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In bankruptcy court hearing testimony yesterday, The Washington Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski reports that National Rifle Association secretary and general counsel John Frazer revealed that Wayne LaPierre’s longtime executive assistant and gatekeeper, Millie Hallow, was discovered to have diverted $40,000 of Association funds to pay for her son’s wedding.

While under questioning from lawyers representing New York attorney general Letitia James (D.), Frazer said Hallow was forced to repay the money in 2019.

“A demand for repayment was made,” Frazer said. “And it was repaid with interest.”

Frazer said Hallow remains employed by the gun-rights group. He did not know whether she was disciplined for the incident.

“I don’t know what discussion may have occurred between her and her management,” Frazer said. 

So to be clear, an NRA employee (allegedly) embezzled tens of thousands of dollars of members’ dues and contributions…and was allowed to keep her job. In fact, Gutowski’s reporting turned up a similar incident in Hallow’s past for which she pled guilty after “stealing $23,691 from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities while she served as executive director.” That would seem to prevent her from legally owning a firearm.

This raises a few obvious questions:

  • How severe does an alleged crime have to be for a top or favored employee of the NRA to be disciplined or fired?
  • How many other C-suite employees have committed similar (or worse) infractions and still kept their jobs?
  • How many other C-suite employees have committed similar (or worse) infractions that haven’t yet been uncovereds?

Almost two years ago, I wrote that the time had come to de-fund the NRA. The serial examples of mismanagement and the parade of scandals had escalated to the point where it was obvious that senior management and the NRA board had become irredeemable. They had to go if the NRA was to continue to operate effectively and serve its five million members.

While the NRA’s senior management had done an exemplary job of insulating themselves from any meaningful accountability or oversight, there were a couple of things, I suggested, that the average member could do.

First, flood the NRA’s phone lines to let them know they’re not happy with the current state of affairs. Members can call (800) 672-3888 to make their opinions known.

In addition — and more importantly — NRA members should be expressing themselves in the only way left that’s sure to get management’s attention — by starving it of cash.

Just like the increasing number of large donors who say they won’t be writing any more checks until LaPierre and his devotees are long gone, the average member should do the same. Maintain your membership at the minimum amount to retain your voting rights and your voice. But beyond that, cut off all funds bound for Fairfax.

No additional periodic contributions, no purchases of NRA-branded gear, don’t attend the Great American Outdoor Expo or the Personal Protection Expo, no contributions to the NRA-ILA, no Friends of the NRA dinners and no NRA certification courses. Don’t attend and certainly don’t pay for any event or service that will result in more cash for the National Rifle Association.

This isn’t an easy thing to advocate. Despite the mismanagement at the top, the NRA still does a great deal that is very positive. Friends of the NRA dinners and other sponsored events support a great deal of good works like safety training, hunter education, RSO certification, political advocacy and other initiatives that benefit gun owners both locally and nationally.

The question at the time was, would Wayne LaPierre do what’s in the best interest of the Association, step away, and let the NRA begin the long, painful process of rebuilding…or would he hang on to power with a death grip, inevitably pulling the Association down with him?

Clearly, and as we suspected, LaPierre has chosen the latter.

Now he’s spending millions more (for which the Brewer law firm will be forever grateful) dragging the NRA into bankruptcy court in a desperate ploy to shield himself from scrutiny and the Association from the New York Attorney General’s attempts to put it out of business.

As we’ve said before, the expansion of responsible firearms ownership and the furtherance of gun rights in this country is served by a healthy, well-run, effective National Rifle Association. While you may not agree with everything they’ve done or advocated — and we certainly don’t — they can and should be a positive force for safeguarding the right to keep and bear arms in this country.

But LaPierre and the rest of the NRA upper echelon have left the membership with no other choice. The only way remaining to exert any meaningful influence and communicate the desire to see wholesale changes in how the NRA is run and functions is to starve it of the life blood that keeps the current leadership in place — the members’ hard-earned money.

LaPierre himself is due to testify in the bankruptcy hearing today or tomorrow. Buckle up. This will probably get more interesting from here.


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  1. Way to go Negotiating Rights Away…happy I didn’t re-up my membership😕

    • enuf…your self serving behind forgot all about posting your reason for not being a paid in full NRA Life Member. Your reason was you were not going to be around long enough for it to benefit YOU. Just like your self serving butt boasted about going around buying guns and ammo during POTUS DJT after you voted for hilliary rotten clintoon and slandered and libeled POTUS DJT. Then your democRat Party lint licking behind boasted about your monetary contribution to Jim Crow Gun Control joe biden. If you want to criticize a real self serving lowlife pos look in a mirror.

    • Never been a member just for this reason i knew years ago they were pocketing the money! Too much has been going into the CEOs pockets rather then the legal dept. a nd they even went along with the bumpstock ban! Ill give my money to NAGR before ever giving a dime ot the NRA i wouldnt be surprised if LaPierre has built his las mansion from NRA funds or taken trips or other things with it! They are all crooked at the NRA!

  2. So Wayne La PayMe! has an “Executive Assistant” with a history of Felony Fraud!? And she did it again to the NRA!? and the NRA did not call the police to arrest her!?

    Oh, well, I guess that’s okay then, I mean, Wayne needs his high dollar fashionable suits and someone has to make the appointments with his tailor so ….

  3. Life Member here. I’ve sent them no money in 4-5 years. I send their mail back with “NO money until LaPierre is gone !” Written on it. I do, however, put a stamp on the return envelope. LaPierre is corrupt, inept, and a saboteur of the NRA.

    • I am also a Life Member of The NRA and like you no more contributions until leadership meets my standards. What I am not is one of the fair weather twerps who tripped over themselves to abondon ship and left “advice” on which gun rights group met their knee jerk cut and run approval. Rest assured those with the biggest NRA bashing mouths probably were behind in their yearly membership dues or never joined. NRA leadership is one thing. NRA Members are another. Real NRA Members fix what they have and don’t cut and run like fair weather self serving pathetic snot nosed spoiled brats.

      • Hi Debbie. How can you fix anything when Wayne is in control of everything? Nothing has been fixed, and those that tried, were run out of the nra. I’d really like to know your proposal. Thank you for always reminding everyone that guncontrol is a Jim Crow relic.

  4. Like Gregolas I return all their solicitations telling them Wayne is still in charge so I donate to other 2A orgs. My donations go to GOA directly and Second Amendment Foundation (via Amazon Smile donations) because they don’t blow my money on weddings and suits. Eventually Wayne will be kicked to the curb or die and NRA will start to recover from his decades of mismanagement only at that point will my money flow to NRA.

    • Good, that’s exactly what we all need to be doing.

      When Wayne La PayMe! is gone, I will renew my membership and donate again. Until then the other outfits that are bringing the lawsuits against anti-gun laws, and bringing the legislative efforts for gun owner rights, that’s where my donations go.

      • “Gone’ is not enough! Enough was enough a LOOOONG time ago. I want BOTH the thieving, rights-auctioning bastards tarred and feathered!!

        P.S. I’ll be glad to pitch in.

    • But Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer have no interest in the GOA nor the SAF — never mentioned nor reviled. Maybe piling on on the NRA is a red-herring trying to divert our attention, but I don’t think so. WLP and crew must go, but killing the NRA is overkill. We’d better figure out another way if we want to keep the 2A alive.

      • Most of us are at the point of, we don’t care. Let’s either schit or get off the pot. Constantly compromising ends up with nothing at the end. Until the issue of black gun homicides are discussed, nothing matters anyway. That is where 51% of all gun homicides come from. The fbi stats clearly show that.

  5. Wayne LaPierre’s longtime executive assistant and gatekeeper, Millie Hallow, was discovered to have diverted $40,000 of Association funds to pay for her son’s wedding..

    I’m shocked… SHOCKED!! The idea that a person of questionable character could be put in a position with access to an unrestricted cash flow, watching her boss dip into the “cookie jar” whenever he needs a few hundred grand for a couple of new suits, could resist helping herself to the occasional “bonus” is incomprehensible… “Monkey see, monkey do”… Life member for over 40 years and not a dime extra for the past 20…

    • Same here, I threw away the last 10 or so solicitations , before that I returned a number of them with my cellphone number written down to discuss why I wasn’t donating as I have in the past 46 years….. still waiting for the call.

    • Personally, I just love “diverted”, don’t you? Sounds very much like “stole” would be vastly more accurate. And why does anybody think I care what she stole it for?

      • But that fancy wedding wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t! That would be so sad. Just a little borrow, for a good cause. In fact, that’s why I give to the NRA, please use for promoting the second amendment or for executive personal use as needed, it’s great! I do expect a thank you note, Millie, and next time, maybe an invitation? Always glad to help out a friend in need!

    • Those suits look great, ya gotta admit. But the suits are wasted on the hoss-stealing ape occupying them.

    • Wayne runs the nra with absolute power. It should of never got this far. What ever happened to checks and balances in the organization? He has gotten wealthy beyond all comprehension by controlling the nra. The board members were just token positions. Wayne will profit off the nra when he isnt even in charge. He has set up such position for himself. He should be in jail. But we can’t even get rid of him from the organization. It’s a tragic comedy really. He just won’t go away.

  6. I hate to say it, but it’s time to send the police over to Fairfax with a milk crate full of handcuffs and leg irons and start arresting these knuckleheads that are killing our organization.

    Having been a former volunteer fireman, there appears to be a lot of smoke coming out of the building in Fairfax, and I’m certain that when we get there there’s going to be a hell of a fire in that building. In the vernacular: “we got a job”.

    I have been a member of the NRA continuously since 1986 and I’ve never been more ashamed of my organization and it’s outrageous conduct at a time we can little afford this.

    Wayne LaPierre in the rest of the deep State NRA must go. Right now.

    We need to trim that board down from 70 Yes Men to a reasonable quorum and alternates. Even if we have to pay these board members a salary and they have to report to the job every day, it will be cheaper and ultimately better held to accountability than what we’ve got right now which is a shitshow.

    I completely and totally understand that there is a certain amount of waste and graft in any organization. An organization the size of the NRA it’s inevitable. The cost of lobbying Washington is just absurd. When you think about it the money that the AMA, the national restaurant association, the national machine tool association, handgun control incorporated, and others spend on the hill, we need to be right in there if not slightly above. I get it.

    I’m really not upset about the fact that we bought Wayne’s clothes and shoes. This is typical business function for any organization of this size. Wayne LaPierre cannot go up to the hill looking like he got dressed at Sears and roebuck. I assure you that Bill Gates gets his clothes purchased for him by his company when he is out representing the company on the air, in washington or in public. So therefore this is usual and customary conduct for a chief executive officer.

    I am just upset about the flagrant and open and notorious excess. There was simply no way he could wear $300,000 in clothes and shoes. I can see maybe 40 or $50,000 tops on the best or worst possible day depending on your point of view.

    And now this, $40,000 for a wedding that has absolutely nothing to do with the right to keep and bear arms.

    Just awful.

    • “The cost of lobbying Washngton is just absurd” CORRECT why should it be SOP to have to pay off elected officials, their staff and the bureaucrats they support to get anything done? This is just another example of bad government.

    • Ollie North tried to clean up the mess. He was ran out on a rail. The nra is a joke. It’s become a slush fund for Wayne and his cronies. What Wayne pulled off on gun owners, is a masterpiece in deception. We all sent our money in and thought he would fight for us. And we got lazy thinking we could throw money at the problem, and Wayne had our best interest at hand. I’ll bet everyday he said he couldn’t believe how much suckers gun owners were. While he saw the donations pour in. He lives like a billionaire oil monarch. All on gun owners donations. His deception will be legendary when it is all finally tracked down. By scaring gun owners that they must send in money, or they will confiscate our guns. It’s time we all vote for confiscation. We need to have some skin in this game. Let’s roll

  7. “stealing $23,691 from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities while she served as executive director.”

    “Congratulations Mrs. Hallow, you are obviously well qualified for our executive management team here at the NRA.

    You’ll help us oversee millions in contributions to grifting Republican politicians so your complicity is necessary to ensure your silence.”

    • Damn, you know what, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exactly how her interview for the job played out!

    • Miner49er,

      “Congratulations Mrs. Hallow, you are obviously well qualified for our executive management team here at the NRA.”

      I obviously do not agree with most of your positions. Be that as it may, your comment above was comedy gold and elicited a good laugh out of me!

    • I’m guessing her interview wasn’t too dissimilar to ones given to any and all of the scions of the current democrat regime.

    • Literally everything tied to DC is corrupt. From the bottom the the very top. Money and power has polluted the republic.

  8. Instead of the NRA a better place to put your money is Donald J. Trumps Save America PAC. Donald J. Trump calls the shots for the Republican Party. He does not want you to donate to the RNC and the RNC must not use his likeness. As Donald J. Trump said, the capital police welcomed the Trump supporters with hugs and kisses. I saw this on tv myself along with everyone else. Donate to the Save American PAC and support the future of America.

    • Trump is not a friend of gun owners. He is a liar, a fraud, a con man and a Traitor to the Republic of the United States of America.

      Fuck ’em and the crates of hair coloring and fake orange tanning spray he rode in on!

      • Meanwhile, Russia is flexing at Ukraine’s border and China is invading Taiwan’s defense zone with military aircraft, but yeah “Orange Man bad”.

        And if I was Russia or China I would be rolling too.

        • It’s funny how aggressive the real dictators are during an Obama or Biden Handler Administration. Yet, when Putin’s best buddy was in the White House, things abroad were so comparatively calm that the biggest scandals were Trump getting countries to chip in more to fund NATO, and having the audacity to actually go talk to North Korea. In other news, propaganda still works.

        • 58,220 American lives lost to change the name to Ho Chi Minh City
          40,000 American lives lost to put up a fence in South Korea.
          Ukraine =wheat, no idea why China wants Taiwan.

        • Trump completely ignored Russian aggression around the world and routinely kissed Putin’s sphincter. Putin’s habits have not changed, he is doing now what he has been doing for years. Threatening his neighbors, longing to rebuild the former Soviet Empire in his personal image and taking great glee in spitting in America’s eye.

          Nothing has changed since we trashed Trump, on that score.

        • Trump completely ignored Russian aggression around the world and routinely kissed Putin’s sphincter.

          Except the time Trump authorized firing on Russian troops in Syria killing at least 215… AND the time he gave Missiles to Ukraine (instead of blankets) to thwart attacks by Russia..

        • “Trump completely ignored Russian aggression around the world and routinely kissed Putin’s sphincter.”

          You’re confused. It’s a little more complicated than Orange Man Bad. In 2012, Obama promised Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he would have more flexibility to drop his rhetoric after he got elected. Obama was colluding with the Russian President but was caught on a hot mic. True to his word, Obama stood by and did nothing in 2014 in the face of Russian aggression. Trump, on the other hand, reversed the Obama policy. Trump agreed to send anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. Why didn’t Obama do that? Why is Russia being more aggressive now with Puppet Joe in office? Things that make you go hmm.


        • FYI, Crimea is historically Russian territory and at least 80% of its residents are ethnic Russians who want to be part of Russia, not the much more corrupt Ukraine.

          Ukraine is the thief here, not Russia.

      • Says the fool who sanctimoniously voted for Joe Biden. That’s all anybody needs to know about your opinion on politics.

      • Trump is not a friend of gun owners.

        YO, Moron, It’s April 2021, TRUMP has NOT been POTUS since noon on Jan 21st… YOUR guy, (the one you proudly VOTED for in Nov 2020?) you know, the Creepy, Braindead, hair sniffing, child molesting, POS “Beijing” Biden IS now POTUS and he is DEFINITELY not a friend of gun owners OR Conservatives OR moderate Democrats that won’t fall in line with the radical left agenda… Yeah him, the clown that forgets who he is, where he’s at, what day it is, (EVEN when it’s ALL in front of him on a teleprompter) who can’t do a fucking press conference without having prepared questions submitted in advance, confuses his wife for his SISTER and falls UP stairs… Yeah THAT Asshole is POTUS and he’s about to show YOU the difference between the Bad Orangeman and a REAL enemy of American Patriots.. Hope you enjoy the show…

    • Stop idolizing politicians. That is the problem. We need to despise them all. Otherwise you make excuses when they do wrong. All politicians should be mistrusted. We have to all realize who we should all be against. We fight over petty issues, while the country is hollowed out by corporate greed.

  9. Wayne’s testimony tomorrow will be VERY interesting indeed. Unlike his manipulation of NRA board meetings and inquiries, he won’t get to control the narrative, deflect or otherwise refuse to answer questions he doesn’t want, etc. If he tries to evade questions (or takes the 5th), then its a likely slam dunk for kicking management out and getting an outside bankruptcy trustee appointed — when you file a bankruptcy case, part of the price of admission is complete transparency with the Court and creditors.

    And, of course, if Wayno lies on the stand in connection with a bankruptcy case, that’s perjury. Now, before you laugh and say “so what, everybody lies in lawsuits and nobody ever gets prosecuted,” know that one of the few things that the US Trustee’s Office actually does pretty well is that when they see or are given proof that a debtor or one of its officers has lied under oath in a bankruptcy case, they *do* refer that to the DoJ for prosecution — monitoring bankruptcy cases for such misconduct is the UST’s main job.

    DoJ *does* prosecute those kind of cases on a regular basis. The thinking is that if you can get away with lying in a bankruptcy case, the bankruptcy system would completely break down, and so DoJ is not shy about hanging peasants in the square for this.

    Plus, of course, this is a very high-profile case, with lots of indications that Wayne hasn’t exactly been behaving himself or living up to his fiduciary duties to the NRA. Combine that with a Biden-Harris administration that would dearly love to get him, and no shortage of career DoJ types who would like to make their name by putting his head on their wall, and Wayno is in a very, very tight spot.

    Could not happen to a more deserving character. Pass the popcorn.

    • In bankruptcy statements, the NRA claims that Wayne is personally responsible for raising $100M a year, so replacing him with a trustee will destroy the organization. The lender, which is essentially a fake Corp they set up, is also arguing against an independent examiner since their examiner (probably arranged by Brewer) is good enough and another would delay proceedings. Weird having the lender covering for the debtor. Dell’Aguila had called for a trustee and independent audit, but I don’t know if he’s tried to insert himself into the bankruptcy proceedings. Booting Wayne and others, finding out all the financial chicanery, and getting out of NY will go a long way to getting the NRA back on mission.
      The only reason I can think of to keep a serial embezzler is that she has dirt on Wayne. It’s fiscally irresponsible to allow her continued access. That’s like letting a convicted pedophile continuing to teach preschool after being caught in the closet with one of the students.

      • “In bankruptcy statements, the NRA claims that Wayne is personally responsible for raising $100M a year . . . ”

        If that statement was made in a bankruptcy schedule or other filing that was under oath / penalty of perjury, whomever signed it may be in for a world of trouble. Rotsa ruck *proving* that but for Wayno’s activities, that $100 million would not come in. (Indeed, given all the “not one more dime until Wayne is gone” folks, I suspect a better case could be made that getting rid of Wayne would be in the NRA’s financial interest.)

        OTOH, if that statement is just puffing in a response to a motion for a trustee or examiner, the Court will give it the weight it deserves: none.

      • “That’s like letting a convicted pedophile continuing to teach preschool after being caught in the closet with one of the students.”

        Or letting a convicted pedophile indoctrinate children into gender confusion during drag queen story hour, which the Left is actually perfectly fine with.

  10. I considered doing the minimum membership to maintain my voting rights in the NRA, but then I thought about that too. Why support an election process so geared to protect the corrupt status quo through the automatic balloting of celebrities and cronies and forcing those that are truly in the fight to jump through hoops just to get on the ballot?

    • ^ This! Plus eleventy billion!

      First of all, the top echelon at the NRA has rendered member votes irrelevant. So why even bother to vote?

      More importantly, if all NRA members stop giving ALL — and I mean ALL — money to the NRA, the fact that there are no members to vote will not matter because the top echelon will leave (since there is no money on the table for them).

  11. I sent in dozens of their mailings, no stamp, with the message in red sharpie that until Wayne is gone, not one penny more.

    Obviously the executive level figures none of us matter. They have our money piled up in the bank and can live high and well fed for many years to come.

    • enuf,

      The real tragedy in this: I’ll bet the NRA could easily have an additional 10 million members right now (for a total of 15 million members) if they were running their organization honorably.

      Think of how much good — and lobbying — they could do with membership proceeds from an additional 10 million members (if they were running their operation honorably)!

  12. Nothing to see here. Just following the Boss’s example. Since he won’t be fired or punished for his wasteful misdeeds it would discriminatory to punish me. Move along…Oh and Don’t forget to send another donation check. We really need the money.

  13. Charges weren’t pressed and WLP himself probably repaid the money because working so close to him, she probably knows where the real bodies are buried.

    • Hopefully he got invited to the shindig…. lowers the cost per use of his suits to mere multiple thousands of dollars each wearing.

  14. I just called nra deadquarters and told them I will not donate to them until they get rid of Wayne LaPiere and most of his staff.I am a life member and are very sure a lot of my fellow friends and members are as pissed off about this scandal involving membership funds.It’s sad when a New York Attorney General sues and exposes the corruption of this organization.We need a house cleaning and get rid of these grifters.I will not contribute another penny to buy Waynes expensive suits or his lavish life style.And I thought only the Clintons were guilty of this.

    • Has anyone checked to see if a ” LaPierre Foundation” exists… maybe that’s what everyone has actually been donating to.

  15. I was saddened having to invoke the defunding action I did, but defunding the NRA of my membership and other purchases of merchandise and gear was in fact halted with the explicit explanation at the time that I would not rejoin the NRA until WLP was gone and changes were made to the structure of that organization.

    The NRA had a money train going and was spoiled by it. It’s over Wayne. You blew it, now take your golden parachute and GTFO already!!! Seriously dude, kick rocks.

  16. More importantly, can I still get that plastic NRA pen if I renew my membership? Just get rid of this sap already!

  17. Your NRA vote means nothing. The Board of Directors has seen to that long ago. Go ahead, demand a forensic audit of the books and see what happens.

  18. Dan, I agree. The only way the membership can enact change is by committing to starve the donation fund and mass letter writing, and I do mean mass, and frequent as well. Did LaPierre’s assistant receive a felony conviction? If so, repaying the funds embezzled isn’t a punishment. She should be terminated and even her membership revoked under Section 11 § (b) of the NRA Bylaws.

  19. Wayne and his crownies need to LEAVE. Like many others I’m a life member and would until three years ago send $300 to $400 each year. BUT, when I hear about how the money has been spent while they send me a letter every week asking for more. I get PISSED.

    I’m not just a member, I’ve been a Certified Firearms Safety instructor for over 35 years, RSO, Metallic Shell reloading instructor and sometimes competitor (not so much at 67).

    The NRA is important and it should be enough to VOTE OUT ALL THE DIRECTORS WHO ALLOWED WAYNE to run free to spend NRA funds on things NOT NRA.

    As for his raising of 100M, If that counts the repeated dunning members get to send in donations (B. S. ) We need a reformed NRA with better rules. Bring back Col. North and Chris Cox. Both understood the reason for the organization.

  20. I wish LaPierre was gone. I wrote them a couple years ago and told them I would up the ante if they would let him fade away. He is an awful representative of us. We can do better

  21. I had to quit the NRA. I cannot believe how corrupt the entire organization
    has become. What is really sad is that its management is
    so entrenched that nobody can fix it unless the courts do it thru
    legal proceedings. As for keeping your membership so you can vote-get
    real, anybody on a ballot is part of the establishment.

  22. The true fact of the matter is that the NRA has always done what the government wanted in respect to limiting gun rights for Americans. They were OK with 1943, 1968, and went along with Clintons’ modern sporting rifle ban.
    It seems that they want a national registry, they do not support concealed carry for all, in other words the Fudds are strong in the NRA.
    The NRA has finally come around to supporting some gun rights for the poor and for people of color.
    The whole organization needs new management. It seems that the NRA has been the political whipping boy and that is its main purpose.
    Not another dime.

  23. Why are there always creeps and thieves at the top robbing the people. How can you trust a dishonest person at the top to represent your 2A rights? The answer is you can’t because they are too busy diverting funds to their own greedy pockets and have no concern for the members who send in their hard earned money. ♠

  24. If the NRA is ever resurrected with any of the current and former leadership and board members I will never join the new organization. I state this as an endowment member who has refused to contribute a penny since the revelations of LaPierre and others became public. Its clear the board members are also malfeasant in these matters.

  25. We all feel used by the NRA as members, I can’t imagine how the corporate sponsors feel.

  26. I dont trust the washington free beacon or the NY attorney commies so I dont really know if that info is true or not. I am a life member. I am looking at joining the other groups as well. and I donate to them and the NRA. I think we need MORE 2a groups and not less.and the NRA has and is involved in some lawsuits right now that are fighting for our rights. and I think that alot of this going on right now is really aimed at weakening the largest gun rights group that we have. maybe they have some internal problems, and I am sure that the others do as well from time to time, but that doesn’t mean we throw them under a bus. and there are some trolls on here that work for those that are trying to break up the NRA. enuf with the bad press already.

  27. I’m glad I only gave them membership dues. And that was for less than 10 years. Black Guns Matter is doing a far superior job promoting gun rights. With far less money than the NRA.

  28. All my money goes to SAF and FPC. The perfect duo for gun rights. They are doing the best work and have been for decades. NRA gets nothing. Sometimes I throw GOA a bone, but they pale in comparison to SAF and FPC. CRKBA is also decent.

  29. I lost faith in the NRA several years ago and my opinion of their leadership has only worsened since. Until they replace LaPierre and his people I will never renew my membership. I want the NRA powerful, I just don’t want the corruption with it.

  30. With the NRA filing bankruptcy, will that invalidate Wayne’s golden parachute contract??? That would be a big plus of the bankruptcy.

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