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Onilas Simpson courtesy

An 88-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday after pointing a gun at utility workers and sheriff’s deputies. The utility workers were contracted through AT&T and were laying an underground cable in the public right of way along the street. They contacted police to say that the woman, Onilas Lee Simpson (above), was “on her porch with her gun and is threatening to shoot us.” The first deputy showed up about three minutes later, and in the meantime the workers had moved their trucks off the right of way and into the road to take cover from Simpson, who was pointing her pellet rifle at them. Upon the arrival of a pair of sheriff’s deputies, she switched her attention to them. They drew their weapons and ordered her to drop the gun . . .

which she eventually did and was taken into custody. During the investigation, deputies learned that Simpson had spoken to the utility workers the previous week and told them she’d shoot them if they came back. She was charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon on a law enforcement officer, both felonies. The utility workers declined to press charges.

Your Lockdown of the Day™ comes from Loudoun County, Virginia today. Y’know, sometimes lockdowns really are warranted in the interests of public safety, and I like to highlight those when I see them to show that the system can occasionally work. However, this is not one of those times. Around 1:45 p.m. today, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a possible shooting at the Dulles Town Center in Sterling, Virginia. Upon arrival by law enforcement, the mall was shut down, and deputies learned that the caller who made the report had overheard two females talking about a possible shooting and that they had to leave. The two females could not be located and have not contacted law enforcement directly. “Out of an abundance of caution” the mall was searched, without result. The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is advising there was no shooting or gunman seen at the mall. The mall remained closed at 3:20 p.m., but was expected to reopen shortly. [h/t TF]

Do you know how to dual wield your handguns? Want to star in a John Woo movie? Well, here’s a quick (very quick) lesson. [h/t ENDO]

A man was shot and wounded by Chicago police late Monday night while he stood on a balcony after he started to point a gun at a police sergeant. Police had been called to the area on an MWAG call, and found the man walking around the neighborhood waving a gun. They chased him into a nearby apartment and he ran out on the balcony, pointing the gun at his head and telling the sergeant who tried to talk him down that they’d have to shoot him if they wanted him to drop the gun. He then “started lowering the gun toward the sergeant,” and another officer opened fire, hitting the man in his side. After getting hit, he told police he didn’t need help getting into the ambulance because he’d been shot before.

The Arizona state House has passed a law that makes it illegal to ban concealed weapons from public buildings, including city halls and public libraries, unless those buildings have signs, metal detectors, and gun lockers. The current law says that towns can ban guns with by posting a no-gun rule and providing a storage locker, but Rep. Brenda Barton’s bill would add the metal detector requirement. As she puts it, “Street gangs and gang members and criminals have always carried their guns into city hall and the public library. They simply ignore the signs.” Two more companion measures also passed the House; the first allows any person or organization affected by a local gun rule to ask a judge to overturn the rule, and if successful, they can collect up to $100,000 in legal fees. A third measure makes any community or public official who enforced a gun regulation beyond what the state legislature has approved liable for a $5,000 civil penalty.

Silencerco asks: Wanting to buy a silencer, but don’t know where to start? We’ve discovered this vintage instructional film that will answer your questions. The message is still relevant today!

22plinkster with his third annual March Madness Trick Shot. Lots of front-loaded talking, the shooting starts at 1:25, and since he’s a good shot, is over soon after.


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  1. “Police had been called to the area on an MWAG call, and found the man walking around the neighborhood waving a gun.”

    Obviously, a guy simply exercising his constitutional rights and teaching the public about open carry.

    • Meh, waving the gun around is not what open carry folks advocate. You must shoot in the air too, at least twice.

    • Not sure how a 23 year old Chicago gang member, already on probation, is an open carry advocate.

      More like an example of how keeping people in jail would prevent crime.

  2. I am opposed to the AZ bill. It is only for those with a permit and would set us on the path to eroding constitutional carry. As it is one needs a permit to eat in a restaurant that serves alcohol, we don’t need more crap like that.

    • I am not exactly arguing with you on that point, but no lie it was easier and cheaper to get my AZ permit than it was to plate my car.

  3. LOL Pastor Paul…BTW what’s with all the rancor between you & “w. Burke”? You sound pretty reasonable to me.

    • Dual wield is silly and impractical if you are intending to fire at both targets simultaneously and expecting to hit both of them.

      I can see some small utility if you were to choose one target as the most likely threat and cover that with your strong hand while simply pointing the other pistol in the direction of the second threat. Best case if it comes time to fire you might get a lucky hit from the weak hand while giving that guy a chance to reconsider as you use your strong hand to put solid hits on the other target. I don’t think I would think about follow up shots weak hand, however, more likely hope the strong hand hits giver you the opportunity to refocus on the second target.

      All in all, I thin the advice to use two-hand grip on one pistol and put good hits on each target seems the most reasonable. Also, don’t just stand there and shoot, one round each, move somewhere – anywhere, re-engage as necessary.

  4. For my own safety, I sure wouldn’t want to walk in front of people’s houses with them knowing I worked for AT&T.

  5. That’s a female! OMG! I’ll bet she spits chewing tobacco, farts Tabasco sauce, and wears leather skivvies!
    Sorry if that’s your mother, I didn’t really mean it.

  6. am i the only one who feels bad for the elderly lady? i’m not saying what she did was right, but nearly 9 decades of life would most likely effect any rational mind.

    i’d advise exercising caution with the sarcastic comments and crude jokes. we’ll all get old one day and what goes around comes around.

    just my $.02 on the matter.

    • actually, with my diet of bacon, cheesesteaks and cigars, I won’t be getting old. At least not according to the actuaries…

      • You sound like you don’t know much about air guns, especially modern ones. There are plenty of .22 models used for hunting small game. Not an ideal combat weapon but certainly lethal.

        • I know you’re right about that, but somehow I don’t see her as the type to have something like that $750+ air rifle that was reviewed here not long ago. Looks more like the Red Ryder type to me. Or Benjamin, but I wonder how many times she could work the air pump…

        • You’re probably right, though even my $100 break action .177 could certainly be damaging even if not immediately lethal. A pointed pellet at those velocities can penetrate quite a bit.

  7. Hope somebody heard this story and knows if it is true or not. Some where in the east a state trooper pulled over a 70 something woman for speeding. When she took out her license the leo noticed a carry permit and asked if she had a gun. She told him she had a 45 in her glove box. He then asked if that was all and she told him she had a Glock 9mm in the center console. One more time he asked her if that was all he needed to know about and she told him she had a 38 snubbie in her purse. The officer asked “Lady, what are you afraid of”? She replied “I’m not afraid of anything.” Anyone know if this is a true story.

  8. Good thing she wasn’t a helpless 70 year old man holding a cane – she’d have been plugged ful of lad. These cops must be extremely brave compared to your average dirtbag occifer. How touching!

  9. Of course Joe Blow CCW macho-man-citizen-“patriot” would have dropped the old bag in self-defense. Thank goodness the cops had common sense and restraint. I don’t give a crap about 2nd Amend when it comes to crazy… NO GUN FOR YOU if you are a mental case….. sorry. NO GUN for idiots, low IQ folks with anger management and lack of restraint issues, aka personality disorders & mental illness. Call me a gun nat-zee, NO GUN FOR YOU. 2 funking bad. I am for mental health test before people can get a gun.

  10. Wait… It was a pellet gun! Why is that assault with a deadly weapon?!?
    Were the big tough cops with their weapons drawn, scared of the old lady with the pellet gun?! If anything she needs a hard talking to from the judge in her county, but two (2) counts of assault with a deadly weapon? 2 felonies?! For a BB gun?!?! Wth?


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