Ryan Betty says:

    “You’re printing dear.”

  45. avatar Erik Weisz says:

    My tits are up here.

  46. avatar Jug says:

    Ahh, the Russian Connection!

  47. avatar Bohucka says:

    “Mark, wheel me outta here. There’s nothing here for me to get excited about”

  48. avatar Bob says:

    The best concealment for a firearm: Hold the gun in your hand while wearing a very sexy dress. Unfortunately, this concealment method only works on men.

  49. avatar JW says:

    Which should I grab first, the gun or the bazookas?

  50. avatar Rune Katrina LeFaye says:

    Where were you concealing, “that,”!

  51. avatar Peter says:

    It would be nice if you guys wrote under each one of these from which movie it is. 😉

  52. avatar Darkwing says:

    “you know that I am not interested in women”

  53. avatar ATFAgentBob says:

    I said I want yo cornbread an yo cookie.

  54. avatar AaronW says:

    Don’t binge on Netflix whilst your wife sleepwalks with a pistol.

  55. avatar jwm says:

    Stewardess, I see you’ve inflated your ‘Mae West’. Are we ditching?

  56. avatar Big Bill says:

    Sat “what” again! SAY “WHAT” AGAIN!”

  57. avatar John E> says:

    Ironside realized Caitlyn Jenner had more than one gun…

  58. avatar Gabriel Baker says:

    Listen if you’re here to kill me you’re seriously gonna need a bigger gun than that, no seriously…

  59. avatar rob says:

    I hope you pack more of a punch that your 25 automatic!

  60. avatar TyrannyOfEvilNen says:

    Wait… You’re armed?

    Sorry. I was distracted.

  61. avatar jkmoa says:

    I see your point.

  62. avatar Neal says:

    If she asks me if that dress makes her look fat, I’m NOT answering.

  63. avatar Neal says:

    What can happen when you don’t watch your six.

  64. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    You don’t frighten me! I’m a proud gay man in the movie business!! I’m untouchable!!!

  65. avatar David Todorov says:

    I told you i wanted a 45 for home defense, Frank!

  66. avatar Josh feola says:

    “Make your own damn sandwich! “

  67. avatar NthnHlbrk says:

    “I’m going to ask you one last time – Do you think my sister is more attractive than me?”

  68. avatar lawrence hiebert says:

    As she gazed down on his bald spot she decided …….they’ve grown old enough and will die together.

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