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  1. “There is a long history of Gun Bullies open carrying dangerous guns to intimidate since the early 1900’s” according to Mom’s Demand Action spokeswoman Shannon Watts

  2. Man, look at at the ankles on the fifth woman from the right!!!!!

    Well, back in the day when they had Browning Machine Gun Exhibits and displayed them on the street.

    The roaring 20’s were just about to bust wide open. Good times, would have loved to been there.

    Cool pic

  3. Mrs Rockefeller and friends grew increasingly concerned over being attacked by ALF members because of their fur stoles, so they hired the finest security they could find.

  4. Here we have an example of moms interested in getting into some full-auto action. Well, looks like we have one lucky doughboy here! Show ’em well, soldier!

  5. “I told you to try picking up chicks at the bar not with a BAR”
    “Oh. Well it still worked.”

  6. Returning Dough Boy James Hills is one of the members of the newly formed “Protect their Honour” Corps where (with rifle) it was deememed a ratio of 8 to 1 would not exceed the capability of the troops. Although as seen in the photo, unnamed backup is close at hand.

  7. When great-grandma talked wistfully about her “cabana boy”, no one suspected he was a chiseled Marine with Caribbean experience and a BAR.

  8. And here we have an officer providing crowd control at a civil demonstration in Ferguson, Missouri 1914.

  9. The San Fransisco chapter of the Ladies National Socialists of America. circa 1943.
    Pictured back left to right:
    Nancy, Dianne, Hillary, Elizabeth, Charles (Chuck), Michael, Piers and Barbara
    Pictured front: Guard that drew the short straw (declined to give his name)

  10. Don’t worry Ladies, I’m a Canadian Mounty; with an American rifle- Jerry will never invade Canada!

  11. “This invention will have no effect on military tactics. Our boys will bravely charge across open fields towards the enemy, and it will all be over by Christmas.”

  12. The true genius of the Yenta Invisibility Deployment Device In Silly Hats (YIDDISH):

    Troops could crouch amongst the annoying Fran Dresher-voiced gossips in almost total safety. When soldiers or police approached, the yentas boomed out with, “What a handsome lad,” “You must come meet my daughter,” and “Oh, my – can you help me cross the street?” This so disoriented the threat that they fled back in the direction from whence they came. The allied soldier crouched with a rifle went as unseen as a speck of dirt.

  13. “That idiot OC Chipotle Ninja high-ready-posing-for-a-picture attention whore is gonna get guns banned from the Machine Gun Exhibit!”

    – Paul T. McCain

  14. My B A R brings the girls to the yard. And theyre like its better than yours, damn right its better than yours.

  15. Moms Demand Action for One Wife in America:
    “No law abiding citizen needs such a high-capacity harem!”

  16. California State Senator Kevin de Leon:

    “This is a ghost guy. This right here has the ability with a 30 female clique to disperse with 30 copulations within half a second. 30 girlfriend clique, in half a second.”

  17. Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette:

    “I will tell you these are sex partners — women — so the people who have those now they are going to bone them, and so if you ban — if you ban them in the future, the number of these high capacity booty calls is going to decrease dramatically over time because the women will have been boned and there won’t be any more available,”

  18. Dianne Feinstein:

    โ€œThe other very important part of this bill is to ban large capacity pleasure giving bevies โ€” those that hold more than 10 women. We have federal regulations and state laws that prohibit having sex with more than three dudes. And yet itโ€™s legal to have sex with 15, 30, even 150 chicks. Limiting male pleasure capacity is critical, because it is when a criminal, a drug dealer, a deranged individual has to pause to change partners and re-insert that, the police or brave bystanders have the opportunity to take that individual down.โ€

  19. Late NJ Senator Frank Lautenberg:

    “High-capacity households have only one purpose: to sleep with a lot of people quickly. They were designed for brothels, not civilized societies.”

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