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[h/t Jan P.]

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    • They’re not brothers anymore, sort of. On of them had the disfigurement surgery ’cause he thinks he’s a girl.

  1. The Pakistani synchronized mounted combat demonstrations team placed third this year when they found out too late that the last target was behind them. Only 4 people were injured while attending the wedding.

  2. This happened when I clicked the link,

    Girlfriend, noticing previous headline: “Wait, what is breaking?”
    Me: “Nothing is breaking.”
    Girlfriend, now staring at picture: “…It looks like their backs are.”

  3. ok guys, you ready? you want eyes? ears? helmets? pads? any kind of standard safety gear?

    nah, we have clean underwear and matching jumpsuits! what could go wrong?

  4. “If these damn bikes keep breaking down, we gotta get bigger guns. 1911’s don’t have nearly enough recoil. Or, we just need to get a friend with a flatbed trailer.”

  5. Turkey’s elite Siamese Twin Motorcycle Corp takes the equal opportunity employment act to a whole new level…..

  6. Deleted scene from Captain America: The First Avenger…

    “Cut off one head – two more shall take its place. HAIL HYDRA!!!”

  7. The guy driving the bike asked his passenger that age old question, “is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?” Things took a realy weird turn after that.

  8. Chuy loved riding, but during quiet moments at home, he always thought to himself that he really should have a chance to shoot too, once in a while.

  9. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Secret Service practice evasive maneuvers against paparazzi trying to take pictures of the leaders new hairdo

  10. The Turkish Elite Force discovered that their failure to feed issues went away when they started using gravity assist.

  11. My wife says, “Darwin Award in Progress.”

    Mine: “Achmed didn’t realize he should ask why turnover was so high for position of Jihad B*tch riders.”

  12. This is the new French commando assault team. They’re tougher than before, now they shoot back when retreating!

  13. “I didn’t even want to buy matching, life sized, “Tactical Ninja” dolls, but we could have at least rented a truck.”

  14. Proof of the wisdom of the old saying “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” Or day 2of the Joe Biden tactical gunsence, don’t go full Biden.

  15. Dave and Art had to bend over backwards to get the wife’s to let them have a little extra range time.

  16. The initial training program for B-17 tail gunners was judged to be highly effective by the evaluation board.

  17. Governor of California Jerry Brown is sick of the number of motorcycle fatalities on his state’s highways and has consequently called for a radical new defensive driving class for motorcycle tail riders in addition to the current one for drivers.

    Geico was disinclined to aquiesce to his request.

  18. I don’t always Duel Wheeled, but when I do I Dual Wield.


    Dual dueling duos dual-wielding on dual-wheelers.

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