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  1. Whoa, there! Which bad guy are you aiming at? The one with the black hat? Daggumit, they all have black hats!

  2. Seven Republican Presidential contenders attempt to prove they are pro 2A.

    Not pictured:
    Gov. Christie
    Gov. Bush
    Dr. Carson

  3. You might not realize it, but these guys are actually democrats practicing for what they’re gonna do after they steal your guns and give them to themselves; just like everything else you used to have.

    • John Russell (Marshal Dan Troop), dunno the guy next to him in the plastron shirt, James Garner (Brett Maverick), Ty Hardin (Bronco Lane), Jack Kelly (Bart Maverick), Peter Brown (Deputy Johnny McKay), just went blank on the last actor’s name but the character is “Tom Brewster”, aka “Sugarfoot”. Not there: Clint Walker (Cheyenne Bodie).

      • aha–just remembered, Will Hutchins played “Sugarfoot” ( a “sugarfoot” is someone who’s working his way up to becoming a “tenderfoot”…). I remember the theme songs, too…funny what sticks with you after all those years.

    • Yeah. John Russell (as mentioned in an earlier post). He also played Nathan Burdette, John Wayne’s nemesis in ‘Rio Bravo’.

      In my next life, I want to look like him.

  4. What you don’t see in the picture are the seven guys to the left . I think it was ;
    Jimmy Stewart
    Henry Fonda
    Clint Eastwood
    Dean Martin
    Curt Douglas
    Sammy Davis Jr.
    Don Knotts

    • Like +1
      …………….. and it must have been before the ‘ Four Gun Rules ‘ , aren’t there fingers all on the triggers ?

  5. No, I can’t tell who he was, deputy. All that’s left is a boot heel and a piece of his hatband…

  6. “Now if we all shoot at the same time we might be able to bring down that damn Clint Walker! “

  7. OK guys, we’ve all been issued these new 40 shot revolvers, that were gonna use in our up and coming movie.

  8. “Donate to the Democrat Part, NOW!”


    “Mandatory Immunization Center Enforcement (M.I.C.E.)”

  9. We need a new law – these 7 fellas have 42 rounds among them, that’s way over the 15-round magazine capacity limit in Colorado! No more gatherings of more that 2 fellas each with one six-shooter!

  10. Marty didn’t heed docs advise to change out of those clothes. And this time he wasn’t hanged.

  11. Here we all are: nattily attired, meticulously groomed, and one dude in skinny jeans. That’s right, we’re the Wild West Metrosexuals!

  12. Let me introduce the new offensive line for the Arizona Cardinals. We think they will change the game by blowing huge holes in the defense this year.

  13. Pictured here is the Tombstone Welcome Wagon welcoming another newcomer to the neighborhood.

  14. One single photo capturing SEVEN of some of the greatest television shows ever made. Thank God for Encore western TV to be able to still see some of this really good stuff, where good guys were good, bad guys were bad, no one was gay or bi-sexual, and the horses were treated better than the women.

  15. As Brett and Bart Maverick were fond of saying ” as my ole pappy used to say,,,,,,,,,,,,”

    • Really , crap .I always liked his movies , I loved Reagan and I am not real fond of the GOP right now . The Democrats have accepted their new title as Progressive Party and the GOP are the Dems of 50 years ago and the Tea Party is the new GOP . Wow how things have changed in the last fifty years . The people the Dems were clubbing and hosing down in the 60’s are running the country today .
      ANYWAY , James Gardner is was ? I thought he was still alive . Shows how much I know .

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