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“Combine Stand Your Ground mentality with concealed carry laws and what you have is constantly simmering danger for all people of color, for two reasons: 1. Most people, as the Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence points out, “carry biases against racial minorities beyond their conscious awareness.” 2. Being armed intensifies one’s fear alert. The coalition notes that, according to a study by Notre Dame psychology professor James Brockmole, “Wielding a gun increases a person’s bias to see guns in the hands of others.”

“I return to a man bleeding to death inside a convenience store as his 5-year-old son looks on. Markeis McGlockton’s death was a tragedy born of fear and, in all likelihood, racism – both of which were legally armed. Our legal and political systems lack the will to take on guns any more than they are willing to take on war. Indeed, I note in passing that the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act has just been signed by the president, its bipartisan approval hemorrhaging another $717 billion for military spending next year to perpetuate violence at the global level.

“What this says to me is that the nation’s first priority is not people’s safety so much as the protection of their right to be afraid.” – Robert C. Koehler in The Right to Be Afraid [via]

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  1. I skimmed the article.

    I want no common dreams with him and his ilk. I prefer an ugly reality to a beautiful dream; I can work with reality to make it better, but I need to start with understanding the world as it is.

  2. ‘…and what you have is constantly simmering danger for all people of color…’

    That’s the point at which I just quit reading. Why bother reading a racist diatribe?

    • And WTF is “people of color”? Not transparent? Only have 15 blonde Swedish great great grandparents then are you one of the prog ennobled? See also Fauxcahontas Warren.

      “people of color” has to be in the top 10 moronic prog constructs. (See also “lockdown”, “gun violence” and “Constitutional Scholar Obumer”).

      • I’ve always though the term “people of color” was meant to accomplish two things. Isolate whites as the only people not ‘of color’ and imply that every other non-white has the same problems African Americans do (which is obviously absurd – not even all African American face the same problems). Like you, I find it absurd to imply that whites have no color and with a little bit of an understanding of light, realize that even really white is a combination of colors. That said, I imagine the most African American are not in on this bit of linguistic misdirection, just the progressives and SJWs.

        • It used to be Negros, then Colored people, then Black, (did I forget any?) Now it’s back to Colored (people of color) What’s up with that? Hell, I guess I’m a person of color, Probably the only folks that are not, are Albino’s

          So what do we call fat people now, “People of weight”?
          Skinny folks, “People of the Rail?
          Amputees, People of missing parts?

        • Oops, your right . I missed that one. And that’s kind of a sore spot for me. Why is every black person called “African American? “African” denotes race, “American” denotes citizenship.
          My wife came here from the Philippines, But no one ever called her a Filipino American! She was just a Filipino legal alien, until she studied very hard and became an American citizen. THEN she could be called a “Filipino American”.
          There are many folks here from other countries. They come here with visa’s to except jobs, others, to be married, or if already married, such as in my case, to be with their spouse. All of these people are legal aliens, and not Americans, unless they become citizens.
          I understand that most black people that live in this country are citizens, but some sneak in from Africa through the Mexican porthole, or other places of illegal entry. Some are here on Visa’s. These people are not “African Americans” any more than a relative of mine from Sweden, who might be living here for a while, would be called a “Swedish American”.

          And by the way, what’s this “undocumented worker” bull shit! I keep hearing? What part of illegal Alien do you not understand!

        • Gunr- Soon, the left will say labeling someone American is discrimination. They are all about labels and identity politics.

          Welcome everyone to the reality of the new world order spearheaded by the Democrat Party who only recently openly admitted to peddling socialism and tyranny. Yay us!

  3. so much idiocy. so little birth control being applied.

    no sir. YOU being armed intensifies YOUR fear, not everyone elses. classic projections.

    • That is the one problem with being Prolife. Despite the progs mass murdering their offspring (and in particular “babies of color”) there are STILL millions of them infesting the US with their stupid. And ruining it for the normal people.

  4. I suspect Drejka would have been happy to gun down someone irrespective of their race, religion, national origin or sexual preference. No bias necessary.

  5. We have to spend that money on our military so that we are strong enough to defend Europe and Free Asia. Think of the tax cuts we would get if we stopped being the World’s Bully Cop. Socialist Europe would have collapsed 70 years ago if the US was not paying for Europe’s defense. They will be under Sharia Law within two decades or less. Money spent helping Europe is wasted.

    We should bring all our troops home and let the world’s deadbeats do their own fighting.

    • When you have are the world’s largest economy you have skin in every game. If you want to avoid conflict then make sure you don’t have any skin in the game. The downside is that you will no longer be the world’s largest ecomomy. You will most likely look like some poverty stricken third world $h!thole. But that might not even work because as Lev Bronstein used to say:

      “You may not be interested in war but war might be interested in you.”

      • Republican logic: ‘We have to send young people overseas to kill brown people, otherwise our economy will collapse and we’ll live in a third-world hellhole.’

        The sad thing is that this might actually be true, thanks to the federal government doing everything it can to devalue its currency while simultaneously making the use of real money extremely burdensome.

        • Brainless faux Libertarian and other leftist logic. There are no such as malevolant actors and if there are it’s our fault. Otherwise everybody sings kumbaya together. One wonders why you own a gun with all those nice people out there.

    • How many millions of mile wide do you think the Atlantic/Pacific IS? Think the jihadi dictators in Iran and their pedophile god give a damn about a piddly little ocean?

  6. Well somebody is celebrating hippie day appropriately… Ok buddy let’s do your thing here. First we ban all guns, guess who still has their guns and continues killing thousands of people every year. That’s right minority gangs. Chicago, New York, Compton, and Baltimore all show this to be true as gun ownership there is strongly discouraged and yet the gangs flourish and kill each other in large numbers every weekend. Now the war part of your argument. Yes war sucks and yes it really sucks for civilians in those warzones but unfortunately war remains the one sure fire way to stop some crack pot from ethnically cleansing his little corner of the world and oppressing the people he rules over. True the war on terrorism was a mistake and it still may be as it has not prevented every terrorist attack nor destroyed each and every terrorist organization world wide but we kinda have to see this through.

  7. McGlockton’s death was a suicide. Attacking someone you don’t know and shoving them to the ground is a terrible idea and stupid, too. Darwin in Action.

    • According to this art. Darwin was a few years too late. Had already knocked up some Ho/Hos. The dems apparently failed to get her down to Planned “Parenthood”.

    • Yes, evil does exist, even in our everyday lives here in America. If you actually believe the bible, evil existed since the beginning of time. I make a point to carry concealed every day at home and out in the concrete jungle. You never know when evil will breathe down your neck. Please people learn to defend yourself and get your head out of your cell phones, look around.

      • I basically agree with you, but for somewhat different reasons. Let me point out to you that the men who stabbed these four Westerners to death were just as convinced that their cause and point of view was “good” and the “foreign infidel devils” they killed were “evil” as you might be that those who believe in the Bible are convinced of their “goodness” and the “evil” of those who do not. I am not attacking you, but trying to point-out the proverbial “horns of a dilemma” upon which Homo Sapiens across the Globe continually impales itself. “Good” and “Evil” are forever defined differently relative to varying Human belief systems and points of view and we consistently ignore that inconvenient fact. Therein lies the the perpetual root cause of the vast majority of Human conflict.

        As free Humans, who value Liberty, Equality, Self-determination and Life, we might claim a smidgen of moral high ground because we choose to extend those values to other Humans, which is why we do not kill others who do not share our exact World view and core beliefs just because they are (fill-in-the-blank with any label or name you wish). We might be as willing as anyone else to declare whomever does not believe what we approve of as “evil” and ourselves as “good”. The difference is how we act upon those judgements, which includes being prepared to defend ourselves when necessary.

        These two young Americans and their companions failed to learn this lesson, or were deliberately misled into a tragically naive delusion.

  8. Aren’t most urban “people of color” already living in fear of other “people of color” and because of the ridiculous “don’t snitch” mentality stuck that way?

  9. There’s no reasoning with this kind of stupid, as well as no reason for me to read the entire article, after getting the gist of it above.

  10. So, if I, a ‘person of color’, harbor biases against people like Mr. McGlockton (ironic name by the way), does that make me wacist? There’s a black preacher who pointed out to his predominantly black congregation that ‘we all fear these young men with saggy pants, tattoos, and hoodies’. And he’s right. When I see ANY man who dresses like a thug (black, white, purple, or green), I cross the street, and I find myself running through drills in my mind regarding what I would do should they get out of pocket.

    I am also tired of black people acting as if they are above the law. You don’t get to shove people to the ground because they are arguing with you or anybody else. That’s ASSAULT and BATTERY. I have been racially profiled, but I don’t blame the profiler. I blame the dirtbags who are running around committing 50% of murders, when the black population is 13% of the total population of the country. If you don’t want to be profiled, stop committing crimes and stop celebrating the thugs and criminals in your community!

    • Do you find that the race hustlers are more racist than the rest of us?

      One example (which does not, in and of itself, make a trend):
      Jesse Jackson told a story once of feeling fear upon encountering another man after dark when he was all alone. Then he noticed the guy was white, and realized he wasn’t going to be robbed right that minute. Then he realized that was a racist thing to think.

      I don’t think Jesse ever figured out it was a stupid thing to think.
      As you mention, clothes, grooming and attitude matter more than skin color in risk assessment.

      Our young (compared to me anyway) friend the other day, Deano from Texas, probably would not set any reasonable person’s alerts into overdrive just because he’s black.
      A white guy who looks like a young Charles Manson would, or at least should.

  11. “carry biases against racial minorities beyond their conscious awareness”

    Stopped reading. I could claim anyone of having any sort of bias against anything and then say they just aren’t “conscious” of it. Boom. Water-right argument. You can deny it all you want but you poor fool you… you just aren’t CONSCIOUS of your racism. Because of that you’re a danger to minorities so we should ban your right to keep and bear arms. Sorry, if only you were conscious of your racism, then I am sure you would voluntarily give up your guns.

    • I believe that every person has bias and bigotry in their system. Just as every person has some hatred and anger built into them. I think these ‘feelings’, ’emotions’, ‘tribalism’, is a natural part of being human.

      Most of us are self aware enough to acknowledge and deal with this. It’s not healthy or unhealthy, it just is. A part of all people regardless of their own race or gender.

      And for the most part we, as individuals, manage to contain these beliefs and feelings well enough to allow us to function in an ever shrinking world.

      There is a vast difference in having a natural suspicion or distrust of a stranger and banning strangers from moving in next door to you.

      • Without their effort to rewrite (and reright) human nature, the progs wouldn’t have near as much to occupy their time. As not possible to reconstruct “human nature” which was hardwired by survival over millennia, this has kept them at “work” and in gov’t grant $ for many years.

    • I am inspired to comment. 😜

      I am an individualist. I reject the tendency for society to categorize me by physical features and demand I think a certain way because of those features. I hate no one because of their physical features. If they hate me because of mine, I do not care to spend the energy to be offended. I do, however, hate those who would force me to live in tyranny, which frankly, is what the original article was really about, I presume. I believe that the writer could care less about race relations. He is clearly peddling tyranny and using the race debate to sell it.

  12. If anything, being armed gives me a reason to avoid confrontation and puts me in a state where I mind my safety. Perfect analogy is driving a car, are you afraid or safety-minded while driving, knowing full well autos kill way more people? Are you cognizant of physics and other drivers while piloting a vehicle? Would you pay more attention of someone you have clearly identified as operating outside of the commonly accepted rules?
    Everything in this idiot’s screed is straw man and logic shotgunnery, word poo flinging.
    Any way you parse the numbers, guns in the hands of citizens SAVES lives.

  13. Gee the only time I’ve been attacked in my 64 years has been by “people of color”. Several times. My black wife wonders about that too😎😄😏

  14. “Combine Stand Your Ground mentality with concealed carry laws and what you have is constantly simmering danger for all people of color . . .”

    This is the Travon rationale. It tacitly accepts—but never openly admits—the abnormally high levels of black violence as being normal. If the rest of us would just be careful to never make black people mad and always give them what they want then we wouldn’t have any problems.

    • Agreed. We reach the point some time ago where insisting that black people not try to rob or kill us is racist. Arresting blacks for crimes they committed is racist. Shooting blacks for shooting at police is racist. In fact, I’m pretty sure that disagreeing with a black person in any way is racist these days.

      One wonders for how much longer we will take claims of racism seriously when there is a never ending parade telling us we are all racists all the time, even when we don’t seem to be doing anything racist?

      Isn’t it actually racist to suggest that there must be a different standard of behavior for blacks than the one whites are expected to adhere to? I’m probably a racist for saying it, I mean, I’m white, so surely I just be just dead wrong about everything.

      Do you suppose this racism they suggest would allow a white person to just rob, rape and kill people since being white they are so not scary?

      I have a theory on race relations: I submit that there is no street in America down which a black man cannot walk without being attacked, and conversely, there are streets down which a white man cannot walk without being attacked. Who’s racist against who again? Does anyone doubt this assertion? If so, explain, please!

  15. Progtard’s,Commicrats,Leftist types fear fear itself so by the tenants of the Marxism they practice,citizen firearm ownership threatens the fear they have to sell,the opposite is Freedom and Liberty and they can’t bear that.

  16. This is a classic example of a RACIST WHITE DUDE. This WHITE professor, with his WHITE PRIVILEGE, lumps all people who’s skin is different than HIS as being identical- thinking that ALL NON WHITES live in poor socio-economic conditions, all poor and uneducated, all under or unemployed. “Hey I’m a highly educated white professor, of course all non-whites are poor, uneducated and unable to live outside of neighborhoods where crime is rampant. These non-whites have no control over their actions and of course will shoot people for absolutely no reason if they have guns. That’s why these non-white animals have to be denied weapons.”

    This guy is the VERY DEFINITION of a RACIST. He wants to disarm non-whites for the same reasons espoused by the KKK back in the day.

  17. If I see an OFWG or OFBG walking in my direction, I smile, wave (the universal signal that the signaler isn’t armed) and say “hello.”

    If I see a YBM or YWM walking in my direction, I do the same but without the wave because I’m a bit wary.

    If a group of young men of any color approaches, I cross the street. Why? Because I’m afraid that if something untoward were to occur, I might have to shoot them, and I’d rather not.

    Is that bias, or just good decision-making based on facts? Should I be wary around a gaggle of Swedish nuns or be relaxed when confronted by a group of yoots with their pants halfway down to their ankles?

    • You never know who’s going to hurt you. I’m sort of wary of any stranger. I always keep a little distance, at least enough so that I can draw my weapon.
      You don’t have to be discourteous, but folks who welcome every one with open arms, are the ones you read about ending up on a slab!

  18. Robert C. Koehler – there’s a name I haven’t heard in awhile.

    The “peace journalist” from Chicago. A prodigious writer of intellectual onanism about “peace.”

    He makes about as much sense as other such luminaries as Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun magazine, the guy who was Hillary’s spiritual advisor or some such back when the Clinton AW “ban” was passed.

    These people live very protected and sheltered lives, and develop severe deficiencies in understanding how lethal force must be applied at times when it is justified and normal.

  19. “we have nothing to fear but fear itself” was said by a man who put his own people in concentration camps after intentionally starving them and disarming them so he could get away with it.

    • But that’s IMPOSSIBLE! Democrats have told me that it wasn’t FDR, but the Republican Governor of California. The trouble is, they never can seem to explain:

      1. How the Governor of California managed to forge FDR’s signature on a PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDER without ANYONE (FDR included) noticing
      2. How the Governor of California created a string of racial concentration camps stretching from California to Arkansas

      Of course only Holocaust revisionists are bigger liars than anti-gun cultists… but not by much. Of course too, I’ve seen a certain measure of overlap between the two…

        • One of the regulars from talk.politics.guns or talk.politics.misc as I recall.

          It was probably the same Hegelian philosopher who told me that it was”racist” to say that the Germans committed the Holocaust, since “It was the Nazis, not the Germans.” He of course couldn’t tell me where the Nazis who built and ran Sobibor came from. Djibouti, perhaps…

  20. “..Markeis McGlockton’s death was a tragedy born of physically assaulting another person..”

    Fixed it for you.

    Do the kids these days still say FIFY?

  21. 1. As a Black man, I’m far more likely to be a victim of violence at the hands of another non-cop Black man than anyone else. This is so, even in places with corrupt, racist, out of control police departments like Chicago.
    2. Do I have some sort of “duty” to be a victim of a violent crime by another Black man? Does that duty extend to attacks by Whites and Asians? Do Whites and Asians have a duty to let me rob, maim or murder them?
    3. The history of gun control in North America is the history of violent White suprmacism and the efforts of its proponents to create for themselves a “safe working environment”. Gun control cultists don’t want to protect Black people from guns. They want to CONTROL Black people, and on more than one occasion when they didn’t know I was Black, have told me so.

    In my personal experience, only self-identified neo-Nazis have been more racist than White “liberal” anti-gun cultists… but not by much. Interestingly, I’ve been called the most “popular” racial slur FAR more often by White “liberal” anti-gun cultists than by neo-Nazis. They seem to have a REAL problem with Black people who defy their ORDERS to support racially invidious gun controls.

  22. Fear measles. It’s immunization awareness month and the only industry with the money and political pull to have an awareness month dedicated to selling one of their products needs to be respected. And fear the measles.

  23. Funny, seems that before Oblamer was elected to office people were finally beginning to come together. After his election and now it’s like 1952 again. Real simple if you ask me, obviously with everyone getting along there wasn’t enough money being made by those bottom feeders in DC so Oblamer was told to “Stir It Up” a little…

  24. Nice to see others have a same opinion of this crazy ass racists, antigun culture, blah blah
    This, is just another tool the media uses to rile everyone up. They have to keep the hate going. Seems to me, the race issue got worse w/ Obama in the White House. The country has always taken the personality of who ever is the President of the time. Look back in history and you will see the trends. Trump and the press have an on going love, hate relationship. Those of us who choose to ignore the media shouldn’t be getting all riled up
    Yes we need to be vigilant, vote in the midterm elections, and keep doing what we as hard working American do. Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for the comments.


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