Roughriders Spanish American War SAW Colt Machine Gun
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New Continental Army won last week’s contest. This week’s sharpest wit will receive a hat courtesy Hornady. Enter your best work in the comments before Sunday midnight to be eligible.

Hornady Ammunition Hat

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  1. “Didn’t your mama ever tell you it wasn’t polite to write numbers on peoples shirts without permission?”

  2. The “potato digger’ machine guns, a gift of the Tiffany family, were often borrowed by the regiments cooks.

    • Click bait I guess.

      I’m not commenting to win a hat from the company that brought us the Creedmoor.

  3. Wow, a hat made in China. Just makes me rush out and take lots of pictures. . . . NOT!

    And yes, there are still baseball caps made in the USA.

  4. “You’ll all get a turn! We’re going in order of your number assigned to you when we issued your shirts!”

  5. Thanks. I guess I should start using my real email in the comments section. I’m just concerned with spam.

  6. “So, I see how were doing the shooting portion of the biathlon, but how do we do the skiing part?”

  7. After failing to qualify for the world cup, the USA’s men’s national soccer team decided to go in a different direction….

  8. “Fred, if you don’t get that damned thing out of my ear, I’m going to jam that fu BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG un don’t shine.”

  9. Attendance always tripled at the He Man Mustache and Shooting Club meetings, whenever they brought out the machine guns.

  10. Before Photo – just as the bugler was starting “Mess Call”. Another photo taken 15 seconds later is empty except for two unattended guns and someone’s hat that fell off in the rush.

  11. After their yet to be identified leader, wearing funny glasses and an odd mustache told these volunteers pictured here that the mission on which they were about to embark was going to be a “Rough Ride” not one of them changed their mind.

  12. What the hell is on the guys head in the far right of the photo?? The numberless guy…looks like an upside down shitpan.

  13. Alright, fellas. There aren’t enough guns for everyone, so we’re gonna draw numbers and take turns. Phil, your hat is ridiculous. You look like a damn mushroom. You don’t get a number, and you have to stand off to the side.

  14. I don’t see anything from Ruger in the photos… No thanks. I mean, really, Dan, just because it is red doesn’t mean it is Ruger.

  15. “None of these guys are eligible to play for Nebraska!” Said the new head coach as he was wringing out his wet panties.

  16. The rider from the French bicycle team wasn’t sure what he’d stumbled into, but he knew he had the most fabulous outfit.

  17. The Rough Riders really liked the machine guns, and the suppressive fire they could provide, but couldn’t for the life of them figure out how to mount them on the back of a horse.

  18. We always knew there was something different about Uncle Gabriel, if only by his choice of hats. But his passions for the latest trends, theater and non-traditional relationships; they never clouded his judgement when opportunity to defend the local schoolhouse arose.

  19. mr. nuther’s sixteen sons spent an inordinate amount of time defending the honor of their mother, wanda.

  20. finding sixteen brides for sixteen brothers was proving difficult until a minor tactic adjustment was employed.

  21. back of photo:
    1&2; ike & fess yeronner
    3; ray zerzej
    4; pastor amyoonishun
    5; morrie pulsive
    6; rip eatafendur
    7; upton o’good
    8; foster dennis peedinbulit
    9; gil t. azek
    10; dan jarus
    11; c. senior
    12; ben crobber
    13; ames high
    14; drew blood
    15; doug graves
    16; lou smorels

  22. 13, Front and center!! It’s your week to cook. The rest of you, stand down while the barrels cool. 13, What KFC again??

  23. Okay men, the Ruger hat is on the guy on the extreme right of the picture. The bad news is that you have to fight all of his buddies before you can win it.

  24. ‘Men, there are 5000 drug crazed maniacs half a mile away, and we are the only thing stopping them from reaching the capitol, so get ready!” And the 16 Texas rangers with their captain prepared for a hard 10 minutes of work, before they could relax and eat lunch and have a celebratory beer.


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