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From Warne . . .

Warne Scope Mounts, the industry leader in scope mounting solutions and accessories, has launched its line of magazine extensions for both handguns and rifles.

Warne’s magazine extensions are made from 6061 T6 aluminum and are available in five anodized colors (Black, Red, Blue, Grey, Tan). Capacities range from +2 for the small compact pistols such as Glock 42, 43 and 43X to +0, +3 and +5 for the larger frame pistols such as Glock 17/19, Sig 320, S&W M&P, and CZ-75 (+2/+4).

Rifle magazine extensions for Magpul PMAG magazines. Models for both AR15/5.56mm and AR10/7.62 and provide +5 capacity.

Magpul PMAG AICS 7.62 magazines enjoy +4 capacity with the Warne extension.

Many additional fitments will be available later in 2022 for handguns including the Ruger 57, Springfield Armory Hellcat, Glock 40/41, Staccato, and more.

“Warne saw an opportunity to provide world-class extensions to our partners who were struggling to source high-quality, American-made accessories. Our engineering department has exceeded our expectations in terms of quality, functionality, and appearance. These are the nicest extensions on the market and we are excited to offer them,” said Ken Flood, Vice President of Sales for Warne Scope Mounts.

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  1. I have Warne rings. Great gear. I’m sure these mag extensions are as well, but why? Aren’t a lot of rounds enough already? Go learn to shoot. Maybe you won’t need so many bullets and the rest of us might be able to buy a couple. Jesus, when did it begin to take 15 rds to put a man down. Oh yeah, the day after Die Hard opened.

    • I’m with you, it should not take 15 rounds to put someone down. Statistically, you will never be in a gun fight and if you are it’s over in ~5 shots. With that being said are you okay with only 5 round magazines, I would assume no. I find these mag extenders as “fun extenders” because you don’t have to reload as many times. If you feel like it’s too many rounds, just download the mags.

        • FWW,

          Exactly so. Flash- mob crime. Antifa. BLM. And others who are dysfunctional, hostile, and nuts (no, I am not talking about Congress…that’s a whole nother matter).

          15+1 for my EDC plus a spare mag.

      • @ Forp

        Basically; I was in a fire fight to save my wife from abduction and rape and I went through my 15 round mags quickly, had three rounds left in the last mag before the last bad guy finally went down. Hit each of the two guys multiple times but they were still able to move and engage, so it was hard to get other than non-disabling wounding shots on them for a while because they were partially under cover as they engaged and were trying to get to where she got trapped between them when she broke away. But I was having to move around a lot due to the situation and shoot on the move and fire suppression too so they would not move back towards her after she broke away from them as I closed on them over the distance and one of them was firing back.

        Sure, that was not a normal situation. But, do not ever ever assume it should not take 15 rounds to put someone down. I started carrying an extra mag after that so I carry four mags now, one in the gun and three reloads.

        Mag extensions though? Nope, not for defensive use for me. Range toy use then Ok, but not defensive use.

      • Forp, when I was working patrol I carried a total of 29 rounds on my person. (Not counting the my J frame backup and reload.) That was four 7 rd Wilson Combat mags and one in the tube. Always 7 rounders. Never the 8 rd mags. More ammo is a good thing, but it’s not the answer to everything.

      • neiowa, if you have 15x POS coming at you and you’re alone, with only a handgun (I don’t care how many rounds it holds) you’re up shit creek in a barbed wire canoe. If that many guys want you, they’re probably going to get you.

    • when did it begin to take 15 rds to put a man down

      Never did, unless he’s wearing plates, and even then…. BUT more and more these days we read about multiple ttackers, all armed, busting in to somen’es home seemingly at rancom.

      One account maybe a year ago, five armed housebreakers crashed in to a home where a guy was sleeping on the couch in there. After they woke him yuo they demanded money. He tricked them and was able to grab his AR, 29 round box mag. i in the well, and one in. Killed twol woulded two more, the fifth guy, last in line, decided he’d switch up to being first in line to exit the door. Of the 21 rounds availble he use 18. Multipe hits on the four, a few misses, but hey he was still half asleep. And they were moving fast. Lst in line was arrested late r as he tried to deliver the two wounded to hospital to get pathched back up. Hopefully reduced bail and catch-and-release policies will have these thre off the streets for a while. I suspect Hoeowner is considering a few 30 round mags.

      Then we know about Kyle.. don;t know the round cacpty on his AR, but we dO now he fired eight rounds at this three mot aggressive attackers. What if Junk Kick Man had been crazy enough to come bck for Round Two? Seems when he watched his pal Grosskreautz get his right arm ‘vapourised” he lost heart. good job cause I’ve no doubt in my mind Kyle would hve taken care of HIM as well. There were many others pressing hard, but after watching three guys take the worst end of the fight in short order it appears ost if not all made ‘informed decisions” to go find something else to do for a spell. He very easily could have used up the full mag and then have been holding on to a funny shaped club.

      I carry one in, one 13 round mag in the well, and one spare mag in a CrossBreed pocket holder. Used to carry a Kahr 40, six and one, one mag in a pocket. Decided more is better, so dusted off the old browning. I till believe I’ve made the right choice.

    • Not everything gun related has to be defensive related you know. What about competition? Willing to bet the +5 pistol mag extentions take you up to the 120mm mag length limit. Also willing to bet 9/10 people who buy to +5 are competition shooters not your edc guy.

      • Not even competition shooting but the AICS extension is a attractive option for the 5 rounders I have as the 10 round options have been a pain in the ass to find for short action lately. For most of the others no legal use here yet but glad to see they exist for others if they have a need/desire for them.

    • I dont accept your premise, but even if I did not everything has to fit a self defense criteria. For competition more is a big advantage, for range day training or recreational shooting more is also better. Spending more time reloading mags instead of shooting sucks.

      Why is it there is always a bunch of commentators shitting on new products that they wouldn’t use anyway? I kinda like manufacturers spending they own money to bring more products to market, even if I don’t necessarily use it

  2. Cool. Mag extensions to beat Washington’s new 10rd mag law. Maybe need a case of them to go with “legal” mags.

  3. That law still has to clear the House.. so write to those bums and TELL them to dump it.

    FUrther read the text of the Senate bill passed out of that chamber and on to the House last week. It includes things like accessories, modificatioins, etc, such that the total number of rounds that can be attached to the weapon cannot exceet eleven.. one in the pipe and ten more behind it. This extension, shuold you be cought witn on,e filled or empty, would certainly be prohibited by the new law if passed.

    Meanwhile “da yutes” who get stoen guns from all accross the country will still have and be using “standard capacity” mags for their mostly illegally possessed stolen handguns when they come round to do you in and steal your stuff.
    I wonder how mny BloomieBux and SOrosDollahs have dragged this thing through the Senate. THAT is what SHOULD be prohibited.. out of state money meddling in the poitics of ANY state.

    • Don’t hear it as much as I used to, especially not from my family down in Philly. If things calm down I expect to hear more of it again but most of it I tend to see is from our laws and that’s been the case for over a decade.

  4. The amount of Fuddery in these comments is staggering. Guys, the whole world is not your personal carry, and, incidentally, pistol bullets are not exactly known for their reliable stopping power.

    Mag extensions are in very common use for competitive shooting. There’s a big market for them. The question that Warne doesn’t answer is when if these will exceed the 140mm total magazine length limit when put on common magazines.

    • I guess…and I’m also loaded up with 30 round mags for my AR. At 67. No one decides what I “need”!

    • I saw a Warne response to the 140mm competition question on another website, yes the extensions do meet the USPSA length requirement.

  5. GRAPHIC WARNING: Nine Phoenix Police Officers Shot After Responding To Shots Fired During Domestic Dispute

    starting at 2:42 in the video, you see a male with a baby in the doorway. He brings the baby out and places it on the ground then follows officers instructions and is taken into custody. The as the guy being taken into custody officers move in to rescue the infant and enter and they get fired on.

    This was an ambush. It looks like the officers were lured closer by use of the baby.

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