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The beauteous Ann Coulter. Legal eagle. Commentator. Stye in the eye of Liberals and Progressives everywhere. The woman voted Most Likely to Tick off a Democrat. What’s not to love? Coulter calls ’em like she sees them, and she does it with a sharp wit and a sharper tongue. Her books are instant best sellers. And she’s an articulate, feisty debater for common sense and right. And did I mention, she’s hot? In short, when Annie’s around, Liberal sacred cows are in season. In more ways that one, actually. Coulter pens a weekly syndicated column available online at This week’s missive: Annie Gets Her Guns and turns her ire on the insanity of gun “control” . . .

“What Liberals Don’t Know About Guns, Chapter 217” is a fine exemplar of Coulter’s wit and wisdom. I’d provide some of the choicer bits here, but Coulter’s writing is like a fine single-malt whiskey. Pulling quotes would be like pouring that fine adult beverage over ice cubes made from unfiltered tap water.

So instead, here’s a link, where you can read her rapier-like wit for yourself.

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  1. Ref: Article in NRA 1st Freedom magazine – Parting Shot – “Time To Close The Loophole Loopholes”, by Robert Farago. Wish to compliment such a well written article. I would like approval (if necessary) to make ref. to the three types of bad guys in an email among friends. — My NRA membership # 130379807

  2. She’s hot and likes guns, what more could you could ask for (cooking and cleaning can’t hurt).

  3. Ann Coulter looks like a man with long blonde hair. I’ve never understood all this talk about her being hot.

    I often disagree with her, but credit where it’s due, she is intelligent and articulate. It saddens me that Sarah Palin is now the most prominent female voice in conservative circles, when Coulter so obviously deserves that place. (Not that I’m a conservative, I just hate to see the debate dumbed down. Sarah Palin’s grasp of the English language makes me want to cry.)

    • People like you said George Bush was an idiot and couldn’t speak well. The man graduated from Harvard, Yale, flew a fighter plane and was elected POTUS… twice! Here’s hoping Palin makes you and every other jackass like you look just as stupid in Nov 2012.

      • To be fair, Bush wasn’t the best master of the media. Graduation from Harvard and Yale doesn’t guarantee that he knows how to communicate, and flying a fighter plane has nothing to do with it. Being elected President has more to do with cultivating an image than communication as well. Actually *being* President, though, that’s a different story. Its something that George Bush just didn’t do well.

  4. One excellent way to take someone’s measure is by the people they piss off. Looked at that way, Coulter is a freaking rock star. Few people make the proggies’ little heads pop as consistently and effectively as she does. And she takes such pleasure in doing it, too.

  5. I am not a huge fan of Ann Coulter, but that was a very well written article that made some very good points.

  6. Brad, that doesn’t look like a stock shot of Ms. Coulter. In fact it looks like she turned around and caught you taking the picture…

  7. Okay, she’s kinda hot. Not Katy Perry California Girls hot, but kinda hot. The question is, can she shoot?

  8. Generally I don’t like Ann Coulter because she so often descends to attacking her opponent rather than her opponents argument. This article continues with her general trend. But as for a constructive critique there are several problems with this article.

    First she makes the same mistake that she accuses “liberals” of making. She assumes that there is a simple answer to a very very complex issue. Saying Concealed Carry is the answer is just as bad as saying taking away the guns is the answer. What about enhancing our ability to deal with mental health, or more education about firearms, or ensuring that mentally deranged individuals can’t buy a gun? There are many other variables that need to be examined in addition to high cap mags specifically or guns more generally.

    Second, is she honestly promoting for their to be guns in schools? I find this highly unsettling because there are so many things that could go wrong with that. Even if teachers have a CCP there are too many variables that can’t be controlled. If you are parent I’m sure you are more than aware just how mischievous a child is capable of being. If you aren’t a parent, go volunteer with a boyscout troop and sit back and watch when they think adults aren’t watching. I can tell you as an adult leader and having been a youth not too long ago.

    Third, she didn’t actually prove that CCP limit shootings. All she showed was a correlation. It could be completely spurious, endogenous or just plain coincidence. Like most voices in this debate she misses the point. Theres a whole lot more to this issue than just guns or high cap mags.

    Fourth, I”m with Ayoob when it comes to high cap mags.

    • Agreed. She always devolves to ad hominem arguments, especially when she gets called out on just making shit up. Which she does a lot.

      As to her attractiveness, you might want to put your fifth-goggles on. I was at an event many years ago and saw her up semi-close. Spackling the Grand Canyon comes to mind. I somehow doubt she’s gotten younger. Not my bag, but if you can get that drunk, I’d strongly suggest using a pseudonym.

      Oh yeah. Every conservative I know is embarrassed, and more than a little pissed that she claims to be one of us. Whatever your political stripe, lying about facts that are easily validated from non-partisan sources calls into question the veracity of anything else you have to say.

      As such, even if Bernie Madoff comes up with a good point about the dangers of unregulated Wall Street greed, I don’t think I’ll be using him as a validator.

      People like Coulter are never going to be able to sell to the people we need to buy-in. In fact, they just dig us a bigger ditch to cross.

    • Ann Coulter is not hot. If she’s hot, Jack Lemmon was hot in Some Like it Hot. She’s just hot for a right-winger, and there’s a big difference. In that universe Glenn Beck is an intellectual, Greg Gutfeld is funny, and Sarah Palin can shoot. In this hurdle, the bar is about eight inches off the ground.

  9. Brad, Talking about which women are “hot,” is just as adolescent as your sick fascination with guns. You claim to be a conservative man who’s interested in doing the right thing, or something like that. How does objectifying women fall into that? Even if you think like that, shouldn’t you just keep it to yourself. It’s not cool, man.

    I remember how upset you and Robert got when I questioned your ideas about raising daughters, I forgot what the thing was, but talking about women this way, this “And did I mention, she’s hot?” bullshit is bad for your daughters.

    • How does objectifying women fall into that?

      While I strongly disagree that Coulter is “hot”, everyone has their own definition of attractive.

      That being said, Brad spent a great amount of time praising non-physical attributes and skill-sets. While I also vehemently disagree with his assessment of those attributes, the fact remains that the majority of his post was focused outside the realm of physical appearance.

      Had Brad said something to the effect of “here’s a picture of a hot chick who like guns”, then you might have a point. However, last time I checked there is nothing exploitative about observing that someone is “hot”.

      So, I’m very curious as to how Brad objectified Coulter.

    • Observing that a woman is physically attractive (depending on your tastes, in this case) is not objectifying her, it’s paying her a compliment. If Mr. Kozak had treated Ms. Coulter as nothing more than a semi-autonomous sex doll (i.e. a sexual OBJECT), then indeed he would be objectifying her, however the bulk of his discussion on the woman deals with her intellectual attributes.

      If anything is adolescent, it’s your attempt to win every debate via ad hominem and pathos.

      • “If Mr. Kozak had treated Ms. Coulter as nothing more than a semi-autonomous sex doll (i.e. a sexual OBJECT), then indeed he would be objectifying her, however the bulk of his discussion on the woman deals with her intellectual attributes.”

        I’m sure it’s not that way at all. Reading his story, I pictured Kozak in a gimp mask and pony harness.

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