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    • I’m fairly certain that photo violates the Hauge Convention, the Geneva Convention and laws in at least 47 US States and 9 Canadian Provinces.

      • Goddamned Newfies.

        Or maybe Manitobans?

        Gotta be one of them. The Quebecois may be annoying, but they have some style.

  1. An ample, well developed FUPA lends added stability while utilizing the isosceles stance, as Brenda here will demonstrate…

  2. When planting your Detroit urban survival garden be aware some crops require more attentive care than others….

  3. And for the last point of our comparative review: grip ergonomics. Sorry Glock, this one goes to the watermelon.

  4. Say “make me a sammich” one more time and you’re going to know what it is like to pass a watermelon. . .

  5. Some people are never satisfied. Like the woman with a Glock in one hand and a watermelon in the other and she still complains she only has FMJ instead of HP ammo.


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