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Brooklyn bus shooting by panhandler courtesy

“You look like you have money, I’m having a bad day.” That’s what a panhandler on a bus in Brooklyn, New York said just before he opened fire with a 9mm yesterday morning. He fired four rounds, striking one man, Jowainza Moloney, in the hand and nearly hitting a pregnant woman sitting nearby. After the panhandler asked Moloney for money and then moved on to a mother with a young child, Moloney stepped in, telling the beggar he needed to get a job and leave other people alone. The beggar then threatened and cursed at Moloney before pulling out the gun. Despite being hit with one round, Moloney wrestled the man to the floor of the bus while the driver drove a couple blocks to the nearest police precinct, where the gunman was arrested. [h/t JaxD] Read on . . .

Attorneys for the retired Tampa cop who shot a man in a movie theatre last month are saying he acted in self-defense. They say that after he left the theatre to complain to management, Curtis Reeves returned and the argument continued. Witnesses say that the deceased, Chad Oulson, threw a bag of popcorn at Reeves, and Reeves’ attorneys say that their client was hit by an unknown dark object and feeling threatened, pulled his .380 from his pocket and fired. Reeves’ attorney went on to say in his motion that “Oulson committed one, possibly two felony crimes against Mr. Reeves prior to the use of deadly force.” One of those is a state law that elevates battery to a felony when the victim is 65 or older. Reeves is still in custody, having been denied bail on his second-degree murder charge. The comments above were made as part of a motion to reduce that charge to manslaughter and grant him bail. That motion has not yet been ruled upon.

New York state officials have touted the SAFE Act as revolutionary legislation, but once you get out of the Big Apple, there’s actually very little love for it. Allegany County prosecutors have brought zero SAFE Act-specific cases since its passage, because, according to DA Keith Slep, “there’s still a second amendment in Allegany County.” He went on to say that “I told (law enforcement agencies) early on don’t even bother bringing me a case if somebody’s not a felon who has eight bullets — I don’t want to hear it; I’ll dismiss it because it’s nonsense.” Kudos to Mr. Slep for understanding what this country is about.

This popped up on my Google Alert for ‘ammunition’ and I’m including it to show you the Aussies know how to party. Also, they talk funny. Police seized weapons, ammunition, and animals at the home of a man associated with the Finks bikie gang. In addition to a rifle, replica firearms, BB guns, ammunition, handcuffs, knives, a baton, and electronic control devices [shock collars], they seized cannabis, cocaine, and methylamphetamines, a 50cm saltwater crocodile, a South American Bird Spider, and an Albino Python. The owner was arrested and taken to the Dee Why Police Station. Yes, that’s an actual place.

A couple weeks ago, MattV2099 introduced his first firearm purchase of 2014, a Draco AK47 Pistol. Here he gives us a quick walkaround.

If that video was a little dry, here’s his first normal (for him) video with that gun. Cooking bacon on the barrel. Yum.

Gotta love the muzzle flash off that Dynacomp. Don’t take it to a crowded range, though, unless you like dirty looks.

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    • couldn’t he have sold the gun and got more than panhandling? As it stands he has no money, no gun and gets to sit in jail for a while.

      • See, because he didn’t sell the gun and he decided to shoot people he’ll get off on a mental health issue and get psychiatric treatment for a couple of years before some bleeding heart public defender who just got out of law school takes his righteous case up and gets him freed because he was unfairly sentenced to an indeterminate amount of time. So he can get out and shoot people again.

        • So is he or not allowed to have a gun? Once out according to some who write TTAG, he is no matter what. Even criminals should be allowed the 2A right. Correct?

          • It seems you are confusing the simple words of the constitution with the contradictory laws now extant.

        • Yes, once he has served his time his rights should be restored. However, if the rights of the people on the bus were not infringed, then this dirtbag would be dead and there would be no debate about rights he should or should not have. Additionally, if someone has committed a criminal act in as violent a manner as this, then they should not be released back into the public until they are no longer a threat to decent people (and after serving their sentence).

    • Found myself deep in the same sense of amazement! I mean, how on earth could someone have a firearm where they’re not allowed?!?!?!

  1. Jowainza Moloney, the guy above who wrestled the 9mm away from the bum, deserves some effing serious kudos.

    Dude’s got a big ol’ brass pair, I tellyawhat. (I’m trying to do a little Hank Hill channelling there).

    We should talk to the Aussies and get him a damn big spider as a gag gift, and pitch in on a gun for him too. Except then we’d need to cover relocation costs so that he’s not an Everyman living in a place where guns aren’t allowed for every man (or woman). Maybe if the gun somehow wasn’t practically guaranteed to be stolen, they’d let him keep it as sort of a “finders-keepers” meets “good citizen” award.

    Looking forward to the next daily digest, Matt. I find your work becoming some of my favorite posts.

      • Demanding perfection of oneself is the only reliable way to do truly great things.

        One won’t always be perfect (and it’s important to acknowledge that early on), but aiming for it will get you a damn sight closer than accepting mediocrity and still hungering for success.

        So far I’m both impressed with your dedication and due diligence and need to do a much better job following my own advice.

        Keep up the good work.

      • I’ll let you in on a little secret… how long do you think Hemmingway spent writing, between the women and the booze? I know what some say, but really… If its a good piece then take it as it is. Only beat yourself up for publishing bad work, no matter how long you spend on it.

        • He is likable but also a hypocrite, neglecting his son and keeps hitting on Lois.

          That went off topic.

          I don’t know what to say. Don’t go to the land with the giant spiders?

        • In Australia, if it looks like it can kill you, it can kill you. If it looks like it cannot kill you, it can kill you. If it actually can’t kill you, it wants to.

        • gyufygy, that’s why the population of Australia is so low. The animals eat more than the people can breed. And now that the ozzies are allowing themselves to be disarmed it won’t be long there will be no more people there.

        • I wanted to believe gyufygy, but then he slipped. He said “if it can’t kill you, it wants to kill you”. Name one thing in Australia that can’t kill you. You got the bears hiding in trees ready to eat your face (“koalas”), crazy people running on the ice with knife boots, kangaroos, basket sized spiders, flesh eating ants (or was that the Indiana Jones movie?) and many other scary things. So I think you are holding back onto us, I think you are trying to give people a small glimmer of hope to lure them to Australia.

          If you didn’t get the knife boot reference read this:

  2. The bacon flapping against the barrel was a close second to the over-lubed Glock scene.
    At least I remembered to set my coffee cup out of reach before watching.
    Geez that was funny.

  3. Click on the link to the New York post bus shooting article. Read the last line. Close your eyes, open them and read it again. Oy- Veh

    • I took the last three paragraphs as a single thought, indicating that because the police could not do ‘stop-and-frisk’ that murders had jumped 33% and (illegal) gun confiscations were way down, and then to continue their point, because cops weren’t (illegally) stopping people and taking guns off the streets. (Phheeww!)

      • But c’mon, man…when you overburden the police with silly little things like requiring them to abide the constitutional rights of the populace how do you expect them to do their job? The NSA and those other alphabet agencies don’t have to worry about those little restrictions, and they don’t have to walk on the front lines. (sarc/off).

  4. Who will put money with me on the popcorn cop getting acquitted? He’s an ex-cop, on the same team as the prosecutors and judges. They are all government employees.

    It’s called the thin blue line.

      • Sigh. Too bad flaming is a thing on the internet … All my politically incorrect jokes get moderated.

        I’m right there with ya. The few police that I know personally are genuinely upstanding gentlemen – but the police I’ve interacted with out in the real world are far from it.

        I’m tired of po-po shoot-and-walk syndrome. When was the last time an officer anywhere was convicted for his dubious firearm use?

        Dubious [Former] Police Firearm Use of the Day, anyone?

        • Here’s one. There’s a cop on trial in NYC right now for pulling a gun on 5 guys who hit him with a snowball. He was off duty, held them at gunpoint, all charges against them were dropped. He will be losing his job. No pension, proly do some time too.

        • Link me up!

          I’d prefer to feel better about sworn peace officers and their role in society, rather than on a slippery slope in the other direction.

        • Seems I got ahead of myself on this one. It’s a civil trial, not departmental. But, his fellow cops are testifying against him. The trial is winding down, there should be more info available shortly. I don’t know how to post links to the page, but it’s in the 1/29 issue of the NY Post, metro section.
          Lesson: don’t rely on second hand info from cop hating friends.

    • First, you’re thinking of something called the “Blue Wall” not the thin blue line, which refers to police as a whole.

      Second, if the guy gets found guilty will you change your mind or say the same thing another cop is accused of something?

  5. Witnesses say that the deceased, Chad Oulson, threw a bag of popcorn at Reeves

    Assault on a senior citizen with popcorn is certainly grounds for shooting. Movie theater popcorn totally sucks.

    • My friends always told me that movie popcorn would kill me. I thought they were talking about the fake butter….

    • Move popcorn is *awesome* when it’s all buttered up and salted just right. Plus it’s about the same price per ounce as gold (delicious gold). A guy who would just dump it all out might almost deserve to get shot.

      • Dirt would be awesome with butter and salt, the popcorn doesn’t taste good, the butter and salt does, popcorn tastes like ass.

      • In my younger days worked at a movie theater. Dude owned 5 theaters. Once a month he had 2 guys pull a whole shift popping corn and putting it into trash bags. The bags went to the theaters and were stored. Every day, right before the first showing the machine in the concession was filled with bagged popcorn so it would be warm and fresh for the first customers.

        On the rare occasion when I go to a movie, I just get the goobers.

  6. If there’s any AK guys around here, I have a stupid question – how does this Draco pistol cycle with maybe an inch of barrel in front of the gas block?

        • Not really. The long stroke piston is much more reliable in a SBR config since the piston is getting pushed back immediately when gas starts to bleed off. In a short stroke piston you have a delay between the gas bleeding off(entering the gas tube) and reaching the piston/bolt(in case of DI).

          That is at least how I think it is, can someone who actually knows what they are talking about chime in?

  7. There was a story a few years back where a guy complained to a guy texting in the theater and the guy texting drew down and killed the other man. The cop should be lucky the guy only threw popcorn.

  8. Mattv2099 is my favorite gun troll on youtube.

    The only thing I like more is the creepy guy who is trolling Matt now.

  9. That can’t be right. Everybody in Hollywood knows that when a good guy is shot he is immediately incapacitated or dead and that when bad guys are shot they keep on doing evil until completely dismembered or the police arrive…

    • You reminded me of a project I can’t complete but would like to see someone do: Remake some of the top horror films only with real world human reactions in the villains and the ‘victims’ CCW and with reasonable situational awareness.

      Texas Chainsaw Massacre : A ten minute film in which a crazed man with a razor is shot and killed by an armed citizen.

      Friday the 13th: A 10 minute film in which an armed citizen shoots a machete wielding manic after said maniac attacks his friends.

      Halloween: A ten minute film in which an armed citizen shoots a homicidal psychopath who has recently escaped from an institution after killing several staffers there.

      The list goes on but these make the point.

      Also, randomly: My Doctor once asked (it’s hard to conceal when you’re pants are off) why I carried two guns and what I was afraid of (his question was sincere, we’ve know each other for years). My reply: I have two guns, I’m not afraid of anything.

      • “Texas Chainsaw Massacre : A ten minute film in which a crazed man with a razor is shot and killed by an armed citizen.”

        It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Texas Chainsaw, but I thought it was called Texas Chainsaw Massacre because he used a chainsaw, not a razor…Texas Razor Massacre just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

        • It has been a LONG time since I’ve seen the original, but IIRC the razor came first, then he kinda happened upon the titular (heh-heh) chainsaw.

  10. Major Kudos to the Allegany, Ny District Attorney (he should have been a “gun hero of the day”) Matt…

    If it wasn’t for NYC, Long Island and Westchester County, New York might actually be a red state, or maybe a purple one…but it wouldn’t be the deep blue that it is…almost half of the state’s population is crammed into 8 (very liberal) counties. The rest of NY is purple, or red…

    Unfortunately, it’s those 8 counties which are politically well-organized, and powerful with lots of $$$…and all statewide politicians pander to them if they want to get (re)elected….

    • One reason the founders put into the constituion “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government” was so that lesser populated areas has some equality with densely populated areas. The one thing that scared them the most was the idea of mob–democratic–rule.

      The Supreme Court, however, is heart and soul, communistic. And lawyers, by nature, follow nose to tail. So good luck on fairness.

    • Oh, I’m sure there’s some “client constituencies” outside the tri-state area that vote for their free cheese. I’m thinking certain neighborhoods in Buffalo, Rochester, and definitely Albany..

  11. After they worship the badge all their lives, tell them they’re the “only ones” and demand a “monopoly of violence” for them, turn their heads from every bad shoot and no knock raid, and then demand special gun rights for retirees, grabbers STILL can only see the gun as the problem in the popcorn shooting.

  12. What? You mean the criminal didn’t follow the laws and didn’t keep his gun registered??? What will the antis say…

  13. Thank God NYC has stringent gun laws! Think of the slaughter if the honest citizen had been able to carry a gun of his own. Why, that would have created a hostile work environment for the “panhandler”.

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