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Maintaining dental
hygiene with airsoft. Oh, the
mysterious east.

[h/t ShootingTheBull410]

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  1. 4 out of 5 dentists recommend Trident.

    The last one got shot by this guy while trying to do a routine teeth cleaning.

  2. I figure this is the inevitable consequence of not knowing how to handle a firearm. Younger guys like this see firearms idolized in popular television (anime, for the most part) and end up treating them as more of a status symbol/fashion accessory than a dangerous tool.

    Oh yeah, and I’ve seen this video before. It’s been making the rounds on airsoft forums for a few years now.

  3. You have all heard the expression, “don’t do stupid stuff with stupid people”.
    This guy is who they were talking about.

  4. Big whoop. It’s an airsoft gun. Gun safety rules do not apply. You aim them at your friends and pull the trigger.

    • They absolutely do apply, as they damn well should. Given the similarity of ergonomics and operation, good habits with one will transfer to the other, just as bad habits will. Additionally, the same etiquette applies with airsoft guns as with firearms. You are expected to handle your airsoft gun the way you would a firearm, and the community is arguably better than the firearm community about that.

      And don’t tell me that since we shoot each other, we are therefore practicing poor safety. The rule is “don’t muzzle anything you don’t intend to shoot”. In the case of airsoft, you intend to shoot members of the opposing team(s), but you do NOT intend to shoot friendlies. Thus, the rule still applies and is followed.

  5. Idiots on youtube say he’ll knock his teeth out and how he deserves it. All a bunch of crack-baby retards! This is Japan, so these are all Airsoft guns. It’s very unlikely Airsoft guns will knock his teeth out, and all the anti-gun advocates are getting their panties in a wad over FAKE guns. It just shows you how stupid and full of hysteria these anti-gun advocates are.

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