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  1. Yes, The Marines always get the Navy hand-me-downs but we are not done with the one yet. You’re just gonna have to wait.

  2. I wonder how many rounds it will take to warm it up enough to no longer be able to hold the barrel?


    Forget firing from the hip, I got this cool, new belt set-up!

    • Clean is asking a bit much from the GMs, coated in CLP and 1 quick wipe with a rag is about the most you can hope for. I doubt most of the folks on here would ever pull anything out of their safe and say “It’s just a little surface rust, it’ll still shoot fine.”

  3. Ok Chief, let me get this straight….I get to fly in this whistling shitcan with a couple of Ensigns that don’t even shave yet, we do 100 knots with a tailwind and we’re all that stands between Guadacanal and the whole Jap fleet…and we got this gun and two torpedoes…SIGN ME UP!

  4. In hindsight scraping barnacles would have been a safer job, but it sure would not be as fun as carrying around this belt fed, and belt mounted machine gun.

  5. Seaman Recruit Joe “Seal” Swat , an early pioneer of the tactical look met with much resistance and ridicule from his fellow sailors.

  6. Let me get this straight. I get to hold onto this .30 caliber mg while the 90 day wonder barrel rolls all over the sky and all I have to keep me in the plane is this safety belt. I get to aim by hand and use open sights while the bad guy gets two 20mm and two 7.7mm guns mounted to his airplane, which is faster and more manuervable than mine, and is equipped with an electronic sighting system?

    And the marines are ballsier than the navy, how?

  7. Many years later, Seaman Jones realized that he probably shouldn’t have laughed when the little Bloomberg boy wet himself at the sight of the guns during a Fleet Week tour.


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