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      • Judging by their dress and gear I’d say those are brits and frogs during the phony war period of the early stages of ww2.

        Note the soup dish helmet on the dude with the Lewis gun. And the lewis gun. Not enough Brens to go around.

        • Puttees, those leg wrap around thingies were inflicted on a lot of grunts for no real functional reason. Even Americans had their version of the useless things.

        • I guess they would keep the rats from crawling up your legs, under your pants, wouldn’t want one of the those things grabbing a hold of my “trouser mouse”

        • WW2 american soldiers wore “battle dress” as their official combat uniform at the start of the war. It was their standard dress uniform, including tie, with the addition of pack, web gear, helmet and rifle. Patton actually gave fines to soldiers in the front lines that did not have their ties on.

          I believe the Marines had it worse. Their official battle uniform at the start of the war was a 1 piece set of overalls. In a tropical climate, which is where the majority of the marines fought in ww2, complete with dysentary and other fun diseases.

          Generals should have phones, radios and computers that go into a callcenter that has no other function other than to give the top brass the feeling that they’rein charge.

          Real decisions should be made by the people at the point of the spear.

        • As I understand it the purpose of puttees and leggins was to keep the bottom of the trouser leg form flapping around, getting frayed, getting caught underfoot, etc. Apparently many Civil War soldiers stuck their trouser legs into their socks for the same purpose. Puttees were said to be superior to American-style leggins because they actually gave support to the lower legs. And of course, having cloth to “protect” the lower legs was cheaper than using full-length high-top leather boots.

  1. When the radio announcer said war had broken out at the hockey rink, he wasn’t kidding!

  2. to the tune of skater’s waltz: “You bring the buns, we’ll bring our guns.We’ll shoot the deer and then have fun.” Yeah I know pretty lame.

    • Precurser to the “office chair and fire extinguisher”.

      “Office chair and machine gun”, the natural evolution of this idea, is hopefully soon to come.

  3. After the incident with the holster in the figure skating event at the 2014 Olympics, a group of skaters practice a routine that will really scare the Hell out of the antis next time.

  4. These things are much better at making holes in the ice, and nobody dares to set up their fishing shanty anywhere near us!

  5. German troops, longing for the comforts of home and mistaking the meaning of their name, rush a Moms Demand Action rally

  6. Not understanding all the German references. Those look like Dutch troops. Hence:
    “Since Hans Brinker’s day, the competition for the Silver Skates has gotten pretty fierce.”

  7. The elite German 1st Mountain Division was a complete and utter failure during the Northern Africa campaign.

  8. Someplace must have frozen over now that Illinois is a “shall issue” state.

  9. It was just a moment after this picture was taken that the German, hidden in the tree line, hit the plunger. The first and last all skate charge had a tragic, if predictable, end.

  10. Bloomberg’s goons skee-daddle after word gets out the NYC has become shall issue

  11. And neither snow, nor rain, nor gloom of ice, will stay us from the swift firing of our appointed rounds . .

  12. After last week’s infamous “kissing” incident during skating lessons, the Barack Hussein Obama Elementary School sends the new “Correct Behavior Monitors” onto the ice.

  13. Reveling in the success of her attack on Nancy Kerrigan, Ms. Harding then unleashed her forces on her remaining Olympic competition.

  14. I got nothin but the sober realization that the sight of a dozen armed 6 foot dutchmen skating full speed towards me would be pretty terrifying.

  15. The military Olympics suffered a scandal when the Dutch judge awarded a 10.0 and the French judge surrendered.

  16. As the Duseldorf Mesherschmidts crossed the the blue line, they noticed that the Chicago Flame Throwers’ goalie had pulled himself.

  17. In protest of Bob Costas, the Dutch will be performing their special “high speed/low drag” number set to ride of the Valkyries.

  18. Military style assault weapons belong in the hands of soldiers on ice skates, not in our city streets!

  19. There was a brief period in which the biathlon was altered for fear that a skier’s poles could be used as a weapon. This period did not last.

  20. I can’t believe no one has seen this add yet .
    This is the newest PETA add running on MSNBC and CNN .

    Those angry earth haters will stop at nothing to decimate the Polar Bears .
    The attack was brutal and complete , no bears were left unscathed , either dying in the initial blood bath or having to mourn the tragic loss of their love ones .
    Hillbillies , proudly clinging to their guns and their bibles . Killers of all that is pure .

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