Weekend Photo Caption Contest


  1. avatar DZ says:

    …and that’s when I shot the leopard.

  2. avatar AaronW says:

    Lady, you’re doing it wrong. Never cross your legs during tactical movement.

    1. avatar Russ Bixby says:

      Could be Ninja “cat walking…”

  3. avatar mountocean says:

    Immediatly after teaching your daughters trigger control we reccomend strict instruction on wardrobe control.

  4. avatar Jeff says:

    At least the hat and gun are proportional to each other…

  5. avatar dudebro says:

    Assault and Pepper

    1. avatar SD3 says:

      There’s your winner, boys.

      1. avatar Pat says:

        Yup. Simple as that.

  6. avatar 16V says:

    Marcel Marceau’s daughter trying take her act in a different direction, circa 1983.

  7. avatar crndl says:

    wanna borrow my 3D printer? 🙂

  8. avatar protaganis says:

    Remember ladies, exercise muzzle discipline in this (jazz hands) direction…

  9. avatar AaronW says:

    “One cannot prepare for a zombie apocalypse whilst committing a fashion catastrophe”

  10. avatar Bob says:

    How to get around the gun grabbers’ ban on evil-looking Black rifles? Paint it white. Why didn’t we think of that before? Dressing like a hipster doesn’t hurt either.

  11. avatar SubZ says:

    Armalite Ballet

  12. avatar utdmatt says:

    Magpul Dynamics conducts casting calls for their newest video, Art of the Dancing Carbine.

    Apparently in Texas there was a call for prettier faces and a way to get the wives to watch too. Reports that Chris Costa will tango with Nick Leghorn in a simunition hoe-down have not yet been confirmed.

  13. avatar Mark N. says:

    Democrats are complaining that the NRA has rolled out its same old song and dance routine to legitimize assault weapons, hiding it behind another pretty face.

  14. avatar Mark N. says:

    The Army rolls out its new and improved multicam for urban combat.

  15. avatar Colt Magnum says:

    Whodah thunk Boy George is into guns?

  16. avatar Gyufygy says:

    The M-16 was 20-30 years old when her clothes were fashionable.

    “Modern” Sporting Rifle.

    1. avatar Gene says:

      In this context, it would be “modren”.

  17. avatar CJ says:

    A Suburban Terrorist Act

  18. avatar Scholarcat says:

    This is either from “Muzzle Flash Dance” or “A Chorus Firing Line”; I can’t remember which.

  19. avatar Tama Paine says:

    When I first saw the photo at Awkward Family Photos, all I could think was “Twyla Git Yer Gun,” and “Hakuna matata, M—- F—-!”

    My partner came up with Assault Steppin, and Feelin’ Plucky?


    More family portraits with firearms.


  20. avatar Jon R. says:

    After this incident Mom never did ask Dad to help choreograph any of Jessica’s dance routines again.

    1. avatar Megrim says:

      Jon R. — nice.
      You’ve got my vote.
      Of course, if any of you others would like to buy my vote….
      (Please note: I accept ammo in most pistol denominations.)

  21. avatar RKflorida says:

    “If I didn’t have to wee-wee so bad, I’d shoot you for laughing at my outfit!”

  22. avatar David says:

    Full on Creeper.

  23. avatar GS650G says:

    A new definition of white power.

  24. avatar Lucas D. says:

    Hoping for a boost to her lagging career, Liz Berkeley grudgingly agrees to star in Paul Verhoeven’s latest clunker Showgirls 2: Payback Time.

  25. avatar SpeleoFool says:

    BREAKING: Defense Distributed moves beyond printable lowers; now available: complete printable M-16s with bonus poseable love doll

  26. avatar Matt in SD says:

    Who says the NRA isn’t trying to appeal to groups outside of it’s base?

  27. avatar John L. says:

    See? It’s not evil, it’s just misunderstood. Why, it doesn’t sport a goatee!

  28. avatar RockThisTown says:

    The original Russian ballet dance defector.

    Colt’s newest rifle, available only in tu-tu caliber.

  29. avatar JSW says:

    “This’ how we get off the X… Off the X… off the X… this’ how we…”

  30. avatar Joke & Dagger says:

    Matt’s new avatar.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      And to think I wasn’t even going to come into this thread.

      I’ve already got another one on deck, though.

  31. avatar Randy Drescher says:

    Madonna gave up on the 2 gun approach? Randy

  32. avatar Duzt says:

    clockwork orange on ice?

    1. avatar punmaster says:

      Good one!

      1. avatar Pat says:

        Very good.

  33. avatar tfunk says:

    Although an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment, Bethany was secretly delighted the Broadway version would NOT be allowed to use the original Beta Mag equipped rubber ducks.

  34. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    One! Singular sensation, every single move she makes.
    One! Thrilling combination, every shot that she takes…

  35. avatar ChuckN says:

    Debbie Wassserman-Schultz dancing around
    questions about the effectiveness of
    firearm bans.

    1. avatar Bob says:

      LOVE IT!

  36. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

    Upon receiving numerous civilian complaints over intimidating military style uniforms, the Department of Homeland Security has been studying “less hostile equipment”.

  37. avatar SigGuy says:

    Her rifle may be plastic, but her leopard skin is real.

  38. avatar carey says:

    sung to the tune of ‘me and my shadow’:

    me… and… my AR.. strolling down the avenue

  39. avatar MrVigs says:

    Heather was suspended from school after this picture was posted on facebook. Sources say that it was because she was smiling holding a weapon of death and that her fellow classmates were very nervous about their safety. School officials were quoted as saying “it’s for the children, you know, common sense.”

  40. avatar Mike the Hops Farmer says:

    Does this AR make my thighs look big?

  41. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

    Is this Glee’s take on “A Clockwork Orange”?

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